I wear tiny girl hot pants to show off my smooth legs, ask me anything

I wear tiny girl hot pants to show off my smooth legs, ask me anything

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why the fuck do you faggots post this same thread every single day? nobody gives a shit

How often do you get rude comments and how often you get catcalled?

Fuck off. Go to /soc/ or some shit. You're the most pathetic person on this board and yes you're worse than the fucking log posters. I hope you get run over by a bus. Pls die.

You probably know the answer, but rude comments (like being called faggot): once a week. Catcalled: 2-4 times a day

we get it, u cycle

Fuck. Off.

Do I look like?

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sure you do
>falsehood and fiction

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You've been making this thread for 10 years now. My only question is why?

god are you gay

I didn't say those guys who catcall me would actually fuck me, they do it to entertain themselves

I thought it was obvious

at least you dont hurt anyone whit your obvious midlife crisis

When you say ask me anything and only answer questions related to your faggotry or legs do you really mean ask me anything?

Really anything but I obviously won't tell you what the lottery numbers will be next week

can you prove thats really you whit a timestamp?

>this whole thread

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No, I have done that (not a timestamp though and with the bright pink Vans), and I'm fed up with having to prove myself over and over

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Then answer this

Attention whoring mostly, I like being told that I have nice legs, I also like being told that I'm a faggot, I like being told that I look like this or that, etc.

how old are you, and are you some kind of depressed, or mentally special? i dont want to sound rude, just interessted if you identify as Apache helicopter or manic-depressiv

I'm 35 and I like being identified as a bottom faggot and I do Identify as one

in today society its not that special to be gay, what is this downgrading your self about?

ever paid for a female and/or male prostitute?

Of course not

What do you mean?

why "of course not"? heteros fuck sometimes whit homos, why not fuck a woman from time to time?

Incompatibility. With guys I'm the bottom. I know they could do me with a strap-on cock but why pay for that? Me topping them is out of questions for two reasons

are you the one who cut his penis off? and what are the two reasons

I didn't, but it's still small enough. The other reason is that I don't want to top anyone

Op gay

why do you dont want anymore? some psychological fear of not doing it good enough?

small but functional penis?

I would have fucked you when you were 12 or 13 your too old now

i mean you still have your complete penis

6 cm when erect

Yeah otherwise functional

Maybe it is psychology that I prefer being dominated and that rules out being a top

could you imagen to have a longtermrelationship whit a very feminin transgender whit boobs? i mean "she" still could fuck you

I'm not into feminine people at all

hows your relationship whit your father? is he alive till? do you talk? did he beat you at some point in your life?

You keep your vagina smooth too?

No he died in 2006 and we were not particularly close, and nothing special I could say about him (neither beating me, nor touching me in any inappropriate way)


At least you’re consistent

How old were you 22-23 years ago?

What’s the square root of 144?


>and I'm fed up with having to prove myself over and over
Do you know where you are faggot?
Pretty ironic that you’re “fed up” but you constantly post this faggot shit here

Why haven't you killed yourself yet faggot?

Fair point actually

Nice legs, faggot.

Seriously though, this might be a folder someone has and they're trying to force a meme. I've seen it here for years, it's kinda sad, but then again, so is being a man who tries to look 12.

Based poster


>admits to posting this same shit over and over

You're the attention seeking fags that dragged this crap site further down into the river of shitness that it is now.

Thanks for ruining Cred Forums

Get out and don't come back then shitbag.

I took this pastaposter as inspiration years ago when I first saw, and it got a lot of positive cute girl attention such as when wearing yoga pants. but homophobic dudes be mad and rude. I liked my legs and I had cute hipbones.

Hé, a Picsaember! Mi van veled, mi jót csinálsz ebben a csípős-de-már-melegedő időben?

How old are you?

You look completely worthless