Celebs stuffed

Celebs stuffed

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fucking yum

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any requests to post?

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I would cover her entire naked body in my saliva

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my mom

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actually sexy
anyone for disc?

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Rp user?

which celeb do you want to see bouncing on a fat cock with a nice swollen belly and juicy pregnant tits? my vote goes for Conor Leslie and Brie Larson.

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Kat Dennings

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Laura v#9395

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lol roastie reduction surgery

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Holy fuck. I'm so weak for Dove~

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Who isn't?

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Millie Bobby Brown

drinking water

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you liek cacti?

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that's pretty hardcore

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Truely a goddess on earth

Drinking tea.

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living longer is the most hardcore thing I can think of
which kind?

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ANNA reversed is still anna

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vicky would still be skinny with just a cute little bump

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party like an operastar

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she got a bit fat

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Green tea

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I will sing to her strings
always the good choice

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dont let her husband find out

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no (You) for me

i dont even know what color to say her eyes are

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For being a tiny English woman she really does have some delicious fat-girl legs.

They are the perfect color

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kys bd

Also sounds like anal in a way
no need for a slowmo scene

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you mean me


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how can he be preggo if he's a human bean?

Are you a homo?

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actually, I'm in harvard

It always delivers.

How are you user? Hydrating just to hydrate or a particular reason?

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oh nevermind then

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I would kill to be her sub. To be able to worship get every day

sing for the laughter and sing for the tear

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Midget is a huge homo, he's mad that his dad killed himself.

quite the opposite irl though

have there been imposters lately

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How do you mean?

I bet he did it because his son was such a huge homo.
I don't think it is midget

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i shouldnt say

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my mouth is dry
always for the tears

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i will take that as yes

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shes a total sub and a dd/lg fetishist

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Hayley Williams, really just to see what she would look like with tits

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He pulled a Kevin Hart and broke a doll house over his head stunting his growth. Then realizing midgie was a homo, he killed himself.

Inb4 zika virus.

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Fuck.... I can still dream :(

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you didnt hear it from me

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I bet his dead was also a manlet.

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there are better ways to get laughter, leave the singing for the tears

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i would love to be able to tell a baby dove what to do.
id make her give me head absolutely everywhere

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I'm absolutely not a dom tho unfortunetly. I've tried it

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hard to argue with that

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i want to believe..
love the dove

I must go buy the cigarettes now user, but maybe we will talk later

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they all say that and they never come back.. kek

you can see it in the pics. the necklace she wears that says "little" does not have anything to do with it though, as her older sister has a necklace too.

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one hour and I return

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I-I'm very l-lucky...

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ITT: ruined great bodies

she looks comfy

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Wait wait wait what just happened here

Where did the Kristen user go?

Why do want to see beauty get destroyed?

Ruined ruined RUINED!

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Did 2 guys just decide to rp and jerk off together?

rather impregnate her daughter

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Is that ACTUALLY you Dove???

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First day?

what if?


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Why not both?

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No, sadly been here for years off and on. But never seen this, although I don't often go to threads that are just pictures of women and read the posts

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Then I will be in shock and would literally beg to be her sub

they are both for sure fuckable
i always go younger though

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If Collins got pregnant it would give her hips and tits, finally.

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Looks like the same thing.

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do you like posting pics of me?

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I like saving pics of you Dove. I think your truely a goddess

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not who you're talking to but i like masturbating while looking at pictures of you

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ty babe
i never got that bowl :/
oh my goodness :)

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someones dovebot has gained sentience and is celeb posting, code red

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i am programmed to suck your cocks, please assume the position and prepare for orgasm

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I need that

her and lily both. have a look at these yummy tree trunks

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>oh my goodness :)
oh your goodness

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is hersh gonna get the 7s?

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i have identical body features to the real dove, but they were unable to program my sex drive as high as hers.

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neener neener micropeener

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I don't believe you, I think it's higher

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no me

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no 7 ;_;

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Making a run at the 7s.

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Damn, overshot it.

lol ellen page got it in another thread

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>3kb obviously script get
why even bother

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that is impossible
dove can outsuck and outswallow me

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prove it


neener a good boi

she has had 10 guys in a row, all naked in the same room
no male was under 8 inches
she deepthroated them all within 40 minutes
each of them shot down her throat
she barely broke a sweat

Neeners is a fucking faggot. I hate that guy.

c sucka da peepee


C a good boi

Shaddap neeners

prove you can't do that too

I saw your mom working a blowjob stand at the eiffel tower

You shaddap ems.