Its Caturday! post cat-lolis!

Its Caturday! post cat-lolis!

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My folder is a mess so I'm having some trouble finding them. But bump

user needs an organization system!

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Indeed I do. Just a bit hard with 20 Gb of pictures

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All is not lost, thats a small collection to order

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I suppose so. It's still quite the task though

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It's not the same without catbro

please bring him back...

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There is no contact. He was here, he did good and he left.

When was the last thread...

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Sometimes last week i think. He posted a irl pic and then silence.

He's dead Jim.

That was last caturday...
Did everyone else leave too? Beans? Woo~? Pika-mew?

I have no idea. That's why I said that the threads are not the same without him.

Catbro promised to see us in the next thread...

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I hope catbro isn't hiding in plain sight

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Nah, surely he didn't get sick of the attention and is avoiding you guys, surely. Surely he doesn't want to just post cat lolis in peace right? That'd be crazy.

Well, if you know something just say it...

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We had some great threads, I don't see why

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Can I request cat loli anal?

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What is your favorite loli age?

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Thats not a cat loli

It is, her ears are retracted.

>citation needed

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If catbro does not return I will destroy every loli thread I am in