Why do fatties arouse you?

Why do fatties arouse you?

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they have such a nice shitter. must be the hardest working part of their digesting system

they don't

i only find them attractive if they have a nice shape to them. if they are just spilling out all over the place then its a massive fucking turn off

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because they are fat too LOL

I like their feet and their asshole. Because both are very dirty and very tired and hard working for such a large goddess and both need to be licked clean.

The smell, the taste, the feel of the fat flabby flesh.

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I have a fetish.

Everything arouses me because I'm not 15.

Just something that makes it feel so much more satisfying when slamming into them.

Being able to just get good firm grip and thrust harder pounding the shit out of em

They're mesmerizing.

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bbw assholes turn me on real bad

As a dubs enthusiast I congratulate you.

And yes I agree, I enjoy abusing them harder than usual women

the thought of bringing a large woman to her knees with a few well placed licks just

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I'm not attracted to fat women nor I will ever be. But I can see why people are attracted to them.

Men always likes what's "easy" not what's attractive or optimal per say.

Fat women have lower-self esteem. Therefore if she finds you remotely attractive you can do more to her than a woman who might respect herself.

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Because they're usually fun to play with and often very easy because they crave attention.

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how do you play with them?

However you want. I'm into BDSM and especially tickling/forced orgasms, so that's what works for me.

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sounds fun
like I said their asses really get to me for some reason

More to play with, and more 'moving parts' during sex. Warm and thicc, unlike cold sticc.

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Sometimes they do but then there are sometimes when I see pics of them spread open and I can’t stop thinking that they stink.

Typical fat chicks are the easiest to dominate because they have core issues with self esteem. If control is your vice, bbw are for you.

I personally can't fuck a fatty, I lose wood once you go past chubby. And chubby gotta have personality

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Rolypoly gals mean better head

What size is considered fat and that UK size? Tits are always massive.

Maybe but it depends. I’d say I’m decently attractive so I’ve always had skinny good looking girlfriends, but there is something about bbw that just gets me rock hard even if I can’t really pinpoint it.

Now that's true. Most of my women been skinny and only get the end in and use hands but now I'm with a larger lady and she takes it all down best bj I ever had.

Because they are sluts

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They can sometimes be good. The fact that they're so easy is a big factor.

Only time I had sex was with fat girls, they'll love you and do anything you want to them. I just didn't know why I get to go far enough to marry em

This is the answer

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