Ever been called

Ever been called...

a cuck,
a f*ggot,
a tranny,
a n*gger,
a s*pc,
a k*ke,
or otherwise been on the receiving end of an extremely racist/sexist right-wing user telling you to kill yourself?
Just remember who you're dealing with

This is who you're dealing with

This is what they look like

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And this

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One on the right is kinda cute

All I want out of life is to be called a faggot by Michael Helterbrand while he spits on the back of my head

Kill yourself cuck, faggot, tranny, nigger, spic, kike.
And before you start on my possible appearance, know that I am a handsome, 6' tall, fit Man, with a 9" penis.

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Just cause they're neckbeards don't mean they're wrong. You may in fact still be a faggot cuck nigger.

>Kill yourself cuck, faggot, tranny, nigger, spic, kike.
>And before you start on my possible appearance, know that I am a handsome, 6' tall, fit Man, with a 9" penis.

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;_; I've been called a jannie before
Wasted trips

There's a reason no one likes you and they call you these things. You don't belong here, go back to your echo chamber.

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Imagine being OP.
I'd just kill myself lol

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Eat shit and die bernieboi. No one gives two shits or a fuck about you. I am the only one who cares enough to tell you to kindly kill yourself.

None of those things apply to me, fuck I'm not even white by Nazi standards, I'm Native american and Italian. We can hold hands and skip into the oven together fagboy, if you're not too jealous of my glorious golden tan.

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Haha once again OP fails with this thread. I ve seen him before and he actually does like like an absolute soyboy cuck faggot, ironic

Not surprising....what a pathetic trash bitch.

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this is what niggers look like

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this is what spics look like

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this is what chinks look like

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> We can hold hands and skip into the oven

This implies that the fat whities behind their keyboard on Cred Forums can actually move fast enough to do anything resembling a political movement kek

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Havin a little sperg fit there bud?
reeeember in through the nose out through the mouth.

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whites are the strongest
World Heavyweight boxing Champion = white
UFC Heavyweight Champion = white
World Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion = white

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stay mad libcuck
nonwhites are inferior

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You mad i slam that pussy still?

Hitler himself was a doughy gimp, along with most of his higher command. Never underestimate people.
I'm the person that's been putting this faggot OP in his place the whole thread, I'm telling you to quit REEEEEing and mass replying you dipshit, have some tact.

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lol no gay boy

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you aren't doing shit faggot
you're not dominant

Post your biceps


Funny, there are a handful of household named boxing legends....and none of them are white lmao

and you, I'm sure, are the pinnacle of your race

>Hitler himself was a doughy gimp, along with most of his higher command.

Yeah and the meth addict shot himself after losing, I see no difference here

Posts like that are why no one takes you seriously.
Way to miss the point.

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how popular you are isn't a gauge of how good you are
nigger boxers are only famous cause the Jew media promotes them
Rocky Marciano = undefeated Heavyweight Champion
Calzaghe = Undefeated light Heavyweight Champion
Tyson Fury = Current undefeated Heavyweight boxing Champion
niggers are simply inferior to white people

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>household names
aka whoever the Jews decide is going to be famous

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>Way to miss the point.

Go ahead, make the suggestion again that because hitler could do it, any of these fat white wheezers could do it lmao

under the pic it says from left though so why are you saying there right wing

>If they're white, its because they are white
>If they aren't white, its because of the jew media


You're so full of shit, user, your eyes are brown.

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Damn. These Jews sure have a lot of power. Its almost like the white race isnt exactly superior

As pertains to the word "cuck" and the insecure beta-max incel faggots who use it to "insult" people who disagree with them...


Y'know, I've often wondered what it's like so just completely suck as much as is possible for someone, and just 'cause I can, I considered asking a porn star like Sasha Grey.

Then I read your post & realized, when it comes to sucking, you could teach ol' Sasha a thing or two.


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You sure are missing the point, over focusing on the wrong things like the estrogen filled autist you are. I.m not going to spoon feed you. I was going to make a joke about using people like you as fertilizer someday but with all the SSRIs and HRT in you it wouldn't be suitable.
My eyes are blue and teal, and again, I'm Italian and Native American, and I'm AnCap.

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hola amigos como estan? soy hispano

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>You sure are missing the point
> focusing on the wrong

I'd love to hear your backpedal out of this one
What point did I miss exactly? Let's see what your autist brain comes up with to try to squeeze out of this one, since you got called out


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>Shit, he called my bluff
>I was wrong
>I can't admit it


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This man is white?


Do you actually fact check anything or are you just full retard?

I'm not even white and I'm so fucking tired of you shitlibs making a big deal about nazis.

nazis this. White people that.

Shut the fuck up already.

It's not getting old, it's in the morgue. Bury that shit.

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Lol no one cares about your feelings

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Shut the fuck up uncle tom coon, white supremacists are the greatest threat to all including whites that dont want to be identitarians

Is that the reason you whine and cry and scream so loud? You think we care about your non-existant 'nazi' problem?

>FBI arrests like 6 white nationalists
>National News

>FBI arrests thousands of Muslims and Black Nationalists

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>Ha! I'll post memes that make me feel good, that'll distract from the logical conclusion that I was wrong!

How progressive of your ass.

>Literally came into the thread to complain

Oh the goddamn irony

lol white bois mad

>Per 100,000
>Muslims are 0.8% of the population
Based retard with is manipulated statistics, whites are responsible for 85% of all domestic terrorism. There hasnt been a Islamic terror attack on US soil in over 2 and a half years while the last white domestic terror was maybe a month ago

Not realizing how number of fatalities is not the same as number of attacks. You do realize that the data in that graph is entirely skewed by 9/11 right. You must be a Zoomer born before 9/11.

Per capita puts things into context
It's the opposite of manipulating statistics.

Since 9/11 does not include 9/11

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Where does it say it doesn't include 9/11 you fucking retard. Do you not know what year 9/11 was? Do they not teach you this in middle school you retarded ass zoomer?

Youre comparing 0.8% of the population to 56-60% of the population, per capita is meaningless with a population gape that large. You are far, far more likely to be a victim of far right terrorism than Islamic terrorism

Shhhhh, you are scaring him.

Lmao to bad it's only white males killing themselves I cant wait when u live stream it ...so jokes on you faggot inbred

A man once called me a bigger, which was confusing since he was black and I am white. Quite an alarming day, really.

Meet 10,000 Muslims in America and 1 will be a terrorist.

Meet 10,000,000 Whites in America and 1 will be a terrorist.

Muslims are more dangerous than whites

It's almost like you dont understand what per capita means.

Make the country more non-white, and you greatly increase your chances of being a victim of terrorism

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Ok, butt first I'll kindly ask you to remove your mouth and the attendant suction from my sphincter so I can do so clearly ;)

I'm not even 'white', you glow in the dark jew.
I love how you faggots automatically assume I'm white by my self description of being a handsome fit tall man with a large penis though, shows how you think of white people....superior.

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>Muslims are more dangerous than whites

Uh, no.


Explain this

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OK rabbi

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Imagine being unable to look at or understand the other factors that arnt race, like socioeconomic factors and constantly being on the receiving end of racism

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Fuck off faggot, you really are a tranny cuck if you are unable to say 4 fucking kike words to make your point. Nigger please, don't be a spic.

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>>counters only one part of the point
>>doesn't understand their is 2 parts of "socioeconomic"

This thread is fuckin great lol

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I'm white and a member of the Crime Gang, but we hate the Nazis too. Although we've never actually seen one. Yet!

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They got busted for saying mean things? Meanwhile faggots running around with masks hitting old people, women and unarmed men calling their victims "fascist".
Or that Bernie-Bruh that shot up a Senate baseball game. At least that fat fuck got his Darwin award.

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How come the libtard has yet to respond

"socio-" is just a catch all phrase for the different culture of blacks
Mainly single motherhood, being violent and being gay and trans

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Wow amazing counterpoint, everybody he’s got it figured out

His 'vagina' broke.
Gotta dilate slowly bro.

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why the stars?, its very crap. nigger is nigger whether you spell it nigger or n*gger, you still read it as nigger, so cr*p s* g*y. Cunt

>what evidence guys!

Literally the embodiment of the black community towards white people

>shilling for skinheads
your mother would be embarrassed except yoour her uncle's son

the lineal champion aka the real champ
Tyson Fury is white and he's gonna knock out that pussy bitch Joshua

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Okay, Nigger

Oh yeah cause a compilation of mugshots pictures is “evidence”


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This can be applied to anything US related.

>Imagine not being white

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good, fuck em

>3/5ths of an opinion

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>brown "people"

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This guy gets it


I'd tell you you're retarded and need to educate yourself.

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>This guy gets it
not pussy i'd wager

You left out kikes and cucks

mph? why is the speed necessary for time travel funny?

>I prefer a left boot on my throat instead of a right boot

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More like, if have to choose between a tax fraud convict and an axe-wielding serial killer to bum a ride to the gas station from, I'd go with the tax fraud.

The GOP have been in power longer, created fewer jobs, destroyed the economy several times more, spent us into debt and deficit over 300% more than democrats, they're 90% of all the criminals. They work against science and education and they're the party of every racist extremist group in the country. Oh! and they're responsible for every single recession the economy has had in the last 70 years.

Hello bait-chan, nice trips. You trolled Cred Forums pretty hard. I think you should send screenshots of these incels crying for their mommies on Discord, Reddit, and Tumblr.

whos the semen demon?

>I prefer a left boot on my throat instead of a right boot
Stop repeating yourself and hating freedom. Bootblacking with your tongue isn't sanitary.

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Sounds like one side has the judiciary in their pocket.

You are onto something here.

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lol if any one of you right wingers came home to trump fucking your wife you'd say being a cuckold is based and you actually loved being a cuck the whole time. it's so shameless the way you cowards pretend to have any actual values other than being goose stepping bullies.

OOOORRRRRR the right-wingers are just fucking criminals.

Occam's Razor is your friend, kiddo.


Dems impeach everyone they dont like

Attached: I think you mean Mostly True Snopes impeachment.jpg (862x582, 83K)

That's just trading one conspiracy for another, you're nowhere close to Ockham's razor.

Attached: unnamed.jpg (512x512, 65K)

>>doesn't know socio means society/societal

Don't you have some crops to take care of jeb?

And Reps impeached Clinton for a blowjob while Gingrich was fucking his third wife as a mistress while his second wife was in the hospital.

Republicans are subhuman, grifting filth with ZERO ethics.

Yeah, so good the news thinks Russia hired trolls

they look based


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republicans are higher on scoreboard

Attached: 1284684139858.jpg (500x352, 45K)

It wasn't for a blowjob you dumb faggot. It was because he desecrated the office and cheating on his wife. People used to have morals. But you're the product of (((them))), so you can't think for yourself.

Cheating is a criminal offense now?

you are both wrong
He was impeached for lying under oath

This is the first time hearing about them. I want to join "the base". Fuck jews, and beaners.

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You understand this shit is a fed honeypot meant to drum up political fear mongering before the election. Also trannies have the body shape of a damp yam

Attached: 5c06a108eba479759dba7f9a_produce-generic-sweetpotato.jpg (2400x2400, 684K)

Such coordinatiated shilling.

If you're a retarded evangelical, which most Republicans are.

They're both getting the rope kiddo.
inb4 2 edgy 4 u


The only shilling here is the fangless pro-trump propaganda shilling that the web brigade Russians post. It's really easy to spot.

>extremely racist/sexist right-wing user
That's funny. It's usually you lefty cunts that are doing that. I guess you got turned down by a Conservative Alpha type? Don't blame him baby.... it's all you.

I think that everyone just needs to fuck off.

I'm actually young and good looking. 6"3 bout 200 pounds giver take.

Just remember Pride is for fags.

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My apprentice calls me a cuck ever since I let my wife sleep with him

Not fair

When a leftist, democratic faggot tries to compare neo-nazis to Republicans

>The mean people calling me bad words are ugly.

What is this retardation? Why was it such a big deal in the first place and how does that make it better?

I see you neglected to mention any presence of a chin.

Ahahahaha I triggered a lot of incels with this thread

Have sex or die, faggots

It's as though it were made for the Pantheon.

gotta love cnn calling them right wing. sorry but neo-nazis aren't conservative. they would love for authoritarian socialism with patriotism thrown in.

does inviting a former nude model immigrant in as the first lady count as desecrating the office and not having morals too or nah

i would pound that donkey's ass, but not elephant

You're a cuck
You're a faggot
You're a tranny
You're a nigger
You're a spick
You're a kike

I think it's funny how some white people blame the jews for all their problems the same way some black people blame white people for all theirs

fuck y,ou tell me

I've never called anybody any of those things and I'm quite racist and sexist. It's very uncouth. I'm very good looking btw.

that utility vehicle did nothing wrong
it's not the trucks fault

I've been called a racist by a left-wing shills multiple times, even tho i'm not right-wing... it must be their insecurity coming out.


HAIL HYDRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's all part of their agenda to get more illegals. If you are not far-left and want to be overrun with an endless stream of cheap labor for the 1% an voters for the left, you are a Nazi.

No this thread is literal propaganda with an agenda

Why are the ugly and stupid virgins always the ones thinking they are superior? Hmmmm

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Trips ahoy logs deployed


U jelly white boi? Witness the power of BBC!


what was it

>This is what they look like
This has been known for years. Radicalization is the product of abuse.

Some guy saying he gets called names all the time. So I let him have it! Was highly effective!

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ayyyy all your Base are about to belong to Big Jamal in the shower

Attached: 1573840629574.png (281x275, 59K)

Fuck you nigger

Attached: FB_IMG_1583034721441.jpg (676x676, 69K)

posts like this are retarded, anytime an opposing belief group does something the other side always posts shit like this, there are degenerates on both sides of the political spectrum, not hard to understand

Nope just white trash

Attached: 1582759263599.webm (480x480, 1.6M)


It's so obvious it's Antifa

gtfo antifa fags

So they were arrested for there political views? sounds like bernfag is already president.

its funny how after 4 years and a president and supporters who throw a fit at everybody who says something negative about him,you think "bernfag"would be the one locking people up for their political views

the only real white supremacist who had a political view was david duke.and he was a hillary supporter

Duke is a fed asset. A quick google search doesn't show that he endorsed Hillary (I could easily be wrong), but he has endorsed Tulsi Gabbard, the candidate that Hillary has accused of being a favorite of the Russians. Hmmmm……

It's completely fake. As soon as that "article" started being posted, Cred Forums hunted high and low for any record of this "national group" and didn't find a single shred of evidence to lend veracity to the claim. And as you said, you can't just get arrested for being a Nazi, unless you do something stupid, which was not mentioned. There has also not been any followup, aside from the spamming of the picture here, with the same exact text every time. I think it's just another piece of brainwashing material, to keep the lefties thirsty for white blood.

Hillary accused Tulsi and Jill Stein of being straight up Russian agents, not just favorites. This world has gone completely insane.

ah yes , cuz only white people commit crimes, must've forgot, you are an absolute retard, literally every race and every group is gonna have degens committing heinous acts. Use your brain

Only on Cred Forums.

Fed boys working really hard to meme this. Shame people are fucking dumb enough to believe it....

White internet defense team out in full force, trying to hide the shame of the white race. That'll keep you busy

Last 20 years the jews were practicing against muslims. Now they are preparing to use what the learned.

Why are Trumpfags so obsessed with cuckoldry anyway?

Attached: 157420336554.jpg (576x768, 120K)

Post your IQ

It's amazing how Trump is more of a nigger than Obama.
I'm racist as fuck but at least Obama acted like an adult.

1488 you nigger cuck faggot tranny spic kike piece of shit

Maybe get some cream for that butthurt

Based republicans. You haven't lived life at all if you haven't been arrested at least once.

Edgy, I'm sure you'll lose your virginity soon little guy

Attached: 1581886104177m.jpg (1024x943, 78K)

You don't want an overtly racist girlfriend. They're always trashy. What you want to do is get to know a girl to the point where she trusts you enough to gradually start subtly showing her racism. They're the keepers.

No wonder magacucks are all virgins

Based and red pilled

No one should be surprised. The alt-right is comprised of a bunch of faggot keyboard warriors that run at the sight of a girl.

No but I've been called a craka ass fucker while blacks threw rocks at me. And I've had blacks scream "wud u lookn at white boy" while waving a gun. I guess they must have been right-wing though

stop posting and kill yourself

Lol faggot niggers and kikes should all kill themselves they're not worthy of life


Why are you here then

just whining because you want cucks to be mainstream faggot.

Attached: 1566574673297.jpg (204x246, 8K)

Guy on the right looks cute. Guy on the left isnt a lost cause, just needs to get a better haircut.

The guy on the center should be castrated to prevent him from having offspring goddamn. Look at those bigass zits. Having offspring knowing you will pass down bad genes is child abuse

>two hapas and an unwashed fat hick with a dyed beard
LMAOing to the point that I stopped fapping

now I'm wondering who this tranny is

His line needs to be continued as a pimple farm. I want to rub butter, oil and lotion all over his face to get a good yield, then put on some latex gloves and pop those babies myself. They can be kept in cages if need be.

goddamn, his teeth are half length or something, the fuck, did he file them down?

"They delight in acting in bad faith, since they seek not to persuade by sound argument but to intimidate and disconcert. If you press them too closely, they will abruptly fall silent, loftily indicating by some phrase that the time for argument is past.”
-Jean-Paul Sartre

Attached: EFqOYDzWwAIip0e.png (583x373, 150K)

Looks like every prius driving Bernie bro I have ever seen.

I drive a Prius and I'm right-wing. Great gas mileage.

kek i wonder what Cred Forums looks like irl. The internet is just where people live out their fantasies without consequence. This all confirms that everyone wishes they were white

such a frivolous comment to hang a hat on, reveals more than it oafishly announces

Yeah, Sartre was a cunt.

As the two-party partisanship under the same (plutocratic) system, yes.

As political ideologies, no.

Asymmetry can exist in abstracted dichotomies.

Attached: large-4.jpg (622x800, 106K)

Who are you guys voting for?

So? They still look better than any faggot (trannies included cause they're faggots too), nigger, spic or a filthy kike.

Me too but I drive a Tesla.
Paying $10 for 250 miles of range instead of $50 is pretty great. Plus I'd rather have an american car powered by american electricity rather than a japanese car powered by jewish or arab oil.

How much did you pay for your Tes?

that's fucking aces

bronies became a core part of trump's online support, it's fact. ever wonder where all the bronies vanished at the same time Trump ran for president?

Attached: 61398598137489134.png (542x504, 295K)

Attached: 64848484735356.jpg (641x720, 74K)

Shut the fuck up you fucking tumblr whore, hope you raise your kid on your misguided views so when he grows to resent you I can crack open a cold one and laugh

>giver take.
Holy fucking kek.
Keep hiding that caveman face.

Top kek and based as fuck

>playing bass with a pick
>"giver take"
>waaaay too much product makes shitty outdated hairstyle look oily af

Why on earth would you think any of that was okay to post?