Bullshit or real doctors?

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Straight bullshit aside from the placebo affect.

Not real doctors but they can help. I work with a bunch of them and very few believe in that horseshit that cracking your back can cure your AIDS. Most know that they can assist with pain, limbering joints, and improving your posture without medication or invasive surgeries. I have never met one that claims they can fix literally anything and most of them refer you to a doctor if your problem is very serious. But a seized up back making you immobile? I've been there and they can help a great deal. If you need surgery or medication they send you right along to a specialist.

They're basically a small addition to maintaining your health but by no means an all in one solution.

What the fuck does that image even mean? What is the difference between disease and illness, pain and aches? Aren't depression and anxiety a disease/illness? What does improving stress mean? Why are health, well being and life different points? Fuck Dr Jockers

Most health benefit claims are vague for a reason. If depression is an illness then a less hurt back might help... So technically they help cure diseases. Dr Oz and co are littered with lawyer language "X and been seen to perhaps assist with Y illness in some circumstances."

That sound as scummy as one of those miracle products that cure everything, I rather live with back pain than to give them my money

Well it was a general statement for the healthcare industry overall. A lot of claims made are said using very specific words as to avoid scrutiny and criticism.

>I rather live with back pain than to give them my money

I can promise you that you'd change your mind if you've ever had back pain.

I've had back pain, working lifting 40-50kg sacs of cattle food all day usually fucks with your back. That general statement doesn't really apply where I live so I didn't took it that way

>working lifting 40-50kg sacs of cattle food all day
>I didn't took it that way

Checks out.

I don't get what you are implying

i hurt my back pretty bad one time. went to one right after. it did me lots of good, i dunno. my back is fine now. who knows

I know.

Could you tell me what were you implying?

Anyone who claims they can fix persistent ear infections with a spine adjustment is a quack chasing insurance $. They are quacks.

Mind you so is any regular MD who offers 'complimentary treatments' like acupuncture or aromatherapy. Just quackery

You would have been better off in physiotherapy

Those are the only options?
Seems kinda bait-like.

There are very few of those guys, it's a remnant of the founder of chiropractics. He figured that since back cracking alleviated tension it must be good for pretty much everything. Which the industry recognizes as horse shit. Still, they really can help with a bad back in addition to your MD

>the founder of chiropractics
Dionysos Epaphos?

Let's say modern chiropractics.

I dunno. I guess it helps sometimes.
In my case I'm wondering if I over used them.

If chiropractors were legit, you wouldnt have to go to uni for 4+ years to train as a physiotherapist. You can get a Chiropractors certificate from a week long course its obviously nonsense. The NHS in the uk classes it as alternative medicine ie not real.

You know what they call Alternative Medicine that actually works?


Chiropractic school is actually 4 years. I am by no means putting them on the same levels as MDs, I'm just saying there is some good that comes from them.

Twenty six chiropractic fatalities were published in the medical literature and many more might have remained unpublished. The alleged pathology usually was a vascular accident involving the dissection of a vertebral artery.

This is not helpful medicine.

Physiotherapy is the correct solution to spinal issues.

No because then all the proof and evidence will changes its class from alternative medicine to medicine on the NHS.

Just look at the 'cracking' videos on youtube uploaded by chrio clinics, all the comments are people treating them like gods in an almost cult like fashion. Why don't we see surgeons or cancer researchers posting bait videos on youtube with 'testimony' at the end saying it changed their lives Because they're too busy being actual doctors.

I hear you, some of their practices/techniques aren't recommended. I'm just saying that there's some good to be had there. I've been essentially immobile and helped a great deal by a chiro. Still required help from an MD and physio (which my chiro was very much in favour of) but my recovery was due in no small part to her help.

If you need your back, or hip, joints whatever, adjusted, they can be very effective. If you want them to cure cancer and restore "positive energy" to your life, you're looking in the wrong fucking place.

Its a mixture of shit that DOs can do better, and complete pseudoscience
also they aren't trained long enough so they are more likely to do harm than a DO.

also they will try to make you come in regularly (once a week) when its not needed.

Any smart chrio will reccommend a physio as well as it will obfuscate what treatment is working. I have a friend who claimed her chiro was doing wonders until she was shown that its not classed as real medicine and every single session after that made no difference or made her feel worse. A physio has since allowed her to recover completely.

Do you need your neck or back cracked? Chiropractors are your fuckin' guys.

Is your complaint literally anything else? Do not go to a chiropractor.

Hook, line and sinker.

The physio alone would have done it. Most back complaints are muscular and can be released via massage and ultrasonic ablation of hematoma or scar tissues.

If it's skeletal then you should really see an orthopedic surgeon for an MRI and assesment, you probably have a disk or fluids issue and the last thing that needs is manipulation.

this, spondulosis or a ruptured disk is going to be decimated by a chiropractor. You can't crack your back and cure degeneration. Its complete fucking nonsese, hilariously a lot of the stuff they do that helps is the stretching/rotation they do to try and crack joints. Which is often then undone by them over flexing a joint or muscle.

In fairness, I have hurt myself very badly in the past, been unable to move essentially, and only seen my chiro and massage therapist. The relief came from the cracking though. Didn't see a physio at all those few times.

I see my chiro once a month but because she just comes in a package with my RMT who gives me a great massage and does most of the work for maintaining my back.

I'm gonna take what you're saying to heart, my friend. Next time my back seizes up at the gym (which I hope is never) I'll only get the massage and look into some physio therapy. Next appointment I'll just do the massage.

This may be a silly question but here goes: when your physio is all done with you, does you back still crack all on its own? I ask because that's when the relief comes so I assume sooner or later it's bound to happen when my back is seized up.

All the cracking is is gas being released from your joint, that can cause a feeling of relief but its not the source of pain EVER. The pain is from your muscles cramping or seizing. No amount of cracking is going to fix that. Physio/massage and electrolytes will.

That is what mine was, he mostly helped me get myself back to a point where I was not so cramped up. Whenever I had any REAL issues, it was right off to the doctor.

I knew it was gas but it does seem to help. Sometimes I may cramp up again but it isn't as bad. I'm gonna try this out, physio and massage only next time there's a problem. I was never comfortable with her cracking my neck so didn't let her but my back it seemed to help.

I regularly crack my own knuckels and back but that's more for a temporary "ahhh" moment as opposed to really fixing a huge problem. I am definitely more limber afterward though. Still, fuck it, physio alone next time to see if it works better

good ones can really help. did for me.