Rachel's had a bad day

Rachel's had a bad day.
Say something nice about her, Cred Forums.

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Why the long face?

Looks like her pussy might be tight

I find Jar Jar Binks more sexually attractive than Rachel.

She looks like one of my High School Friends.
A Russo-Italian guy named Tony.

It’s about to get worse

Nothing like a well-groomed bush. congrats on the outstanding grooming habits.

Inb4 schlong

nice tiny nipples

nice ass, i guess?

She's hot from the neck down?

she has no tits whatsoever. there's a small collection of her somewhere online.

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TIL Rachel is also a man's name.

KD Lang is a big fan and wants to meet her

Isn't that the faggot who castrated himself?

cheer up at least you dodged a bullet with amber

nah, real pussy here

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At least you're not Rachel Dolezal

Shes got nice tits and a cute pussy

she looks like she can take a punch

perfect for my gut punch fetish


It's a dude faggot.
Get on LGBTQ
What's random nowadays about a fucking sexual deviant.