What’s the big deal? It’s only a sticker

What’s the big deal? It’s only a sticker

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It isn't a big deal, just another internet controversy that will blow over in a few days

speaks to the tremendous cowardice and small mental stature of alt rightists that they need to sexualize Greta in order to diminish her because they're intimidated by her

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Or, you know, it is just funny and nothing more.

Y'know except it's only funny to those who have a vested interest in discredting a "cuhhrraazy librul shill" climate activist. Otherwise there's nothing funny about it.

I was like it can be anybody even the Wendy’s girl but then I saw it had her name lol

>honey they're just jealous or intimidated by you

That's what you tell children to make them feel better.

using unnecessarily big words to appear smart makes you appear to be a fucking retard you are aware of that right?

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if you think any of the words I used are "unnecessarily big" then your vocabulary is just shit

I didn't use any words above a fucking 8th grade reading level

Haha child porn kinda haha

Surely this isn't trying to imply that that's her?

Lefties thinking they could doxx the guy but he's going to get mad business from this.

it's not a child you histrionic low-iq faggot

There's not much to discredit when you're just parroting things.

you mean drawing attention to the established science that global elites ignore? yeah.

imagine being so stupid that a teenager states a scientific fact, and the response you have is to commit statutory rape as revenge

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that is implied seual act on someone that is def underage in america

The hair looks like shit.

what scientific fact, and how is anyone commit statutory rape?

Fuck off with your questions.

better check age limits in the south bro cause she aint

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if only her body was that good shes a tard thus she eats shit and is shaped like a chicken nugget

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>Yeah, go fuck off with your questions retard
How dense are you?

I just thought it meant like a typical germanic hairstyle. Really think you only think of the child if you're a pedo.

It's interesting that people get angry at this for attacking a child but when people ask why we're listening to a child with regards to the global economy they scream that she's a bright young woman.


shes's legal beagle in half a dozen states

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It's clearly not a child in the photo. I think you're trying to push her onto this thread. Which is pretty sick.

using 8th grade words is a dumb idea...then you can't get the girls in the 7th grade...

Can't someone just want to fuck a bitch?

if that's all this was then sure, but we both know it isn't

>think of the child
shes a child? also think of the children also never said anything about a child but someone underage

She’s 17 is she not?

The hands in the photo are probably the same size of the woman being plowed. Please stop insinuating falsehoods.

Touched a nerve pedo. Sorry you're the only one on here with a boner for a twelve year old.

>the name is greta is on the fucking sticker

>calling out facts is a pedo move
>repubs calling dems pedos because of pizza
>jeffery epstein

Right, there was no reference to Greta there.

It's the most common girl name in Germany you imbecile. It's a German hairstyle. The problem is that people are implying pedophilia and attempting to demonize ideology though bait that perpetuates the thing they are in fact implying.

Then why add the company name.. it’s offensive

Here consent is 16 but only if your within 7 years in age if the person is under 18. Plus who wants to fuck a kid. I'm not a priest

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ud have to be retarded to think that greta looks like that
like cmon thats a twenty five year old body of an olympic athlete


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Not unless you WANT there to be.

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I have nothing against the girl, i also don't need a teen telling me the climate is fucked. I a.ready know that. And that sticker is just as funny to me as to any other person that isn't hell bend into protecting his message from everything.

Yes imaginary pictures of a 17 year old is child porn. Neck yourself

>Cred Forums
>OnLy OnE hErE wItH a BoNeR fOr A tWeLvE yEaR oLd
go back to red dit you fucking faggot

colorado and north carolina have no such restiction you hit 17 you are solid even if your bf is 72

Typical backass liberal bs.

you know that chick looks like cammy


why is it funny?

I fucked 14yo and that pussy was the thightest thing i ever fucked. No adult has come anywhere near.

You know some of us draw the line at pedophilia. This isn't Hollywood for Christ's sake.

Shoot the pedophiles

A number of reasons, but this is my main one.
Because you know it is going to piss off a lot of people with a few squiggy lines. That is generally pretty funny.

But where is the pedophilia then?

so triggered libs basically

thanks for proving my point

If i am correct and still talking to the same brainlet.
This was your point:Y'know except it's only funny to those who have a vested interest in discredting a "cuhhrraazy librul shill" climate activist. Otherwise there's nothing funny about it.

So unless you changed your point, or you haven't told me your point was triggered libs, nothing is proven.

I am a liberal in most of the cases myself, it is the irrational ones that get triggered by drawings (as an example) that i find very funny.


any more like these? Really like busting a nut thinking about my little planet saving goddess

As soon as she turns 18 she should make a porn called 'Save The Planet, Destroy My Pussy; where she goes around convincing people to change their stance on climate change with her cute body. Shit would be cash.

Especially because her body will still look like a 12yo. Legal pedo shit sells like hot cakes.

Eh maybe you're for real but you share a sense of humor with retards that think the earth is flat and that global warming doesn't exist because winter

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Yeah she just needs a good DICK right stupid wamen amirite?

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