Diaper girl thread

Diaper girl thread

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>mommy texting her bull
>thick, bulky diaper is barely wet
>small chastity cage feels great
>buttplug feels great

fuck yeah I love a good diaper girl thread

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pullups are so cute!

any recommendations for where to buy diapers? 0:

"premium" brands: xpmedical. Amazon

ABDL diapers: Rearz, Bambino, Tykes

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what clothing size are you? I am a 30" waist and buy huggies dry nites pullups for 8-15yo and they fit me perfectly. They're really cute, but the best thing is they only cost £4 inc del from Amazon for 9 of them. ABDL diapers are a rip off.

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Quite a few choices, user.
For normal ones, there's a few brands I know of: Abena, NorthShore, Tena, Molicare.
For ABDL ones, you can go for: Rearz, Tykables, ABUniverse, MyDiaper, Bambino, Awwsocute, Buntewindel, LittleForBig and the Dotty Diaper Company

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anyone here have any fun or cute or (preferably) embarrassing diaper/abdl stories?

(Adding to this post)
If you're from America, it should be pretty straight forward, just throw their names on google and you'll find their website, but if you don't, there's a high chance you'll find them on Amazon.
Now, if you're from SA, Asia not from North America, Oceania or Europe (Which is my case), then I suggest you take a look at eBay for the diapers you want to acquire, as shipping can be quite expensive if you're purcashing straight from the sites.
AliExpress also has some available, however, I'd be careful with buying from them, as I did get a pack of 12 from them and 4 of them had failures like missing tapes, too much glue, etc. So I'd recommend Ali only if you're outside of the NA/EU and eBay doesn't really works out for you.
(Would post an image to go along with the thread but it appears my ip range can't post files.)

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is that a tranq atn? I'm wearing the exact same outfit but double diapers if it is.

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is it weird that I don't want to fuck these women, I just want to bust in my own diapers while their boyfriends'/daddys' blow their back out?

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same. i want a girl that will tease me about my diapers and tell me about the guys shes hooking up with as im literally stuck in my diapers. maybe she does stripteases or sends hot pics to keep me in the mood while im stuck in my diapers and maybe a chastity device.

having a mommy-domme and being sexually dependent on diapers > taking care of fickle e-girls who only wear diapers for the clout

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Does anyone else think that non-ageplay diaper lovers don't exist? Without the association that diapers have with youth, they are just absorbent undergarments that can sometimes be uncomfortable, and there is nothing exciting about that.

Also, I hate how self-sabotaging this community is, but I guess that's to be expected since nobody wants to die on a hill over diapers.

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thanks anons!! im looking at some right now

>that shoddy-ass taping job
absolutely disgusting


I obsess over getting my tapes right and I still mess it up sometimes. I wish that all diapers had guides on them.

Are the top tapes supposed to be higher up?

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any bondage pics captions or stories?????

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it's crazy off-center
wouldn't be comfortable, and won't hold as much without leaking
she's obviously not an actual diaper girl who wears often

Why do I find diapers so much fun and so sexy

Because they symbolize parental injustice.

Many possible reasons. For me, they work because I had to stay in them for a long time, till I was 10 or 11, due to medical problems. Hated it at the time but whatever is going on in your life when your sexuality switches on, that's your new fetish, like it or not.

What do you mean

There are plenty of people where that doesn't happen though. Bedwetting and other reasons aren't actually that much more common among people who like diapers.

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True. Plenty of people are drawn to them just for the submissiveness or vulnerability they represent. For others, it's a watersports/humiliation thing similar to bdsm. For me, though, it was always kind of a coping thing, i.e. I fetishized what I hated because I was stuck with it anyway and might as well make the best of it.

it is basically a watersports thing for me!

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You don't fetishize something just because you hate it. Everything in the mind happens as the result of rules, and there are rules for both changing other rules, creating new rules, and rules for what to do when other rules can't be followed. Having a persistent unproductive behavior has to be a dysfunction in your ability to recognize which rules should and should not be changed. That is, your current reasoning cannot justify you changing in good ways without also causing bad changes.

blaze it up, bro

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Not sure what point you're trying to make but good luck with that undergraduate psych degree. You're probably about halfway done with your first class by now. Keep it up!

I'm saying that people choose to be mentally inflexible due to a fear of the harm flexibility might bring them, and this inflexibility is the cause of fetishes.

can you hook me up with your dealer?

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Buy on Amazon and have it shipped to a Amazon locker. That way it won't accidentally show up at a neighbor's house.

Hell yes

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Are the lockers big enough to fit a pack or does it depend on the location of the storage units?

Good save

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Got user names mixed up, wrong girl. I forget what lainey was going by. But I got all her stuff before deleting it

Either way, glad someone kept it from vanishing

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I usually use UPS or FedEx to hold the package at a store or distribution center. Never had a problem doing this

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Those are some seriously cute diapers!

I need sauce on the source of them :x

Hmu on discord and I'll upload it somewhere eventually. plus you have good taste and I'd like to trade. Have other custom stuff and even stuff from my ex gf and current gf

I don't think you can get more than 2 packs at a time. I usually order 2 Abena M4 each month and they fit fine.

I am. I don't see any appeal on acting like a baby or caring for someone acting like a baby.

For me, it's more about the BDSM part of the thing.

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I'm still trying to figure out why I find diapers on girls hot. Sometimes it's the cuteness. Sometimes it's them expressing embarrassment. What does it for you?

yall r fucking cuck weirdos never in my life never. fuckouuta here w this suss shit "yea im not allowed to fuck im eternally cucked in my diaper" the 36yrold in a diaper everyone.

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mmm tease me more daddy

Is it weird if I think that regular patterns that are repeated across the entire diaper are cuter than irregular patterns that differ based on location on the diaper? I think even a basic, non ABDL pattern like this looks better than a diaper with fancy colored wings. Or maybe it's just a matter of me not liking the wings to stand out at all.

yeaaaa the fucking diaper its full of shit ohhh hell yea! uh ohh stinky smelly diaper poop! the grown women INDA diaPER NOWAY so hot. fucking idiot fuck outta here w this fucking faggy suspect fetish u deserve the gas chamber incel weak beta fag kys my guy

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Here is one you would love
it has a Pony!

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No, I feel that. I'm not super fond of the wings being a separate color. Honestly my favorite diaper designs are usually just a print on the landing zone - feels more childish, I guess.

I've had this fetish since I can remember and I still don't really understand it. No idea what it is, but poofy butts are better 100% of the time. Scientific fact.

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I'm not sure that I could even say for sure now. I'm bad at communicating how I feel about them, because I've been taught that only bad things occur when I try to communicate about it.

I do remember having this habit ever since I was a very young child where, whenever I was doing something, I would try to imagine what it would be like to be wearing a diaper while doing it.

i turn and stare right in ur direction glaring hard. diaper taunt to my tight thighs. ass tender and dry pushed against the soft white pouch. you sit sad loathing me taking a big cock. he fucks my ass moves the diaper to one side and goes for a long stroke w his spicy angry cock melting jizz leaking out the diaper from my thighs dripping slowly you watch from the other side of the room. u make u the rest fag idk where to go im not high enough for this

roleplay is for faggots nigger

tbh im not ike U but i actually like this one it has class for some reason

fuck u i did u a solid and u shit on me fuck u and this lame faggy fetish i hope u can dick cancer betafag

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holy shit lol
>being this mad
you truly are an faggot

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"plliuuuuP" *shits in the diaper, U NIGGERS>"oh boy! she made a STINKY MISTAKE my dinner is SERVED!" *eats a big turd made of peanutbutter n shit*

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actually not u troll or?

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im not a troll you're just rarted

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I do not believe you, ya troll

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i believe you are rarted

omg guys reddit moment r/wooosh am i right?

you may

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>the association that diapers have with youth
This is just part of it. A lot if it is the embarrassment and lack of control type stuff. Id prefer a little less of the age play stuff. Wearing cute childish clothes and light teasing and treating people a bit condescendingly is about the limit. People who do the whole act like a baby and use binkies and bottles and what not ruin it for me.

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This. Same concept, less mess, more embarrassment.

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gosh I wish that were me

Post man teats

this the point i will never understand about these types of fetish. like how would embarrassment get anyone off im almost envious for u being that level headed while feeling intimidated like uve flipped the script. script flip yo

what did I miss?

Jus had some incorrect info in the post
and deleted to clear the mistake

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im not a trap or twink, am amerifat. nothing worth seeing except for the cringe

The thing about fetishes is that they're essentially the result of a couple of crossed wires in the sexual areas of the brain. People with humiliation fetishes still feel humiliated, it just also comes along with a strongly sexual rush

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imagine being outside like that in broad daylight with no way to hide your (wet) diapers as people pass by taking pictures and laughing

would u say something similar happens for guys attracted to sayyy femboys? the term has seem to somehow infected internet culture is interesting to say the least. not femboys that is

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seems pretty fuckin hot to me. also thats a man, this thread is for diaper GIRLS retard.

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is there anything i can do to upset you further
im not even partial to guys, i just posted whatever picture, but if it bothers you that much man

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