Greta thread

Greta thread

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Not really interesting.
There isn't a hint of nudity, not even a bikini pic.
Even her feet are unseen.

I'd fuck that scowling little climate cunt

I fucking hate her for disrespecting my president. Worry about your own country you eurobitch greta!!!!!

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Use your imagination you brain-dead coomer

Why tho

>disrespecting Donald J Trump

You must be new

someone have the sticker image in the news?

yeah glooks

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hope I can buy some of these

I've come from guns.

5 Things to Know

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Serial killers have 3 names, her name is
Sharon Amanda Greta Thunberg

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Do they look alike?

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New Snail Discovered by Citizen Scientists Named After Greta Thunberg

So, they named a slug after her too

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i'm imagining she has the smelliest shits ever

stop tryna convince us she isn't fat