Why is he so afraid of Bernie?

why is he so afraid of Bernie?

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He's not, though. He knows he'll absolutely win if Bernie is chose.

Sanders 2020

>if Bernie is chose
but who was phone?

donald trump is shittin his stankin drawers right now

Lol. You cunts can't meme.

Bernie is going to build colleges and hospitals
He's going to make billionaires like Trump and Bloomberg pay for them.
Trump is right to be afraid
Either he's going to pay for a college, or it will come out that he's been lying the whole time and is not really a billionaire


forgot the obligatory

The bugs did nothing wrong.

Yes so afraid

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They literally bombarded earth.

But at least they weren't socialists. Besides, it was only Buenos Aires, no fucks to give.

Ohsure, Trump has stood alone against a three year firestorm hurled 24/7 by the worst hive of thieves and cut-throats that ever didn't deserve to draw breath. You want to put BERNIE up against him. Trump will spank Bernie's doddering old college drop-out ass all up and down the fucking road and not even get out of first gear doing it.

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>The Left still can't meme
At least you tried

We can only hope.

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He's not. You're just telling yourself that to make you feel better.

Jesus, that has got to be the dumbest fucking shit I have seen in a LONG fucking time, and I browse this site pretty much everyday

actually its implied, and even moreso in the book, that the asteroid attack on BA was a false flag by the facist government to justify a war as the entire society the ST universe is built on is based on a perpetual state of war.

are you seriously telling me ST is some kinda 9/11 was an inside job thing?

Because of his experience with blind followers. He’s trying to save the nation but bernfags stupidity is too strong sometimes.

they way you said that was retarded but yes

How did we get the indication that Trump is afraid?


user, you are so funny thinking Bernie even has a chance of winning against Trump. I hate the fucker but I know that, due to the failed impeachment process, that people will vote for him out of spite due to cunts like Nancy Pelosi.

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Who scared of Bernie?
Don't you know who won SC?
Get the fuck out of moms basement, you socialist fuck

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his first win ever. literally ever in any primary he's ever participated in. biden won't win this time. he's never won, he will never win.