YouTubers you want to fuck

YouTubers you want to fuck.

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Looking at her boyfriend is actually painful. Still no idea how he ended up with her. Dude's either got millions or a hypno ray.

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i bet she is a massive massive slut

Twee Nee

She covers toys and cosplaing. She stopped a few years back.

Sabrina Abelina

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Post pic of bf?

Have a look at her videos he's all over the place. Fat, ugly, bad skin, man bun. He's a disaster

This dumpsterfire of a jewmanbeing.

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Anna akana

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Gunpla Meli

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It's sort of confirmed that she became a huge whore.

Safia Nygaard

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now we just need to see all the videos and pictures

Any dodger?? I miss her

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yeah wouldn't mind giving her my pork

Agreed. I'd stick my putz in her dreidle. L'heim

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I would tie shoe to so many things

i'd gladly indulge her little girl fetish

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She is so perfect

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She's so old looking

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*Gabbie? I got you, bro.

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Gabbie Hanna used to be thicc and hot af but now she's obsessed with being skinny for some reason.

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She is nothing compared to Dodger. No personality either

Always been hot. Either way.

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What I wouldn't give to see Jenny smoke a pole.

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she was fucking hot!!! disappear from yt for a long time. re last year
with a breast reduction >

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Damn a critical role threesome would be the absolute dream

marzia kinda hot

Omg yes this holly shit!

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>all those disgusting looking chicks

step off newfag cucks

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They both met on MGO (PS3) and then he would make gameplay videos for her and she claimed it was her playing. His name on MGO was XRemembrance and she was Sexysexysniperwolf.

True she's still hot but back in the vine days she was absolutely bangin.

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Any nudes of any?

Octavia kitten, all day

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Her sisters better

Is this SS sniperwolf?

Forgot pic

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Any of this smosh girls.
Would do each different

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Agree, bro. When she had a more curvaceous body and her ass was mad fat, she was amazing. Nowadays she's got sort of a fat butt, but doesn't look nearly as fun.


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Oooo gus would be pissed

god-tier taste
makes me miss the 8ch asmr boards, they were comfy

I see she still photoshops her body.

I wanna fuck her doggystyle

Mama Bee?

There are some burning man pics that people claim is Marisha topless, but unfortunately, it's not. This is probably some of the closest you can get to real nudes.

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Heleen aka study vibes I’d fuck the shit out of this studious Belgium Cutie.

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bet shes done nudes before, if only there was a critical role girls nude leak.

Dude I would fuck her and marry her didn’t know she was 22!!
That ass

Mari she looks like she’s suck a few dicks, very assertive, would tie her up and gag her to fuck her in the ass

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Simone Giertz

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leaks from any of the CR girls would wreck me :o


Isabel imagination is worth a fuck

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i would fuck the chink with the purple hair

A lot of females have the mentality that the skinnier they are the more attractive they are. It's really fuckin frustrating.

easy access,just bend her over

ASMR darling is my perfect dream wife

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Bet she’s a great fuck

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Molly Burke

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Autism Ekans

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what about her sister

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Here you go

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she probably makes sex toys that put men to shame.

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somebody told me once that he wasnt actually her boyfriend and it was just her manager or something

but yeah,she has to be with for some other reason besides his looks

I would love to fuck her throat so deep she'd start seeing again


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That’s Mari

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I can't be the only one who wants to cuck Rick and fuck the shit out of Nikki.

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I don't care if Tana is retarded as shit, I'd destroy her

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a nice slampig on the left

i would fuck her,but only so i can see the look on her horrified face as i yell out nigger before i bust my nut all over her

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She’s probably a size queen

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pastebin yd4aM2rj

trade list. may leak someday. that's all i know.

I'd choose the sister in an instant

don't know what it was about her, but Erica Farnsworth always got me stirring

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I would kill for her to suck my dick in one of her many thongs and I'd fucking blow a load so hard it fucking un-cakes her face

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put her thong on my face so i have something to smell while she sucks me off

You think it looks like Courtney

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A bunch of literal who’s

Kinda does personally I’d choose Boze

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I feel like it would be awkward at first but then turn out awesome.

April Wilkerson

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you know you fags would to

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the only real choice

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Valkyrieaurora heard she’s a sexfreak

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I think Rosanna is a must on this list

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Audibly kekked
>Hook up with Tana
>She pulls your pants down
>Dick still flacid
>"Saaayyyyy Bigger"

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Already posted but wonder if it is actually her a lot of evidence it is.

Zoetwodots I would pin down and pump full of my hot cum

Even if she does have the face of a man

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i did not expect to see april here but yeah i agree lad

she also have the dick of a man between the legs

She's had those goggles on in one of her vids

just another disease ridden burning man slut

Wait wat

She still has an asshole worth raping

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with an ass like that,id put a paper bag over her face and go to town

i dont want coronavirus though

Her friend was wearing those boots too if I’m remembering shit right. Fucking amazing ass

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i know there's no way of proving this but i'm the guy who originally posted it years ago, i can't remember where i found it exactly but it was attached to a travel blog post about burning man written by her friend that i found after seeing photos of simone at burning man with that friend. i cba digging through the archives for links but trust me, in my opinion, the way i found it, there's no way it isn't her

Was gonna post pic but Id rather choke till Im gay on your moms cock before Im caught dead posting my precious YT waifu in this normie circe-jerk of fuckery you call a thread. I think a couple of these are actually those artificial "million subs overnite" fake accounts YT pushed. What a bunch of fucking really.

Audrey Shida
Shes legal age for Japan now(16)

this is the only correct answer.

segways seem like they took the idea of hoverboards and made them look even more retarded

She’s a Pokémon go youtuber and the posts shit like this to her teenage follower base

It’s quite obvious what she wants

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Hope you enjoy penis,user.

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Id like to put my dick in her holo taco

Micheal would fuck you up but yeah same

Boring fuck

No. He would try,and fail. Then while he bled pathetically on the ground he would watch the last of his claim on Lily vanish as I fuck her into complete submissive oblivion.

Did you post it on hr? All the evidence points to it being her I didn’t expect her to have such nice tits

yeah it was ages ago, i remember telling some guy he had face blindness

yes, this


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Kek found the archived thread once. I wonder what she did at burning man

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maybe he has a personality

as long as it's a small one.
big ones make me jealous.

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iirc she was working in SF at the time and her friend came over to visit her from sweden, just letting her hair down and getting her baps out with her friend



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Imagine having to see that ugly man face every day

Is she a trap?

I wish

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None of these dumb bitches are famous!

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I would’ve totally tried to fuck her there

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I'd fuck that bee.

>YouTubers you want to fuck
this isn't a celeb thread faggot


saw a live feed of her and she seems like a huge cunt

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ok Miranda Sanchez works at IGN but still

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that's gross dude, she had an abortion

seriously? no love for shoe?

or are you fags boxxy fans

she can pikachu my nuts

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Ashly Burch,futher mucker.
She is the titties

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if i were the only man on earth i'd pick the far left (white) one for the best quality of life for the planet

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Katelyn from evanandkatelyn
Would wreck that pussy up

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The way he ate that Wendy's breakfast sandwich...

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I came multiple times

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Any more?

Olivia Gordon from SciShow...

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Wanting to fuck YouTubers that steal their names.

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Kaitlin Witcher/Piddleass

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That's one coal burner I'd still tap

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Didn't know this clout chaser was Jewish, but now it all makes sense why I instinctively hated her this whole time.

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how is shoeonhead a coal burner

She had a black bf. Don't ya know

Why are YouTubers so boring?

Hate the heritage. Hate the woman. Hate the content. Love the body. Join us, user.

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fug, fucking ugly.
One looks like a pit bull, the other looks like a crescent moon face.

Mmm... I love her fucking Jew nose and her Jew phat motherfuckin ass... Seriously Gabbie Hanna has one of the nicest asses I've ever seen on a whitegirl.

Bouphe is absolutely the type of slutty nerd that would take nudes.

quality taste
here's another sci-lady

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I agree, I fap to her twerk videos.

As you should.

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Can you post said twerk videos? I wanna see the jiggle in action.

Is that...suzy?? Holy shit

>Hate the heritage. Hate the woman. Hate the content. Love the body. Join us, user

Youre making me crave this fucked shit

good choice
dis bitch tho

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I'd drag my dick through a mile of broken glass to hear Noelle Bean fart through a walkie-talkie.

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I knew I wasn't the only one crushing on ellen rose.

That ass

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All of these are acceptable

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Suzy looking cute? Wew

I've never fapped to her but this pic makes quite a case

Sorry, had to trim it for 2mb. Took a minute

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Yup love the horse video.. But that pool video where she's teaching another whitegirl to twerk? Gold, my friend.

if you had to choose between boxxy or shoeonhead.who would you fuck and how

Who is the girl in the first post? I'm not familiar with any Youtubers.

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I havent seen boxxy in forever, but last I saw she was really QT but a bit chubby. And june is flat out sexy

Id choose june to fuck. Id have to fill her mouth with cock


why does this huge nosed jew get force memed so hard

I love that belly

its a hard decision because id fuck either one

It feels good, doesnt it?

Boxxy has hair. June wears a wig cause she is bald. You into bald chicks?

jews arent white

I know. Boxxy could easily get it too. I always was a sucker for her eyes and lips, and june is similar enough i always loved her too

I wish i could have them both sucking me off, fighting over my cum.

we need another holocaust but a real one that actually kills you people this time

id fuck june and cum on her bald head


Attached: Jewboo.gif (290x290, 259K)

No, but i'd probably be into a humiliated, bald june, so

Lauren Cimorelli

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Yes they are

Just fap to her, user.

Attached: Jewbear.gif (240x135, 186K)

based, she is perfect

Stop posting these shit tier ones.. She has better twerk videos out there that shows her jiggly cheeks.

go back to israel kike

you can always fuck her with her wig to

Fucking jew has me throbbing. Fuck my body, ughhh

Anyone have her nudes?

Don't be a putz. Just shmeckle your dreidle to hee rumpkus!

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Dani Cimorelli

Attached: IMG_20180822_181517.jpg (675x740, 144K)

I'm black.

coomers deserve death and are golems for the international jew

Cimorelli dani

Attached: 56857832_520359281828600_3560738191460708298_n.jpg (1080x1350, 140K)

implying israeli's cant be black

go back to africa and take your aids with you nigger


yeah like a black would be able to find an anime image board

My brain: she is an annoying jew
My body: she would make me feel so good

The blood flows

No no no no, that smug look on her face too

Okay den..

Maya. Trans. Still has a cock. I would wreck her ass.

Attached: 82980646_754499461711233_1867424180840955904_o.jpg (1440x1800, 254K)

i aint gonna hate on shoeonhead,but the only place ive ever seen an argument over men and height is on the internet

If it helps, I believe you're black, but I have to feel like you just started posting here if youre surprised other posters assume youre white

Get used to that

that is one passable trap,you got any cock pics.i wanna know what the thing going in my mouth looks like

Not even sorry, dude. 2mb limit makes your ideal request difficult. Tryin' though.

Attached: Kay.gif (500x255, 1.49M)

Wow ... the only one I recognize

No, she's a nice girl. They don't all do porn you know?

Let it throb, user.
Accept it. It gets easier in time, friend.

Attached: I hate to love itttttt.gif (207x368, 1.95M)

I'm 28 prolly been here longer than you. Been here at least 12 years.

>Accept it. It gets easier in time, friend.

I feel so fucking dirty, but the way her ass jiggles has me so turned on, i cant deny it would feel good, it would make me nut, and then i imagine myself with her and...fuck!

I gotta do this

who is this thick jewish goddess?


I'm glad people are getting put on to Gabbie's phat jewish ass. Man.. forreal I can't tell you how much I love her fucking body and the way she looks. She's fugly but a good fugly, the kind I want to wake up with in the morning. I wanna fuck her missionary style FIRST and THEN go doggy for my second nut.


Attached: Darling.jpg (1080x1080, 68K)

You I like. A man after my own taste

do you have more taylor she is amazing

I'm so proud of this community.
Gabbie Hanna. Don't watch her content. It's garbage. Just look up the lewd shit. It's not garbage.
And 3rd and 4th
He's a smart man.

Attached: Jewjewjew.gif (270x480, 1.96M)

Gabbie wins...i need her big ass riding my cock

Good shit my friend, finally coming with the jiggles.

>gabbie hanna

lol,i remember some idubbz video or some shit about her.she seems like a thot,id still bust a nut in that ass though

No way that has a dick

Yes. Yes you do.
Gif related is much longer. Chopping it up now. Stand by.
She has had 20 "controversies" ranging from multiple product scams to small shit like messaging fans all kinds of bullshit lies to keep her name on trending. She's a weird, manilupating cunt. But one I would like to smash.

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yeah,my dick is definetely hard as fuck looking at her ass

She is, she'll fuck you for a dime bag of coke

As it rightfully should be.

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Attached: mhgf.png (374x300, 201K)


she looks like a scary clown with all that makeup


Attached: Sbfbwheb9.jpg (1024x1280, 226K)

>white girl

>blacked t shirt

throw her away,she's useless



>couldn't tell it's edited

Yes, she is a women of child bearing age

Fuck..!! Her tits are so big too!

I want those tits in my mouth, and i need to be buried in her

God even her fucking face there is getting me, making me want to see her moan

fucking BEASTLY. just look at that gross misshapen ass and that gargoyle witchface attached to it

Attached: Dfar1iXXkAYA04C.jpg (680x610, 84K)

i dont know

sssniperwolf is cuter,but i bet her sister is a better fuck


whatever trumpturd,im sure the only pussy you'll get is your sister's anyway

seriously no sarah baska?? are yall human

Attached: 38958321_244613222765362_5838846372048011264_n_icannotknow_29_3_2019_11_40_3_677.jpg (640x640, 56K)

>are yall human
no they're posting gross jews clearly they arent

Oh she does, she's even better looking than her sisters.

I'm an Assman, but twerking looks like Autism - the dance

Sorry for the wait. Had a final to turn in.
You love it.

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So gorgeous, she's almost disgusting ammirite?!?!

Attached: y2rscns4wf841.jpg (1242x1556, 212K)

Thats alright, ive just been admiring her pics for the last while and it feels so good

All of her body would feel so nice, her big ass, her soft tits, her fit waist. Her lips in that pic are really hot too, they look so jew. Making me lust for her. Shes got me close..

ew this nigger is thirsty af

It grows on you

No joke, Northernlion got so hot I'd pay for his nudes

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Thread's almost at limit. Might wanna release, user.
She's a Jew, i'm a white dude. Sorry to disappoint.

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I am, fuck gabbiee

Hnnnngh... jew own me

she aight,i remember that jack daniels video she did

your probably some white hillbilly who doesnt like it because of girls in rap videos doing it

>she's a jew,im a white dude

go drink some more soy milk then,cuck.jews are white to cleetus

She does. She did the second you gave in.

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Megan >Jannie

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Fuck. Youre so damn right. I want to kiss her, job well done

Correct. Jews are white people. You're a smart man. My name isn't Cleetus though, and you could work on your typing. There are a lot of issues with your syntax, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and capitilazation. Good try, friend!

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We only wish we could! If only.

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