My sister is in love with me, she is 15 and im 23

My sister is in love with me, she is 15 and im 23
She has flashed me her tits shown me her panties and other shit.
What do i do to make her stop. Do i just tell my mom?
Im serious no greentext no sexy stories or anything i just need help

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Pretend you're asleep with cock out. See if she sucks it.

We'll need to see some pics of her first

What is the actual fucking problem tho?

she is not pretty, she is a literal fujo girl she looks unironically like this
I live in a different house, also why the hell would i do this

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Stale pasta

This is not pasta you nigger literally this is unique because this is my life retard

Then make her your buttslut. If she is so simplistic in terms of wanting the world to orbit around a limited set of topics then may as well make it head pats and her being able to drain your snake.

thats illegal and she is my sister retard do you think everything is like your anime's or something you are exactly as childish as her

This goy doesn't know how the real world works.

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So you need cops to sign off on how you live your life and can only be an individual if your parents/teachers/culture/community tell you to be?

>This is why I hate normies. They constantly act as if their way is better or more something qhen all they can do is autistically screech about their emotional position of disgust.

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>my sisters in love with me
let me fix that for you
>im in love with my sister

Dude, seriously, why do you come to Cred Forums when you want real advice?

OK, why do you think she's in love with you? She's fucking 15. She doesn't even know what "being in love" means. She wants to test how sexy she is. It's a game she's playing. Does he watch my butt if I go around in my panties. Is he getting horny if I flash my tits? It's all about: am I attractive to men?
Take it easy, it's nothing serious. You're the guy she's playing these games with, because your her brother and she trusts you and doesn't fear unwanted consequences like guys talking bad about her and stuff like that.

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Play with her if you want. Just make sure there is no evidence if it goes sour.

If she truly wants it, it's not wrong. Just don't make any babies.

If you weren't her brother, I'd say you should just avoid her, as adults shouldn't sleep with minors without the parents permission, but given that you're her older bro, it's a little different.

There's objectivity only one thing you should do in this situation opie...

Post her feet

Be a good brother and dont be a creep

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> 23 years old
> lives with 15 year old sister & most likely parents

You have bigger issues than your sister OP. Stop being a faggot and move out.

Maybe your dad and her have a bet going?

Are you retarded or having a mild stroke?


This is the best post so far. I kek'd.

Holy shit, I didn't know there was a word for this. I know a girl like this.

Reverse porn narrative. Black mail that youll tell her friends if she keeps trying to seduce you.

Hey, ya know, Im a detective at heart and a pervert to the soul. This whole mess OPs in is one long subtle (and not so subtle, apparently) elaborate bet and Im willing to entertain the idea that Dads gonna win again.

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Okay boomer

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