The Stacy Seibt vs. the Becky Thunberg

The Stacy Seibt vs. the Becky Thunberg

Rivalry bread

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Neither won the chromosome lottery.

lol i love how people are saying WTF IS WRONG WITH NAOMI. when her looks are just the result of her being half asian

>being half asian
That's a funny way to say "mom's alcoholism."

lol i love how people are pretending that one teenager's views are better than that other idiotic teenager' this retard no punctuation reeing is fun

>The Stacy Seibt vs. the Becky Thunberg
Stacy looks inbred, Becky was an alcohol damaged fetus, am i accurate?

>Becky Thunberg
Serial killers have 3 names, her name is
Sharon Amanda Greta Thunberg

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I dont really care about her views but something with her looks wrong and i cant find any source for your claim. She has a German name which means her father is German... and thats obviously not the case. the only conceivable thing would be her father is 1/2 asian and half german (on the mothers side) and her mother is fully white.

Do they look alike?

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Greta is retarded not Turkish.

Look! Both have Yellow in them!

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New Snail Discovered by Citizen Scientists Named After Greta Thunberg

So, they named a slug after her too

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Who's the blonde?

Who da fuq is Stacy Seibt

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Oh, so she's gonna read a prepared speech to the choir so they can feel like they're winning. Makes sense.

>Serial killers have 3 names, her name is
Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg.

They're both idiot teenagers that should be in school parents should be arrested and the media need their necks slit for providing a platform for these bleeting idiots

They should sort it out with a naked oil wrestling match

this is so cringe, no one cares

Stacy Seibt looks even more downy than Thunberg
>rightwing is desperate and holds no standards
>anything goes in their mongoloid world

i'd take the swedish meatball over that praying mantis any day

There is no rivalry, you stupid child.

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I don't chill on the wall. Last time I centered I died. Last time I walled I died. She's at the wall right now. 9

I've seen some half asians in my time and she must be 5/3s asian

Who is Naomi?

The Anti Breta.

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Bitch on the left has FAS. Bitch on left has a 5head

Psst, I know. Greta still cute tho.

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