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NOBODY can provide a logical argument against besitality... because it doesnt exist.

I challenge all to reasaonably and logically debate against bestiality without religion or lies. It is impossible to do.

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you're a faggot

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stay in your own thread

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Kik Ladiousisbad to trade zoo

illogical arguments... again based on your own conclusion bating.,

Prove me wrong fagoets

Like and share if you agree

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A tribal wolf not to be taking lightly :3

Respectfully requesting some bondage/BDSM pics

drink paint

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Mrrrr grr mrr

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so basically all furries are way into pic related, droping DEEEP sperm inside endless clamping depth of pussies after pussy. Because there's always the next one waiting. Furry lifestyle.


all furries are closet zoos

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You all need to be on a tight leash :3

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Closest is uber safe

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Thank you. :3


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no u

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Lick her nice cake :3

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Hmmm got anything with a more wolfy kinda dog?

i sleep



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have a good night

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Noice feet

i really really like this picture my friend

Good night

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i really wanna eat some cow pussy ://

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Makes humans and the animals involved want sex, distracting from important stuff like work and opening up problems like animals behaving inappropriately around humans, spread of diseases, and the normalization factor might create a new kind of animal abuse ring and that's the central issue that this would spawn.

nice bait though, made me argue

So what?

The bondage is appreciated and more is always better. :3

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this faggot thinking insults are arguments bruh get a job

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Woof woof I like you :3

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the best kind of milk ;3

what to eat?

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french toast

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I don't have any bread

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Please don't ruin the thread. People that are into furries are not automatically into fucking dogs dude.

Pizza. And nice 420 get too.

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oewrduigfh bed

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little late to order pizza, dunno if they're still open for delivery

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Oh right, damn. Yeah I'm not good with food suggestions, sorry. Pasta maybe?

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Mrrr ruff ruff

pasta is easy enough

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animals can't give informed consent and it sucks :

most pizza places deliver late on saturdays

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Grrr ruff! Woof !’ Woof! Woof! >:3

S fur discord

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i think you're actually right, oh well

just whipped up some pasta with peas, it's tasty

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I wish I were a beautiful woman like that :(

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I’d be terrified yet horny at the same time :3

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Howdy dude. Hows it going?

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Hey man, what's up?

I g ot back from Okinawa and really just wish I wasn't here right now. I need some time away from everyone else but I've been go go go go go for the last three weeks since coming back from Tokyo

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Not a whole lot. Helped my old man get a new dryer, and I'm pretty sure a dude is coming to get rid of my jeep today so that'll be nice. I also start 10 hour shifts tonight

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Congratulations of finally getting rid of the jeep, and sorry about work. That sucks man

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Yea not looking forward to it since I'm pretty sure we'll be working overtime to make up for getting rid of an entire shift. Also have to start the line up every shift now is gonna make our scrap and downtime go through the roof

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Yeah that sounds kinda like ass man. Fuck that.

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Worst part is when management finally realizes that we can't keep up, we don't have enough people to go back to 3 shifts unless we manage to hire a whole raft of people in the next few months, and even then we would probably like 3 people. We literally go through 10 new people before one stays, and half the time they quit shortly after anyways

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is it okay to ask for some tickle tortured fur? :)

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Small business problems at their finest. That's exactly how my last place went. You throw mud and hope any of it sticks while everyone else gets worked half to death

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How is she so perfect

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Preach it brother

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I'd wife her if I could

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Hnnnng fuck yea

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Maybe get a new collar that says wife instead of pet but we can work on that

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Wife in public and pet in the sheets

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I want to go to sleep like that picture every night

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Never forget lots of belly rubs though

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Fuck I really don't want to go get dinner

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