I posted this bitch almost every day on Cred Forums since summer. AMA

I posted this bitch almost every day on Cred Forums since summer. AMA

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Why won't you take your meds?

How come you don't want to lick her butthole anymore?

Why are you so obsessed with this ugly slut ?


Take your kegs of beer and piss off

are you THE butthole licker?

should it be illegal to sniff or lick a girls butt? At a minimum there should be jail time for this.

Im off my meds right now. No insurance.

Because of her boobjob.
19yo getting fake implants really isnt my thing.
Also she appears to have a very low self worth. I feel awful for her to be truthful because shes really pretty but would think otherwise. Also i get a sense that shes enmeshed in some toxicity in her real life so im also really turned off by that too.
She was an 11/10... WAS...

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Start posting spookybaeeee dude. Her bf hates it

Spam her youtube channel where you can actually scare her

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But her boobs have nothing to do with her asshole. You need to focus.

In simple, she makes porn and it reaches parts of my brain that are associated with pleasure, lust and desire.
In complex, she reminds me of a girl i knew who was killed last year. She looks very similar but distinctive. I think in grief, my mind subconsciously replaced elles with the girl I lost.

In the form of a question

The one and only.

No. Why would there be? What harm to society is someone doing by sticking his tongue in a girl's asshole?

Who dat?


Like ive said in other threads before, its not only just about the asshole user, it was the person behind the asshole
*wind whistles and scene fades to black*

No but in seriousness im just really turned off by how insecure she is

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look i have said horrible things to you time and time again for taking up 15 percent of the board with the same tired shit every day but in all seriousness if you put that same weird kind of persistence into something productive you could change your life for the better. clean it up dude

That's her reddit. Check her out

So you have like no desire to lick her butthole now?

What’s your favorite pic of her both pre and post boob job?

What exacly you want to achive with this?

Did you ever actually think you'd get to lick her asshole pre-boob-job?

go back

You need to seek professional help instead of posting on Cred Forums

I cant dude. Ive tried killing myself several times. Life is just too painful to live

She has freckles. Yuck

No. Shes damaged goods beyond repair. And after the shit i found out about her through her friends, i still wouldnt if she got her old boobs back

Favorite pre surgery pic for obvious reasons. I dont have any favorite post surgery pics from her fortunately

Maybe ill get some solace, in the very least itll deter me from other destructive behaviors like doing drugs and/or alcohol

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Reddit spacing

Hey fucker, there's only one reddit spacer on this site.

The person behind the asshole's asshole is the one you want to lick? Like asshole-inception, asslickception?


Of course I did.

I cant. Im here now.

What do you think im doing. I just got released from the psyche ward

What did you find out?

>when OP, the SPAMMER, tries to convince the newfags that he's not in business as a FUCKING SPAMMER
>OP gonna try to make up some story
hey faggot, nobody believes your shitty story

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Why can't he be the original asshole licker guy?

we're ALL the asshole licker guy, deep down, in our mouths.


I actually chuckled at this
No dude i wanted to lick her ass because I had a view of her that changed drastically when she got a boobjob and then I found out a bunch of things about her

Im really turned off by how fucked up her situation is. I want to feel bad but she doesnt even feel bad for herself so I cant.

Shes smiling in this pic but i see past that face now. I see someone crying and helpless with their situation

Im not doing business with her bruh
And btw this site is infested with hackers and computer nerds. Do you think any of them would ever pay for porn in their lives?

He probably is a low life simp who comments on all her twitter posts and cries when he finds out she never responded to him

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It's a freckle filter. Show does all of this behind her bf back so it's pretty hot



hmmm.... maybe he just wants to reall lick her butthole? Like real bad?

This is Pre-boob job yeah?

Post your favorite presurgery picture

Damn do i buy you a soda or something

Lol what a cuck

I used to want to

Yup. Heres another

Learn to read. My favorite presurgery pic of her is If you want

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She had a vid of her rubbing cum on her face and swallowing a fat load from a condom with her bf in the background lol

Have you fapped to any of her porn with new tits?


What is your favorite food?

WWYD to her if she would let you do anything?

Post your favorite presurgery picture

have you found another girl who's butthole you would like to lick

Obviously he would lick her asshole.

On her onlyfans maybe idk

Does she have any hardcore boy girl pics?

Cum itself must taste pretty horrible but imagine that horrible taste with rubber

Thats fucking rancid

I tried but it just was too fucking gross. I couldnt get over the fact that her boobs looked like they were trying to rip through her skin

It wouldve been her asshole but those times have changed.
Mustard sardines with salted crackers. I know i suck

I would hug her. Really tightly and for a really long time. Id tell her its okay and that shes beautiful over and over again

Not yet. Ive tried posting girls to replace her but its not easy.

I wouldnt really. Shes someone i feel bad for.

Does she have any what?

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Those are pretty bad

Does she have any pictures where she is fucking or sucking?

>I would hug her. Really tightly and for a really long time
Are you sure thats ALL you would do to her? What about your tongue? Where on her body would it go?

Who is this woman?

>shes someone i feel bad for.
Do you feel bad for making her into a meme/pasta?

Do you like movies? Any favs?

Do you have a mega link of her? I too think she’s fine and would like a wank bank bro

Compared to these. Yep.

Not that i know of

Honestly i dont think i would do anything sexually to her. Shes been through enough

A little bit. I stopped when i started feeling really bad.

Harry potter.

I dont. You wouldnt think she's fine if you found out the things i did... or maybe you would idk

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What did you do? What’s her name or something so I can look her up. You’re teasing my cock with just these pics man

Her name is candace von

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That’s some black porn start lol. You trolled me bitch

what's her name?

Purple bitch

srsly though man

Lmao Yes? What is this bitches name I need to see this sluts videos

Her name is purple bitch i swear. Look her up on ph. She makes good vids

That’s not her. But HOLY SHIT that is some unique porn man.

Exactly, I know who purple bitch is and it's not her

Its the other bitch she makes videos with

Post a link where she’s in it

Who is this chick?

How is it that I’ve seen this bitch hella times but still do not know her name nor insta handle NOTHING. Some fag post a mega link or something already so we can all have a field day.


why do you post and act like its not you posting?

This is prolly OPs ex or something. Maybe that’s why he feels guilty. Maybe what we’re looking at is revenge porn

Who is she?

nah she's a cam girl or porn star, I remember seeing her video or photoset already

Ria Hill


ellesclub on reddit.


FINALLY!! Hooray to the AnonHero!! So many orgasms will be accomplished by your hard work!

all you had to do was reverse search any of the nudes, shes all over the place. theres a twitter, a manyvids, reddit, shes not hard to find.

I remember your threads
Even seen one just today

Fucking why dude?


You are not the real butthole licker OP.

Because dude. There was something about her butthole that I couldnt resist

I am tho

Can you share all you have in a mega?

shes got a whole reddit account full of shit.

are there any good reddit megas? like liz_103 that includes her scat?


what a stupid fucking whore


Jfc you are literally the most annoying person on b

>Shes smiling in this pic but i see past that face now. I see someone crying and helpless with their situation