Celeb Thread

Celeb Thread

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nobody wants to play with me

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I would eat emmas shit

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Evening, fuckos.

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what chances do you think you will end up married one day?

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Hi boo boo fuck stick.

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there is no such thing as 0% user. for me I think 12%

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Only if I can find someone willing to pay me to get a green card.

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She looks so fucking perfect here.. Thank you for posting.

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how much are you charging?

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I think $25k is the going rate.

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Greater or equal to 0%.

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how did you figure 12%?

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somebody has to want to rp

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That jew Gadot is so fucking hot

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it's not so impossible
it's true
only by guess

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i'll give you 265 canadian dollars

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Someone posted this on Ariel Winter's Reddit, is this from something?

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I'm aware, just looking for the right setup.

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the void, but that's not really "something"

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I don't take funny money and wouldn't get out of bed for that amount.

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I'd get in her void if that's something

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270 canadian dollars, 30 australian dollars and a cup of coconut flavoured coffee. last offer

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you would

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why are there so many shit eaters on reddit?
seriously, i don't get it

That looks delicious.

your chances are way higher than that friend

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i know, that's why i saved it.

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She looks super hot in some photos and downright horrible in others =/


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but do you treat it like the marriage? or only take the money and go?
maybe when I am older I can be the second husband after the first divorce

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I want to be her toilet slave

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Why do you want a green card? I thought canadians loved the land of syrup suckers.

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what an angel

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Other Nina can be quite the charmer.

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That's her choice, I'll fucking do bunk beds for a year or two.

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>maybe when I am older I can be the second husband after the first divorce
lol you're really shooting for the stars anony

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What did she mean by this?

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I love the land of nina jiggles

I think she was just thirsty.

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Yes. Yes she is.

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how long is it to stay together for the green card?
tonight is the night for realistic dreaming

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Everything alright?

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I could have called them Snow Mexicans, is that better?

Proper hydration is important

No clue, google says:
"How long does it take to get a green card through marriage?
Depending on your situation, the green card itself usually arrives 10–13 months (if you're married to a U.S. citizen) or over 3 years (if you're married to a green card holder) from the time you submit your green card application."

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Kys bd

That penis and her leg are literally occupying the same space. These shoops are awful.


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i do like this one

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day of the rake when?!?
read them your poetry

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nights anons ly

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truthfully, the worst idea
night ggnon

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>Proper hydration is important

Yes. Yes it is.

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Night qt 3.14

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Lovely. Just making sure. And keeping an eye out, of course, if you happen to feel like talking.

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sleep tight

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how do you know it's a bad idea if you haven't done it yet?

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she looks so innocent
but i bet she loves to rim hot guys and make them blow

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who is to say I haven't?

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Too many napkins


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Victoria Dawn Justice

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well have you? I think I'd like to read some

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I actually do feel her.

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You crazy user

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First time I've seen her posted here!

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no I have not....I cannot even read it myself

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Once I finish this pyromancer play through in DS3 I’m just gonna end it all

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are you also wiggling your eyebrows instead of packing for your trip?
i'm crazy but you like it, loca loca loca
you like that it ain't easy, loca loca loca

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I honest to god cant tell between the singer and the chic frm the witcher. both hot and with the same face and skin tone.

Not specifically, or right this instant, but I often find myself on a similar sort of wavelength.

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is that kiki?

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Sounds like a solid plan.

Nah, I'm lazy and that's too much work.

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what's ds3

yeah, but that's pretty normal isn't it. everyone has good and bad photos

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Dark Souls III

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just fyi I love that you're crazy

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Bridgit Mendler

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>everyone has [...] bad photos
Not everyone...

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lol yep
well you know what you've written though, no? if you ever want some feedback or to just share them, I'd very much like to read something :D

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I wann fuck

procrastinating by posting weird stuff on your instagram?
you're lazy, you just stay in bed
you don't want no money, you don't want no bread
if you're drowning you don't clutch no straw
you don't want to live, you don't want to cry no more
thanks user :)

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is it fun

>Dark Souls
oh boi

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i thought the peach shirt was her bum in the thumbnail

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Not really normal for female celebrities who are constantly taking care of their appearance

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Kinda, once you get the hang of it.

Something like that. There are so many ways to procrastinate, and so little time, you know what I mean?

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what mostly happens is something is written and then put away and then some months later I open the notebook again and regret to do so. but I will look through some stuff to see if I can find something to share for you. I have been meaning to put some things I do like on my computer, but I am so slow to do so

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huge crush back when

I'd like to think that i would find some energy for Vicky.

well is it fun to be a pyromancer
how long does that take


why too hot to be as funny as she is

i meant the specific video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quite a while.