Wwyd to my gf Cred Forums

wwyd to my gf Cred Forums

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Buy her some clothes.

Get her nipple piercings because she would benefit from them

Same, get her a shirt and feed her eggs.


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You mean more clothes?

Here's a pic with more clothes in her.

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Undress her and post on /b

Those pits look tasty

Nice answer.

Trust me, they are

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Damn, more of her tits??

Sure user, please feel free to request

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Any gifs?

More tits and face? And by what name What should we be calling her??

Consensual sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation. Under the covers. Lights off. Eyes closed. Socks on.

Fix her a bowl of eggs

No, sorry, I only have webms with sound so I cannot post them here.
Does this count? Call her Little Cocksleeve.

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More eggs

im pretty sure ive found a site full of her

Can’t you mute the webms?
Or just post the ones with sound?

More like this??

Bite her nipples off

That's cute, but I guess she'd like it a bit more rough. I'd love to see her squirting out a creampie.

Idk cook for both of you? What would you like to eat?

Sorry, I'd love to, but Cred Forums allows 2mb max :/
That's really hot, she likes pain.

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post the links then, im pretty sure theyrecalled "clara" on xvideos

Hot, more hardcore?

Could you share them in a vola??

sure mane

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Fucking nice, dump more like this

i want to see her asshole

Sure sir, she's all yours.

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You like this one?

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She would be squirting so much from this. Trust me. It's what women want biologically. Anything other fetish they have is developed from propaganda and is unnatural.

Oh yes

anything go in there?

A fist if you would.

Creampie please or cum in mouth