Share your grindr experiences

Share your grindr experiences.

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Im currently chatting to some traps, looking forward to getting my dick sucked and fucking them

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another pic

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I find nothing about this image appealing.
What is all the fucking jewelry for? Take off the clothes, take of the jewelry and the fucking wig and have sex. What are all the accessories for? To get in the fucking way?

no pics from it but I lost my anal virginity to a guy on grindr... cont

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I was getting sick of being gay and throwing out all my stuff. right before I did I had a change of heart and dressed up in the gayest thing I could and started looking at grindr for a guy to prove to me I wasnt gay and it was just some fetish or whatever...

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I wore this and god it was super embarrassing. the guy had a hotel and was just visiting ams had a girlfriend and wanted some ass

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it was nerve racking walking into the hotel he stayed at in such gay shit. I got to his room. I didn't even have to knock because the door was open. I walked in and he was a big guy. muscular but heavy set already naked and stroking

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dress like this.

get fucked

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he didnt really say anything but just closed the door behind me and went over to the couch. obviously he spread his legs and wanted me to suck him off a bit before he pounded me. obviously I did...

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sucking him off was ok. he wasnt large by any means but he made me gag. held my head. whatever. it was kinds fun as he really got into it

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eventually he was ready, took me and lead me to the bed which I got down in doggy and pulled my panties down. he put on his condom as i kneeled there waiting on the bed

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it was nice when he finally got behind me and started to put it in. his hand on my lower back. the head of his cock pushing into me. sweet too. he didn't go to fast to start but my god he got really fast

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Usually straight guy, have a GF, turns out I also love dick. Met a guy at his place... He was naked and stroking his huge cock already when he answered the door.

I walked in and got naked and on my knees... He put his cock in my mouth and Immediately turned into a massive cock slut. I fucking loved it. Gagged on it, deep throated, I was hard as fuck too.

He grabbed me and lifted me up and span me round and lubed my ass up. He slid inside and fucked me like a bitch until he blew his load. I came with his cock inside me. Fuck it was hot.

Got fucked by 3 black dudes for some weed.

you might be shocked but
my experience was pretty gay

he really slammed me hard. grabbed hold of my waist and fucked me. I said in my bio to fuck me like a girl and jesus he did. I really swelled up and felt my body going crazy and it ended just as fast... i was hella loud moaning from it and when he finished I was quivering for a bit lol...

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oh fuck thats amazing, im looking to meet more guys who can suck my cock

That you? would smash

I ended up frustrated amd wanting more but he kicked me out. tried to find another guy to smash me that night but they flaked...


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Should I be on grindr? Am I gay boi if I want to rail trap/femboy

oh wow great story,thanks for sharing

nah im straight and im looking for traps on grindr

I met my husband on Grindr

i kept downloading it, chatting to people and uninstalling it but when i was sent away to stay in a hotel alone for work i redownloaded it and i guy messaged me who was in the same hotel. he was uncut which i prefer and sent me pictures, i sent him some of my ass and told him i wanted to try giving him a handjob so he told me his room number. i was really nervous but i went along and he let me in, he was only wearing a towel from the bathroom. he said he had just taken a shower and sat on the bed naked and let me start playing with his cock. he got hard very quickly and i didn't take my eyes off his cock, i just kept playing with his foreskin and after a while he asked me to blow him. I was nervous but wanted to try so i leaned down and sucked the precum from his head and kept sucking as hard as i could, trying my best. after a few minutes he started holding my neck and head and told me to keep sucking. i held his balls while he moved my head as he wanted and after a while, when he was finally close, he held my head in place so he could cum in to my mouth, he didn't let go until his orgasm was completely over. he said i could go but i was so horny i asked if i could use his shower, he let me and i asked him to fuck me, he was horny again at this point and told me to get on my stomach and started fucking me, he spent most of the time pinning me flat on my stomach and going hard, which caused me to bury my face in his pillow but after what felt like ages he told me to flip onto my back and held my hips. this position caused his head to keep hitting my prostate which eventually made me cum on my stomach but he spent a while covering my mouth because i was moaning a lot. i still fap to the memory of lying on my back on his bed, his palm was over my mouth to keep me quiet and his head pushed against my prostate and i couldn't hold it anymore and started oozing cum all over my stomach, i made sure not to or let him touch my cock the whole time

My experience is it's pretty gay

yeah it's me. ty :)

thanks! not my last encounter

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i bought an acrylic pepper mill, damn thing broke the first time i used it.

the salt shaker fits nicely in my ass though, feels great.

Have traded head several times with other married guys in hotels on business. Also have a semi-regular nearby. Contact each other on the app and usually 69 at his place. I fucked him the first time I was there. Condom was kind shitty after I went deep. Just been oral since then.

nice, did it hurt getting fucked for the first time?

Are you that Miku slut from the con two weeks ago? Family bathroom?

LOL yeah. that was a blast ty

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nice cock

Do you/have you found any?

met up with 2 guys at katsucon off grindr and they were one of them

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arranged to meet on monday,im really excited

Heh. You're welcome. Nice ass.

yeah, a lot but i'd given myself prostate orgasms alone. but being in the moment, with his body weight on top of me and feeling his shaft against my skin made me so turned on, i just wanted him to be rough with me. he wasn't super rough but this happened on the second night of my five day work trip so i spent the other three leaving the hotel to meet guys. on the last night i went out to some bars and a club alone and gave someone my age a handjob in the bathroom and then a much older guy a blowjob in his car but i ended up going home with a black guy from a bar, he said his flatmates were at home and when i got there they took turns coming in and out the room using my mouth. they were all black and there were at least four of them in the flat but they put a sleeping mask over my face and most of them came in and didn't say much. i'm pretty sure a few of them came in multiple times but i was either on my knees or on the bed with next to them for a couple of hours and they kept coming in and out and cumming in my mouth. i let them cum in my mouth 10 times between them before i took the mask off and told them i wanted one of them to fuck me because i need to cum. one of them started fucking me with a condom on but finished fairly quickly and i told his friends i wanted them to be rough with me and to not use a condom because i wanted them to cum inside me. i put the sleeping mask back on and i'm not sure which one of them fucked me but he pinned me on the bed and made me cum after 20 minutes or so, his friends took turns using my mouth while he fucked me and i orgasmed while he was pushing my face hard against the bed, but he kept going until his orgasm about 5 minutes later. i got dressed and went back to my hotel

Thought I would join to find out if in bi or not, decided "hey, why not bottom?"

Long story short I left having a mental breakdown, in pain, and disgusted with myself

thanks . nice cock. I've been jerking thinking about it

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>fed up with no sex
>decide to finally try grindr
>took a picture of my incredibly average torso and used it as my portrait
>immediately flooded with messages
>I chose one guy because he was nice, was understanding that it was my first time doing this sort of thing, and let me do things at my own pace
>within an hour of having installed the app, I drove to his apartment, and was fucking his ass (wearing a condom) on his bed and came

It was a great experience, but I've had no yearning to be that bold again. Even though I wore a condom, I had a level of fear that I may've caught something and ended up getting checked out. I'm clean, I just don't want to gamble my health like that again. I want a bf.

hehe, do you ever have thoughts of having a cock in your ass again?

I'm too masculine otherwise I would

Share your story, I'm at the "Find out if" part, convince me not too.


There's not much to share, he barely even put the tip in and the pain instantly hit my brain and sent my into panic mode

>There's not much to share, he barely even put the tip in and the pain instantly hit my brain and sent my into panic mode

you're an idiot. of course it's going to hurt if he just shoves it in before you loosened up. you should've lubed up and fingered/toyed yourself for a little bit before he tried fucking you. It was entirely on you to prepare yourself for his dick.

Well I haven't thought about doing anything gay since, so that advice doesn't help now

By the way, the next day while giving a presentation to about 100 industry executives at the hotel, I felt shit oozing out my still-dilated asshole, and to my horror was leaving a trail of shit/slime on the floor. I skipped through the rest of my presentation and they had the next speaker come up to the front. He had to have noticed the shit trail on the floor. Meanwhile I walked over to sit down while there was some uncomfortable murmuring. Later I went back to my room and saw the shit had soaked through my khakis and left a big shit stain on the back. Everyone must have seen it because I had turned my back to the audience multiple times while I pointed at the slides behind me. It was my worst presentation ever.

I literally said "oh my god" out loud because that first pic is so gross. I guess that's grindr for ya

Average load but i go on from time ro time sucking dick and expecting my face to be glazed

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I downloaded grindr looking for bbc, I hook up with a 9 inch dominican dude every so often, it's great, he's dominant, calls my ass my pussy, tells me to shut up and take it if I struggle a little, and sucking a cock that bit is kind of a fun challenge

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dam sry

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The NSA is keeping records of this

has anyone had luck on grindr with an anonymous/gloryhole type deal? i want to try sucking a cock but i fucking hate guys, like, thats gross.

>be me tranny
>try to hookup
>every single hookup ends with the guy acting weird and rapey

ive had some people tell me to enter their house and lock the door, to go to a park and they'll find me to pick me up, to give them my address s and leave the door open and other shit.

Fake and gay.
Calling a nigger daddy and him not running off towards the sunset?

I’m sorry. You deserve a normal guy. They are out there.

>Spent about a year on and off using the app
>finally found someone i didn't feel too insecure about trying with
>extremely cringy awkward shit happened
>kept talking online though
>I thought he was getting attached, so i broke it off with him badly
>I remember i thought if i was the villain it'd be easier to get over, but i'm just autistic
>I promised to kill myself.
>besides 1 pussy out a year after i'm still clinging on 5 years later
That's all my experience with the app.

ive stopped using grindr and just use tinder now. none of the guys i talked to for 2 months was normal yet on tinder it's completely different in a good way.

I want to try the sissy thing but im not fem. am I screwed?

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Yes. What you need to be a good trap is either perfect genetic lottery, or magic x-men powers.

>flooded with messages
>get flooded with more messages
>realize im playing Russian roulette with my body

A few years ago I was in Florida on business. I heard that there are traps on Grindr there. I downloaded the app and eventually matched with Carrot Top. I had the better part of a bottle of Wild Turkey in me so I said fuck it. He came to my hotel and fucked the absolute shit out of me. He is really strong. I am 6'2 / 190 and he threw me around like a rag-doll. He unloaded in my, gave me a really aggressive handjob, and then he left.

So I probably cant even try it with this body?

I'd say yeah. I'm subpar and far from perfect and defintely have people attack me for it

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what do you mean?

shit talk / hate. you can find someone always since a lot of fakes on grindr

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Very very probably.
If you are a male, 95% chance you dont even have the bones to make one of those kind of crap traps, like the ones with a passable body but muscly legs or shitty face or something.
You gotta either learn to like who you are you kill yourself and hope there's an afterlife that doesn't suck.
Well actually you don't have to do that, as you probably know many people also go for option 3, bad coping mechanisms. And there's about half a dozen predominant types of that.
I'm really just telling you the best bet is accepting who you are

I just want to try it not live that way but I understand

Was grinding gauge blocks once and the fucking wheel exploded. Fact is, grinder I was working on had 8’ magnetic table and was made for bigger jobs. It was okay though. Just switched out a new wheel and was back in biz

Well changing how you look isn't going to change who you are.
A big depression thing for trans people is they thought the sex change would change everything, like moving to the big city, but it just made their lives harder, like affording rent in a big city.

I'd fuck you all day every day

I mean im thinking about the sissy thing but yeah

You did it, depression is over

haha what did I do? lol

i feel this so much


I don't want my fag friends to find out so no. if CL was still around id do stuff

Please be careful:


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Damn this sounds hot. I’ve sucked a couple dudes dicks and had them suck mine, got fucked in the ass once and I want to do it again. I’m misty straight and even have a gf now but I want to be made into a slut

I found my roommate on grindr.
>supposed to be a one night stand, but turned into a three day hangout
>eventually turned into us just hanging out all the time because we liked each other's company and had similar interests
>convinced him to move in when his old roommates kept stiffing him with the bills so they could buy drugs
>now have a cute best friend roommate who makes me lunch every day, plays video games, goes to ren faires and conventions, and is feminine enough to look like a tomboyish girl when we want to date like boyfriend and girlfriend
>been living like this for about 6 years

I fucked a hot trans brazilian chick from grindr. Huge ass and tits. And 8” thick dick. She only let me top her but ever since than ive been wanting to bottom
> fast forward a year
> still no dick since last time
> dl grindr and chat with a married guy that was visiting
Get to his rental and he answers the door fully nude. He invites me in, closes the door behind me and starts by puttinf my hand on his dick. Wasnt big. Probably like 4” hard. He was a pretty jock type looking dude too so it put me off. But long story short he undressed me threw me on my stomach and ate my ass before he fucked me. Lasted about 5 min and i loved every second of it. Still consider myself straight. Guys dont catch my attention. I just like dick. Need me a nice trap/trans


Here’s a twink I’ve been fucking. Met him on Grindr

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We have different definitions of "trap"

Yes i believe that is what is known as a drag queen

That tattoo hngggg

>Be asked to solve technical problem at work
>Google exactly the problem
>Find an interesting tech blog on exactly that problem
>Spend 20 minutes reading said blog
>Preparing solution to work problem
>HR come over to "have a chat" because apparently I've been looking at Grindr's tech blog

can i be your slut?

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my gf made me a grinder profile. we ended up getting drunk one night and she messaged some guy that was near by without telling me. she ended up getting off seeing me mess around with a guy

Grinders are dangerous man one time I had a big 12 inch disk kick off a caterpillar wheel I was deburring and open my hand up, they said I was lucky not to get nerve damage. Left a gnarly scar.

One time my friend brought me some weed to smoke and when he gave it to me to grind it it smelled like someone mixed it with a cherry swisher and my grinder smelled like shit for weeks

I'm now totally into getting pounded by a hung cock and huffing amyl. As soon as the fun starts I turn into a huge slut.

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I live in the Bible belt. The only guys who really talk are older men or engaged men. It's a useless community and I'm a happier person after for quitting Grindr.

were you the bottom?

Last hookup I had was about a month ago. Throat fucked a 20 y/o cross dresser for 20 or so mins. Would stop so I wouldnt cum. Was sitting in a chair and fingered his smooth hole as he slobbered.

Busted nut down throat and left. Was nice but not something I need. Actually into women more, but fags will let you treat them like fucktoys, and dont expect anything in return.

Currently looking for a young twink, 130ish lbs, white with smooth hole. Just moved to a college town and none of them want to fuck a 30 y/o

Got into a threesome with two guys who were roommates after chatting one of them up. Went over expecting to only get fucked by the one guy but his roommate walked in on us when I was in the middle of getting assfucked. Dude didn't even hesitate to pull his cock out and shove it in my mouth. They swapped holes a couple times before blowing their loads down my throat. Fell asleep on their couch because it was too late to drive home once they were done with me and woke up to getting fingered before being fucked on the couch.

damn how did u recover from that? that must have been embarrassing. How old were u at that time. i work in corporate and i would not show up to office again.

I've had a lot of good times come from it, a lot of mediocre times, and a lot of boring and waste of times.

Some that I remember:

1. Met up with 8/10 twink who was visiting from overseas. We were walking along a public trail and talking when he suggested sitting for a while off to the side. We went into the woods just off the trail and immediately started making out. He pulled my dick out, blew me, and swallowed. Went back to his place and I fucked him.

2. Never really been interested in group sex but not opposed either. Got asked to join a foursome at a hotel with what turned out to be two rich dudes and another guy who'd be joining. The first rich dude was a 9 or 10, pretty much exactly my type, short, slightly buff, bubble butt Asian guy. The second rich guy was bigger and objectively handsome but not really my type. The other guy was a very average looking skinny guy. We all laid down together in awkward silence for a minute and then the really hot guy reached up my shorts and started massaging my bulge over my underwear. The other two joined in groping me and we quickly moved into a wide variety of debaucheries that lasted a couple hours. I've also been indifferent to bukkake but the hot guy asked me to do it so I started it and the others followed suit.

3. Met up with a guy to sauna and swim at his apartment and go out for food and drinks. Body a 9 or 10, face was 5ish. A total bottom but he seemed to get off on having some kind of power. Repeatedly pantsed me while in public but I don't know if anyone saw. I did find it arousing but I also instinctively pulled everything up pretty quickly every time. The sex itself was okay.

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you do understand that if this is that guy, this is cp right?



So many young lads on there. Some really hot ones too.

God I Wish this was me!

Going home after a holiday in Orlando. Waiting at the airport with family. Jumped on grindr to see loads of guys at the airport. Chatted to a black guy. Huge cock. Probably about 9 or 10". Met in the toilets and deep throated every inch. Swallowed the load and went back to my family. Thanks America

Wonder how many guys saved it lol

I recently sucked off two dudes at once. I feel disgusting, but whenever I think about I still get fucking hard

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Yeah. Been to a few. Just pop it in and get sucked. Always get drained by a cock slut. They know how to worship cock.

That's hot. Any pics?

Family as in your parents and siblings or family as in your wife and kids?

Met my domme on grindr
Shes trans. I'm trans

She introduces me to crystal meth. Total tina whore all night long
Still spun out 43 hours later.

Gonna do it again

I can smell you from here

>crystal meth
absolute state of trannies

Afraid not

Wife and kids.
Sucked 4 guys while on holiday. All huge cocks


I wouldn't say two trans represent the entire world

i has never been with a man before and one night i finally gave it a shot and matched with a coworker

For those of you that are hesitant. I'm 61, I get plenty of dick to suck off grindr. My only regret is I didn't start sooner. I've been sucking dick since I was 30, (craigslist). I never looked at a guy and said I wish I could suck his dick. But if I see a dick that's a different story. Put on a pair of panties and have fun.

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>I'm 61


30 comes fast, 40 even faster, 50 before you know it. You are all on your way.

Im 20 and have topped a few gays in my smallish Midwest town.

I use it to get head but hate when faggots ask me to fuck them even after I'm upfront about not wanting to fuck.

Mostly time wasters in my experience..

Ive wanted to try being submissive with a guy for years but ive never gone through with it, should I?

I’ve catfished nudes out of 187 guys at in five months. They’re too easy.