HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Biden with over 50% of the vote. 60% of voters were niggers

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Biden with over 50% of the vote. 60% of voters were niggers.

Niggers fucking hate Jews.

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that may be true, but most democrats hate sanders. and unfortunately, bidens's our best bet

I just saw the results. Poor commie

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>Biden's our best bet
I don't understand what you mean by this. You realize that whoever wins the Democratic nomination, has to face Donalld Trump in the general election, right? The only thing Biden's the best bet for, is reenacting the 2016 general election.

I mean it's 5% reporting, but Biden will probably win this one anyway. He's spent 0 time or money in any of the super tuesday states, so it's definitely a moot win.

its 13% now and the gap is widening

Most americans on both sides loathe commies. Sanders would be destroyed by Trump. Trump will probably beat biden, but it will come down to FL

Yeah that doesn't really address or change anything that I said in my post.

still impeached

There are no "commies" running.

>there are people so fucking deluded they think joe biden can win

Says the Republican strategist.

now its 18%

still acquitted

>Sanders would be destroyed by Trump
as a Trump supporter, I agree. I want Bernis to win nomination to help the down ballot races.

With Biden they have a good chance of keeping the House.

Joe Biden spent every dime he had on SC, he doesn't have the money raised or the time to put forth a real campaign between now and super tuesday. In 3 - 4 short days we're about to see Bernie win a plurality if not an outright majority.


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I'd agree, but if something goes wrong I don't want a commie in the office

If it talks like a commie, smells like a commie and jews like a commie.
It’s a commie user.

You can give him whatever fancy name you want but Sanders is a commie.

How the fuck would you know what anything is anyways? You’re the type of retard who thinks a dude with a big meaty cock in a dress is a woman. You’re a fucking science denying faggot user. Your opinion is literally worthless.

>bernie in my butthole
>cooommies running!

Bernie is as commie as it fucking gets, lets be real here

You failed a lot of classes in school.

Yeah well at least i didn’t fail biology like you bitch. Why don’t you go fucking kill yourself already?

when are you guys going to get it. You people suck, big and loud.

Pretty sure that might be you dumb fuck

anybody that drops out will hurt Sanders, so there is that also.

>60% of voters were niggers.

cool story brosky but Bernie has the nigger vote cornered

so much so, that his campaign team calls him the nigger whisperer

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isn't this about exactly what happened in 016?

This is true. And Whitey... The Yellows... All the Brown people. And each other. Niggers just hate.

>just hate