She knows you love her body, user

she knows you love her body, user.

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What is this from???
I do love her body!

super skinny, anorexic is my fetish.

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Glad she got better.
She was legit about to die.

What? She's better now?

Yeah she went offline for a while then came back talking about how she had an eating disorder and didn't look like a zombie anymore.

what's her name again?

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That's Euginia Cooney.
Cred Forums used to fap to her a lot.

Thank ms skeltal

Thanks, bro, was spacing out on her name.

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>she knows you love her body
It’s her face that’s a deal breaker. Fugly af 11/10

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>she knows you love her body, user.

And I'm glad she knows, I fap to her like three times a week.

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She got an Instagram or some shit?

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She's slowly improving, three steps forward. two steps back kinda thing.
I hope she'll have a little more weight on her body when Summer hits, I wanna see her in a bikini and actually see that booty.

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Perfect girl. I love her so much.

Can you post the best of what you have

I wanna see her smelly disgusting pussy

Just type her name in google or duckduckgo image search. There's a fuck ton of pictures of her.

still not getting you...

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Well this is a recent collection, most of my Eugenia stuff is on my external HDD. I guess I could turn that on in a bit.
but this is mostly all recent stuff.

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>She knows we fap

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Cute legs

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Mine also

>Cooney posts new pic
>I fap

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She looks so beautiful in these frilly dresses.

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So she's done absolutely nothing to rectify her problem, why do people continually support this idiot...

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She went to therapy. Definitely need to keep going though.
She's QT3.14 and shouldn't relapse into nearly killing herself.

Here her coochie slip btw fellas

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This is what she looked like 14 months ago, so imo she did improve.
not as much as I wish she had though, she looked healthier when she had just come out of rehab. but at least she's not hiding it anymore, I hope she gains some weight again soon.

but certainly better than December 2018.

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wow wasn't expecting the pierced clit

You have terrible taste, bro. She's beautiful.

Would marry and play Sega Genesis with.

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She seems like a nice enough person. Did that fundraiser for heart support that may even have helped some anons. Although they do have some prejudices because of our society being too fucked up to right the boat. Looks like you can just use a burner email to sign up and if you go there stand up for yourself and grip control over your perspective to prevent them from twisting reality on you. There are spooks everywhere.

She is goth and has a eating disorder. She needs that.

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shes back to zombie mode, like most people recovering from eating disorders, she relapsed

>You have terrible taste, bro. She's beautiful.

She’s a solid 6 at best. I’d fuck her but only if she would bag that head

Man she's got some huge beef curtains, didn't expect that.

I’m disappointed that no one posted her pussy lip yet.

are you retarded?

Well she has no muscle mass, so everything of hers will "puff out" more than usual due to no muscles and no normal body fat. Bet her tits and nips look super weird too because of it.

She also has nice upper lips!

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>Don't touch yourself user, that's naughty. not trying to be mean though..

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Fuckkkk she's hot.

Anorexia was made for anal

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I wonder whether she has ever been approached by a porn company to do a shoot?


she 100% fucks her asshole with perfume bottles while rubbing one out.

Hell yes, can't get enough of this skinny slut.

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That is fucking insane!

I wish someone would aproach her for a tasteful nude shoot, all like "Eugenia is recovering from an eating disorder, watch her embrace her body as she reclaims it" kinda thing.

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Imagine if she sloooooooooowly pulled down that dress, exposing her erect little pink nipples.
oof, beautiful woman.

She'll never do that, she's so fucked up regarding her body.

In the other hand, she is so fucked up about her body so... maybe.

I just wish she'd get the help she needs, she's seriously a sweet girl.

Since she is goth, Suicidegirls would be a good option.

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God..! What the fuck

I have been on Cred Forums for 10 years and seen this chick as a meme for so long, but fuck, im actually hard for feels so weird to like this

I don't know if this can be effective for anorexia, but it is worth a try to look at alot of butts. and then every day take a picture of your own butt. Cause. If you're too thin then your pelvis bones tent out your skin and make concave surfaces on your butt, and that is not as pretty as having nice convex butt curves. Look at her face, we enjoy it because its round and convex. It's the same concept.

Thing is, this one time I watched her stream and someone asked if she'd ever do nudity, and she answered that she would if it was tasteful and for a reason.
then a year later someone said "NUDE SCENE WHEN?" and she was all like "giggle giggle, I don't think I'll be doing any nude scenes.."
I think she'd do it, if the price and reason behind it were right.

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Because if you'll scroll up you'll see that someone had already posted a video of her pussy slip.

Oh...I just got here

>feels so weird to like this

Have a Cooney fap user, you'll love it!

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Like, the website? You should leave. This place sucks.

But I heard theres all kinds of gay and tranny stuff here

She certainly has the potential to be hot, sure, but I would probably take a pass when she is in anorexia mode. Everybody wanna fuck until they get in there and realize its a fucking skeleton that will batter your hips every time you thrust.

Fuck..I was gonna say "Will I?", but that's a really good pic. I really like her eyes, and her lips..

You have quite the imagination or maybe she's your wife?

I mean, there is. And it's the real good shit.

>"Eugenia is recovering from an eating disorder, watch her embrace her body as she reclaims it"
Goddamn it you need to work in marketing! Selling it as empowering...brilliant.

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hahaha they tricked you user, we're all about beautiful hetero women here.

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There are parts of the body that appear more beautiful when the skeleton pokes through, but other parts, such as the widest point of the hips, that must retain a gentle curve.

>ywn gently squeeze her

It hurts

Kek wtf

She needs to be careful she could cut of a limb like I could cut off a finger

The fact that she KNOWS you're fapping to her makes it so much better.

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The fact that she knows guys are fapping to her makes me want to fap to her

This shit moves when I scroll on mobile. I thought it was a gif

oh god I wanna lick her tummy while she rubs my hair.

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hah that other girl is super jealous of how skinny Eugenia is.

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I want to fuck this little nigga like you wouldn't believe.

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Do it!

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I don't mean the actual bones poking through, although if we include teeth and horns on the forehead, that may be an exeption. It is however attractive to see for example, the iliac crest should protrude forward from the pelvis. As for the widest point of the hips, that is actually the femural trochanter, you don't want to see this protruding.

She has blackface around her eyes

Hi Eugenia

I will, gonna coom for cooney

Too ugly to tell unironically

I cant believe i want my hands on her body. Ive never fucked anyone that skinny

im in love

Kek. More please

Goddamn that other chick is a fattie now that I've beared witness to the incalculable beauty is Eugenia Cooney.

I want to smell her panties so badly, I'd buy a pair if she'd ever sell me some.

Its really hot to think about eugenia breaking me, making me crave her body over all the fat girls out there

And now Captcha is being a dick again.

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Keep em coming user...i need to feel eugenia's tongue on my cock so bad.. :X

She'd rake in more money for this benefit if she sold worn panties, someone tell her.

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She's always been a fucking beauty mate, love this girl.

I think I got hit by some sorta captcha flood protection, takes like 2 minutes to post something.

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I got so hard when she apologised for her pussy slip on livestream.

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Shes so pretty, fuck

I hear that, I wish she'd have another slip. its been a while.

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Its so easy to stroke looking into her pretty eyes..i never knew how hot they were. I want them to pierce my soul while i make love to her..

I want to run my tongue up that pale belly..her body looks great

Cooney is love.

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She really is! I..I want to take her on a date!

Poor kid, having such a hot sister.

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anyone know of any sites that have non garbage quality anorexic porn? shit seems so hard to find, would prefer more home made stuff but.

That kid knows you fap too. Hell he probably does as well.

>apologised for her pussy slip
Got a link? This is the kind of content I desire.

I wish she'd twirl again, she was a good twirler.

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Oh jeez, sitting here talking about fapping to Eugenia and there's like a 50% chance her brother's here as well. enjoying anons share sexy pics of his sister as he spanks his fat monkey.

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Unironically can't tell if she's just recovering slowly or relapsing. I'm bad at spotting weight differences. It's really damn hard to gain weight when you're underweight though, two meals is enough to make you feel like exploding.

He should share!

I'd fuck that bitch until her hip breaks. Not that that's saying much. Probably only take two or three strokes.

>i'm now aroused by eugenias waist
>i am now that which i did not understand


She recovered but is now slowly relapsing it seems, but its still not as bad as

Id smash hope she stays healthy though. about to be dead skinny aint hot


Last one, Captcha won't let me post anymore.

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Ty for the pics, youve given her a new fan!

She seems to be wearing those fishnets again recently, I hope we get stuff like this again soon.

Lil' Cinderella was anorexic too... and she turned out just fine.

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That's pretty much how I see my marriage to Eugenia.


Max hardcore, some of the best fucking porn ever made

fucking white knight fans ruining the stream. someone baited her to show off her stuffed animal collection. she got up and was leaning over to grab em. this is the best pic i got. shortly after half her chat started saying she exposed her cheeks other half said it was no big deal. now she putting on shorts. stream ruined. enjoy the oc that i captured.

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Eugenia Cooney is honestly one of the sexiest women ever

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Poor bitch needs a friend. Lol

her fucking chat is gay af. they ruined ms. coomy

I wish she'd stream somewhere with less strict rules, you just know she'd bend over all the time.


Yeah her fans are like.. 13 year old boys and girls who believe this SJW crap.
I love how she's talking about her BUTT though, that was a nice buttcheek.

Annamia caregiver checking in.

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imagine watching her live stream/youtube videos for any reason other than to fap. they act like 13 year old boys, but more likely grown men.

robotoxin is a fucking faggot who thinks Eugenia will fuck him if he defends her honor online.

I do

how do we bait her to show off more skin?

It's so weird seeing a buncha sissy 13 year olds worship a 25 year old woman and trying to protect her from the mean bad world.

Tell her about how Sailor Moon would spin around to transform.

She might do it, and we'll see sweet Cooney cheeks.

we can maybe get her to show her boots/shoes
can we talk about this channel..?

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No, its a mean channel. instead of focusing on Eugenia's sexy side it focuses on making fun of her.

hell yea

How so? Seems pretty coom-worthy to me

this has to be the most fun drinking challenge.

Here's a fun drinking challenge, get a big bottle of whiskey and a shot glass.
Take a shot every time Eugenia says "like".

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first of all, checked dubs.

actually, that's all.

thanks mr skeltal

I hate all of you. Disablers!

We need more Enablers. Let her be herself! Don't eat, it's bad for the environment!!!!!!


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Cute tushy, I hope she keeps doing well. She seems like a big sweetheart.

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i can very easily picture her warm lips on my purple nazi helmet.

mmmm daydreaming an anorexic goth slut sucking my dick.

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god, I'd give anything to be able to rim Eugenia's cute ass...

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kekeke, I just want her to grow a butt and a pair of titties and twirl around on cam all day.

I just had a glance at /wsg/, that creepy shithole, and found no thread for her. I want to see choice webm excerpts because fuck watching a bunch of banal teenage streamer bullshit.

I hope she'll do a dance when she hits $2000 and we'll see something again.

She is my new queen~

This is literally nothing. Imagine tolerating the company of fucking simps in her chatroom.


confirmed coomer

so much samefagging in this thread.

Every dog has his day EFG.


So fucking on purpose. I'm sure a girl would just have her clam out in the breeze and not notice. Even look at the smile.


>51 posters
>189 replies
Wtf someone must be obsessed with this skeletal bitch

Thats hot

Yeah, how dare they set up a website for giving online support to people who are suffering from mental illness. They should go take some pills or... take some other pills, lots of em.

and if we can make a little money on the side for showing we "care", why not, eh?


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But I also love Mike Bloomberg, user

obey the walrus

wtf am i reading

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she's hot

We really need to encourage her to stay skinny. If she even put on a pound or two she'd definitely look fat. FAT, FAT, FAT, we don't want THAT.

Obesity is NOT attractive.

I want to see her pregnant. And cosplay as Alma from FEAR games.

you must be with heart support.

It's not quite nothing. Do you really not experience some minor glee when, in public, some girl's short shorts ride up and her ass cheek is left hanging out?

I hope shes getting enough orgasms
the ones she really likes anyways.

hell yeah

im gunna play some skyrim

Heart support is not for Cred Forums creeps. Heart support is only for good people who its actually worth spending efforts on.

so you're from heart support, then?

i like my women tatted up, goth and 180-210lbs thank you very much.