Trap thread. Post em

Trap thread. Post em.

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sauce for the ass pleaseeeeeee

jesus how does a trap get such an ass

that isn't a trap

No fucking way that's a trap, might become gay lmao

thebubblebumbutt on pornhub + reddit

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I want to deep dick and breed a trap but don't know how to go about bringing it up to the wife

tbh what even is the point of women if men can look like THIS?? traps and sissies are the way of the future

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definitely is a trap yeah

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already posted

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sorry dude, definitely is a trap

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cutie !

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Holy shit, is that a trap? Does it mean I'm gay now?

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You're a total cutie! Post your butt

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it isn't gay if you were tricked into doing it, like when my mate said he would reciprocate but never put his mouth near my cock. I'm still straight! I'm still straight! I'm still straight!


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Hnnnnng those thighs... What if i post my ass first?

whatever you want lol

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Also feel free to add my snapchat: freegucci69

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Neat butt.

Hi again

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that's the manliest ass i've seen in weeks, no hrt obviously

nice stomach hair dude, snapchat me at imadudetooandyou'rejustanakedman

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Unless you post your ass too you're just a hater with aspergers

lol, looks like he has downs syndrome

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congrats, you get asperger post of the day! sorry you're retarded but we can't all be traps

Lol HRT isnt rlly on my mind now

I think u meant the other guy?

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I can tell, but just listen bro, unless you do hrt and become a trap then posting your man ass in your mom's panties is just kinda cringy


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that leg and ass acne doe

bend over for us?

Hahahahahaahha ur fucked in the head m8

Thanks I like the feel of razor burn

hes called bubblegumbutt or something right?

real traps are too smart to do that shit but i guess men in their mom's panties are too lazy and stupid to do better. shame, the world has enough retards as it is, why did your mom have to keep you alive? oh well, hows living in her basement and being a fat fuck? from the pics it looks pretty bad, just like you

The basement is kinda chilly but I get free food which is nice

>razor burn
i hate razor burns too and you cute btw

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i can tell you get plenty of food fat fuck

You're pretty cute too :p how do you avoid em? So smooth

I'm not that fat lol

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Holy fuk moar plz

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Fuck I want to pin you down just like that

any full body pics?

Guess im gay now, moar

The fuck is this thread? where are the traps?

all i see are man asses

fattie fattie 2x4
couldn't pass at all and couldn't score
tried to look just like the girls
but look like lard in mama's pearls


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this doesnt belong on b, nuke incoming

traps are dudes yo

Mostly pics of my ass haha

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you havent been on b for a long time right?

O shit really??? guess im gay

traps look like girls, men's asses don't look like girls, none of these dude's asses even look feminine


they are just asses of men, traps can pass, thats why theyre fucking traps you daft tard


totes gay


Not rlly looking to meet up tbh

I'm a cyber bully.

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bully me daddy

You just get worse

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Nice. I need more

Holy shit youre cute



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Okay :p

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omfg marry me

Stop larping faggot, that's b00t

get the fuck out dude, there's a man-ass thread already that you should be posting on instead of here like a dumbshit

user shut the fuck up that ass is still great, it may not be the fucking best but its still fuckable and masturbatable

Lmao sorry I just saw it now honestly
Thanks :p

heres a man for you fag

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is that a guy or a girl? serious

where tf did you find this

Anyone play siege on XB?
Gamertag is Gothleisure

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i would love more btw


that chick is hot as fuck

and she is still more passable than every ugly pimply man ass on here

jesus christ, did you enjoy filming star wars dude? shitty you had to kill han solo

in the land of the rising sun

Thats a pillow i want to use

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geez man leave him alone

the chan hates faggots & crossdressers

uh this is a girl fuckwit, not that a virgin like you would know

ironic how this is a thread of masturbating and loving traps

Oh so you lost your virginity how can you tell, dis you fuck lots of japs or studied the faces of asians to know thats a chick?

Do you have a reddit or Snapchat or something? I'd fuck that ass so deep

idek whats happening anymore

Heres one more sezy trap

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did i strike a nerve with you my man? its okay bro, no worries sir, you can be a virgin as long as you want dude

Glad its not all hate on here lol. If I did I wouldn't post it with this flamer on here

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Thanks user, i fucking love being a virgin, i have the freedom and i dont have to split my income for a ungrateful whore. Thank you user, loved talking to ya.

is there a video of this?

>when someone glues a dildo on the "i feel fantastic" robot

Not that dude but, for real, you're not a trap. It's okay that you want to post your ass but you're not at all feminine. That's fine! but maybe you should post on boybutt threads where your content belongs.

thanks Cred Forumsro

How about you make yourself a kik Account and i Post my contact here?

this is the weirdest trap thread ive ever been in

Does anyone know a page or site where Bubblebumbutts newest paid videos are for free?

Pleeasee I need itttt

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i think pornolabs and megaxz has some manyvids stuff but idk if they have bubblebumbutt



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Would definetly worship these sexy feet.

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ass pics?

More like BRAAAP thread amirite guys or am I right ahaha

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Aw fuck is this you

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Yes or no semen demon

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Your parents must be proud of you, pretending women are traps on a imageboard.

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Tis a nice butt

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nolewds4c is my kik. ill be your daddy.

Hey hows everyones night going?

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Love her

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Anybody heard from KateyTrap lately?

hi everyone

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I bet your ass is massive


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rich hung daddy lf his trap slave to fill w cum and dress up. kik nolewds4c

Is pretty big I guess

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illiterate autist

Any traps out there want it?

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Lets see more of it

Is this babe still lurking around today? Need more of her bad.

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Got a kik/discord?

Bumping with more.

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Anyone like my ass?

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Underage boy
He's had his big cock posted online MODS

It’s not a great pic but it’s what I got on me right now, haha

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let me see some more so I can know for sure

good girl

Like my booty?

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Does anyone have that image with the trap and a chocolate covered cock with sprinkles?

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I'd go deep in that boipussy

okay, I like it

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God it's not even fair

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Her snap is maddi_satan2019

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any new tafy pics anyone can share please

more? what ever happened to her, last i remember she was depressed

Feet now

My parents are fapping with me retard

Sinners here, sup Cred Forumsoys

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Kik sindyjlove
Discord sindyjlove#1259

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hey fags xx

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Sinners booty

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You're strangely attractive. Like insanely.

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Very cute keep posting pls

stop posting here. no one likes you

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Am I passable?

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This is Cred Forums. Do you have any idea how low the bar is here?? Yes you're fucking passable.

god your making me hard

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Trying to understand this fetish.
Do you prefer traps to have a bigger or smaller cock?



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Let me get a piece of that though

Trap I just 69 with an hour ago. Ama?

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No, thank YOU.
I got hard

where u at? I'm from Virginia :o

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glad to hear

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Other coast :/

Tasty! Moar

You look so cute and fuckable, i love it
I want to jerk off to your body

No, one likes you either. Post if you like user.

sad to hear :(

haha ty only had sex 3 times so far but its fun

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Only three?
Unbelievable, who wouldn’t want to fill that ass?

Hmm... 757 though?

Haha I have a few friends who thirst but never made a move... really want to do them though

703(?) I live northern VA

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Maybe you should be
Use that delicious ass of yours to make them lust after you

I was alone in the room with one of them at a convention but I wasnt super in the mood... I've been regretting not asking

Attached: WIN_20190617_19_09_28_Pro.jpg (1912x1072, 190K)

Ask and you’ll be surprised with the results
You probably make them really horny

I think I will next time. I'm certain one of them wants to deep dock me hard

Attached: WIN_20190617_19_08_02_Pro.jpg (1912x1072, 177K)

He probably does
Damn, i wish i lived in America to dick you down myself

Hi, what’s your name

Which convention?

I know he does :p


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Can someone please tell me who this is and where I can find moar
Sooooooo hott

Im just so damn hard right now

more like this!

Got a kik? Or discord?

cum for me

I dont have much more like it. next weekend I can take more like it :o

nikupeek0 on kik

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please do and more legs!

I’d put my cock in between your thighs right now if i could

will do!

I'd prefer it in my ass but whatever gets you off

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Show more of your ass
It’s just that all parts of your body are making me extremely horny and im really tempted to jack off right now.

yes sir

Attached: WIN_20190617_19_20_45_Pro.jpg (1912x1072, 200K)

Damnit, im just getting harder
Stroking it to you feels so good

spank that ass

stroke faster

I'll do it next time I'm dressed for a gif uwu

Attached: WIN_20190617_19_09_50_Pro.jpg (1912x1072, 184K)

Im stroking my cock faster to you
Fuck, i wish i could pound you right now

This bitch

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Wow....was she big?

can you gape that hole?

mega to see moar

lovely thighs and nets

Please show off more :3

to each their own :p

only a little. never tried seriously but next week I'll give it a shot

this captcha thing blows

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How do i meet traps here in mississippi?

Have those hands ever given a handjob?

LMAO yeah but I usually just give head. wouldn't feel right otherwise

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Bet that mouth must feel good

I've been told I give great head

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Your ass must feel so fucking good too

Damn nice ass!

I'm quite an amateur but I can post some stuff of mine

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Turn around cutie

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I'd like to think I so :) I feels good to me at least

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need fully dressed or lingerie pics

Attached: e559e27e-2a27-4d70-a903-9659698db1f6.jpg (540x720, 44K)

Extremely sexy curves

I’d like to nudge up behind it

Attached: (m=e-yaaGqaa)(mh=-PODWJKQKg4y96nF)original_469366202.jpg (540x720, 52K)

Damn, that’s a really good ass

Sorry this one is sideways

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Attached: (m=e-yaaGqaa)(mh=DXHlsCl9Qlvo6C7F)original_418903901.jpg (540x720, 71K)

do better then.

Im soooo going to jack off rn

fao folder tier

Glad you like the pics user
Thanks I thought it wasn't that good

Attached: 20191019_073639.jpg (720x960, 292K)

Im loving your pics, my cock is throbbing

Attached: 1579214715763.jpg (1920x2315, 471K)

Face down ass up huh?

Attached: 87c13e03-cd07-47bc-9eac-1f74be31d63e.jpg (540x720, 28K)



More like this?

Attached: 1578360977450.jpg (955x521, 26K)

Somewhere between that one and this one?

Attached: 1583031451033.jpg (768x1024, 69K)

Last one for today, thanks for liking my stuff

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?Do you have a kik or discord

She was bigger than me. 8 inch. Uncut. But the kind where she looked cut when she was hard. We smoked a blunt while sucking each other off. Shes a cam girl.

missionary pics and vid with legs up is the hottest

Coolguyjz is my kik

is this you?? pls kik me more pictures. @ jomiB

one more before signing off. be back next Saturday with more content

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Damn cutie. I'm saving this stuff

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Attached: JPEG_437.jpg (2448x3264, 586K)


Is that an iPhone image name I see?

Attached: PSX_20191108_210727.jpg (2448x3063, 960K)

Attached: IMG_20200126_183028.jpg (3264x2448, 1.42M)

wtf are you on about? you sound stupid.

thats not manly.

This makeup is cute asf. Fuck trying to learn it though lol so god damn hard

fucking kek


Kik billgates 565

Attached: 20200301_045321.jpg (2560x1920, 911K)

That person needs a new chair asap.

Attached: 1582514340107.jpg (512x512, 28K)


Attached: 20200301_051635.jpg (498x885, 234K)

Attached: 1581271580906.jpg (2048x1155, 241K)

Attached: 952_1000.jpg (820x675, 53K)

Attached: 1582819642294.jpg (1024x1024, 85K)

M23 looking for sexy traps to help me cum kik me asdfbe

gg s79ArF


Attached: 65B8D5F1-C11E-4CB0-8D5D-787869725509.jpg (750x1334, 180K)

Damn thicc

Them thighs/ass, got more?



Attached: 5F496236-8324-42E3-B474-1EC4515E7EB9.jpg (3088x2320, 1.14M)

Would shamelessly breed in public tbh

Np, any bent over picks?

That is the hottest thing I have ever seen.

Attached: CDC08EEE-C617-4440-9C5B-7726AB2BC572.jpg (4032x3024, 1.74M)

Attached: Snapchat-116591403.jpg (1080x1920, 258K)


gay niggers

Heil Hitler

Attached: rally.jpg (1400x945, 242K)

What’s the purpose of this? That is a very feminine ass, why not just look at naked women??

Attached: 20190725_140901-1.jpg (764x1733, 655K)

Attached: 2.jpg (1434x2172, 862K)


Attached: 3.jpg (1314x2016, 830K)

more body

Attached: 20190821_165222-1.jpg (1291x1807, 909K)

Very cute.

wow great waist
do you have a twitter or bdsmlr or anything?
Kik? discord?

moar colored third reich stuff?

Kik is BellaCDD

Attached: 20190821_165124-1.jpg (1328x1861, 929K)

Attached: 1569076238418.jpg (1920x1080, 141K)