Waifu camping

Waifu camping

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Hirasawa Yui
of course i know Kei. he was my best friend.
i don't know. maybe this summer, maybe in two years, maybe never.
the dough is the canvas, and everything ever to exist is the paint

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Wine is hard to drink

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Wine gets easier to drink the more drunk you get.

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you're a funny person ^w^
tell a joke.


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O cmon Yui! you had so nice attitude to have that idea! you have to keep that same attitude to make it reality!

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Sachiko claimed
Drink better wine

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I love this adorable gamer
Yui best singer!
Is that Not Holo?
For me I rather drink wine than beer or any alcoholic drink
That is a really cute Relm

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>no silencers
>no heartbeat sensors
What the fuck are you doing Ramirez???

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Heres a song my dad cant play without breaking down

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Thats a pretty cute Nanami.

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Ui on standby ^^

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Thats a cute Relm

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Ironically this is the first bottle of wine I've ever got I usually drink beer or vodka its California wine apparently its not to bad trying finish the bottle before 4 am
Same with me how you doing?

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Then who are you?
N-no u
How are you doing Relm?
Ui is a best

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i'm not that funny
knock knock
i'm scared and weak.
Chiaki best gamer!

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Almost made me laugh, thanks.
Might get a rope on monday.

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not not holo

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Thats also a cute Rory.
Chilling listening to music while thinking what to draw next.
Its fine to be scared, its part of being human.

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who's there?

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I am doing fine, drinking chocolate with bread is nice
Yui best singer!
How are you doing?
Not not Holo?
What kind of music?

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Finally done dooting and ready to post doot

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There are many cute Rorys. Just like many cute Relms.

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i don't think i can do it
i'll get bored and fail
it's the police, ma'am. your son's been hit by a drunk driver. he's dead.
best best best!
i'm okay... just chilling, playing a game..
doot doot are you a dootist yourself?

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Dragon Force.
Thats a nice way to see the things.

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Are you tooting your own horn?
What doot do you play?

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Yuss the best!
Which vidya?
Which is your favourite song?
Mine is this youtube.com/watch?v=5i7qZxICwgQ
Now I am confused...

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slep slep slep! nice life! ^w^

hahaha! that was so funny ^w^
see? I knew you could do it!

here's your reward

I slep now

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Eww 3DPD!!!

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All waifus a cute

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Jill Jill Jamboree
bes bes
Squad. i got in a bad game so i decided to leave...
yes, the funny!
is that Mute-chan?
sleep well

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Symphony of the Night.
In that case, dont give up, keep trying!

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Nice double dubs, the two of you. I play trumpet lole
The playing of brass instruments

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Imagine. Girls on the Internet. Real girls. With vaginas.

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Ui is best perfect

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Best of the best
Well then what will you do tonight?
Nice dubs
Nice tastedesu!
Ah! What instruments do you play?
I kneel to Kaguya-sama

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gaymer san
hangover was fun this morning

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mischievous and almost a harlot.

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well, maybe you shouldn't be so quick to rude

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bye bye
i can't give up if i don't try, right?
thank you
that's a super nice doot. i wish i could play a brass instrument
go to bed, probably, sorry, bye

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too cute

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cute peek
and nice digits

Yeah, I friend told me "hey there is a band called dragon force, they have a song that pays tribute to castlevania, I dont undertand what they mean tho" after that is one of my favorite bands.
Fuck you =)

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Camping is comfy

been away for a little

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top peek and numbers

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kill yourself

bear hair

go back to being away

The Anons have the right idea tonight

no rudes.

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Lov u Mute-chan

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I"m just curious about the wall art, is it a flower? a sun?

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It's a sun

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>flea market art

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Are you baking something?
Did you drink a lot?
Night night, sleep well
Nice trips!
Yeah some bands are really fan of games and developers, like BMTH who made a song called "Shadow Moses", a reference to MGS and "Ludens" from Death Stranding
What did you do to keep you busy?
Yes it is

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Silence speaks in vibes, not sentences. So stop repeating yourself to those who continue to dis your warning signals.

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that doesn't look like it
yeah but isn't that the most fun part, trying to figure out what the recycled garbage is supposed to be?

Trust me

Why are waifus so boring?

they're imaginary
and the people who post them are mentally ill

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nice user
top cute
nice hair
little bulge

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I love when bands do that. Well Im sleepy, I didnt sleep quite well yesterday because I was doing a new image, it was worth it, farewell!

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You are boring!
Cute pic
Pretty eyes

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Are you not entertained?

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ur a bulge


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Night night Relm, sleep well!
Nice dubs

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did I commit a hate crime
not really but I'm a lightweight when it comes to alcohol

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last few tracks before the eternal sleepening


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Sup ma pinky
Sup rory, how the kangaroos treating ya?

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nuh uh i'm home now...
tho i wish i was at work...

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Fuck that repost.

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that's a lot more nice hair
no you

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The look
The lips
The hips
The tits
The hair
The eyes
The skin
The waist

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is that so...

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I wish I was like that when it cpmes to alcohol, even though I like wine the hangover does not change for me
Doing well?
Do you love your work?
From him or her?

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Making my doggo bork bork

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yes, I mean I can't finish a 12-pack without going into a blackout

wine has the worst hangover for me, it's horrible
but tastes so right

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~no u


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Wah! I was in a call and forgot
Pic related. Took this today actually lol

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There is nothing wrong with loving waifu

Wrong pic

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I only love akame

its very quiet and lonely but i love it

is. that. so...

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only if u are
u make em bork? I forbid mine to do so

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the one with dark hair
post the funny

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dooty floof


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i see..

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I know right?
For me its taste is the best
I mean, I acknowledge that there are some beers that tastes good but I like more wine
Even though they are expensive
Is that Tuba-kun?
Do you not love also Ui?
Ah yes I know how it feels...
W-w-well I am doing pretty g-good so that means you are too r-right?
You mean Kamkukura-kun?
Nice dubs

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make me

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you mean Hajime~

I cant stop a hunting dog from bork

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itsa fuckin 5am... and I'm stuck here, blankly staring at the vu meters and finding it them extremely charming and wonderful.

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yeah I guess
I can't
but I can wait

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Saw this live with The Deftons. The Deftones fucking suck live.

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fair enough, I love whiskey but go overboard whenever I get my hands on liquor. rarely drink any now
can't get cheaper wines?

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But in that pic it is Kamukura but he is still Hajime
I am comfused now
Ah yes his hair is really long, kind of looks edgy though
Whiskey makes my throut burn. Same.
Yeah but those are not the same as expensive ones

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O kawaii koto
Nah it's smoler

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I like the burn


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it does
can he like move it around or something?

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We're going to have so much fun :)

Its kinda weird saying I love Ui because she reminds me so much of myself... and I don't want to sound like a narcissist...

I'm glad to hear you're doing good :)
I'm okay now i think..

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posting a cute

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Then it is Eupho-kun?
Nice trips
Are you not worried that your liver will not explode for a lot of alcohol?
Well kind of, he is the utltimate hope so he can do it
Ah it is okay, many characters of anime reminds me of a lot of people I know too
Thank you and glad to hear it!

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should I worry

I don't drink everyday, I should be fine

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Were you feeling bad at the start of the day? :(

I hope no one reminds you of Shinji...

Well, a little...
but I can only talk to you about that in private

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that sounds pretty neat

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So waht's up tonight
Even smoler and louder! It's a trumpet.
I've been thinking of taking up euphonium, though

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big think

nothing much, haven't played vidya at all today. maybe I should
what's up with you, made the big bucks in tarkov yet?

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cute loli

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You'd better!
Well what will you do tomorrow?
Nope, just a little tired for doing some stuff about uni
I meet a shinji once but he is a lot better now
Trumpets are cool, is it hard to learn?
Will you learn it to be like Kumiko?

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I love you too


i don't drink... but i want to... but i'm scared...
for a good reason..

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eek uni... you should be studying...

Shinji is kind of a meanie once he gets confident..

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what do you study cute

not drink alcohol for one. I could get started on writing my CV but am lazy

start with vodka

Attached: 74042933_p0.jpg (5016x3489, 1.76M)

Well I was checking how many courses I had to study and now I have to wait for the schedules
H-human resources
Hope you can have a good progress in there!

Feeling sleepy now so goodnight everyone!

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it sounds so yum but i can't drink..................

that sounds like a such a mental strain and hassle... I wish you the best of luck ;_;

please have a wonder night of rest :)

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Dragon from shrek

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thats a lewd

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Hmm, not yet. Haven't even extracted from a scav raid yet lol
Have you had any more luck getting your rubles back up?
Hmm, that's part of it. Apparently the valve patterns are also pretty similar overall to trumpet so it'd be easy to learn

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Attached: 1qm5k52zlxe41.png (680x481, 237K)

How's this one?

Attached: aqua and ventus (kingdom hearts and 1 more) drawn by tamaki_(tmk-poison) - 70faa7a584bea549bd5325432 (507x700, 432K)


coward talk

sucks, learned the maps at the very least?
nope, I haven't played EFT in a hot minute

Attached: BYNIuM0Zet.png (593x324, 170K)

if i get tipsy will you lock me in your room and wait for me to feel better?

Attached: Hirasawa Ui-chan.jpg (1000x1074, 119K)

Eh, i've played commons like 3 times and factory quite a lot lol.
I need more RAM to load this yabai tbh

Attached: 9ae1ac5.jpg (750x1000, 87K)

Hah. Gayyyyyyyyyy

Attached: images.jpg (378x389, 48K)


:< last bump for me

let it die


Attached: 004-2.jpg (246x468, 76K)

you'll do whatever you want to fam

you mean customs?
and a SSD tbh, loading without one takes forever

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Attached: 60975984_p0_master1200.jpg (967x1099, 264K)

Sleepy time.
I want to use her butt as a pillow.

Attached: 1404611221380.jpg (850x1511, 232K)

i sleep

Attached: B1y1sBuLZ1.png (342x618, 135K)

same face on hole

Is the thread dead?

Attached: ER8NJLHVAAEhJ7v.jpg (800x1280, 108K)

I'll send it to the bump limit with the power of best girl.

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Attached: EPp0CRAU4AAOre4.jpg (1443x2048, 235K)

Attached: EQsg3Z5U4AA5C9d.jpg (900x1440, 208K)

Everything is sleeping

Attached: IMG_20200226_002934.jpg (587x469, 83K)

Yes! Or no? Maybe!

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I guess it's called an image limit but who really calls things by the proper term anyways?
Nighty nighty bros

Cya lil niggy