Cuck thread, post your girlfriends wife or anyone you want to cuck you

Cuck thread, post your girlfriends wife or anyone you want to cuck you,
My ex I want to watch her fuck anyone like her?

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I'd fuck her good, moar

So cal?


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There's nothing hotter than seeing your girl with another man's cock down her throat

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Experienced Dom black bull with huge BBC looking for cucks with unsatisfied gf, wife or daughter for me to own.

Kik me: Kink_BlackBull

have you ever tried to share her?

Yes I did she went along for a bit but never fully committed

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what did you try?

She looks tasty user.

Well after I told her I wanted her to flirt and get with other guys she said shed give it a shot and she did she flirt and talk to others but she stopped and said it was too weird for her

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What do you think about her tits and ass

should've make her drink with one of your friends, then fuck her in a threesome

More of her ass?

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friends "friend" they had scissor action. love to watch

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Ik would have been fun

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Hot looking slut

I’d love to see her fuck too

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ofc there is somethign "hotter than me fucking my gf", it's me fucking an other girl

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Sir do you have nudes of this gal?

Bitch looks like a bobble head

wtf u homo, shes my biggest fantasm
she's perfect

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my best friend

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Saw that just yesterday, though I was balls deep in his gf at the time so more swing than cuck I guess.

Got cucked already

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Nyc bull. Trying to fuck someones gf/wife in front of them. Gf likes to record me
Kik: oscizzy

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My "best friend", I'm basically her simp. I used to want to fuck her but now I'm desperate enough to be a cuck

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My kik is smithboy12794

Send me your girl on kik and let's have some fun. I'm horny and I would love to tell you how I would fuck your girl in detail if I like her.

Kik is anon6601

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More? Or Kik?

What's yours?

Kik youngtune121


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Closet sissy cuck with a gf. Put me in my place and dominate my gf. The more aggressive and disrespectful the better. Kik surferkid32


mmm ass?

Irgendwie bin ich auch in die Cuckold-Ecke abgerutscht. Auslöser waren:
1) Bilder und Videos meiner Frau die ich auf ihrem alten PC gefunden hab, alles von einer Affäre vor unserer Beziehung.
2) Ein Urlaubserlebnis mit Partnertausch

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22 m USA sharing my 29 year old jew gf kik useherhips

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My girlfriend, slowly getting here into it

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omg that ass is ripe for cock

Hier was zu 1)
Sie hatte ein Jahr ne Affäre mit einem Kollegen. Wo 1-2 Bilder mit Gummi dabei waren, sind später Videos entstanden auf denen er sie blank fickt und besamt. Natürlich auch dir ein oder andere Ladung ins Gesicht und such sonst das volle Programm

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great body. she know you want it?

please tell me what youd do user!

She’s going to leave you if you get her into this shit

yeah bought a big dildo we play with

What we bought

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Any of her pussy user she’s fucking hot

gf. anyone interested?

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Yes yes yes

Feel free to add my snap , I occasionally like to expose my Asian gf’s parts for strangers to best off to. @sirdominick119


how would you rate her?

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Need to see more

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put it to use?

Fantastic tits, would cum all over them

impreg that dark pussy

yeah used it on her first and let her play with it made some captions with it now she uses it i wank over her

Any more ?

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imig es c LMyKktn

my gf pic dump

Geil, wie war deine erste Reaktion drauf?

Cucks add me on Kik girthy_bull and I'll fulfill your fantasies

dont have kik user, could you share something here

Who wants a go? Plenty more pics

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I'd love a go

Yeah, what would you do to her

whatta dump truck of an ass pls more

Bend her over and make her ass red raw

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any cucks want me to trib their girl and send it to her?

Kik jodel2923

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anyone have pics of a cute hairy asian chick with wide hips?

Experienced Dom black bull with huge BBC looking for cucks with unsatisfied gf, wife or daughter for me to own.

Kik me: Kink_BlackBull

Kik hornydoggie8527
He’s a pathetic sissy cuck who’s married to a sexy girl that is way to good for him

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Who wants to fuck my chubby wife?

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Cuck for sister looking to be humilliated with degradation and exposure threats... Only looking for real aggressive scary bulls..
Kik XChangeSam

Lol you can't be a bull with that mini dick

I tried talking the wife into this and it was too far for her lol maybe one day ;)

UK based bull here. Hit me.uo cucks for a jolly good chat.

Kik : cenryhavil

My wife if anyone is interested

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My gf ass, any interest?

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Kik me at marky.thom97

anything hardcore?

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id fuck her

Of course.

This chick could get it

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Kik me at farrisdayoffvt
I love showing her off.
If u happen to live close to me, even better. Would be cool to expose her to someone that went to her hs, college or work.

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really want her to lock my white boi cock up

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I want my gf to get gangbanged

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Very hot

The wife

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Tell me how you’d use this chubby whore
Kik: dlbw1234

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Kik: dlbw1111 not 1234

any bulls wanna share my gf pics...




soninterested. Kik me! Cenryhavil

Yeah dtg51



the fucking dream

I know, now trying to push more flirt with other people online making it a bit more real

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gorgeous tits


Whats her name?


Oh yeah I'd let her suck on a real cock for once ahah.

still there?

Oh yeah that bitch desrves a nice thick cock in her puss

Keep going

Niceee. A thick cock would do her good.

I love the towel. She's a squirter!

Position really makes me want cum inside

more humiliating captions?

With the toy and not me

Just recently got mine blacked, it was so hot to watch

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bwc bull here.

Show me your wife/gf on kik. I tell good stories about them. Might even tribute. Maybe even more.

kik: youaremyluxury

Wwyd to my slut

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nice af
you open to anyone fucking her? or only strangers

Well if your big enough you’re aloud that’s what she says as she puts a condom on me


got kik?

Cum on her hair after a boobjob a fellatio to finish it off

Think start with strangers then see where it goes, I’m the second person she slept with so she is new to it all so play on that a bit saying I’m happy for you to experience new things

Yeah man what's your username?


would you let her fuck your big dick friends/coworkers?

FL wife with huge natural tits

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Omg jerking hard at this. Please more. How old?

Mmmmm id love to skullfuck her. Just hold her head and make her take my cock down her throat while she cries and tries to back away.

Yeah I would, we do like sexting stories about it and she uses names of them as the bull

Little.cuck to see my gf, I want her owned by a man and watch her fucked good

I’m in the mood to share. Kik me to jerk off to pics of my black wife taking white cock.



Dude, where are you located.

kik: manofsc

Benprice4444 is a cuck who loves to share. Tell him his wife's been posted

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you like her?

Wanna chat on kik?, drop yours

If you want to say how you would degrade/fuck her drop your kik

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Pic of her i forgot to add

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Cuck for sister looking to be humilliated with degradation and exposure threats... Only looking for real aggressive scary bulls...
Kik XChangeSam


Wwyd to her pussy?

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Cum inside

What you think of her pussy?