Be honest, Cred Forums, am i ugly?

be honest, Cred Forums, am i ugly?

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at least you aint a chink


I maniacally cackled thank you Cred Forumsro!

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nah man you aite


well, I don't think so

thank you all for da honesty! :)

how old are you also if you shaved your asshole i would fuck you senseless

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Trying to look sexy doing that eye thing makes you look ducking obnoxious

i am 18 and sorry, i enjoy having a hairy asshole
i’m not trying i’m just tired and depressed

dude you asked us like 4 times alr

You're good looking but I have two suggestions:
1. Give up on growing facial hair for a few years.
2. Get something other than that idiotic beaner hairstyle. Seriously, you guys look like such twats.

there’s an idiotic beaner hairstyle?

Not sure about ugly, but you do look an big asshole in this picture.


bitch, you're that fat cunt that wanna grow a beard like thor


Naw man. You just gotta smile and be more confident. You're alright.


Tan, get a haircut and work on the facial hair and you have chad potential

Get a haircut, like juat go for a buzzcut.

And youre golden, you look good and if you want to pick up chicks show us your phisique, if your not muscular hit the gym and youll be looking alpha af in a couple of months

Oh, and loose the sadface, make your best manface and keep your head up high

fuck off with that shit. i got way too many faggy friends but none of them need as much attention as you.

all good input, thanks dudes :)
you seem mad about something. take a breather and come back later?

You should consider coloring your hair to look less like a middle eastern incel

hope your dad die.

You go on chad, today im sitting here and being miserable, so all the pussy is yours!

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what color tho? i’ve thought about it but i don’t think i’d look good with any different color

Kinda. Cut your hair, trim those eyebrows and get exercising, you'll be fine

Nope you look kinda nice.
You'll find your style stay true bro.

i think you look good man

op here! i’ve seen a lot of “cut your hair”, is the long shaggy/messy look bad? i’ve been striving to get it to this length and style for a while

also again thanks for all the feedback, negative and positive :3

No. Just average. Not good nor bad. Kinda sad I guess, since you are nothing.

It looks stupid. Bro to bro, a normal man's haircut makes the rest of a guy look sexy as fuck. Looks like you've got it all together. Weird hair like yours says that your job right now is skipping class at the 4 year college you're fucking around at.

i guess it makes sense? i don’t know, i’m not really trying to attract anyone or look chad as all hell atm. but i’ll keep it in mind for when i am i suppose

yeah you're ugly as is

op doesnt care. he just wants attention

i do care :(

>Idiotic beaner hairstyle
Yes. Shaved in back, long and curly in the front.

i see it more as the stupid retard eboy haircut

no, you are a beautiful human being, I don't know who you are or where you live but I hope you have a good day filled with friends, family, and good memories. Take care OP

You look like a German


You're aight. But get another haircut.

You look like jake paul, mate all that chicks are looking for, and other males for that matter, is not some kid but a mans man.

And i know you can pull it off just stop larping as a kid. Chicks look for a father and bros look for a friend, not a kid

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I would definitely shit on your face and kick you out of my country

Kind of cute, id suck ya dick

Fuck off mate, a bro is asking serious questions.

Hey im against illegal immigrants and shit, but i see people as that-people and my bro wants to better himself. And since hes not a commie fuck he deserves a solid suggestion and some respect.

Yes but it doesn't matter if you're hetero.

No, you need and look like a brush. Pic related.

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Your haircut is extremely gay


Well... yeah

Agreed, haircut is faggy, but not bad otherwise.
Trimming your facial wouldn't hurt.