Hey anons, why does your working life sucks?

Hey anons, why does your working life sucks?

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It doesn't, I really like my job and it pays well.



But I voted Trump.

I love my job and I get paid quite well. Plus a 1 for 1 match to the max on my 401k

Got talked in to a management position and now I’m aimless.

If your job sucks and want to cum to my gf ... add my snap.

Based matching. I get 3%

fuck I begged to be the PM. Got to be the PM missed doing real work, begged to stop being the PM

that is pretty good I hope you at least contribute enough to get the whole match offered

Imagine the smell from her butthole

Exactly where I’m at. I’m better at actually doing stuff not talking about it constantly.

I contribute 13% which is the max amount ($18k)

nono life sucks.

Well if he's doing better than you, I guess it makes you the world's shittiest protagonist.

Pay is awesome, 401k matched to 6% of pay, make ~82k/year, average pay in my area is around ~46k. What sucks is it's call center tech support and an absolute dead end job. I'm burned the actual fuck out.

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What kinds of products do you support?

Just because your job sucks doesn't mean everyone else's does smooth brain.

As long you get paid, nothing else matters

Not really. A shitty job takes your whole life from you.

72k right now, my own business, completely remote.

I live free and rent cheaply. best of all I have enough cash on hand to impress most chicks.

Because I'm a slave to the jews.

true, but once the money stacks then you won't have to work anymore

75k base with commissions. Came out to 125k in 2019 and 99k in 2018. Varies a lot so some years I could end up with just the base even after working my ass off.

But I come in late and leave early, send work I don't want to do to my assistant and play on my phone if I don't feel like working on a particular day. At least 20% of a typical day is spent watching the market and making my own investments. Walking distance from home, can't complain.

Holy shit what is that girls name

What's her name

What sort of business

It’s fine. Im a retired milfag. I do however need to do something with my life now like get a real job

I’ve been working for twenty years with 25+ left. It’s a long road.

Because my job is shitty, boring, and unrewarding, but it's financially irresponsible for me to leave.

freelance webdev shit and seo garbage.

you would be surprised how many boomers and businesses don't just go to india.