*bears your white seed*

>*bears your white seed*
What would you do?

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Salute her and breed the rest of the black women in my harem.

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God I absolutely LOVE how big ebony bellies can get when impregnated.

Would you knock up Nicki?

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With her new bod? Absolutely.

In fact I'd ask her if she could join my harem.

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>YWN have your ebony lover tell you 'I'm pregnant'
>YWN respond 'no, we're pregnant'

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raise a happy family

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hell yeah

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raise a family

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I'd breed so much, she'd look like she swallowed a full-sized beachball.

file name is lying.
it should be:
>white dick is owned
that faggot is literally doing nothing. on the other hand that monkey is jumping on like there is no tomorrow...

thats the spirit

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Another womb impregnated.

Black wombs conquered by BWC

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he's owned by black pussy, you misinterpret

He's a breeding stud for ebony wombs

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The perfect existence, impregnating all that hotness.

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Bare white cock in ovulating ebony pussy

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Call her a liar because I don't do whales no matter their color.

There's video evidence user

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that is fucking beautiful.

Imagine this happening to a whole line of black women, all bred at once.

Deny it

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Breeding black women would be the life.

Visit BastardFactoty.net

Shoot her for being a lying nigger sow.

There is no way I'd be able to get it up for that, much less fuck the disgusting shitmonkey

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>Dat Sheer Fertility


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B A R E S *

Oh mama.

B O R I S *

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I can't get hard to black women.

I do.

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The way things should be.

im a little black boi and I can't compete

Just give up and watch your women get bred by big white cock.

big black tits are for white babies only

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Damn right

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Not with that attitude you won't

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yes sir

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Without question, yes

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Fuck that's beautiful

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I genuinely find the mammy stereotype attractive and kinky. I have doubt dozens of irl mammies were being worked day and night by their owners/employers.

God I want to taste those juggs

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*no doubts

>Big and black

Just the way I like my breeding babes.

An older black abundant woman who is the first woman I breed sounds nice to me.

Literally BUILT to be bred. Those big breasts will need constant "milking".

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Black women are just baby maker bbws. These bodies exist to pop out kids.

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Amen. I absolutely love black baby factory BBWs.

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Well I wouldn't steal your wives or GFs or anything like that. I'd just ask if you had any hot single black women around your area.


I would steal your wives and girlfriends and everything like that.

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I'd literally milk her as I bred her.

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God damn YES

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Mammy negresses are the best

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They'd be fed and bred till their ovaries could produce no more, then mounted for many years afterward. All those pregnancy pounds transforming them into perfect breeders.

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Black bitches have the prettiest pinkest pussies you'll ever see. Try as I might, I can't impregnate a female. I am vasectomy safe.

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She's ready for your babies

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I so hope this fetish keeps on spreading through Cred Forums. Big black women are amazing.

No, that's some guy with a woman that is NOT the whale in OP's post. The one in your vid is on my outer edge of acceptability but still fuckable.

Just pump that fertile slut full of cum.

They're LITERALLY the same woman, in fact I think she's fatter in the webm

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please do sir

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My brothers

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Fuck, I need to stuff a fat black woman bad!

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She'll never look at you the same way again after I convert her to bwc.

how do you think she'll look at me?

I so wanna see it happen to a black woman.

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Like the pathetic little boy you are, not worthy of her body.

I disagree. She looks fatter in the pic with a more pronounced belly. Though I suppose if she were pregnant in the pic I withdraw my initial whale description.

both of the women are MasaratiXXX

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I think she's gotten bigger with each breeding, so she's literally the "fed & bred" fetish come to life.

im really pathetic as fuck and I daydream about bwc in my girl

>You're gonna put a baby in this belly, white boy~
What do?

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has she had multiple kids? I thought it was just 1

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If you cant find a black chick who will let you knock her up you literally should kill yourself because that is like the bottom of the barrel.

Would you set her up to get taken? Introducing her to a hung white stud to get fucked hard?


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i would, and I've tried

What's stopped it from happening?

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Nothing, she's talking to them

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It won't be long before she's getting her black pussy stretched out by thick white cock.

I can't wait til I get to see it

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Plow her cunt until I can't physically continue and then enjoy as she rides my dick anyways

Watch her submit as white hands roam all over her body, stripping off her clothes before claiming her pussy.

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I want to see her like this while I kneel behind them

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Your girl after

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Good boy, watch that huge white cock go in and out of her black pussy as she bounces up and down on it. She'd be getting stretched out so good.


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Definitely a white mans baby

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Fuckk just thinking about it..

Did she really get bleached? Good for her.

stretched the way I never could, she won't even feel me after

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After that first time, she won't need encouragement to get more white cock inside her. She'll crave it, loving the way it feels inside her, how it satisfies her like you simply can't.


you have Kik?

fuck im so inferior

Yes, what are you looking for?
It's good to just accept it. Your girl deserves to get a good, hard fuck by superior white cock. She'll shake and moan as she feels the way she was always meant to feel.

>tfw when no thicc black women will ever call you white boy

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this conversation tuned me on wanted to keep talking

kik: breedingbully

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dat google advertisement tho

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I wanna see her bred hard by you guys

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Leave her cunt full of seed

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based and bleach-pilled

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Girl I know gets bleach bred

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Bitch married a white guy lol

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Sexy, where she belongs