Just had sex with a 13-year-old. WTF IS WRONG WITH ME!

Just had sex with a 13-year-old. WTF IS WRONG WITH ME!

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Pics or didnt happen

he'd get banned for a pic. request denied.
ergo it didn't happen.

Enjoy Tyrone’s clogmonger


You're what's known as a pedophile.

Well can we get some context? How the fuck did that happen? Also how old are you?

hellooooo captain obvious

if you're 13 too.... there is no problem. What's your point ? Nigga be lying again on a thread ?

I'm 18 we go to the same school. High school and middle schools are one in my country


Why do I keep seeing this post

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If it was consensual the real issue here is you probably won't/can't marry her and have possibly kick started her career of dick riding and roastie status.

It was consensual. I am literally 18. Imm not even thinking about marriage also she seems pretty popular among boys her age while I'm just an average guy in my year. So that's nice I suppose.

>also she seems pretty popular among boys her age
Uh oh. How did you guys end up having sex? Were you friends for awhile before and if so for how long?

Was it a boy?

Why lie

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Got bad news for you, kid: you are a rapist.

Why uh oh?

In our school's canteen we have these really long tables where several groups of people sit usually and we were seated next to each other and she was doing her math homework and I helped her out. Afterwards she jokingly asked if she could have my numbers if she had any problems. I gave her my number and jokingly flirted with her because you usually give your number to a girl for such a reason. She liked my flirting I suppose because she non-stop texted me and invited me over to her place today.

Fake n gay

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No, pedos like pre-pube. He's an hebo. Most men are somewhere between hebo and Ephebo if they are being honest

only a pedo knows about that,

Police are on their way

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You're either Asian or European.

>Americans really are amazingly repressed.


You're a damn liar


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>you are a rapist.
and you're jelly