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Check'd n kek'd

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Sauce and audio?

posting that video gets you banned doesn't it?

tfw I know this side alley

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Rip dog

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I'm mad that this webm isn't titled "Cow Tipping"

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newfag, at last wait for the video


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Yeah, I know. We were getting there.


Well, I'm aroused.


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Balls big enough to break your nose if he tea bags you. Or maybe he's just mentally unstable.....

Nah it's the balls.

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it's from a festival. I forget which form of shitskin does it but they essentially flog themselves with whips or swords to show mental focus and fortitude. dumbass didn't blunt it

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She was later stoned for her adultery ways. Allahu Akbar!


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was he a pocket thief?

Fucking jigaboos

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id love to see that news anchor naked


This has always been one of my favs. Their is a lesson in it somewhere, but damn if I know what it is.

Ill watch humans but fuck whoever did that if its real.

Me too fam

>being this new
When you see the gif, you're gonna be so mad

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post it then fucking faggot



jesus fucking christ. when's the last time she shit before then?

1-3, 5, and 7+ are more than 2mb. Sorry fam.

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damn that blows.


Its snow.

guys calm down its a dog jumping in snow, ive seen the vid

what did this guy do?


I wonder what it's like being this fucking retarded

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is this crack ?

meth. I miss blowing fat clouds like that

whats he smoking

So, loli sucks it in and spits it out.
Hasn't learned to swallow, yet.

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Oh my God!

She's so drunk!

Weed probably... Faggots

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I think that lesson might be, "don't ride a motorized wheelchair down an elevator shaft."

based lolis... makes me hopeful for the future!

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Is it real annon

More proof that kids are more based than adults.

What he may or may not have done is irrelevant.
He was accused of doing something, and thats all it takes for a monkey mob to burn you


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What's it feel like?

based lmao

not a good omen. chick is kinda hot too, shame.

Fat people have such bad attitudes. This is a lesson to fat people everywhere to be more civil and calm
Uh oh Fatty is here, time to go
Fat people are as bad as niggers

She's trying to make herself vomit. Those parents really fucked those kids up by teaching them racism


Tell the story

did it survive?

Can't really describe it. Based as fuck. I used to snort, iv, and smoke it, and smoking was my favorite. I used to get it for cheap, like $20 /gram, and would blow some out of the little hole in the oil burner. It looked like a little steam engine. So fun.

Throw another wog on the fire

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Is it really that quick like in the video? You just feel overall euphoria? Is there something pleasurable about blowing the smoke out?

Well, it's meth so yeah, it does come on pretty much instantly unless you eat it, which I've never done. It's a really, really, clear headed high. You don't feel "high", per se. Just as if every single little thing draws your positive, undivided attention, combined with boundless energy. The thing about meth is that there really is a plateau; after a certain point you really don't get more high. I would spend hours just using the pipe, just because blowing the smoke out was so fucking cool. Also I don't do it anymore so go away alphabet boys

I'm glad that you aren't doing meth anymore. Good luck.

More rape video

thanks man

This was meant to be

More this



He was pretty lucky

Still wondering if she went to prison for this shit.

Shes white, probably got probation.

Why don't they just release this into the air so everyone can have this all the time?

Whites do more drugs than anybody but they're supposedly more civilized

Puppers may your snout stay cold and legs keep warm.

Don't ruin the joke


Dr. Perez?

You witch

She was sent to prison for recording it. Not for doing it. There's a lesson in that...

Wow, whiteboys have been beefing up with Drake and WSHH...

...No more Stuart Little or Winston in the streets anymore.

Just for Science, where are there more like this?

not trying to be a party pooper, but is it legal to post stuff like this? just curious is all

Final destination probably...

...Darwinism in the making.

Life probably took the retard's legs away after doing something stupid, and he probably doubled down by being all angsty about it and ramming himself into fatal fall.

I'd be more sensitive but I live in America... it's plagued with 400 pound retards that lose their legs from Diabetes or their ability to walk just because they feel that eating saldads is "funny".

Daang imagine the smell

Rekt discord


It looks bad if you feel that we are all human but if you see them as their people being retarded enough to steal marriage and transform it from some religious, superstitious bullshit into permanently binding such a man to such a stupid or such a broken woman, then it's just a kind of social Darwinism. A very sadistic, morbid, and potentially grim kind of social Darwinism.

I fucking hate religious ceremonies and have never hit a woman, shout out to all my liberal niggas in Sweden and Amsterdam; I am stuck here with retarded Christian Americans who find time to face fuck each other and to listen to Hip Hop on a regular basis.

Jesus Christ you faggots fucking post and contribute.
(Can’t see which ones I’m posting on my phone but here they come)

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REkt discord

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Pork and rubber

Niggers always trying to sneek up
Fucking subhuman cowards

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Not surprising.

BBQ mmmmmm

But why ?

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Odds on who's baby that is?


more? Sauce?

first thought is that fatass cop has decent aim.
second is that's a lot of police for a small church. and we only saw one side of the room.

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The average IQ of ~106 has to be a lie.

WTF. Already tricking her young one out

Apoo got his wish of having a shit river

he cant reply cause he's banned dumbass

Post at least one thing if you’ve been trolling this thread or gtfo, lets get some decent REKT fuck

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Don't be a fucking chink is the lesson you faggot

Kill yourself

Ahh Nigers

awww is the poor little baby assmad for a webm?

Don't know the sauce but I do have more Breed Queens

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Of course it is, since 100 IQ is literally the average
That's how it's calculated


Wow, I guess I'm into scat now

tipping land whales eh?

Fucking retard cop, shoots him 6 times and can't even kill him.


How bout you get rapped, fren

that's a nice bong rip tho

You're in luck
I found the sauce

I bet you are the sand nigger in that webm,

The African American average is 85. I'm contesting the Han average of 106. No way it's that high.

White towel nigger is charging up a haymaker right behind the Aryan

Fucking meth users are the scum of the earth, kill them all

i wish

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The mom is cute af


Stole a banana

keep coming with that, nice asses

wtf? why? what did he say?

Fuckn lost


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hes a sandnigger. how surprising/


Jesus what happened there?

Somebody pls post third-world machinist kino. I need to see people getting destroyed by machines.

Gotta be sisters, right?

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And they say if whites didint iterfered with africa africa would be great


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would fug while wearing an extra durable condom coated with spermicidal lube.

Attached: woman_kills_brazilian_point_blank.webm (640x352, 1.91M)

they are indian, not muslim you ignorant buffoon


except why not make niggers become white? our seed is dominant so spread it

Attached: not_a_dangerous_breed.webm (1280x720, 2M)

depends on the country. It's probably legal in the most countries.

Dark Elves?

Attached: black-lilith-hentai-porn-by-aoi-nagisa-image-31.jpg (830x1185, 236K)

aren't pitbulls basically niggers in dog form?

Stupid woman it isn't necessarily the dogs fault it's the stupid woman who bought well known aggressive breeds and does not know how to properly rise the dogs, making the repetition of the dog as a aggressive breed; all 3 of those should be put down.

>except why not make niggers become white?
You're taking the fun out of it
I want chocolate not vanilla

Attached: black-lilith-hentai-porn-by-aoi-nagisa-image-22.jpg (1133x1600, 729K)

No pitbulls actually have intelligence

Attached: feral_niggers.webm (640x360, 1.85M)

>would fug while wearing an extra durable condom coated with spermicidal lube.
Seed must be planted in every breed queen

Attached: black-lilith-hentai-porn-by-aoi-nagisa-image-21.jpg (1120x1600, 585K)

But all you'll get is shit

Attached: fat_kid_karate.webm (640x640, 558K)

>actually have intelligence
lul top kek

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Attached: nigger_parade.webm (450x340, 484K)


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And then this turned from a rekt thread to a nigger fucking thread. To the dude posting this 1 go fuck yourself and keep to the thread 2 you’re fucking a NIGGER, do you not understand that? 3 realize you’re a fuckup and ruining humanity and then kys please. Fuck you’re an idiot. And if this isn’t you you’re just fucking gross as fuckkkk for wanting to even watch that then still kys for ruining the world

With sound

okay then. back on topic it is

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Every rekt thread is a nigger thread
So gtfo newfag

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this thread isn't complete without this

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used to skate here

Same fag, thread rapped by one nigger loving faggot who wants the world to know he’s a failure sick fuck who should be shot with his nigger girl. Kys

user stop being a faggot

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Oh look shinji, it's right hand kun!

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Xi's louise, It was just an A-

Newfag detected

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>you have to go back

Attached: Welcome_to_Diversity_High.webm (202x360, 563K)

what a dumb fucking woman. i hope she gets robbed, raped, and beaten by a pack of niggers


lmao at the triplets at the end of the vid

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white male/Latina female: not allow
white male/Asian female: Not Allow
white male/Black female: NOT Allow
white male/Australian aboriginal female: NOT ALLOW

>implying her dogs aren't the niggers

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His dick isn't even in her.

He must be a fag or something.

>Asian female
China, fuck no

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Attached: nigga_broke_my_bike.webm (720x720, 821K)

So execution gifs and webms are perfectly fine.

But a rapey one... Oh no. That's where the line is drawn.

why is longer version never posted anymore? black guy shadowing white guy punches him in the back of the head right after his boy goes down. think someone else jumps in also. can't remember.

This isn't reddit. it's Cred Forums. So this is perfectly fine.

Well that why you don't go trying to jump a group. Safety in numbers, user.

broken branch make grandparent cry

Completely ass raping a thread and spamming unrelated nonsense. Deserves a permanent ban 20+ posts

I want videos!

Attached: hot_dogs_yum.webm (400x270, 958K)

Enjoy being banned


Attached: 1582855657498.png (539x786, 632K)

Dead Negro is the best Negro

Banned from what?

Hey, wheres my japanese girl?

specie incorrect. not allow.

Fucking ungrateful kids. Smack those bitches up!

There is no sound on Cred Forums

30,000 feet fuck your dog hate. Blood is boiling.

i always hate seeing this vid. absolutely disgusting

Attached: Bringing Sexy Back.jpg (780x438, 60K)

Guys a good shot. Got him from like 30 ft away

Damn, wish I can hold my breath for that long.

Attached: African_BareKnuckle_Boxing.webm (636x360, 1.74M)

Yoouu get rone fatboi

Attached: 1581895510777m.jpg (768x1024, 58K)

Hah newfag, doesn't read the rules either...

There is sounds, and a ability to upload over 200mb webm's ...

Same fag. Funny though!

Less cringy Nagatoro

Attached: around_chinks_never_relax.webm (952x488, 1.94M)

Black lady straight up pushes an old woman down

fire in the hole

Attached: 1580876398855.jpg (720x892, 241K)

This fucking idiot should be fired for the crime of faggotry for leaving his vehicle open and running while threatening a pedestrian.

the more you know

yo wtf

Disgusting and cute

Attached: 1575145249780.webm (960x1152, 1.58M)

What is it with niggers/wiggers and their emojis fuck fucking ghetto trash. bruh smh yoooooooo dead this tbh.

nani the fuck?

pretty much

fucking niggers

Nicely shopped. 3 deaths and not a single speck of blood ANY of the white painted walls.

Baby needs to step up his combat game

prostitute are bad wife. make disfunction children.

guy wasn't playing. emptied that fucking clip

moving target right in the head. he's an older guy, too.

Ooga booga

Attached: 1581894949545m.jpg (768x1024, 71K)

never gets old

Attached: cringe_soy_boys.webm (1080x1080, 1.89M)

around the blacks, never relax

Attached: (320x256, 28K)

God this is why single moms are fucking cringe

Attached: Bic Pens.jpg (800x583, 123K)

Imagine how long this faggot had to wait for help to arrive. Ouch.


Finna buy some property near a campus and put a huge statue of Andrew Jackson in my front yard.


These pics aren't enticing, homie.

That's not what I meant to post. Clicked the wrong file.

Attached: armageddon.webm (854x480, 1.96M)

It was the cat's fault. The fuck was it doing outside. Cats aren't supposed to be outside. They get mistaken for being feral.

Attached: lt8KeQ63_2020326150218.jpg (800x600, 313K)


Don't blame the kids, they very well could be self aware of the bullying that they could receive being seen in public with black dolls. Society hates interracial coupling. It's a sad fact but it's the truth.

hahaha fat people are so gross


The Democrats are having a meltdown watching this one.

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Attached: 1582867897835.webm (368x640, 1.83M)

>forcing diversity on your nieces
you fucking know it wasn't a parent and was done for attention

Why are you using nigger language?

Attached: 27a977f83906f02c1add4a152ac07577.jpg (720x900, 77K)

MLK day

Attached: My_Hot_Black_Girlfriend.jpg (746x937, 191K)

some of these "monuments" were built in the 1960's during the heat of the civil rights movement. there's nothing special about them.

Liquid oxygen spill most likely.

I shout with joy at every news report telling of one or more dead Negroes. A feral barbaric sub-species deserving of extinction.

maybe because he is, probs want da white wahmen

but that's not hot tho, my ex on the other hand...

Niggers cant articulate as well as us whites can. So they choose the simplest way to communicate which is with faggot ass emojis.

I'd eat that hotdog and ask for another. I mean, what's the difference between eating that hotdog and eating the pussy at the source?


When you get corona and want to protect your family from the virus

More like the Akira Explosion

Melted chocolate ice cream

how are your teeth doing?

Sorry, I thought you were a nigger. You can keep posting your pics, but I still don't want dumb, ugly, half-nigger kids.

older Chinese people dont understand elevators.

Wait, so if you get KO'd you are rewarded with a handjob? Then who is the real winner here? I'm confused....

It would be wonderful if pit bulls killed and ate their owners only.

Attached: 1582784332044.webm (640x480, 1.76M)

What's going on with the wall behind him?

hahaha third world countries are hilarious

Attached: The_Hero_We_Needed.jpg (658x924, 127K)

Coronavirus source?


this reminds me...

Attached: 1539653792340.webm (460x460, 823K)

Attached: 1579694867618m.jpg (768x1024, 122K)

Attached: file-20180423-94115-1b421wq.jpg (1000x1424, 134K)

I'm not posting any, dipshit. Shut up.

Still no

only wife material ever seen

That's a bowl dumbass

Attached: 1582871594449m.jpg (994x1024, 86K)


Attached: BANDEA-Women-Swimsuit-2019-Thong-Bikinis-Set-Swimwear-Micro-Swim-Suits-Girls-Biquinis-Female-Solid-B (1000x1000, 172K)

lmao its funny people think asians are the worst at driving. black people are horrendous at it

came here to say this, so much this, thank you, have my upvote, I'm literally shaking right now

Attached: 1581636134509.webm (640x360, 574K)

it's a pipe you virgin retard

its just weed you fucking nerd

Attached: 1579537740497m.jpg (1024x689, 97K)

no difference. Both shitskins