Hows your country coping?

Hows your country coping?

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We have done nothing. I have family that works at the airport and they ask people if they have been to China. If they say no, they move along. No changes, no banned flights. Toronto is loaded with Chinese (only Vancouver is worse) and there is no chance that we aren't filled with the infected who simply haven't been discovered.

I hope this crashes the global economy, kills most of the Chinese as they are the ones who are ruining this entire planet, and resets the housing market. I really do.

UK north
No one cares

>implying that anyone has to do anything about a virus that's not even as deadly as the regular flu virus.

how are the chinese ruining the planet?

Unmitigated pollution, endless meddling in foreign governments, buying up entire cities worth of real estate and pushing out residents, establishing surveillance states abroad, attempting to cover up an outbreak of a deadly disease only to allow it to spread throughout the globe due to weeks of inaction, purchasing and enslaving foreigners to extract their natural resources, rewriting maps to take territory they do not own, establishing a stranglehold on foreign media to push their agenda, and setting up blatantly uneven trade policies. To name a few.

The Chinese are the greatest threat to humanity today.

We're building a wall to keep the Mexicans out

>that's not even as deadly as the regular flu virus.

It's actually 100x as deadly but whatever

How would it reset the housing market?

Califag here

We are secretly hoping the virus finishes off the smokers, fat diabetics, and the elderly.

Actually would be a net positive

A crashed global economy will do that. It's a bonus here because the Chinese leaving will cut sales by about 20% and lower prices further.

my country is ran by an idiot,so im sure it'll be an epidemic sooner or later

>to keep the Mexicans out
but who will bury our dead?

if only coronavirus only targeted gays and liberals,then your state might actually be a decent state

>my country
Canada has no idea how to control a disease

>Rewriting maps to take territory they do not own
Sounds like Israel to me son.

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More than one country can be putrid.

First fucking thing we did was start talking about how avoiding Chinese people is racist and we shouldn't do it, just get the disease and don't be rude.

Nothing happened at Tiananmen Square in 1989. Just an ordinary day

>if only
but it isn't
the virus is targeted toward the weak, uneducated idiots with low IQs.
It's natural selection working in real time.
kinda cool actually

at least their leader isnt a fat retard like america's

Weak bioweapon only getting by with having people incant it's name all day long.

Yes Sir, please elaborate on the Chinese ruining the planet. I'm genuinely curious

You mean chinamen square?


>uneducated idiots with low iq's

then how come its in china instead of killing american's who support donald trump

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he says,while the only thing he knows about tiananmen square came out of the mouth of his liberal college professor

trump's hands are to small to slap somebody.besides,this is the same pussy who dodged the vietnam draft,if only america elected a real man as president.not some whimpy liberal cuck like donald trump

In China they are burning bodies in the streets

I’m in the USA my President says its a nothing burger and the stocks are going to rebound. I’m safe

We had the first death outside of the reds
but the news around's been mostly about being precautions about it and travel bans

CDC estimated 34,000 deaths from influenza last year. Wuhan has claimed about 3,000. 34k>3k

They cremate bodies all the time. There's no space for grave yards KEK

>then how come its in china
Because China is filled with tards.
They have alot of smokers who are being culled by the virus.

Just you wait until the virus reaches the populations of TX and MO. You'll see mountains of dead diabetic smokers. I don't think there will be a red state after the 'cleansing'.

Got a source for this?
I hear everywhere that it is just as lethal as any flu yet the Chinese and Italians are freaking out over it.

>influenza last year.

>doesn't realize Corona is only 2 months old

your president also bankrupted a casino

>filled with tards

america is the dumbest country on earth

also,you make it sound like red states are bad when they gave you a pile of liberal shit that has ran the country for 4 years

Killing off the old, weak and infirm is what the country needs. I’m happy with the half assed response Trump is giving.

No it isn't
You've only been hearing about it endlessly for that long
The first cases in Wuhan were a lot further back

Give the virus the same amount of time than last year's flu before you compare those numbers
For the short time that sure is a lot of bodies

>Got a source for this?

Fuk you. Literally 1st search result:

and for the soon to be ded stupid:
So far this flu season, about 0.05% of people who caught the flu have died from the virus in the U.S., according to CDC data.

The death rate for COVID-19 appears to be higher than that of the flu.

In the study published Feb. 18 in the China CDC Weekly, researchers found a death rate from COVID-19 to be around 2.3% in mainland China.

so yeah.... alot more than 100x

bye bye retards


That's less than 100x

So 3,000 in 2 months? At this rate it'll take 18,000 which is still less (but it wont do this as the death toll is nearing plateau)

Thank you man

>america is the dumbest country on earth

ya brosky.
I guess we just got lucky with the whole Silicon Valley thing
We actually stole the stealth bomber idea from the Brazilians

Netherlands has 7 cases now.

People are ill prepared.
Dutch people dont like to visit the doctor even when serious.
No one cleans the public transport proper. Streets are busy whatever cataclysm happends...

Were doomd

Ok. That didn't really say how long the virus has been around, but whatever

>as the death toll is nearing plateau

Wasnt that the day there was a noodle store giving away free ramen near the forbidden palace?

America here,
We’ll just shoot anybody on site that looks even remotely ill. Burn the body in a shallow grave and plant some corn on top of it. No issues here.

>doesnt realize that americans wont know shit because they only get their information from their idiot presidents twitter account

an educated country would of handled this already,but america is a country of of course they are going to infect everyone because they cant even do a quarantine right

>an educated country would of handled this already

just wait user
this shit is just getting started

are you retarded? you are ignoring countless other factors. number infected vs. number died, for example.

No, it's already over
We all died from bird flu and swine flu and now we all die from beer flu
Super scary

nah,its only a threat to countrys with morons like america

you'll see all these anti vaxxer bible thumping morons screw it up.they already failed when they brought everyone back from china who was there

sadly,trump supporters will still find a way to blame hillary or obama on it.its sad that obama supporters blamed everything on bush while trump supporters do the same shit and blame it all on obama or the media

Of course you are.

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You're ignoring the number of infected recovered
If you use known infected vs infected deaths, you're going to get a wildly inflated death rate
Don't fall for clickbait numbers

there's numerous control groups in quarantine. death rate looks fairly accurate.

****similar counties****
They only compared the border counties to big counties like Chicago and New York.

Not to ALL the counties of the US.

Which btw is where all the niggers live

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I’m loving this chaos Finally something crazy happens in my lifetime

Fooled me, too. I thought he was talking about the United Snakes.

It’s white American man-made coronavirus, not Chinese. They have been eating bullshit and weird fucked up food for fucking years

...and keeping MS-13 in!

whatever gets you to sleep at night

Coronavirus is killing everyone and im happy

is this normal?

Virus spread in a fashion that is often exponential. A regular, linear function is highly unlikely.

You don't know what a control group is do you?


Ye, everybody is a piece of shit they deserve it

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Why would I be scared when I've already been killed twice before by virus outbreaks, died when the world ended in 2000, and again in 2012
As the old saying goes
"Fool me once shame on you
You fool me.... You can't get fooled again"

I don't think you do. lol

And how did they collect the data for this graph and what way did they identify someone for being a gang member? For example you are technically a heavy-hitting gang member of the “Faggots”

Everything you've heard about this so called pandemic is a lie.

are you a scientologist or something?

Fucks sake user
Please look up what a control group is, then realize why it would be illegal and immoral for there to be human control groups in this situation

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>Not falling for media hype means I am a scientologist

We are all going to die and i’m happy

I can’t wait until it mutates making it deadlier

every new infection is a possibility for mutation

>Lots of people die
>Lower population
>More houses than people
>Free houses

>illegal and immoral
Words that have lost their meaning of late.

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34,000 is larger than 3,000

I like how you assume "control group" always means what it means with drug trials


My dad sent me a post about a lady who came from Spain, infected with the virus. So I woke up early and went straight to buy the supplies. People already were buying masks and alcohol soap. Hours later the city went nuts and all the masks were gone. This was the first day of the virus in my country lol

This is bait

Today* is the first day of the encounter with the virus in my country

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I've had pneumonia before for a month straight so corona really doesn't bother me.

its funny how only the shit hole countrys are the ones buying all this shit.because the educated ones are smart enough to ban travel to and from the areas infected with coronavirus

i hope trump supporting communities are the ones who get effected the morons deserve it for picking a president who has took a shit all over the constitution

Not drug trials, but any science or medicine studies.
This is why I claimed that you dont know what a control group is

Stop posting you retard
Just look up what it is, realize you're an idiot, then either admit you're an idiot or pretend you need said it in the first place

my parents bought five 2-packs of 3M 8511 N95 masks with a respirator. this is fucking tucson and we appreciate lots of open space and sparse population. i'm not worried. they told me to take one 2-pack. i don't know how much five 2-packs cost but i doubt they were THAT expensive but assholes are selling a single on ebay for 25 bucks.

Can you explain what you think a control group is?

what does your liberal agenda have to do with Ecuador? Yeah, this country is shit so what. I still make my money to live well and travel once a year.

>liberal agenda

lol,it was trump and republicans that are the ones who started calling foreign countrys shit holes.maybe you should stop watching hee haw and go back to school and get a better education kid

What a retard. Lol
They arent deliberately infecting people then locking them up with uninfected to study the spread and lethality of infection
Go potato somewhere else

>so corona really doesn't bother me.

That's like saying: I survived a car crash so I'm immune from dying from car accidents

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A control group is a group separated from the rest of the experiment such that the independent variable being tested cannot influence the results. This isolates the independent variable's effects on the experiment and can help rule out alternative explanations of the experimental results.

i've been in a 27 car pileup with a log truck where i got pinned down and crushed into a 2 inch square area so i'm not scared of bumper cars

Which can only occur if the conditions of infection are known, which can only occur with intentional infection.

this user clearly has a biology degree!

Yet no deaths in canada

you guys are ignoring the fact that half of america never pays attention to the media and only focus's on the bullshit they hear from their presidents twitter account.regardless how bad this is,they wont ever know whats really going on anyway

You're calling quarantine a control group
It isn't

>implying other countries haven't done this do a greater degree already

50 people showing symptoms in quarantine. 1 dies. 2% death rate for people who show symptoms.

Now explain how one would do this in the context of quarantined humans to get a result?

That's just recording death rates of those in quarantine.
It's not a control group
It's not even controlled
It's almost the opposite of controlled, because quarantine itself will always lead to much higher and prolonged, and close proximity exposure to infected people.

That's not a control group

>they wont ever know whats really going on

That's actually good because you don't want them to start to panic

It is when you compare it to international numbers. if you are trying to prove if the death rate is accurate, you've got confirmed cases that are being treated by doctors. It removes the "not everyone reports illness" element

Chile here.
No outbreak yet here, but there's an established protocol to deal with Coronavirus (suspicious people and flights at the airports and ports are screened) once it appears
People is quite disciplined and accustomed to emergencies here: after all, we're used to have a cataclysmic earthquake every now and then, plus the usual tsunami (we've had 4 in the last 10 years), volcanic eruptions and drunken, Cthulhu and resuming normal life the day right after that, so a pandemic would be just anecdotic.
Right now we are busy with a Revolution too, which is due to resume again (after the summer vacation for most fighters) on Monday at 0800, so Chinese pests aren't our main concern.

Related photo: one of the tall buildings fallen exactly 10 years ago here, on Feb. 27 2010, 20 blocks from where I am writing this, on the second most destructive earthquake recorded by human History (the most destructive was also in Chile)
BTW, it was built by a childhood friend from my neighborhood (I buttfucked his curly dark haired sister a few times and long ago)

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>Yet no deaths in canada

Quarantine is not in any way a control group, and measuring death rates to known infected in no way gives an accurate number.
Viruses are often asymptomatic, so as many or more people become infected and recover without ever knowing they were even sick. Using only confirmed infected means you are basing the death rate solely from those that have the worst reactions to the virus.
The number is wildly inflated by that method

ok boomer

could be really serious if folks in North Korea start spreading it in their country. Lots of malnourished people could cause a lot of deaths in their country.

I hope Corona virus kills all the white people and they become minorities

>kills all the white people and they become minorities

retard lol

Look at the housing market in Vancouver

Ah lubs me sum stissicks, ah shurely do.

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all of us that were in China are in military quarentine zones, then a Italian fucker came here to party last week,spent 4 days on the biggest metropolis of the country, turns out the fucker had Corona, for now the country is ok but people are starting to stock supplies.
btw this is Brazil

No, actually he never implies that at all. Obvious misdirection is obvious. It's also an admission that you believe everything he said if factually accurate.

You do have the best parties.

I heard the ancient buildings hold up much better than our modern shit.

im in king county, WA (the one where the death happened)
hopefully school gets cancelled, i know plenty of other schools canceled
WA declared state of emergency

i'm in the us and it doesn't even seem like a big deal yet. the recoveries are increasingly outpacing the mortalities every single day.

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They ruin by “dumping” and by accepting communism. Look up “market dumping”

how bout look up ur ass