No chastity bread? My nubby can kick things off

No chastity bread? My nubby can kick things off

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This was a fun day

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Truly a precum machine

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Am i the only locked boi here?

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No interest? Feelsfeelsman

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Someone needs a smaller cage!

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They are expensive!

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Let me introduce you to my friend aliexpress. Knockoff cages are the way forward!!

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yep even metal ones are only 30 usd there.

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I started off with a cb6000 knockoff, but that was far too big. Nub is so much smaller and comfier

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cb6ks are extremely adjustable, they're the perfect introduction to chastity. i sprang for the htv2 long first, but now i wear the nano to work occasionally, if i keep my pubes short.

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I really need to get me a nub...

you guys are all faggots, no different than the bbc cucks, male peggers, ass eaters and trap lovers. degenerate shit.

Show us what you're dealing with. Let us decide

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and yet here you are, scrolling through this thread. does the cognitive dissonance hurt?

OC? If so, you know what to do, son.

You say that as if it's meant to offend, lol. Look where you are, fucko

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Bump. Any lurkers?

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yeah but im all horned up looking at this so im out for now. maybe another time user. also you might have a better time on /soc/ because threads tend to last longer.

My cage uwu.

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Thank you!!

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Can someone explain what the point of this is? Genuinely curious. What’re you getting out of this? Looks painful af.

I didn't get it for a long time either till I tried it.
put an object around your cock with the intent to restrain a boner.

It's only painful if you try a small cage right away. Finding one that fits well is the hardest part, chances are you can move onto a smaller cage. It feels good to have a snug fitting cage.

Alright fair enough. I prefer the feeling of a fully erect boner, but I guess I can understand where you’re coming from. Carry on!

>I prefer the feeling of a fully erect boner
i take it off if i feel like it, you can take it off if you want

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Ahh okay. I thought the idea was that you CAN’T take it off. Interesting. So it’s just about the feeling of being aroused and having something “contain” you?

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Not sure how can you have a preference when you haven't tried the alternative ;)



Yeah but I’ve def had moments where I’ve had to suppress a hard-on in public, or otherwise. The ol’ flip and tuck. Can’t say I enjoy it lol.

Besides, I wonder how this affects blood vessels... idk if that’s something I want to fuck with.

>I wonder how this affects blood vessels
Not at all.

After a few days you won't get morning wood any more. Everything returns back to normal once you take it off, as long as you don't cage yourself for months and months.

I get kink, but I don’t get chastity. It’s getting off on being controlled, submitted?

Submissive yes. Personally prostate stimulation turns me on and if I'm caged, I can't cheat and touch my dick.

Don't those things hurt like hell when you get hard?

uncomfortable, yes. hurt? only if you got the wrong size or put it on wrong.

the submission for some guys is enough on its own. however, a cage can also put substantial pressure on your cock and balls, and this can lead to "leaking" of pre-cum ( see OPs ). this can be very arousing because you're not the one doing it, like you would in masturbation.

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with a screw or a lock, user?

slightly less than 1 inch cage, but since its fits i guess its what i deserve

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tell us what you did to get that treatment

I married my dom

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locked in for life. does it pull on your pubes? what's your erect size?

nah, i was clean shaven when i put it on and they havent grown weirdly yet, and im like 5" erect

You're the one spamming the internet with your disgusting bullshit

I'll take your non-answer as a "yes sir I love the way the cognitive dissonance makes me feel like a sissy slut"

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What happens when you get erect? Where does 'it' go? If you do it yourself where's the fun if somebody else doesn't have the key

Pathetic toy that you can remove in 3 seconds.