Do women enjoy being ogled?

Do women enjoy being ogled?

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If you are good looking it is flattering to them.
If not, it is creepy.

depends if they're in the mood and find you attractive or not.

Yes. And you are retarded.

Depends who is doing the ogling

Not from my experience, they don't.

I always knew I was ugly af.

Be better looking then.


Being romantic and being creepy are just 40lbs and a well fitting shirt apart.

Fuck of course they would user.
But their too shy to admit it, and they'd prefer if you take photos of them secretly cause their not good having photos upfront so casually.
Alot of the time user they like rape play but they are to embarrassed to admit it and when confronted they might actually do the opposite of the action intended.
So best to calm them down by getting chloroform so they stop getting excited.

True fact user, done it to alot of girls.

this. they want all of the attention they can get, but if you're not their vision of male attractiveness, then you're a creep. if they think you're good looking then you're ok.

This girl at my work is constantly wearing leggings that are skin tight and pretty much see through. She has a fat ass, but it is pretty nice. I know for damn sure that she knows it, and is just flaunting it around. Whenever she walks around our shop, she lifts the back of her shirt above her ass so that it is open and out there's Yes, there are some girls who love the attention .

Women dress/operate on plausible deniability...


"Yoga pants are just comfortable, is all" *Bends over - ass in face*

How fucking dare you look at my big juicy ass as I bend over in these tight pants, you pervert!

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Left or right

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We're not pushing our tits together - we never even noticed. It's just a holiday snap, you pervert!


Yes, obviously.

Their entire existence is dressing up and painting their faces to make themselves more attractive for men. They'll deny it, but actions speak for themselves.

In my experince, no.

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in fact when they notice you doing it they tend to try and distance themselves. or run.

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Hot and checked

in the specific moment, it'll depend on who does the ogling. But in general, yes. women enjoy knowing they are looked at, that they are desired (I mean, so do men). As long as they don't feel they are in danger, they will enjoy knowing someone finds her attractive enough to want to fuck her.

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Newfag, women don't paint thier faces and dress up to attract men.

It's all a vanity competition between women, men are barely a second thought in this. Women are the most savage amongst and towards themselves and that is the competition they prepare for.

Dudes are easy to land

depends how I guess

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They act like they don't but that's because they know it'll make guys do it more

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like saying no dirty comments

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When most of your posts are this

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Women are competing for sure.
Competing for men.

of course not, that's why you have to pay them to take pictures of them

...she can't be serious

Competing for status

....among and between women.

Guys are no work to land. Dont overstate your role as a male in this. You (and even alpha Chad) are barely bit part players in this age old competition.

Yes if they are in the mood for it, hell no otherwise.

Today there was a lady in the hotel lobby wearing a very revealing top. Looked down as I walked past from a floor above, made eye contact, and she smiled. I'm barely a 5/10. She was showing off for sure.

Yes, by good-looking guys. No, by guys who frequent Cred Forums.

>posts slutty pics
>shocked by results
People have gotten so fucking stupid and vapid in general. Women are full on retarded.

That depend on what they're wearing. Revealing clothing are aiming for men's attention (attractive one of course). Nice "fashionable" outfit is a competiion between other women.

Everyone does. People inherently want to be desired. Women pretend they don't like it but the truth is they like it from everyone, even creepy guys as it's just more attention. They're happy to complain loudly about creepy guys doing it as it's just more attention for themselves with a bonus of sympathy.

Men are happy anytime they're ever checked out or complimented.

Stick the camera in her butthole

That's women' biggest purpose in life.

Their thoughts and actions revolver around that.

Why do you think this fucking web site oozes of amateur women pics with a variety so astonishing that almost no image is posted more than twice?

lol. This!!!

not at 3am through their bedroom window
i can tell you that much

haha, is this something you have done?

Literally everyone on the planet enjoys knowing they are sexually viable. Thinking about it more than this is gay shit.

Why else would she wear this? So i can look at her face?

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havent we all??

Not yet, but this girl that keeps playing games, i think she is trying to get me to go to her house, break in and rape her.


This but obviously it varies from situation to situation. Women get approached oggled regularly if they are somewhat attractive. It is more of a nuisance than anything to most.

depends on their mood. they love it sometimes and they hate it sometimes.

dont think just do it

Oh the irony. you're the stupid one son. She's not shocked by the results. She's bragging about how people are posting her. You're too autistic to understand girl speak.

It validates their useless existence

ogler (left); rapist (right)

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100% this if you are the type she is attracted to then it's fun and flirty and desired...if not it's the opposite - often violently so.

IDK, don't need more problems with the law., but i feel like if i just showed up and said "im at your front door" right now, she would open it up.

Depends on how handsome you are and what kind of car you’re staring from.

They enjoy the adrenaline rush and shame...'s like mixing adrenaline and mental public.

These women are nymphos. They are not there for your viewing pleasure, they dress all slutty because they are mentally masturbating every time they walk next to something dirty, a phallic object, or feel shamed and grossed out.

yes. My gf goes out of the house in this

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Momento pana, me ha iluminado

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Bro, share her with me. im d/d free.

Fucking MOAR holy moly

Her page is private

It is a great ass, ngl