Chaotic images

chaotic images

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Hail Eris! Hail Discordia!

Is this the dude that has a house full of dolls? Same expression/Sesame Street hair on all the dolls. I want to say he has them in family photos and shit too.

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AHHH! How would you ever get it out of your eye!?

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alot of sailen water and proper care

pizza time

I fucking hate glitter.
I would freak out if that happened to me.

I've always wanted to take a room, put one coat of paint on the walls every day and see how long it would take before the room couldn't be entered.

cant wait to get into hvac because that 12 hours a day equals to twelve hours of pay
also there is a ghost

you got that from the office

Never watched it. I'm not surprised that I'm not the only one who's thought about it though.

show feet

It would essentially take you forever, as it would take 1000 layers (assuming they don't erode) just to get an inch thick layer. We're near the order of 33 years just to hit a foot.


Here you go. Sorry about the poor quality. It's the only picture of my feet that I've got.

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bullshit, it's not you

Shit. I'd better get started then. I'll use a somewhat smaller room and see if I can do two coats per day or more with fans drying the paint.
I'm Monica Corgan.

hope this isnt my future but I have a feeling

wat is going on

Girls are here, reallly?

timestamp with tits or GTFO

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I can't do that because I'm not Monica Corgan, nor am I a woman.


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What a kek take better stuff faggot

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Is English not your first language?

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That's deep af

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i smoked a whole weed and this thread is destroying my anus

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Patient zero

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sauce on image pls

KEK... True story.

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>the satanic bullshit again

fucking no please

Don't post that shit.

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i hate that :/

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Is it as hot for you as it is for us?

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i hate every single one of these bullshit fear posts

That can't be real, and if it is, I fucking hate it.

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it is real, you mongoloid, and it is even making sounds

don't click on it if you're a faggoty pussy

typical day in canada

wow why are you posting that crap?

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leaked image of Kobe

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I hate coming home after work to my haunted ass house too.

Tell kesha theres free whiskey and dick in your eye.

Cunt I went away for a 6 month trip to the Gulf and came home to a absolutely fucking trashed house cause my wife was “too busy” to clean her mess the kitchen was stacked up and there were half drunk cans of coke she was using as ashtrays so my first two days home I was cleaning, fucking women are so untidy, it’s literally a finite space how hard is it

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it's made by a taxidermist
www adelemorse com /billy-the-goat-kid (dot) html#/

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The audio version is also just Neutral Milk Hotel - Holland, 1945
played slow and then distorted

found a sugar glider in my toilet like that, what a way to go

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That's weird. I found that squirrel like that. So I took the pic. Idk how it got there because it was an unfinished house.

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Pack your shit and get the fuck out

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Holy fucking shit I saved the actually photo from the camera fucking years ago.

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i want to pop them

Poor cow man. :(

fun fact: due to the dust driven by the pressure-wave, survivors of close-proximity blasts end up looking like zombies. the blank, shocked faces contribute to this impression.

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Well post it. Also that fox knows exactly what it's doing.

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Depends on the paint, roller nap etc

A typical coat of paint is 3-7mil thick

There are 1600 mils in an inch

Let's assume a 36" wide hallway with 30" doors and 8 mil layers (valspar Duramax flat applied with a 3/4" nap)

To get to the door side, you need 3 inches
200 coats of paint per inch, that's 600 coats

A tight hallway is 24". That means 3 more inches each side

You're at 1200 coats

To get to 12" wide (uncomfortable squeeze for most people), you have to double that

So 2400 coats

If the hallway is 8.5' tall by 3' wide by 5' long, that's 100sqft/coat

At 8mil thickness you're at 200 sqft/gallon

That's 1200 gallons

At $190 per 5 gallon pail, you'd spend $45600 on the paint alone and at least another $1200 on roller covers bought wholesale

Is $47000 and 3.5 years worth the memes???

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can someone please explain this
I really hope this isn't a real image of a man shoving a baby up his ass

thanks i hate it

don't worry man, it's most likely in shock and didn't feel much pain

I don't find this one chaotic at all. I actually find it really moving...I don't know why.

ofcourse not, it is a man giving birth to a beautiful dead baby.

seriously what the fuck is this


I'm oddly somewhat aroused by this and I can't explain why..

first one to actually make me gag a little


Kesha, now theres a call back

You're welcome user. Sadly, it's the only image of it's type I have.

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I think I just figured out why..

Seems like an image of a guy with his girlfriend and he's just doing weird things with to her body. As someone with many twisted kinks for different body parts this one brings it around full circle without even getting the least bit sexual

Hitler in little nicky

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this is why i love this place

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double pussy gets me dubs

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and this, my friends, is why you dont get married, she stops caring and lets herself go, meanwhile you beat your head against the wall everyday trying to make a living for you and your leech.

Dubz of truth

what incident are these from??

ho ho ho you must mean amerifat

You two should go out sometime.


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*All hail Discordia.

Lrn2/rule of 5

Great cover album

Poor bastard was hit by a train

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hes just napping, he will be okay

Look! Henry's come to see us!


i thought some of these images were really cool.
good thread.

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This is so cursed

Fake and gay

gay millenial art isn't chaotic

This shits crazy... fuck is wrong with this dude.

get the fuck outta here with that norp meme


Hims a hungry boy.

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Very insightful Cred Forumsrethren, i appreciate you.

kobe -basketball -bryant -sneakers -nike

This looks like a great place to explore with some Acid, or mushrooms.

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Well no shit, I wanna know how the taste gets acquired lol.. his wife miscarries and then he goes "ah fuck i just take it and eat it with fry ry" and then he finds his everlasting love for boiled infant stew.

happened to me once as a kid. Literally had to cut across my nail cause it couldnt be pulled out

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That's a beer, not whiskey

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There goes my's been awhile since something has been posted on Cred Forums that really fucked with me

Totally plausable. I'm accepting your post as fact.

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It's a dead baby being shoved in his ass.

Yummy yummy in my tummi :) I so wanna swallow all those nails! I love the feeling of them just scratching my throat from inside :3 sorry im weird uwu lol

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Here's a bear not a beer.

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cant forget the hairs in his mouth too. would you swallow it with or without water? so bascially, chew or no chew of the nails?

God that's miserable to watch. The final minute of your one chance of experiencing consciousness in this universe, and it's spent experiencing nigh-literally incomprehensible, pure agony, physically and emotionally.

I fucking hate samuel so much

Very good!
How astute...


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Try the crab raccoons.

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Bumping because I want this thread to live on.

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i mean, other than the pitchfork tines that are lodged in there, that's a pretty sweet ass

we really need to start killing the infected off or find a cure

where is this from

Second Chechen War

wait is this white bitch now black

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Fun fact: there is a man alive today that was there for both the bombs


Fun fact 2008 was 20 years ago

fuck i feel old now

Confused someone explain?

Didn't Seinfeld do a similar joke
>"every time I paint I can feel the walls closing in. I don't even have power points anymore, I just look for two depressions in the paint and plug things in there"

Who threw their beaver in the tub

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ya gotta wash ur beaver


Wash your penis

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Cred Forums

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Noodle dick

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skidaddle skidoodle

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he do have a point

Her pussy game must be mad if he's still with her.

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I'm gone for two hours and all you guys can muster is six images. You all suck fucking dick at this.

Can you convert that to metric?

No, he said it look like a pig pushing its nose through the wall or some shit.

Saving this one dad will love it lololol

Fuck, new fetish, more girls with stuff in their eye ?

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there's not a single human in the picture, so how can it be gay?

Looks like this thread is dying, was nice posting with y'all. Have a good/day night anons.
OP out

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The Flea. Real poetry nibbas will know how it be.

its not making sounds you fucking nigger. its shitty background noise distorted

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How do you get 1600 mils in an inch? Shouldn't it be 1000?

>good thread
you gotta watch out for dem beans

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This is rumen, cow's probably.

Now that's some chaos

That cartridge does not belong in that gun. Also dubs checked.

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I use to do this in school with sherbet

There was a Russian dude in my APUSH class who did it with crushed up icebreaker mints. He was the fucking maddest of lads.

The weed is legal. The DUI not so much

This is correct

>What do you expect from a painter?

No one cares who plays bass anyway

Unless it's Tom Araya.

yo imma rip my juul rn

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Hail Eris! They knew the curse of greyface before it was a meme.

Two bit hillbilly trash


Not a pic but still spooky

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To this day, it's the most confusing thing I've ever seen

Facts. As a GF/fiance, my ex was damn near perfect. As a wife, it's like a fucking switched flipped. I gave her many opportunities to improve herself and nothing came of it. After coming home from work many times and seeing this, I had enough.

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it's a painting

Your content is weak.

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Some dumb creepy pasta that makes fuck all sense. I'm failing to see what's so Stanantic
about it

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When putting in a new drain, why didn't they remove the putty around the rim?

Thats true I ve see it from my eyes. Disgusting asian people

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good gif

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Happy to please bruv

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they're retarded. It's a shoop of a woman giving birth.

Release the Cracoon!

I want to cum inside Eris

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Haha I bought that issue, early 2000's. Me and my mate were laughing at how gross she was. She lived in my town too, used to see her riding the bus.

That motherfucker gonna die

no he got it the other way around

I just spent the last half hour looking for the OG sauce on this GIF and farthest back I got was January 5th, 2010.

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Deer cancer? Or is this like a known deer epidemic?

Good post. Valspar dries in an hour under good conditions. Assuming you’re not cutting in etc and just rolling on you could do a coat every 2 hours.

This is what happens when you cum in the shower drain

What a fucking retard I am. I actually tried for a second to do this.

>when you only want a hot toast and your autistic brother crawls in

ok bureaucrat

Dude if you don't have kids with her run mtfk run.