I mean...she ain't wrong

I mean...she ain't wrong

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Perhaps blacks would be happier living in another country.

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I live in the 21st century, Americans are not divided by ethnic enclaves, and those that wish to encapsulate them thusly are backwards.

Why should they move to another country when they were the ones who built america?

This level of pandering makes my skin crawl.

Because America is apparently the worst place on earth to live as a black person. Sometimes you have to cut your losses.

Not gonna lie, I clap every time a women of color says something deep or empowering

Hope you're baiting

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>praising bootlicking cock suckers
durr im gonna join da awmy and kill people for my jew overlords we r so brave

It's deceptive to say that blacks built America, not to mention tremendously stupid, and insulting to the historical record.

Never forget that these caricatures are actually in fact refined and curated by rich old producers and marketers in Hollywood. Black people are just their pawns.

This. If anything, Irish and Chinese immigrants did more to build America than African slaves.

>be a woman. Live in a prosperous western nation. Endless food and running water. Law. Electricity. You can walk down the street at night in most places. You can live independently of your male relatives. You can get an education. Technology has liberated you from the domicile and the burden of constant reproduction. You look at all of this and can only utter:
>muh cunt

ayo fuck dey colonizing ass

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Black people don't own BET dumbass

Where would America be without all that cotton?


trolling outside of Cred Forums is against the rules friend

>I mean
go back

White people own every other major company in the world. Lets stop bull shitting around and covering our ears

>Because America is apparently the worst place on earth to live as a black person.

If we are talking first world countries, then yes, the USA absolutely is the worst place to live in the developed if you are a black person.

Best place to live if you are a black person IMO is France.

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your opinion is stupid, lol

France is crap

Doesn't apply to 8/10+ black women. No reason to complain.

>(((white people)))

>falling for obvious bait

French government bends over backwards for french blacks. French boomers and society (as a whole) loves them. The french are absolute Negrophiles. It's nothing like the US.

You don't know anything about France.

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>I was merely pretending to be retarded

Well you don't know anything about the USA. Also, France is an economic dead end, I'd rather live in bongistan.

Return to Africa is a meme atm.
But I think in 20-30 years time, you could live a comfortable life in some African countries like Ghana.

Africans don't view foreign born blacks as one of their own. You're an outsider. At best, you'd be tolerated if you are an asset to them.

Good for blacks for fighting back against racists.

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It’s not about owning the organizations you dumb fucks, it’s about how there are companies dedicated to aiding black people and not white people.

The white people in charge of prominent organizations aren’t helping white people, they are discriminating against them.

Surprisingly based

>The french are absolute Negrophiles. It's nothing like the US.
Cred Forums is in no way representative of American opinion on blacks. There's a reason why racists have to use anonymous imageboards to state their opinions.

Most of "dem programz" on that list don't actually do shit for blacks. Even with all of that stuff their median family wealth is almost zero. White people shouldn't need dem programz to get ahead.

it should be noted that's lots of foreigners use this board, so I wouldn't use it as a source for one nationality anyway


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What don't I know?

Chattel slavery? War on drugs? Bloodthirsty cops? Red-lining? Predatory bank lending? prison industrial complex? Racism in corporate America? Jim Crow?

The US is without a doubt the worst country in the developed world to live in if you are black.

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The average person in any country is at least somewhat racist. The subject is about which country blacks have it easiest in. Given that the vast majority of them are poor, they would generally have a higher quality of life in countries with more social welfare like France or Canada.

>there's a reason why racists have to use anonymous imageboards to state their opinions
Sheltered middle class whitoid found. Nobody talks good about niggers besides you deluded fucks who unsurprisingly have zero contact with them.

Go back to Voat

get over it

black women should keep their hair natural more

YAAAAAS QUEEN ain't dat da truuf

Well obviously. They are outsiders. But they will obviously be treated differently then a south American or a European.

>Chattel slavery?
You do know that many races were slaves, including other whites (real whites, not the Irish or Italians)? Hell, some freed blacks also owned slaves.

The US also has the most affirmative action programs for blacks, and the ones who do become successful there are the wealthiest black people anywhere in the world, so you could look at it either way. If I were black I'd rather be poor in America with the slight chance of becoming rich, than be poor in another country with virtually no chance of becoming rich.

There are so many shitskins and niggers on this board, it's embarrassing.

Yea they will be treated worse


>The US also has the most affirmative action programs for blacks
If you're a black woman who is willing to shit out enough kids. If you're a single black man you get shit for social benefits and affirmative hiring. The system is rigged to actively push you into the prison industrial complex.

fuck off whitey

Spoken like a true virgin

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Says the mutt. I bet I'm whiter than you.

Funny how the biggest obstacle for blacks in america to succeed are other blacks.

>Cred Forums is in no way representative of American opinion on blacks.

I think it is a good, accurate representation of what the average white American feels about blacks.
In public most people are just afraid to say shit because of consequences. But this is how the really feel about blacks.

Who writes lines like this?

except the noose

t. el goblino

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Black women love the smell of their own farts.

>The hardest job in America is being black
Do you get paid for being black? Can you be fired? What would a promotion look like?

Just some thoughts.

f*male niggers are living life on I'm too young to die

>white people

>If I were black I'd rather be poor in America with the slight chance of becoming rich, than be poor in another country with virtually no chance of becoming rich.

We aren't talking about third world shit holes here. I'd rather be poor in France, Canada, and the UK.
The entire system in the US is setup to keep blacks in a permanent underclass status. Just look at your country's history. It's what you do. Disenfranchising blacks.

We don't have that history in Europe. Yes we do hurl racist abuse at them but can you honestly compare that to the insidious form of racism that blacks have to deal with in the US for centuries?
US is more like Brazil then Europe when it comes to quality of life of it's black inhabitants.

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I live in Canada and virtually every black person I've ever known has been poor, so that means we also have a system to keep them in a permanent underclass status, or they're just incapable of getting ahead no matter the country.

Bud our blacks have more wealth than yours

Now explain to me a provable way blacks are discriminate against today because my Jewish lawyer will pay me a finders fee


>source mon cul

you're a nut

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>do you get paid for being black

>ain't got nothing on me

so they DO have something on you

where do you get off in life having a viewpoint that is just utter bullshit?

>white people

I think you mean (((White People))).

How's it bullshit though? Explain how he's wrong.

Because you can't stop complaining.

because the opposite of what he thinks is true

Everyone goes out of their way to treat blacks with a special status, and not offend them, even when they are tremendously ignorant about the world, history, and literally anything they open their mouths about. There will never be someone that gives them any grief for being wrong.

>waaaah why wasn't in africa dead from aids at the age of 6

>Jim Crow
What fucking century are you living in?

like anyone that whinges about race in the 21st century, they peaked in 1965

are superheros a net negative on society, too?

Please demonstrate how there is a system that is designed to oppress blacks, despite them having lower standards for everything, higher levels of financial aid, and direct pipelines to jobs.

Kek. You make it sound like black people are French pets.

Don't know but that's what I noticed in France.
They lick black ass like no other. It's weird.
In the US blacks are tolerated, but in France they love em. It's some fucked up gay shit.

Try setting foot in Japan as a black person my dude

Sure buddy, this is why France is the only country in Europe with an important right wing party and that blacks are complaining about lack of representation in french entreprises and medias

at least we aren't the ones obsessed with cuckolding and blacked shit
it's white americans who are fucked up, you either hate blacks or worship them

I'm talking about the average citizen.
BTW the RN will never win an election. Just look at the exponential increase of the black population in France. It's over for them.

The representation of blacks in media, enterprises, and politics has improved.

The average french citizen is way more racist than any american

How? Even Brittany, the most white and most based region in France is becoming a progressive shit-hole. There's no way.

Sounds like you feel entitled to be treated better because of the color of your skin, You can suffer just like the whites.

white people are the ones that ended slavery

Yea but wouldn't you be angry if some group created freedom but you couldn't keep up with them so you have to destroy them to bring slavery back because you can't function without it.

I'm not even black. Just making an observation.

LOL at the skyscrapers with hut sealings. shit has me laughing like no tomorrow

Blacks are not really much different than whites other than the fact that they like to use victim hood to climb Hierarchies and people promoting that victim hood have made them grown to feel entitled to that power which does not prepare them for the power they obtain so the chance that they damage themselves and the ones around them are increased exponentially.

She’s quite literally wrong.
But I just fapped to Scarlett J so I’ll let this slide.


>posts le pacy negro as an example of successful black in Europe
America has the NFL for them + the entire NBA for lanky negros

>>posts le pacy negro as an example of successful black in Europe
Nah. The pic is more about Sterling and racism in football.

>I'm just retarded

They should get jobs then

>system is rigged to actively push you into the prison industrial complex.

Let's see
>don't do crime
>don't end up in prison

>thread about television and film is moved to Cred Forums from Cred Forums
Cred Forums mods are pathetic.

The only reason America is bad to live in as a black person is that there are so many other black people, so it lowers the quality of life for everyone. European countries have fewer black people, so of course it's better.

So you don't spend a lot of time applauding.

But the oppression! My ancestors were slaves can't you see why that means I have no choice but to drop out of school and sell crack? It's the prison to school pipeline!

This actually is.. pretty powerful. Black people in America can't even walk outside their house without getting shot by the police or getting chased down the street by evil wh*te men.

Just try being a black man sitting at the cafe minding your own business, and there will literally be 10 white people walking by shouting racial slurs at you.

Wow, Europeans understand black struggle? I mean you guys raped Alkebulan more than Amerigo's land but I appreciate the understanding.

Finally! Someone truly understands racism as a societal construct rather than an individual!

You're so right. If black people just tried a little bit harder they'd have everything they need.

Hunters is the most butthurt motivated thing I've ever seen these seething yids make.
Lashing out at a world they were losing control of.

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They'd have a lot more than the self-imposed cycles of crime, abuse, and broken homes. I realize the government is actively making black men impregnate women and then run out on them and all but still, a little effort would go a long way.

How could the government even affect black families? Do you understand how fucking stupid you sound? But yeah, black people just don't try hard enough. If only they did a little more... Maybe they could get rich lol.

Batman would get a dollar to her .65 cents if he needed a job. She, by definition: creates black men which, by definition, create an uptick in crime.

Try being a woman in Islamic states

But you're right, can't you see that? Having no family unit, a culture that idolized violence and misogyny, and an outlook that nothing you do will ever advance you so why ever bother trying... There really is nothing more they could do. There's no up to go from here, this is the max. The only possible explanation is that they are being held down.

a lender is not required to look out for the loser who borrows the money. just because the lenders have their own research and knowledge that poor niggers with a lame job have barely a chance to pay it off, IF they are VERY responsible doesn't mean they shouldn't be allowed to let said niggers sign a contract and ruin their lives.

just like these shitheads claiming predatory lending through college loans, they were still contracts signed by adults.

say it sista

race mixing doesn't exist man pretty soon the race will be washed out and it will be just one group

this is a son of black man and white woman

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They didn't build the ships that brought them here.

What the fuck are you blabbering about? How could the government hold a section of the population down? Ask yourself. What does the government have to gain by keeping a portion of the population in prison and working low paying jobs? Nothing. If anything the government would want more people to prosper. They wouldn't want to hoard the wealth they'd want to distribute it amongst the people. We compete as a nation! It would be stupid to even think that the government would shoot itself in the foot like that!

The government isn't holding anyone down. The government has no track record of ever doing that. The government is honest and always looking out for the best interest of all its people. You are fucking retarded for assuming otherwise.

All the black families have to do is adopt a better culture. Say... like the white culture. Now that's a good culture. If they would just assimilate to society they wouldn't have these problems. In the white culture there's nothing but love and positivity. YET they try to defend their "black culture" and do shit like the screenshot in this post.

You really aren't catching on to the sarcasm at all.

It is you that doesn't see the seething sarcasm in my posts.

>niggers built america
>america is a shit hole and a bad place flr blacks


This is sarcasm overload right now.

I really love this meme.

I'd say subterfuge rather

jiggery-pokery even

..i dont get it




Well that's preposterous! I've done nothing personally to harm black people!

we live in a society...

>says hippy shit

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More like edgy realism you can't handle.

How do I contribute to this imaginary problem if I don't personally do anything to hurt black people?

Never get tired of posting this :)

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You contribute to a society that hurts them so you're literally always maintaining the oppression.

have a dose of reality

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We waz kangs