The realism of sex dolls is crazy

The realism of sex dolls is crazy.

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Holy shit I might get myself one

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ok, i'm not into sex dolls, but that's actually impressive.

Only someone who is lonely enough to buy a doll would thing this look realist.

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Can't wait till we can produce robots and we can dump dem bitches and then they are desperate for cock

Compared to other dolls with hard rubber silicone tits? Yeah this is roads ahead dude.

What company is it that makes dolls with tits like that?

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There is nothing to be ashamed of, being lonely user. Get you a doll and never have to worry about the risk of letting a woman into your life because you never know if she is a sociopath, and the law is such that a woman holds far too much power over you.

Or, do the exact opposite, spend 25 years trying to find a decent woman and find nothing but liars, cheats, thieves, vain and egotistical psychopaths, THEN get a doll

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You have 3000 dollars handy?

Pales in comparison to what I've spent on dating just in the past 5 years, and what do I have to show for that? Should have bought a doll 5 years ago

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I"m not comparing to other doll. I'm comparing with a real woman in order to determine how realist it is.

A real human body is nothing like that, and you have to be pretty delusional to think it's realist.

You can stay alone as much as you want or marry your dad or your dog for all i care. I'm just telling that this doll body does'nt react like a human body would.

get cucked much?

It feels the sexual desires without having to consent with a woman or a man or a fucking dog


That did happen once, but I still got a piece of that, twice. It was only later I found out her husband was a cuck when he asked me for pics, after I blew his cover, when he was trying to catfish me.

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But im lonely

But what if the human body has silicone implants?

>Meat woman
>Silicone heart

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>meat woman
fucking kek

Slow thread tonight

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More webms of jiggly fake women


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jeez. im stuck with a biological gf, unable to escape

Get a doll maybe it will spice up your bedroom life. Worst case your meat woman flips out and leaves, you still have the doll, it's win-win

If she doesn't accept your doll, maybe it wasn't meant to be.

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I wonder if you can get a custom made doll to look like an anime character such as Tsunade

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You creatures and your plastic lovers fascinate me. It's horrifying and a little vomit inducing but I don't feel like I can look away.

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That's a nice pic
From Naruto? Should be easy. Big boobs, blonde wig, boom

Can you describe what it is about dolls that inspires your revulsion? Isn't it just because you're a huge faggot?

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That looks awesome.

Well yeah but like actually looks like her. Elastigirl is another example, she had a real specific face and head so I wonder if any doll maker would straight up copy it

that's not realism, that's idealism. There's no real woman with boobs like that.

Anime has well and truly ruined real boobs for both men and women.

Yeah, tits totally move like they're full of air and water

Yes, someone will copy it for a price, I can promise you that. Realdoll used to do customs (dunno if they still do) but you can probably find it cheaper in China. I am by no means an expert, but I want to say I have seen the doll you're looking for before. Hang around or check back later when some of the wiser dollanons get on

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What does the skin feel like on these? I feel like that would be what ruins it for me.

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Do they do something to make the dolls warm? I feel like I would enjoy the doll up until I went to fuck it and just felt cool silicone skin.

Some have heating built in, but there are a few ways to heat them if not

skyrim physics

a modded skyrim probably spilled more seed than the entirety of all the senran kagura games put together

dont act like those titties in the OP wont be a draw

That's as stupid as saying video games aren't realistic at all, because anyone who has eyes can see real life is different...

Like, bruh...

What company is this?

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Didn't know you had a twitter. This guy is living the dream


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If it works for a dude it works mate. Some guys want a bit more realism than a fleshlight or that weird vag, tits,torso and maybe head toy. You know women shove dragon dicks and werewolf cocks up their holes. Some people like fantasy and other are addicted to escapism wither its VR, TV, Vidya, Books, or whatever.

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rzrdoll, I don't think they do lolidolls, but they have milfs.

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It's not bad actually. If you wash them and put corn starch on the skin, it kind of feels like stripper skin except for the temperature.

It isn't the dolls, it's the attraction to a lump of plastic that gets me. The affection for what amounts to a rubbery thing. You people really are something else but hey- it keeps the world interesting.

realism... physics of a weird hentai movie scene... Okay.

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Hot, but way too much spring. I hope fake tiddies are like this in the future tho, because right now they still suck ass.

tbh, I wouldn't mind dumping lots of lube on one of these suckers and doing a nuru slide before busting a nut on her tiddies. As long as she's heavy enough and can support the weight that is.

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Getting fairly close, what material is that?

this looks like a real woman with the weird head photoshopped onto her.

Yeah, the lack of any realistic emotion kills these dolls for me. I would probably spend all my money otherwise. Can't wait for decent consumer robos in a decade or so.

silicone with gel inserts i believe

God damn it.

I know this sounds kinda fucked up so you may have to dig back in the history books, maybe even Nazi-era shit, but has anyone ever tried putting real human fat in breast implants?

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I think it's been blacked.

It wouldn't work. Human fat is like any other animal fat and will harden if not alive and warm.

A doll will not make you stop being lonely. Just make being lonely more fun. Need companionship? Get a dog.

Right, but couldn't you surgically attach 3rd party fat like you can with other organs? Maybe even experimental growths like how you can grow small organs on parts of your body.

That's not realistic at all. She didn't sue him.

Sometimes you have to live life to get it. Talking to a photograph, the gravestone of your beloved family member. Creating an emotional bond with an object is very human behavior with ancient precedent.

They used to recommend a warm bath before "use"

Those look nice but I would recommend pic related unless you have a particular thing for feet. The skeleton is steel and can cut through the inside of the doll if too much weight is placed on it.

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Well it might take some time to adjust to having one around. Might not help with being lonely, though a doll is great to cuddle with.

Though recommend waiting a few months since the whole corona thing and TPE is absorbent material. Plus the new AIO doll heads has an adjustable mouth so might want to wait for that one.

It's not any different than waifaggotry. It's the ideal female form without the drama.

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I'll wait a couple years. They will have then that wince when you slap their titties

yea sure if you want to pay the price of a car for one

source please

I want one.

one with such abilities would have similar technological complexity to a cheaper car, so such a price really isnt that unreasonable.

people who think their hyperrealrobowaifuthatcancookandshit will somehow cost less than 5k before it obtains maaaaasive mainstream adoption(as housemaids probably, 50yrs+) are huge delusional faggots.

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Yeah, look at what has happened to Japan. I bet it will just keep getting worse and will catch on around the world. Most men will be incels due to how easy it is for them to get sexual satisfaction without dealing with women.

they slowed down the timing on that video slightly. Those boobs are air filled.

Sure you can but it would have the same problems as any other implanted organ which means a lifetime of immunosuppressant drugs in the best case scenario.

Its a lot easier to just eat too much for a month,

everyone will be incels if faggots like you keep using the term wrong.

fucking hell people, it literally spells it out in the fucking term

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Yeah, you can see the excess residual jiggle in the slomo so it doesn't even really help their case.

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WM is great at marketing but their dolls are mediocre and overpriced imo

Never seen girl on girl doll action. Really gonna need the sauce on this one. Google is failing me. I will continue to search.


agreed, but there is that one....

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Is it safe to order these since a lot are manufactured in china? I don't want to get the corona through my dick hole.

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only one way to find out, nobody has really gotten one yet since ole corona started.

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Wait a year or spend new car money on real doll (which they are in Calie so its rolling the dice).

It's viral, so that should indicate the pathogens deteriorate rapidly when living cells aren't available to attach themselves to. If it were a bacterial epidemic like anthrax, those things have their own cells and can survive dormant for long periods.

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I would agree on mediocre on the hands, feet, and heads. Kind of wish I did more research and got a Sanhui doll in some cases. Though I do like the ass and tits of my doll

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I have got one of the cheap ones and I can say that the tits feel just like a woman's breasts if she has had a boob job. Not quite as good as natural but damn close.

so user what do you do for a living
>um mainly um retail and advertisement
Oh real like what
>um new types of um materials and supplies for those in need
Oh like for the homeless or medical


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Any video of one of these things bouncing from getting fucked?

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yea WM are still fun dolls but there's a lot better out there. They're great introductory dolls.

I make pretty good money. Typically go to the strip club every weekend and drop a few hundred dollars. I actually sat down and figured it out and I must have dropped 10 grand last year. Not to mention the occasional meetup with an escort.

You can get a top tier doll for about 2k. Would have saved me a lot of money.

that and with dolls you can fuck jailbait without risk of being v&

reminder that these are cold and slimey

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Wow yeah I see what you mean that's pretty crazy. I mean the body looks pretty fake but that pussy is crazy

I'll be able to tell you all in a few weeks, mine is due to arrive in 3 days and shipping appears to be moving normally

anyone got sauce?

retired Chad here,

not gonna lie, this shit gave me a semi. I have screwed tons of real women but this shit looks close enough to the real thing that it actually fooled my brain for a second. Roasties on suicide watch.

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dolls are bringing back balance.

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Nah, that anatomy is wack. The ass crease and lower back give it away pretty quickly. Plus these dolls will never actually look the same as human skin.

there's probably a slampig thread going on Cred Forums right now. That's what most women look like

>retired chad
>on Cred Forums

>Dollfags haven't had sex with real women before so I can tempt them back into the system.
Keep telling yourself this.

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>or create sentient AI androids like Blade Runner
time to go full skin-job, user


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Worth Twice as Much ...they Don't Talk!

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Before the creampie.

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The creampie.

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After the creampie.

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Using the doll as a fleshlight.

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The creampie

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Before getting fucked.

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Getting fucked and the pop.

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Oh goody, a doll thread

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how do you clean inside them?

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Pretty in pink.

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I'm a candy doll...doll

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Presenting herself.

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Bobs do not behave like that tho lul

Super flexible, too!

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The fuck and the pop.

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Hello hello hello. Love everything about this girl right now

What the fuck can I get one that isn't Asian?! Stupid shit

Before the doggy creampie.

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I let daddy touch my naughty places

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The creampie.

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is that a tool you get with them?

Oh thanx, wanna my pierced clit?

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Before the pussy and ass creampie.

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What you, say, fool?

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Fucking hot.

Still looks Asian

1 of 2 bonus Webms

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I am a catdoll miss Q, Coco head, 108cm, 800 dollars

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Got any POV of the face and the titties jiggling?

Imagine the shame you feel before and after this, you guys need to get a real gf lol

You stoopid

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Why are the breast not as bouncy as OP's vid?

Anybody here wanna fuck s little nigger doll?

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She is incredible. I’m so hard I can’t imagine getting to fill her with cock and cum

You wouldn't get it

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2 of the WebMs didnt work, for reasons I'm not sure of. Sucks because one was a pussy and ass creampie, and the other was a tit fuck pearl necklace. Oh well.

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I do. I’ll fill her with cum anytime anywhere

Rilly, but you haft's promise to be gentle, she is the size of a 3 yo

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Varies by model and manufacturer. You get what you pay for.

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Hey look, it's the Insane Clown Posse

How hard you gonna fuck me mister? How big is your peepee

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Didn’t realize she was so cute and tiny. I’d be nice and slow rocking her around while unleashing wave after wave of cum inside of her

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You likes to fill little nigger girls with cum?

Attached: DuY-dijV4AEZnDX.jpg (900x1200, 123K)

Sometimes I just pull out the doll to fap on it.

And to this day I am not sure why the first bit of cum shoots so far meanwhile the others get half distance if that. With that said I am too much of a pussy to make my cum whiter with drugs.

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108cm is 42.5 inches

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They look like they’ve seen some shit

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Attached: 1122017.jpg (1822x3240, 800K)

This one I sure do

Stop posting 3d renders in doll threads you retard.

I is also 108cm catdoll, Coco head

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that asshole has been ravaged

Haha yea better get used to fucking dolls whiteboys because real white pussy belongs to hung dick Black Men!

does anyone ele have yellow jelly chunks in their cum? i thought i just had a cold a few weeks ago but now i have yellow jelly in my cum and im scared that china made me sterile

yup and as an army of single white moms raises and their kids die to starvation/in jail nothing will change and the difference between you and me is child support

These are all cheaper than an ex-wife and child support.

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This is fucking impressive. Give it say, 20 more years and with improvements in quantum computing, you'll have yourself extremely advanced materials and AI that will blow this shit out of the water.

Make the tits bounce for us

hey at least i married my high school gf, and we still together btw, sucks to be you user

I’m so hard for Greenie right now. Plz give me moooooaaar

that's the best way to do it

One done but she is temperamental

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Attached: 745.jpg (655x599, 84K)

Sometimes, she likes to wear the cock.

Attached: 191217.jpg (3120x4160, 674K)

oh shi..

Fukken saved

Attached: 223444.jpg (3120x4160, 632K)

I believe you user

She could push that up my ass while I cum all over her gorgeous little titties and face

Too soon

Wow, a kinky user, me likes

Attached: 003709.jpg (3120x4160, 772K)

been here all summer.... met and fucked more than a few women on /soc/ as well. Stay mad, fren

I wouldn’t be afraid of a mouth full of her cock



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>tfw not getting pegged by your own loli-doll
why even live

hey guys chad here and I get mad pussy LOL AMA

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So you telling me that you custom make a sex doll and don't even trim the fucking pubes?

Attached: 19-04-14_165101.jpg (3120x4160, 492K)

That's not how fake hair works. They don't grow on their own.

Nom nom nom

Attached: 19-04-14_164656.jpg (4160x3120, 1.24M)

Attached: thereasonwhy.jpg (720x1239, 686K)

Would highly not recommend creampie-ing on a regular basis. It's a bitch to clean it.

Are you autistic?

you could say that again

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do preggo doll bellies have jiggle technology?

Attached: 71SoVmreEhL._SL1350_.jpg (900x1350, 176K)

Ill let the pioneers buy dolls now. Im gonna wait altleast 5-10 years, the skin feels rubbery still etc..

You'll lose your interest by then or be dead, or be super poor and living on the streets from inflation.

Nah m8 im not american.

>Owning a beautiful and luxurious sex doll
Are you a drug abuser or something?

Attached: EQ4ZArsUUAEqmGt.jpg (1364x2048, 205K)

If that's the case, your country will eventually ban all dolls.

Those dead eyes and blank soulless expression .. wish she would fuck off and stop blocking the doll

>dat face
you know it says "daddy please not tonight"

Attached: 163127.jpg (3120x4160, 643K)

Let’s see that green puss

this is the golden age of dolls. women will push for the illegalization of all dolls because it 'objectifies' them. Also if you want a loli doll those are probably gonna be banned in 5-10 years

Are there any cute dollls around the 1k usd price point? Preferably that don’t look 12?

Just buy the head. They go between $300-700.

they're already getting banned in US im pretty sure
How about this one? it looks like a hobbit. 100 cm.

Attached: 1498481102.jpg (1000x1777, 992K)

they tried but the bill stagnated

oh, looks like it is definitely banned in florida though

How much $$ are dolls of this quality go for?

yea I think 3 states passed laws on them this year

What's the point of a doll if you have to pull out like a real girl? Sounds like a huge waste of money to me.

rip, although i wonder if its only on imports. like i know catdoll ships to CA or something with their own clearance and then just ground ships to wherever - that may be a workaround

I want

To save money and buy yourself peace of mind friend. Is this so hard to comprehend?

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Attached: xiao-jun-shourigirl-pose1-face.jpg (400x400, 29K)

Cuz youre a fat cow probably being on Cred Forums this early

No I understand the appeal of the doll, my point is why buy a toy you can't use? To qualify my statement further since your reading comprehension is severely lacking, my whole point was that the user I replied to said you shouldn't creampie the doll and I was curious why you would have something that you can't have fun with. Cumming inside is the whole point of a doll or flesh light, when you have to remove your penis from the doll you lose 50-80% of the pleasure, so why would I throw my money away to something that I wouldn't get any enjoyment out of?

>save money
found the virgin

its a sticker of hair you can remove it/attach it easily, its the pubes are probably to make it look more real-life realistic

cleaning out a doll is really no big deal.


he was just making a recommendation, you can cum inside all you want, just dont be a bitch about cleaning afterwards, since it can be a pain depending on how heavy your doll is and whatnot. also i'd argue that pulling out and seeing your ropes splash across its stomach is pretty damn nice

moron detected

where can i buy? this is so gorgeous

the most tempting post ever, got more?

no way that is doll no way... this is a real life women

>reading comprehension
Look. Having a doll can satisfy a number of needs for their owner. Maybe you are just into cuddling your doll, or you want to take photographs. It's entirely up to the owner how to use the doll. Furthermore, one user made a recommendation not to creampie because it's "a bitch to clean". From this information, you have managed to concoct your argument suggesting that you "can't use it" Which seems to imply that you can't clean it at all. While earlier in this thread there are posted instructions detailing precisely how to clean a creampie.
Keep talking, it just makes you look like you are more and more retarded user.

That fucking look, holy shit.
>finding a girl who would indulge your clothing/dressup fetish and be your model
>they exist, but are hard to find
>some think they're into it for a while
>shopping together is kinda fun..
>okay with something like "pick an outfit out of these three and tell me what pleases you"...
>wow, sometimes he knows what looks good on me better than I do...
>but once you show you have deep knowledge of fashion and have an attraction to the item of clothing itself in addition to your girl, they almost all eventually get weirded out
>start being suspicious of your masculinity outside of this one particular fetish, and the shit tests ramp up
>end up not even telling girls about your fetish at all
I could have a girl who's willing to try on whatever I find, and won't think I have some horrifying ulterior motive, or that I'm some sort of latent serial killer. It's tempting.

I would imagine finding sizes is a problem? Limited to girls and juniors? I could always sew myself too, I suppose.

That's one of the gynoid dolls

Attached: gynoid-gt-162-body-li-hui-head-0426.jpg (1280x1920, 288K)

One piece is the most popular manga in the world, how is this new or interesting to you?

Austraila looking to ban anime and manga.

Where to buy?


She's a dollhouse168, 128cm Molly.
I bought mine from HGdoll,net

Attached: 1122018.jpg (2241x3240, 1.15M)

>I could always sew myself too, I suppose.
It rubs the lotion on it's skin.......

They are going back to the abbos

I only keep coming to those threads for this particular doll. It's just amazing how she looks

The jokes are easy, so I don't blame you. But imagine you're with a girl for a few months, she adores you, sex is great, trust is good, and you feel comfortable telling her you want to do a little more with the dress-up. Then she starts making those serial killer jokes at you. Then she starts asking if you're just trying to hide the urge to cross-dress.
>No slut, I want you to be pretty, not me.
This is an actual quote:
>Well then why don't you go fuck a mannequin.
Shit like that fucking stings. So I just keep it to myself.

Real question. How is this better than masturbation?

what the fuck is wrong with Australia and their invasive shit. Do they even have any rights left?

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Lol these guys have to hump $1000 life sized action figures you think they give a fuck about comparing them to real women or have even been with one? Let them get their nut off they arent hurting anyone thankfully

The vapid bimbo look on this doll's face gets me diamonds

That's the kind of legislation you get when you go full retard think of the children. You can't actually enforce such a law and have a modern economy though, so it is essentialy arbitrary. arbitrary law has a bit of history in the books, have a look sometime.

Please describe what its like and any other pics you can share esp her naked

Who the fuck buys a sex doll to finger bang? Stick your dick in it already. Motherfucker cant even get laid with a sex doll. Taking incel to a another level.

>muh $1000
Good meat pussy costs alot more to get with than a good doll. What are you some kind of poorfag fucking lowlife skanks?

This is probably her.

do you feel any shame after washing off your dragon dildo or is it dishwasher safe?

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There is a shortage of sex doll gang bangs.
Tell me you guys wouldn't watch 3 guys sharing a doll.

nah that seems pretty fucking gay

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I love her too much to see her tainted by another man.

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So you want to watch 3 men naked masturbating. Not gay at all, sure.


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sewing your own isnt too bad when chink shit just isnt good enough.

clothing size depends on the doll your looking at. my 145s fit asian S/XS and somewhat US S/XS

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Bro are you making a paysite for your doll?
God fucking damn I need to do the same thing.

lmfao fucking retard

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at least her pussy doesnt stink

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Drink more water and eat some celery. If it persists see a doctor

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W-what is he planning to do to her?

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nothing that rhymes with pomf im sure.

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till next time dollbros

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That's some pretty good photography though. I might think of doing that also i had those skills.

Good night doll thread!

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I think you definitely meant to say real life has ruined the image of boobs.