Who is the hottest actress of the 90s

For me it's Bridget Fonda

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I'd say Jaime Pressly in Poison Ivy 3

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My gf taught Bridget Fonda’s kid at a summer camp


The one with the largest set of breasts.

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hello cringe department?, we have a boobs guy here

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Its your mom in the prototype video for BLACKED which is why she gave birth to you exactly 9 months after the fact in 1993 and why you're such a useless fuck up nigger!

What happened to her career?


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great taste.
great taste.

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>post ass to ass gif

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boobs are based

Who was the picture of the real guy who inspired this drawing


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It's a crime that she was only ever C tier.

it's inspired from jim carrey's stunt double from the mask

Jon moxley

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It's Jennifer love hewitt for sure. See Heart Breakers if you haven't omg

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No it was some polish user or something. Been trying to find it today


Linda Fiorentino

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Nikki Cox

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No it's the coomer guy

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Michelle Pfeiffer in

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I'm Fonda her body of work

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absolutely based

Sweet Vishnu, myself want a waif like this...

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Denise Richards.

For me, it's The Mask

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She was a good Lara Croft.

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Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, no competition.

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Too bad she looks like a Bogdanoff now.

she's underrated. everyone likes to shit on her for being ugly, but she wasnt

that lead actress from Candyman

Nicole could also have been a great catwoman, I suddenly realized

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Jaime Pressly and its not even up for discussion.

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late 80s, early 90s Drew was a fucking goddess

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She was so good in Batman Forever.

>I will never get to have sex with prime JConn

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I wish I could estimate how many times I popped my dad's copy of Striptease into the VCR when I was home alone and would fast forward to every topless scene in this fucking movie and then fap to it.

Good fuckin times.

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Helena Bonham Carter

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also great taste

KD Aubert

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jannies moving this Cred Forums related thread off of Cred Forums to Cred Forums, but will keep a twitch thread up for days on end

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Pretty sure they didn;t have skimpy white cotton panties in Bram Stoker's day

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Why? It's a relevant Cred Forums thread. But now nudes are possible so...

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My man.

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Her own fault. She refused to show the goods.

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That's from Bond you potatohead

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Ok. We get it, asshole.

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Lol shut up fag

Jailbait Denise Richards and Jessica Alba
Cameron Diaz in Idle Hands

That scene. I think I strangely took it for granted at the time. Looking back, not many things as sexy as that

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yup her body is top notch

Jamie Presley in her prime is like the hottest woman ever. Blonde, tight perfect body, and beautiful face.

Cred Forums jammies are almost entirely progressives/faggots

I got banned once for posting an actual nude scene from a movie because the faggot jannies thought it was porn. The filter alone should have tipped them off.

>Cred Forums jammies are almost entirely progressives/faggots
So it's reddit now. Cred Forums should have uncensored duplicate boards.

The Olsen sisters

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Jehnna from Balto