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Attached: 1582134162340.png (1083x786, 248K)

Attached: TigressAndMan.jpg (687x1280, 96K)

here cumz dah spam

Attached: 28052.gif (663x716, 190K)

Attached: 1583017059055.jpg (950x1250, 347K)

Attached: 1417893933183.jpg (2480x3507, 658K)

Attached: 1425008782542.png (1280x1184, 743K)

Attached: Nice Feet.jpg (1023x1023, 389K)

Attached: 1462671179726.png (800x1128, 1.09M)

Attached: 1438111434153.jpg (1024x1280, 150K)

Attached: 1425011935344.png (722x974, 321K)

Attached: 794679.gif (498x280, 1.34M)

Attached: _Z (1).jpg (1200x1200, 492K)

Attached: _Z (2).jpg (1200x1200, 510K)

Attached: 4531.png (808x1280, 319K)

Attached: _Z (3).jpg (1200x1200, 483K)

Attached: _Z.jpg (1200x1200, 467K)

Attached: 1444778308842.jpg (1200x1000, 516K)

Attached: 1 (1).jpg (852x480, 26K)

Attached: 1 (2).jpg (852x480, 20K)

Attached: 1 (3).jpg (852x480, 28K)

Attached: 1 (4).jpg (852x480, 31K)

Attached: 1 (5).jpg (852x480, 23K)

I'm genuinely curious how do you spam this quickly past the captchas? Do you use multiple devices or change your IP address to evade how tedius it gets after a bit of time or use a deep mind AI to get through them? I would like to know. I want to spam the loli and shota threads.

Attached: 3577891_0.jpg (630x630, 44K)

Attached: 1 (6).jpg (852x480, 48K)

Attached: 1 (7).jpg (852x480, 43K)

Attached: 1 (8).jpg (852x480, 22K)

Attached: 1 (9).jpg (852x480, 22K)

Attached: 1 (10).jpg (852x480, 19K)

Attached: 20200226_175954_0000.png (2160x2160, 290K)

Attached: 1 (11).jpg (852x480, 17K)

just need to buy a pass and get a browser extension

Attached: 1560782461707.png (469x810, 164K)

Attached: 1.jpg (852x480, 28K)

Attached: 10pcs-pack-Brazil-Flag-21-14cm-Polyester-Hand-Waving-Flags-Brasil-FLAG-Country-Banner-with-Plastic.j (800x800, 21K)

Attached: 11.jpg (852x480, 25K)

Attached: 11a5e99dd80242ac110002.jpg (1500x1500, 127K)

Attached: 11b5e78c352c600c7377c6.jpg (1000x1000, 103K)

Attached: 41rGuQTerkL._AC_.jpg (436x413, 25K)

Attached: 60_grande.png (400x500, 31K)

Attached: 71adNiIz0bL._AC_SY450_.jpg (450x450, 42K)

Attached: 1502300028654.jpg (1280x989, 289K)

Attached: 91gSK6n+ZDL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (1500x1500, 436K)

Attached: 1425011952072.png (700x900, 642K)

Attached: 91UkOuJu2HL._AC_SX522_.jpg (522x520, 55K)

Attached: 134-1349688_flag-with-flagpole-tunnel-russian-flag-pole-png (1).png (380x322, 19K)

Attached: 134-1349688_flag-with-flagpole-tunnel-russian-flag-pole-png.jpg (820x402, 28K)

Attached: 250px-Mirador_Obispado_2.jpg (250x333, 16K)

Attached: 563cc19e-48d0-11e8-8bea-152da4afe8f8-780x587.jpg (780x587, 33K)

Attached: 57099_1.jpg (800x800, 36K)

Attached: 1475733126412.jpg (2400x2972, 1.39M)

Doesnt it require you to use a credit card to buy it? So they offer paypal because I don't trust giving creditcard information to Cred Forums. Also they have browser extensions to get past captchas? How does that work?

Attached: 9a1b53a61b1f8bbdd009fb0ed26115c5--north-vietnamese-army-army-soldier.jpg (236x257, 14K)

Attached: 8560_1.jpg (1920x1080, 604K)

Attached: FR (1).jpg (750x750, 28K)

Do they offer PayPal*?

Buy a pass, get 4chanX, and then use a bundle downloader google chrome extension to easily get the first 200 pics of any image search into a zip file. For $20 and almost zero effort, literally the click of a few buttons, you can do this too. Don't spam real threads though, but the mods will allow you to attack these shitty threads because no one likes furries. I'm going off to cook and coming back every so often to check this thread, do it's REALLY low effort.

Attached: 401761.jpg (686x800, 54K)

Attached: 5014703-flagpole-with-the-flag-of-mexico-blowing-in-the-wind-against-a-blue-sky-background-.jpg (1300x968, 74K)

Attached: 6982272_stock-photo-flag-of-brazil-with-flagpole-3d-render.jpg (600x450, 16K)

Attached: 23122108.jpg (386x450, 41K)

Attached: 39098249-russian-flag-on-the-flagpole-waving-on-a-clear-sunny-day-on-a-background-of-blue-cloudless- (450x300, 6K)

Attached: 39548249-russian-flag-on-flagpole-waving-on-a-clear-sunny-day-on-a-blue-sky-with-many-rainy-clouds-v (1200x1300, 100K)

Attached: 100041416-russian-flag-on-flagpole-waving-in-front-of-blue-sky-with-white-clouds-flag-of-russia-.jpg (866x1300, 75K)

Attached: 100702349-isolate-flag-of-spain-on-a-flagpole-fluttering-in-the-wind-on-a-white-background-3d-render (1300x1015, 55K)

Attached: 1550525252.inuki_from_nick_with_love_2.png (1200x1152, 1.62M)

Attached: 111085355-national-flag-of-brazil-on-a-flagpole-in-front-of-blue-sky-.jpg (1300x960, 116K)

Attached: 1539155634938.png (734x655, 207K)

Attached: 112897689-the-russian-flag-on-the-flagpole-fluttering-in-the-wind-on-blue-sky-background-tula-russia (301x450, 7K)

Attached: 283798462.jpg (1125x1620, 163K)

Attached: a04b8ac66025431e75550925f335f77165d9bb40_33950004_33950004_image_33950004.jpg (378x700, 57K)

Attached: abrs.jfif.jpg (1200x1200, 121K)

Attached: 481d46978cd371b9e33979a67bd27a8f.png (2240x2340, 1.88M)

Attached: anley-flagpoles-a-flagpole-house-wooden-64_1000.jpg (1000x1000, 69K)

Attached: annin-flagmakers-house-flags-3952-64_1000.jpg (1000x1000, 29K)

Attached: AROBAP-2.jpg (800x1067, 665K)

Attached: as20op_onlinestores_-00_20ft-flagpole-online-stores-brand_2_1_1.jpg (1800x1800, 360K)

Attached: atlas_flagpole__35990.1466105238.jpg (1280x1280, 128K)

Attached: 1519996084124.png (1493x1486, 319K)

Attached: 1560795598680.png (1300x870, 801K)

Attached: 1561409487358.jpg (1900x1485, 1.41M)

Attached: 1566251215516.jpg (1428x2000, 310K)

Attached: 1425013047209.jpg (1200x1200, 556K)

Attached: 1566251372692.png (2400x2000, 1.28M)

The shota, Loli, beastiality, and cub threads make my blood boil. I would perfer to get rid of them.

Attached: 1570807741313.jpg (2963x4096, 732K)

Attached: images (37).jpg (702x437, 27K)

Attached: b351fe7961d48f420698ddaba766ac57b9f085cf0f077bc6bf6d3c9bbd8bf282.png (954x1400, 1.06M)

Also thanks for the insight.

Attached: nva-platoon-leader.jpg (845x639, 131K)

Attached: 1425181694962.png (1052x845, 232K)

you could always just ignore them...
they're just posting drawings

Attached: 1580599155751.png (1001x1583, 463K)

Attached: 13e7a9df22b41cff5ee7f848e21646b5.png (800x1128, 1.18M)

Attached: 16218.jpg (909x960, 632K)

I agree with him though. I fucking hate seeing loli, shota, cub, and zoo threads.

Attached: 1425262209420.jpg (1280x923, 205K)

That's what you get fucking sperglord

Attached: 1425265327700.png (1200x910, 1.22M)


Attached: 17606.jpg (1280x799, 126K)

they aren't grooming real children on here or anything so I don't care much. My work has amplified my personal distaste for censorship.

Attached: 3d400649dfe070556754989b6bd8426f.jpg (800x480, 42K)

That doesn't mean they won't go on to do it in the future. If the zoophile threads are filled with people who actually abuse animals then I'm sure drawn pedophilia leads to the same thing.

Attached: 1425346246766.jpg (827x1169, 543K)

Attached: 1567818462168.png (686x1140, 304K)

To be honest listening to the furry threads. I kind of pity some of the people in them, they are pretty self aware. I can't say the same for the rest...

Attached: image-w1280.jpg (740x416, 42K)

Attached: 8489_1.jpg (882x1280, 486K)

harassing them here isn't going to change their behavior unfortunately

Attached: 5df99272643ac8405cd210fff218e198.png (2000x2000, 868K)

Well if I can change my behavior and my opinion on zoophilia then anyone can. If I was molested and didn't become a pedophile then others can avoid it as well. Or maybe not, maybe people truly are hopeless.

Attached: 1425349961789.jpg (582x800, 192K)

But whatever, at least that fucking moron got what he deserved, and hopefully had his pass revoked too.

I need to do the dishes. Bye.

Attached: 1425350532066.png (1082x1238, 909K)

right but the way to change people is to actually talk with them from a place of compassion, spamming images or saying nasty things will just make them hate or resent you

Attached: 1464207834199.png (1024x921, 476K)

Having people be nice and compassionate didn't turn me away from these things. Having people be extremely judgmental and saying those nasty things did, along with my own introspection and awareness. Shaming people for their behavior does work more than people want to admit.

Attached: 1425408922612.jpg (1000x1000, 209K)

Attached: 12157.jpg (1280x1116, 99K)

Better to rid them from the board and move elsewere than to make Cred Forums a cesspool full of them. Not my job to convince them otherwise. Thats what the prisons are for to give them a wig split and the prudent citizenry and FBI to root them out and cry mercy.

Attached: 20200130_202721.gif (444x250, 1.85M)

Attached: 1982399 - Ecaflip Miranda Wakfu Yellowroom.jpg (1310x1185, 910K)

Attached: 1494089407007.png (748x1020, 618K)

Attached: 1494089453228.png (748x1020, 588K)

Attached: 2347.png (808x658, 452K)

Attached: 1494089498156.jpg (770x1020, 839K)

Attached: 1416675781820.jpg (1200x1200, 712K)

Varies from person to person honestly. Getting called a degenerate fag didn't stop me from being gay

Attached: ERa0k8NWAAAXgOR.jpg (2048x1902, 336K)

Attached: 18613.png (1600x1600, 1.17M)

Do you Know how long loli has been on Cred Forums? Some spaming faggs aren't going to change anything, most loli posters just ignore them

Same goes for furry shit, and just about any other thread. You can spam a thread or two but they'll never go away. Just like the yellow posters gave up after realizing it's hopeless

Attached: d78375ffa5e05abe46060eef36146bcb.png (975x708, 633K)

Attached: 9420_1.jpg (1896x2048, 272K)

Attached: 011e7b23766117776ebed1f3422b599d.png (1118x1285, 1.7M)

Attached: 3524653 - Animal_Crossing Isabelle KisekiTemiro.jpg (1200x1140, 127K)

Attached: dad06c2.jpg (889x856, 104K)

Attached: 1425408959839.jpg (1600x1577, 174K)

Attached: 30837.jpg (1499x2000, 278K)

i wonder if the no fur guy is angry

Attached: 14620.png (1300x1650, 1.39M)

Attached: 2b2027f.jpg (1014x1227, 93K)

Doesnt have to be stopped entirely. The goal is disruption. The point of spamming isn't just crusading, its also getting a kick out of it otherwise the motivation disappears. That is what the yellow flag posters failed to realize. All it takes is reaching a goal and the means to accomplish it. Creativity also helps.

Attached: 57c5de9309d29321008b534e.jpg (600x489, 29K)

I couldn't care less as long as he realizes I'm going to actually report this shit from now on, and that he'll get banned every time. I'm sick and tired of people ruining shit for others who just want to have a good time, and being fucking cunts for their own twisted amusement like god damn children.

Attached: 1425409161925.jpg (711x900, 114K)

Attached: 8629_1.jpg (905x1280, 212K)

Attached: 10883.png (1407x1506, 688K)

Well I'll be damned, everything in the previous thread just got deleted too. This is why people need to report and not give up just because some fucking dickweed wants to be autistic, it's not like we're at the mercy of some fuckhead with a pass.

Attached: 1425420794360.jpg (500x1500, 187K)


Attached: 12809.jpg (1280x1220, 185K)

The only thing that spamming really does is getting the next thread up faster. The only goal you can realistically accomplish is annoying a few people, even then most anons will just ignore

Attached: 10020b99ac3bc6d0ea60dd5c110a7356.png (1366x1222, 996K)

Attached: 23.jpg (707x1000, 158K)

Still in it for the kicks.

Attached: source-72.gif (300x253, 1.73M)

TIL that fur and zoo dont get along. but from a outside respective its a bit hypocritical

Attached: 1562211498687.png (1282x1409, 539K)

Attached: 868.gif (288x229, 156K)

That's pretty lame, user. Whatever gets your rocks off
Dog people are sexy, dogs aren't

Attached: 71f5bbac40875af7ef77675224e1d795.jpg (1790x2200, 242K)

and you follow it up with that pic? :BIGTHINK:

Attached: 1562258804688.png (500x617, 159K)

You're new here, huh?

Yes, the dog isn't sexy, the dog person is. Guess you interpreted that differently than I did

Attached: 1579552964.evanrude_89a58463-9181-441a-8445-18331e077052.jpg (1062x1280, 208K)

Have fun getting banned faggot

Attached: 1576757361479.jpg (1600x1064, 1.23M)

Attached: IMG_20190623_005632.jpg (1200x750, 64K)

Attached: 831.png (883x1250, 554K)

I'm addicted to yiff (especialy anal) please help me

Attached: c7bd2fcc5c69e54ee08ada0e44161708.jpg (1280x1280, 227K)

Attached: 78b93e14b914e22a283f605bfa128f62.jpg (1280x1209, 251K)

Attached: cb51ad62af2e22b09bb754250fbaacf4.jpg (1280x987, 190K)

E621 is your new best friend, it's the biggest furry porn website

if you want anal. go to the g/fur thread theres plenty of anal there

Attached: 1562271393125.png (881x1280, 1.18M)

Go straight to hell do not pass go

Yes I am. But I stayed for this. Pic related. It gets very cold at night here. A lot of things in modern society have become lame that are mainstream. Music is lame, modern art is lame, none of it appeals to my senses.
Also this amuses me. Nothing wrong every once and awhile to troll.

Attached: Screenshot_20200129-205930_DuckDuckGo.jpg (1080x2280, 797K)

Attached: 1568087581881.jpg (569x500, 72K)

you don't get it, I need to get rid of it, my dick start to hurt

I prefere female anal

Are you asking to help you stop being addicted?

Attached: RTS2U7ZX_x2vqei.jpg (912x513, 37K)

is this the dog poster from married with children?

fair enough but i can go either way

Attached: 1562287257890.png (1280x631, 307K)

Put yourself in an environment that mitigates the risk of exposing yourself to it. Idleness breeds degeneration.

Attached: despair-election.jpg (554x350, 163K)

Attached: 11685.jpg (1300x919, 455K)

but I need to fap to sleep, and I need to sleep to go work, i'm into anal slut

Attached: ef100abe4d9dcd802e625b16b7575d7b.jpg (844x1280, 170K)

Attached: 1425425465567.png (1300x1005, 1.51M)

someone photoshop out the guy

Attached: 19547.jpg (3300x2550, 386K)

Attached: 1425432142360.png (893x1200, 601K)

Attached: 1492791229763.png (857x1200, 706K)

Attached: 1500744913774.png (566x693, 271K)

I wish I were born a girl. I fucking hate myself.

Attached: 1425443891622.jpg (954x1280, 123K)

Attached: 66825960b9a925395c9cff72d711a802.png (1300x1458, 1.97M)

you never will be

Attached: 9345294c76b7ba9721d5b113ab1bd9f7.png (2456x2360, 1.65M)

you'd just find other imagined things to hate about yourself

Attached: 1489508468849.png (973x850, 680K)

Dogs are pretty sexy actually

Attached: 0219a0f76870fcac1147bc193fdc79a1.jpg (911x1280, 200K)

Attached: 9de2fd60794269fce172238907d2516a.png (921x1200, 803K)

you're doomed to be a dirty filthy little boy

go away feralfag

Attached: 545c9454006fc638bfe4249966c1f084.png (500x500, 235K)

I'm sure things would be at least slightly better though

At least I'd have a reason to live. I wouldn't be such a fucking short, disgusting failure as a man and a person, and maybe I would have been a normal, relatively well adjusted human being. But no, I had to get a fucking shitty hand in a shitty country, just enough to not suffer but not have a reason to end it. I wish I had just blown my brains out, it's truly the only regret I have.

Attached: 1425529580406.jpg (1000x735, 135K)

Attached: 1492282825166.png (600x900, 1.2M)

Attached: perfect gape.png (1280x905, 1.54M)

Attached: 1425591712808.jpg (810x1080, 650K)


Attached: 97cda8818db86e530d920d73ce2b0ee5.jpg (1200x981, 131K)

Attached: 1547952489475.jpg (542x768, 71K)

Attached: 1499448276009.jpg (1280x1258, 199K)

Attached: 1520813338708.jpg (912x1280, 146K)

Attached: 1521070330994.png (422x429, 134K)

Attached: 1524438289370.png (1280x1152, 530K)

I'm just going to start cutting myself again. I don't care what anyone thinks, I like the way it feels and it's something I can actually enjoy and relieve stress with. I'm always in pain anyway.

Attached: 1425592100669.png (554x900, 339K)

This is a cursed image.

Attached: 1533355980791.jpg (400x400, 31K)

not a healthy way to deal with your emotions, please try to find another outlet

Attached: 1577441038698.png (1400x966, 1.5M)

just die of crippling old age and alzheimer's disease or cancer like a normal person

Attached: f057eb8526d82f7667ecd80ef1253348.jpg (734x1000, 345K)

Attached: 1524699271786.png (1126x870, 405K)

Why do you care? It's not like you'll ever see them anyway.

Fuck normal people, I hate normal people. So many times I've put my knife to my throat and just wanted to stab myself and slash across, but stop myself and maybe cut my legs instead. It's about as close as I can get to being murdered.

Attached: 1425611761679.jpg (2480x3508, 1.18M)

Attached: 1524699292085.png (1126x870, 402K)

call 911 and get mental help please

Attached: 5133.png (1280x960, 781K)

Is this dash?

Attached: source-50.gif (500x471, 992K)

"Help" has done nothing but make me worse

What do you think?

Attached: 1425674019813.png (960x1200, 624K)

>keeps bitching about his problems because he is just an attention whore and too much of a pussy bitch to do anything about it but whine and complain

Yeah, so fucking what? Am I not allowed to vent about my problems?

Attached: 1425820581837.jpg (1500x1500, 982K)

I worry about you
I have to deal with self harm and suicide related stuff at work, would rather my friends don't suffer through that

Attached: 1448053473338.jpg (1778x1000, 256K)

no one gives a shit and they cant help you so its literally pointless like your failure of a life

You don't even know me, I'm just some asshole on the internet. I could kill myself tonight and you'd never know. I'd be gone and these threads would probably be a lot better.

It's also pointless to reply to me yet here you are

Attached: 1425822181532.jpg (853x1280, 551K)

please stop

Attached: 700dfaacfa5382609eb7d0ae3a1576ca.png (1568x1377, 755K)

I would normally be shitposting but that other shitposter stole my job so im waiting for him to come and destroy your degenerate filth you call a thread

Fine. I don't want others to suffer with me anyway, I just want my own suffering to end already.

I'm sorry

Attached: 1425824466836.jpg (665x885, 142K)

I'd miss talking with you on here
even just listening to you vent about your problems helps me forget about mine

Attached: 1505316618982.png (1500x1000, 764K)

now take off your clothes

Attached: 3435.jpg (1280x905, 1.06M)

There would still be plenty of others to talk to, and clearly all the shitposters like to follow me around and harass me, just like every fucking day of my childhood and teenage years. I'm sure things would be a lot better overall. I'm nobody.

Attached: 1425825136345.png (559x1000, 155K)


Attached: 1528607704923.jpg (6223x2893, 1.1M)

Attached: 3638.jpg (1000x1300, 700K)

you're all talk and no action, keep bitching nigger

Attached: 1417133194515.png (900x1185, 1.33M)

Friends come and go, I'm sure you'd find some other asshole like me to suffer with, for whatever reason. I can't wait to die in a car or motorcycle accident, or drug overdose. But probably not any time soon, sadly.

Joke's on you, I've swallowed two full bottles of sedatives and sleeping pills before and still didn't stop breathing and die

Attached: 1425825652850.jpg (700x493, 112K)

I've lost one friend to suicide before, that's already too many

Attached: 8e8747051fab9af9e424ef006da24737.jpg (2339x3138, 1.7M)

well bullets never fail

Attached: 1573248327867.jpg (741x1158, 190K)

this is bait

Attached: 5918.png (900x853, 264K)

Attached: 1573248759843.jpg (1080x1419, 366K)

I could never be sure. I would guess yes.
But if there is one thing I do know. Humans are social creatures. Those who live feeling insulated and isolated lose their will to live also known as despair, popularly called depression today. The source of joy in living is to be in fellowship with your fellow man. Also unhappiness in life stems from someone in pursuit of seeking something in life. Once that person stops seeking and is content with what they find they are happy until that soure disappears. The issue with material things is that it could only give a finite amount of joy in life before the person goes out seeking again. Thats why fellowship is so important, it gives an self sustaining happiness because it is not based on selfish desires but mutual self giving! It is so important to understand philosophical concepts because subjectivity has brought a lot of nihilism in the world!

Attached: 12.png (571x400, 449K)

Attached: 1579900575958.jpg (1304x1000, 190K)

Attached: 784b45d784f70b38942b3e304fb49f30.jpg (758x900, 67K)

Attached: 1573249540724.jpg (3280x2550, 1.19M)

Am I really a friend if you've never met me or heard my voice? I don't even know what you look like.

That's actually not true, and it's very possible that the .410 shotgun I would have used and decided not to pull the trigger on wouldn't have killed me anyway due to its caliber being little more than the size of a pistol round. That's part of the reason I didn't do it, because I didn't want to end up a vegetable or permanently disfigured because I used too small of a gun at the wrong angle.

The other thread is still up btw


I'm sorry, I don't mean to hurt you. I just don't feel like any of this matters, none of these posts feel real to me because I'm cold, callous piece of shit. I envy you and can't let anything go.

oh yeah that spammer

I have a very lonely life, it's nice to feel like I at least have a community of some friends here

I know you do, I forget that sometimes and I'm sorry. I wish you had more friends to talk to and be around, and a nice gf. Talking on the internet just isn't the same.

Like, I understand getting bent out of shape over Zoo threads since they involve real animals. Bitching about the other threads just looks sad. Imagine beating off to fictional upright dogs, but getting mad that someone else wanks it to fictional kids. You’re both fucked up.

More feral plz~

You're fucking stupid, if you were a girl you'd probably be just as ugly and short, get a hobby, a gf, or a career and stop being a faggot

You really thought Cred Forums was an appropriate place to vent? You're far more autistic than I previously anticipated

You're the stupid one for thinking I don't know that, but women still have it far easier in society, especially as a guy who wants to be feminine but can't do that because of fear of judgment in a racist bible belt state. As if it wasn't bad enough just growing up as a short, ugly weirdo in the ghetto, acting girly makes it far worse.

What is appropriate to you then, dumbfuck? I can vent wherever the fuck I want.