3 years of NEETdom is killing me. No solid source of money and no luck applying for jobs. Any pointers...

3 years of NEETdom is killing me. No solid source of money and no luck applying for jobs. Any pointers. It's getting painful at this point

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Hhhhhhhejekelelwlp mmmmmmmeeeeeee

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age? education? ever had a job?

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Redacted CV

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Come live with me

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How the fuck do you make money as a neet? I’m never going to leave my house so don’t bother suggesting I actually work

fucking hell shitty GCSEs and a single A level in fucking photography. No wonder you cant get a job. Surely Co-op or tescos would take you? They take btec retards all the time. If it helps I had 4 A levels and good gceses and BA and a Masters degree and it still took me 2 years to get a proper job. UK is fucked atm. Luckily all the old people and racists have yeeted all the manual labour workers out of the country so you can get one of their jobs.


Fellow former NEET britbong here,

I came out at A level with meh grades and worked in homebargins (discount store in britbong) for 5 years before I decided to do something about it
I went back to school and learnt something that made me.more employable.
I came out with a a degree in Engineering and make a good living ,if you can't be arsed with that you could always learn a trade in the evenings or just work somewhere where you can progress upwards

Best of luck user

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Get rid of the personal statement bit, that shouldnt be in your CV at all, that should be on a cover letter tailored for each job. List all the possible things that are even remotely jobs from newest to oldest, like vountary work at charity shops or fixing stuff and selling it on ebay, say e commerce etc. Just make shit up. At least put VUE cinem 2013-2014 or something like a real CV

That’s how I’m currently doing it + very small amount of unemployment benefits but to claim that I have to be constantly looking for work and they’re wanting me to actually do about like work experience

So, i hire people for simple farmhand jobs. I see a lot of resumes.

My advice would be to cut the personal statement. If you do keep it, then make it short. 3 short sentences max.

Whats better is an objective statement. What do you hope to achieve career wise by coming to my company? Why my company over another? Why this industry? Again this should be short.

Also i don't really care how well you did in school. Some people take well to education. Some don't. But how they are as an employee is important and that has little to do with grades in my experience.

Instead, use that space to tell me your duties at your previous job.

You wasted money and time to go to college for photography? That fucked up the rest of your life and shows employers your a lazy fuck who makes terrible decisions.

well obviously you wouldnt care about education for a manual labour job, but any retail job will want to see grades, they cant be hiring a mega dyslexic or someone who can't count to 10 on the tills. The personal statement bit should definitely be on a separate cover letter though.

Imagine thinking about becoming a wagie
How the fuck you manage 3 years beibg on benefits the jobfags want to turn you into a slave with no wage any chance they get

>I’m never going to leave my house so don’t bother suggesting I actually work
Youre an absolute retard and you will never make money. Embrace it. Once your parents boot you out of their house because you refuse to grow up suicide will be the only answer.

They really paying 251.77 a month godspeed cant buy fishandchips with that

What do you suggest moron? Go get one of those numerous entry level CEO positions in a major corporation? You dumbfucks are poor for a reason.

if this is a resume its the worst shit ive ever seen

git gud at the STAR system and join the civil service, we're all incompetent spergs with an alright income

Fuck off wagie

Yeah, just tighten this up. You’re going to start at the bottom. Not saying a McJob, but get ready to bust ass for a couple years. So you quit Costco?

Wizchan will be a better fit for you

Yeah quit that. Regret it now. Manager would always give me shit just cus she liked fucking with the staff in general. But I need money now so. (Probably would have hit the bitch though if I stayed)

hate to break it to you but 90% of the jobs on indeed are going to have 200+ applicants all with further education and voluntary work. I know engineers and chemists with published journal articles struggling to even get replies for entry level jobs. UK is fucked. You're going to have to lower your standards or go back to college/uni

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do people actually put their school results on a cv?

In the uk you usually put your A level results, but OP went to a trash tier school and got shit grades so put GCSEs which are meaningless on to fill space. Only shitty schools in the UK have 'media studies' and 'Science' instead of separate physics, chemistry and biology GCSEs

Source: went to galaxy brain private school.

uk its common practice now days. Most do this if you are aged 23 or lower, just assuming age but I know a lot of people who done/do this

>Lurks Cred Forums

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So no two weeks notice?


i'm Irish, but over here i've only seen people put whether they passed or failed our equivalent of A levels on their cv, not actual results

Is UK’s economy really going to shit?

Putting GCSEs basically means you got no A levels or further education which is an instant pass to most employers.

I just quit my corporate job. Let me know if you want to be roomies in a cabin off the grid.

yeh same here in ireland but without the specific grades i suppose, just pass/fail overall

If it has the internet I’m down

I can set that up. Just send me your area.