So with biden winning the nomination, will you sanders guys pull for him

So with biden winning the nomination, will you sanders guys pull for him

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Yup. I just want to enjoy all the Trumptard drama if he loses. Politically, nothing will change... but it’ll be fun.

Lol. Trump's gonna win and you know it. Democrats have nobody good

Most likely, but there’s a chance Biden could win. Dems will win the pop vote no issue, but a few states Trump took last time are too close to call right now. Add into the mix a crashing economy, and things become unsure.

let's talk on Wednesday ;)

Democrats don't have to be too good when Trump is dog shit

I literally don't care who the nominee is as long as it's NOT Bernie Sanders. The white "men" voting for Sanders are the softest "men" in the history of humanity.

Sadly, his base doesn't care

anybody but Dishonest Doni

>Trumptard drama if he loses

We have almost 5 more years for you emotionally dysregulated gender dysphoric autistically screeching self-loathing libtards to seethe and screech.

Never, ending, source of pathetic entertainment.

Bernie 2020!

I’ll be extremely happy with whoever the Democrats run as long as it isn’t Bernie even if that person beats Trump.

And his base is 47% of the country that have 52% of the electoral college votes


He shot his load in SC and ignored Super Tuesday states for weeks on end. This is Biden's last stand honestly. There isn't enough time for momentum on tuesday from this win.

Of course they will.

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the bulk of the country doesn't want a Marxist, nor a fag, nor an "Native American", that just leave stumblin' Joe

I don't want Biden to win, he'll try to do what Trump's doing but be better at it, no thank you

>And his have 52% of the electoral college votes

Tulsi will turn it around on Tuesday.

Even if they cheat Sanders again ill vote for Biden fuck trump

isn't Biden running for senate now?

maybe we will get some relief from these Bernis threads. Bernis BTFO in NC.

Would you look at that! There's already a thread about this in your containment board.

Steyer's votes won't go to Bernis.

I’ll vote for anyone but trump, even though Biden would be my 2nd to last pick, only Bloomberg is lower.