I have always been a catholic christian, but the older that I got the more I questioned my faith in the church...

I have always been a catholic christian, but the older that I got the more I questioned my faith in the church. Just recently I have started to feel lost in what I believe and don't know if I should just quit religion and become an atheist. I come here for help Cred Forums. What's your advice?

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Hm. I'm a reformed Christian and maybe just look to a another Church with Ideas that fits your Thinking more.

I have found a new Fetish nuns with guns.

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Sup m8. Well I am not an atheist, I 'want to believe' in "God" or an afterlife of some sort. So if anything I accept it as a coping mechanism for me to survive without suffering much. Although I can acknowledge the lack of "evidence".

Anyways, the Roman Catholic Church is corrupted. It has been for years. I went down many different paths. Shit like Thelema for example.

At the end of the day I came to realize to trust in my own feelings. Always trust your gut and go by positive vibrations. Use logic as a tool but not the end all. You don't need a label.

Life's too short to waste on religion. Just do whatever kind of hobbies you're into (writing, hiking, learning, painting or even playing video games and watching shows) and have that what brings you joy replace the time you would've spent on your faith. It's too easy to debunk religion in the information era we live in and usually people are suckered into it with their communities, people pushing it on to them or just being indoctrinated at an early age, which is sadly too common. But then again, do whatever that brings YOU happiness, even if it's religion, it's your life and no one can tell you otherwise.

God is just Santa for adults. Place your faith in science not fairytales. There is an insect in Africa, it’s sole purpose in its sort life is to burrow into the eyes of children. That last your infallible “God” at work. There is no God, no Allah, No Ganesh. Just darkness. So enjoy the life you have and stop wasting it being a fucking sheep because it’s the only one you’re getting.

We should create a religion based on nuns with guns

Look at this bitch talking shit about God and St. Nicolas. Uncultured swine. Maybe read a book or take a vacation sometime.

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Thanks to everyone. You guys are right, I should focus more in living my own life and do what makes me happy.

Make others happy too user.

If there is a God force out there, the one I want to unify with is the one who feeds little animals, heals sickness, and spreads chaotic joy.

Spread that happiness, and always look to the bright side, no matter how grim this place is

Yes just do whatever you want.

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religion is a joke, just stories to teach you "morals". I've dropped it all together and I'm doing fine.

Guau, never expected to see such positivity on Cred Forums, thanks m8 I will

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TL;DR - Don't give up your faith, find a different religion.

Perhaps you need to look at a different location for your faith. Belief in God is a great thing, having it muddled up with man is troublesome. I grew up in a strict religion as well that had their own rituals that had no basis in the Bible/Tora/etc.

There are lots of things about the Catholic religion that pushes outside of common Jewish or Christian religious books, a lot of the stuff coming from the new Pope goes against hundreds of years worth of tradition. I know many Catholics are going against his new mandates and turning away from his teachings as they go against the core belief systems.

God is real and he loves nuns with guns.

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you do realize that man wrote the bible?

You can quit religion, but that doesn't mean you have to become an atheist. You don't have to stop believing in a god just because you stopped going to church and don't happen to share beliefs with this or that community.

Just don't become one of those bitter atheists who lives to be a dick to people about their faith.

>Be like me because I'm better than you.

I have a religion for you, my son.

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Sometimes man, you just gotta believe what you believe in. You can live by Catholic values and still go to church and have questions about your faith. There's nothing wrong with going to church for the fellowship.

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> I have always been a catholic christian


No, you have NOT.

You were born an atheist.

Later, through a process of brainwashing and telling you lies, they converted you into a Catholic.

try joining a "fun" church, i mean one with a band and a social environment, get involved in their programs and activities if you can. i've been to mass and it's not a social environment at all.

Name any of their lies?

Cannibalism is okay if it's bread

This organisation tells plenty of lies, but I wasn't there to hear what they told you.

Examples are:

There's a god.
Jesus was a man with magical powers.
The god knocked up a girl called Mary.
The Jesus guy came back from the dead, but only just long enough to say "hi" to a few people.
A little white cookie is the Jesus guy's body, but don't expect DNA tests or any other test to confirm this.

>I come here for help Cred Forums
lol right

The teachings of Christ are more the evolution of human thinking around love, acceptance and forbearance rather than the liturgical ritual.

Oh, and my favourite lie:

the Jesus guy is in NO WAY connected to, derived from, or a reboot of the Mithras guy.

If the RCC were at the forfront of human knowledge about human behaviour, why does pedophilia completely confuse them?

"We didn't know that could happen"
"We didn't know it was bad"
"We don't know how to stop it"
"We don't know how to notice it"
"The bible is no help at all here"

The Catholic church "Roman Rite" does a shit job today at teaching the catechisms of the faith. It has become overun with Marxist and Postmodernist elements that have soiled her. Eastern Rite catholic here. I would start by reading about the Church catachism to answer your questions and to understand the meaning of prayer, fasting, love etc. Sadly today its do it yourself Catholicism. The Eastern churches have faired better so far. Sensus Fidelium on youtube is also a great place to start.

Obtaining anything through prayer:

What is Manliness?:

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he actually isn't. That whole shit was made up by a bad writer and promoted by youtube faggot.

Thoroughly debunked.

OP you don’t have to become an Atheist just because you finally figured out that Religion is 90% BS.

Just accept the fact that you and others don’t know the answer to a lot of things in life. Being okay with not knowing is the first step to calling out Religion on for what it is. A tool for crowd control.

Cannibalism is okay if it's god


love the eastern hymnal songs, always figured they were closer to the true religion while in Rome they corrupted it.

Little known fact. During a pope election (I forget when), the cardinals filled the place with whores and wine. The people burned them to death.

>It has become overun with Marxist and Postmodernist elements
>Vatican II

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I don't have a problem with people beleiving, but I can't in all honestly take them seriously.

Imagine an adult telling you they leave cookies and milk for Santa or wait for the tooth fairy to leave money for them. Thats how religious people sound to athiests and there is no defense for it.

You theists should be grateful we aren't more militant about it.

Our prayers are in Syriac. Which predated Arabic and came after Aramaic. The Rite of the liturgy (mass) is West Syriac based which is what the Maronite church uses. When you hear the priest chant and the choir sing syriac you actually feel like you are in the house of God.

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I grew up and was raised in a strict protestant denomination. The people disgusted me and I became bitter and resented that denomination. Quit going. Years later I became alcoholic after the death of a child. Joined AA. Was given true spirituality. Gain a concious contact with God. Five years on now I've got peace, tranquility and love. I'm a humble servant and pray for direction and the next right move every day. It's amazing. He's real.

a good choir is good, gregorian chants have a depth to them, but nothing compares to that tingly feeling hearing some of that eastern church stuff.

Surprised more noise wasn't made by the Roman Catholics when IS were slaughtering coptics and the like, but thats our world.

Surrender to Lord KeK, jesus is fake news.

The issue with the Western church is that it wants to logically explain away everything about God and things that are trivial, like how many angels fit on the end of a pin. Its different approach but something is lost in translation. The Eastern churches focus more on mysticism and mystery because they know not everything in the Universe could be explained. They accept this. By no means do they ignore logical arguments but they focus a lot more on practical matters like family life, prayer life, and engaging with society, the world, and God. They keep it simple and straightforward.

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>No matter what you've been through Or where you've been he's always there With his arms open wide accepting me for who I am and I love him so much

1. Jesus promised to rid the world of wicked men
2. Odin promised to rid the world of Frost Giants
3. ???????

just go where the path takes you

If god is real then obviously they trust us enough with our own lives. If he's not real then you get the same result.

This. Come home to the Orthodox church user, or at least give it a try. I was raised Catholic, but always had a feeling in the back of my head that something was wrong, like if the core of my faith wasn't there (even though externally things were fine)

After years of being an "atheist", I finally found my home last year with the Eastern Orthodox Church.

keep calm my friend.

Everything is ok.

religion larps are so passe

lol for me it was the opposite, orthodox to catholic
guess it always works out somehow

Cannibalism is okay. Bread is god.

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How does switching religions make any sense? You just decide there is a different ultimate god responsible for everything? If you even consider that possibility youre literally given the red/blue pill and take blue to join another religion instead of the redpill to be secular