What's Cred Forums drinking tonight?

What's Cred Forums drinking tonight?

Pic related.

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Your moms ejaculate

Stella with vodka, ofcourse

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I smoke weed

So you’re a faggot?

This rn

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Snorting coke and drinking Evan Williams “Bonded-In-Bottle

Evan Williams is trash

same as always

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Weed slows me down and makes me socially stupid. Smoked that for 7 years straight. Haven't in a few months and feel great. I'm sippin on some IPA's.

Svedka and lemonade. Shots of Jaeger

Pot smoking nigger

Fuck yeah. I used to do lots of coke and drink Kessler and coke and smoke camel lights like a fiend. The good ole days

I like how it brings the heat
Stay Bonded my nibba

This user knows what’s up

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Jameson and Coke Zero

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Canned tuborg and latvijas balzams(like a super bitter and disgusting version of jagermeister, this shit is straigth up medicine and its brown)

So im drinking piss and washing it down with shit

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Ok you drunk alcoholic

I wanna try cocaine at least once before i die.

I use coke so I can drink more. I drink more so I can use coke more. Crazy world

mate who tf drinks wifebeater

Coke and booze goes together like chocolate and peanut butter. Best feeling in the world especially with hot girls.

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We've been boycotting Constellation Brands beers for the company's bad corporate citizenship.

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>especially with hot girls.
Fuck. I knew I left something out



Good one

Drinking in memory of the best cat of 16 years I could ever ask for. Cute little old lady went to sleep today. Hug your pets for me.

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My job for tomorrow has been canceled so I've been doing some coke and this shit

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I'm drinking Beer beer, son

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Same guy
Btw what is Cred Forums favourite drinks for when doing coke?

Used to drink captain and sprite with some beers. Seems like an odd mix but it’s smooth

Amaretto and cola
>alcoholic dr pepper

From Mexicali?

Don't care about mexicos, I'll buy more of those beers.

I know a few years back my friedns were smoking spice and they were drinking sprite, idk why but sprirte was like the spice smoker'drink =)))


i'm done now tho and cant wait for the headache tomorrow

Also when I was about 15-16 we used to buy some cheap cognac and 1L pepsi, drink half the pepsi and pour the rest of the cognac in, mix it and then get fucked =))))


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IPAs and Weed sound like something that makes a faggot into a passive faggot

best clear vodka imo

Ohhh, shit! Dude, that's a good one!!!

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Trying to be good right now. Pounding tall can Bud Lights and will probably finish a bottle of mid-tier red wine later tonight.

5.6%? Potential breakfast beer material. Never seen it here in SF Bay Area, though?

Somewhat related: What's a good Stout/Porter?
I enjoy Guinness, but it just tastes so watered down now. When I drink other stouts/porters, they tend to be too strong/bitter and I can't enjoy the flavor.
So far, I really enjoy "Berkshire Brewing Company Coffee House Porter" because it's smooth and tastes good.

Its just a cheap beer, I don't think they sell it outside of BC