Why aren't niggers voting for Bernie?

Why aren't niggers voting for Bernie?

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Except they are thread.

Then why did Biden win the SC primary, you fucking retard?

I’m voting Trump 2020

He’s is handling the coronavirus threat seriously and taking care of stocks at the same time. Bernie cant even hold a mic without some sheboon taking it away from him.

Joe wins a single primary thus wins the entire black vote... retard thread time.

Bernie is also full of shit, complains about capitalism day and night despite the fact he became a fucking millionaire under this system. You gotta love how it's so bad until you benefit from it.

You said blacks are voting for Bernie. Yet he lost in SC tonight. That proves what you said was bullshit. Now please, go be a fucking clown elsewhere.

Loses one state so entire black vote is lost, time for a retard post.

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There are black people outside of South Carolina if you haven’t checked.

Bernie appeals to miserable urban whites. Warren appeals to miserable urban white misandrists. Neither one of them is even slightly representative of America.

So Bernie is going to win every other southern state? This must be fun for you, acting like a fucking dumbass

The 3 states before SC had a black population that was less than 10%. Are you fucking stupid or just acting stupid?

Bernie appeals to the lowest denominator, like all democrats

>look for "D"
>put mark next to it

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Because noone should vote for Bernie

No. He probably won’t because he’s too far left, but they were never going to vote for him in the final elections anyway... so who gives a shit?

Niggers dont vote.

Then why the fuck are you saying niggers are voting for him? Are you fucking lost?

your mom's looking for the "D" for free

“They” refers to the southern vote not black people.

Criminals aren’t allowed to vote

they aren't people.

only people can vote.

Legit can't tell if these are jokes. What a time to be alive.

How is what I said a joke? It's completely true and Bernie should go fucking live in Cuba if he thinks everything is so great over there

The subject at hand is niggers though. So you're just retarded?

Again. Since you’re denser than granite. Losing a single state doesn’t mean he’s losing the black vote. There are other states w/ black people. I honestly don’t know how to lay this out for you any other way. Sorry you’re retarded bud.

They are voting for the guy who worked with Obama because those were the glory days. They're literally too stupid to vote for the guy who will give them even more handouts.

So which states is he gonna win with large numbers of blacks living there?

This is pretty much what i was thinking

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Niggers voting for Jews? I don’t think so. They’d sooner vote for slave owners than Jews.

DC, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, New York....

If he wins those states it'll be IN SPITE of the niggers living there

#noactualarguement...Lol. It really is tough being retarded.

I was down with bernie until he lost the election on purpose to give it to hillary and said white people don't know what its like to be poor. he is a puppet who will do whatever for his handlers

Black people like other black people or strong leaders.

Bernie is neither. He's a weak introverted shy Jew who just lets people steal the mic from him


mf'rs cant really e voting for this clown?

Even niggers are smart enough to know when they're being lied to.

This is true. I have been voting for years. Never see a black person voting.

because hurr durr biden was obama's VP so that excuses his 40 years of voting for racist laws!

wy peepo no good

there to busy eating popeyes chicken sandwhiches

I'm a criminal. I am allowed to vote.

cause Me-maw likes Biden's charm and don't care bout the issues

there are basically zero black people in IA or NH and few enough in NV that he could win without them

Thing is, niggers are so dumb they're voting against their own best interests. Right now, they're more successful than ever thanks to affirmative action and equal opportunity, and other protections (privilege} laws, as well as being given the massively disproportionate handouts from social net programs. The Jew controlled mainstream media has also overhyped them up on all forms of entertainment as being the pinnacle such as sports, music, and culturally related spectacles. Goldstein productions has also jammed them down everyone's throats on the internet everywhere you look on social media and even the porn industry by starting urban legends about their supposed virility. Why the fuck would they vote for someone like Bernie who's going to change the way things are when they've been given a free ride, a path so easy they could literally coast and still be swimming in success and white women? Thing is, if Bernie wins, poor whites will out compete them again based on their merits and we simply cannot have that.

Not to mention these dumb fucking niggers also have 25 percentage points of 100 lower university entrance standards. Absolutely fucking ridiculous.

These people are so fucking stupid they have a 30 point lower average IQ than the other races. It has also been observed that they have 10-20% smaller brain capacity. Coincidentally it was recently discovered that they had DNA admixture from at LEAST 3 archaic hominids, potentially Homo Erectus, Homo Heidelbergensis, & most hopefully not, Homo Naledi and possibly even others. It was also discovered that most sub-saharan blacks are 10-30% European which was discovered because it was found they also had Neanderthal DNA which came from European or Middle easterners who had colonized the whole of Africa some 4 thousand years ago which resulted in "European genetic backflow".

Young people didn't vote in SC. 70% of the voters were 45+ Bernie won young Black voters in SC

It's so fucking racist to imply blacks vote together

This state hasn't been blue for 50 years and its most famous democrat is Strom Thurmond.

Probably why with its poverty, lower life expectancy and unsettling crime rate , South Carolina ranks as the eighth worst state in the nation

That's basically what the Democrats are saying though

They don't like free shit.

Meanwhile, the Bell Curve proved that environment is non-factorial regarding their lower IQ's. They're simply fucking that much dumber, statistically proven. Look at these people. They're part Homo Naledi, who had 20% the Cranial capacity as modern humans. This is why niggers gonna nig right fucking here.

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No they love free shit. Problem is the free shit Bernie is offering is the free shit most of them are already getting. Free food, free rent, free medical, and if you're not a complete beanbag, free college.

What you guys need is a free helicopter ride

This is the true ancestor of all modern living niggers. Take a real good look at it. Also, this.

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pretty sure the first slave owners WERE jews user, sold by their own people to fucking jews

The sound of your helicopter is bot, bot ,bot, bot, bot, bot

Because niggers are more intelligent than Bernie bros.

Bernie is a lying jew fuck who didn't get a real job until 40.

Well i sexually identify as a russian attack helicopter and i just love dropping hot sticky loads on chinese gooks

>became a fucking millionaire
He's an old man. Give him a break.

>implying blacks get jobs

ah hahahahahaha

>appeals to the lowest denominator
And this guy doesn't?

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but you still dont have a real job...whats your excuse, pussbag?

Pretty sure burnie bros are fucking tanky spazzes
who get cucked by wahmen on a regular basis, even niggers know not to do that

Niggers are on the Trump train now
MAGA 2020

>Implying niggers know anything
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what exactly DO they know? Anything?

based chad nigger vs cucked virgin wh*te b*i

they don't let themselves get cucked by hoes tho, your point is, user?

It's simply really. Most black people are poor and hate the government. Bernie wants to make them poorer despite what he says and stick the government far up their asses, thus most won't vote for him. Plus he's a white old jew that hates Jews and rather hang with straight up Islamist. Black people hate people who hate their own. They think it's disgusting and that comes from the pride they have of their own.

>Spotted the Naledi/Symapthizer
Here u go I found a picture of your people's ancestors. Thought I'd leave it here.

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Blacks are also allegedly voting for Bloomberg too. This suggests they're too stupid to figure out who the slave drivers are.

Wow they're capable of the idea me want snu snu! They're bound to discover civilization at this rate.

Except they came from Ancient Egyptians, so they wuz Kangz and shiet

Niggers don't like free shit? On what fucking planet?

They want to steal shit, not have it given to them

The point is this "old man" would've remained a broke piece of shit in a socialist/communist country, but he wants to fucking complain

>Black people hate the government
LOL, good one. Next you'll tell us that niggers all wanna work.

Why do they collect welfare and food stamps then?


Handouts are for wh*te P*ssies who can't get a job, like you fat fucks

He's offering them social justice, prison reform, and fair wages. But what they really want is Popeye's chicken.

the point is you got your ass handed to you a while back boris

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>go dilate in a gulag faggot

Oh ok, you're a fucking nigger yourself. That explains your fucking stupidity. If only your nigger father was around in your fucking life, maybe you wouldn't be such a failure.

Right, the anyone who isn't a fucking faggot like me is Russian argument. I can't imagine being a grown ass man and voting democrat, let alone still falling for their bullshit like you do. What's it like being such a faggot?

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Says the nigger living off of welfare. Neck yourself.
I found one of your people in their natural environment

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jokes on u niggah, i already have a job, and my daddy raised me right
*cue bruh moment*

>durr burnie has zillions a dollars durr he cant run
literal russian faggotry

>Implying trump supporters aren't real

If I were a Trumper, I wouldn't admit it because I'd (rightfully) get beat up.

Except for Kanye, you can't beat up fellow niggas

Lmao sure thing Tyrone. Maybe if you Naledi's domesticated yourselves a little you'd be taken seriously instead of acting on base instinctual impulses 24/7. Naledi boy.

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So all the people going to his rallies?

This is now a Naledi thread. Look at this comparison chart, niggers have just as much in common with chimplike bipeds as they do with modern humans, if not more. Fucking Naledis.

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Biden is tied to Obama.
Biden isn't an old Jew.

Reguardless, in November SC will be red.

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except i am domesticated, it's funny you think you're more "civilized" when white people use more drugs that us
>based nadeli gang

White people invented modern civilization, the internet, science, electricity, everything you use on a daily basis and you have the nerve to try to posture lmfao. Africa is the most resource rich continent on the entire planet and you people didn't figure out a god damn thing until white man showed you, did you. Whites are also the majority of the population in western countries so you have to measure statistics by proportion or per capita, and when you do blacks overwhelmingly commit more crime, use more drugs, and are less intelligent across the board so try harder Naledi boy.

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I'm inclined to think that Bernie will beat Blotus in SC.

Rofl, compared to what? Where your kin are living these days? You niggers can barely fucking read, let alone do produce anything of value outside of sports

No they don't lmfao

Because all the republicans voted for him. That way Trump can face his dementia ridden ass in Nov.

I totally voted for him 600 times

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I can, retard, so stfu incel

>so stfu incel
Nice programmed thoughtless response, nigger. That's all you're good at, acting without thinking

I know you're joking, but it was funny that CNN projected Biden to be the winner not even 10 seconds after the polls closed

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except i'm not the one starting furfag threads. you degenerate white have less self control than me, at least i don't fuck my pets, faggot

OP is a dumb faggot, niggers dont vote

Except for the sub-saharan practice of performing fellatio and analingus on cattle to promote the production of milk right?

except i don't practice my ancestors traditions, unlike you godless heathen sandniggers fucking goats

Yes you don't fuck your pets, you only abuse and torment them for your own entertainment, like the fucking chimps you are. Then if one of your pitbulls ends up biting someone you bus out the "he was a good dog he dindu nuffin", similar to when one of your chimplets do what you taught them to do, break the laws because they b raycee n shet.

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>bus out the "he was a good dog he dindu nuffin
this sentence is gross in so many ways and i don't talk like that. learn to spell asshole, didn't you pass the 4th grade?

Nah, just raping, murdering, stealing, infighting in public, screaming and chimping out in public as a cultural passtime.

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Don’t kid urself

I see you have no argument left Tyrone. You should get started on tracking down that nigger father that wasn't in your life. He owns you some child support.

As i said, my dad raised me right, and coincidentally i have him on speed dial
Also my name is Dominic, not tyrone, faggot

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Niggers are dumb. They are not THAT dumb OP.

Well i'm not on drugs half the time, so no, i do not, in fact, "chimp out"

Youre not even trying anymore, Igor


>correct, i am not dumb, deadass. "burnie bros" are nothing but chimped out spazzes.

I guess that’s the difference between a bitch and a man

Jesus Christ really went downhill for you in this argument maybe whites are better

You haven't proven a goddamn thing, user. you're the one who keeps going in circles, just admit you ran out of arguments ages ago, and i'll be on my way.

Look familiar?
This guy is a literal Naledi living in the modern day.

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Because he wasnt Obama's vice president. I love black people but those fuckers just do not know how to vote in their own interests

>I love black people

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Kinda looks like Drake

>handling the coronavirus threat seriously

remember puerto rico dumbass? donald trump is the worst person alive to be in charge of shit like this

also,donald trump was to much of a pussy to fight for his country

Yes, Puerto Rico, the literal welfare state that fags like you love bringing up. But we ask them to pull their own weight you will dance like a faggot, leading the pride parade while refusing to answer questions. Is that right or do I need to wait for you to finish your faggy rant about Trump?

Just quoting the trump bible

Jews burnt their bridge with niggers in the late '60s when they tried making the civil rights movement about Jews instead of niggers

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Niggers don’t have ID’s

Your ability to see reality is bad, feel bad if you'd like

because they are not stupid enough to believe the BS that Bernie is trying to sell. Only an idiot or a millenial would believe his outrageous promises.

>we have less bones and evidence of one hominid, must not be an ancestor!

>Thinkin' about them beans.

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Less likely. Notice how i mentioned the others are candidates as well. If you want to get specific, I focused on Naledis because they're the most archaic, smallest brain, biggest muscles.


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I posit this - if you consider niggers modern humans then YOU MUST include all archaics as moderns as well considering how similar they are.

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I’ve been told its Flavor Flav’s fault actually.

Niggers don't vote.

Flav's an OG and not stupid either (for a black guy)
Not sure if trolling.

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>anyone who isn't a fucking faggot like me
>I can't imagine being a grown ass man

You don't have to make it THIS easy god damn lol

Hey KKK why do you post here?

the KKK is a tiny organization with less than 2,000 members, it doesn't do anything

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just like trump

just like your momma

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Bernie is on track to slap the taste out of Trump's mouth. He's the most popular politician in the US by far.

Holy fucking kek user, saved. Those edits are dope.

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Kid thinks because people use the word nigger and make racist arguments against blacks we're KKK. Lmao. I guess all Jews are black panthers then.

Because the only "burn" they feel is from their STDs

It really destroys that whole image you guys try to project of black people only caring about “gibs”.

A better question is would they still be voting for Biden if he hadn’t been Obama’s Vice President.

I wasn’t even who you were arguing with guess you really are a dumb nigger huh?

You believe everything the KKK does and you're a broken record.

Blacks don't want a level playing field, plain and simple. Funny how they endlessly tout their prowess and superiority yet when given the opportunity to prove it with their votes, they're nowhere to be found.

“You’re a broken record” = quit trying to tell me the truth I won’t let you penetrate my echo chamber!!

Your record never made a sound because you've yet to substantiate anything close to resembling an argument. Your exist4ence is inconsequential.

KKK get out. This is not stormfront and you're less than boring. Oooh nigger wow nigger.

You're as provocative as a foot massage.

if you think Cred Forums is an echo chamber you hae brain damage

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Dunno. Pretty much every black dude here despises Bernie & his Bernie Bro supporters. Niggers always vote against their personal best interests, so not surprising they don't support Bernie. Bernie is offering these ungrateful nigger free education and more food stamps, a significant increase in their welfare, WIC & section 8 benefits. You think these uneducated ghetto apes would be climbing out of their crackhouses to vote for Sanders.

Your argument has been reduced to mere banter, you've been quite clearly, thoroughly dominated by the supposed KKK.

This, tbh. Niggers show zero gratitude to the Democratic party after we've provided them free housing, very generous government benefits for decades. Fuck them. We can still defeat Trump with the latino vote and the white youth vote. We don't need the backstabbing nigger cunts.

>these shills

Yeah because shills typically make these types of arguments rather than promoting you people. You're so delusional you can't even comprehend the possibility we're just fucking randoms.

You're the ones that want to kill them with gun control, leaving them unharmed against trigger-happy cops.

Fuck off, Trump-sucking Neo-Nazi bitch. Your Cheeto Mussolini is getting tossed out of office in November & going straight to federal prison. Be glad someone doesn't bash your fucking skull in with a baseball bat, Maga hat wearing pussy bitch!

>imagining 'victories'
>eternally btfo
>oh u

Who is "we" if you're just randoms?

>look ma, i learned how to misplace overused buzzwords!!!!!1
>me so edgy

Would you look at that, he answered his own question.

You mean the Puerto Rican officials going to jail for hiding the federal support sent by the Trump admin to the Puerto Rican people?

Pretty much. If the nigger trash wanna follow their messiah Kanye West to Drumpf's cult and vote for the tangerine freak, then fuck them. We got the youth vote and hispanic immigrant vote, Jewish vote wrapped up.

Nothing was imagined. One side substantiated an argument whereas the other did not. Simple logic to follow guy, well perhaps not with that nigger brain of yours.

He's not wrong, user. You Trumpster trash are going to be on the verge of mass suicide when Bernie defeats the orange buffoon on November 3rd.

>provocative as a foot massage

>tfw not knowing the context of a word contradicts your entire argument
Top kek

>whos the broken record now
>literally just repeating himself

Nigger aren't voting. They're too fucking lazy.

How's it feel niggers knowing now bernie bros and trumpsuckers both hate your black asses.

>Blacks when they're the sole beneficiaries of legislation
>Blacks when everyone benefits
*crickets chirping*

Trump's a nigger loving piece of shit. He appointed a bunch of niggers to his cabinet and is best buddies with Kanye West, several other nigger "rappers". Voting Bernie out of sheer disgust for WTF Trump's done letting so many niggers out of prison cause his pet nigger Kanye's wife came slithering her slimey fat ass into the oval office begging trump to pardon the fucking apes. And Trump sucking up to kikes, having a Jew daughter...nah, to hell with Trump. Fucking Jew lover is a traitor. Bernie will slash funding to Israel and block the nigger prison pardons Trump's been handing out like candy,

Do you understand the difference between capitalism and socialism? It seems like you don't. Why not watch this lecture on it?

Socialism just means empowering workers. Capitalism says that everyone should do what is good for themselves, to look out for the individual. Well that creates horrible things, like decimated cities after the ceo fucks everyone and leaves for greener pastures in China or Mexico.

Socialism says its not about empowering the individual at the expense of everyone else. It's about empowering the workers so that they have some control over their future.

I mean, I agree with all that I just meant in principle.

I hate broccoli. Imagine if every tenth word I said was broccoli. Would you think I was an obsessed dumbass?

Annnd /thread. Bernie is the much needed answer to the Jew-appeasing nigger loving embarassment that Trump's become. Voting Bernie even tho I disagree with a lot of shit he spews. At least we know he'll end the U.S. funding of the zionist apartheid state Israel and stop all these pardons Trump's been handing out because he's friends with some retarded hip hop nigger and that cunt Kim Kardashian.

This guy literally short circuited over the internet lmao

Who is you people?

Ok Ivan.

Says the nigger who's every other word is white boi, cracker, or whaiyte gurl. Nice projection.

Do I really have to spell it out for you? We're random Cred Forumstards.

Oh, gotcha /wink

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>Imagine being this retarded
>I can't because im not a fucking Naledi ape

Kill yourself, Bolshevik. You Putin puppets are the reason we got this orange clown in the fucking white house destroying the country right now. You ain't gonna meddle again, vodka swilling bitch!

How's the weather in Moscow, Sergei? Bernie out polling your beloved cheeto fascist has comrade Putin nervous, huh?

Also, das wacist, muh dick, crotch shuffling, kool-aid, fried chicken, wottamelin, sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit, etc.
Don't know why SJW's and the left bothers pandering to you fucking apes, it's literally a lost cause.


You noticed the sudden spike in Russian bots on Cred Forums, too? These fucking reds stick out like a sore thumb. Bernie's gonna win & Drumpf's going to a federal correctional facility for the rest of his life. Vladmimir's pissed his puppet is gonna be removed from power soon.

>everyone who disagrees with me is a Russian shill

Good one, Naledi boy. Did your orange-sized develop a glitch?

What is crotch shuffling rofl

Did your orange-sized brain develop a glitch?

Good one, Naledi boy. Did your orange-sized develop a glitch?

Brah did your orange-sized develop a glitch or not?

Grabbing at your waistline/crotch with your hands and doing a jig like niggers have a tendency to do because their underpants never fit and because their only argument when confronted with logic is about how big they wish their dicks were.

>Good one, Naledi boy. Did your orange-sized develop a glitch?
when your orange-sized develops a glitch

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8l wut

"Since the dawn of history the Negro has owned the continent of Africa – rich beyond the dream of poet’s fancy, crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare black feet and yet he never picked one up from the dust until a white man showed to him its glittering light.
His land swarmed with powerful and docile animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart, or sled.
A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe, spear, or arrowhead worth preserving beyond the moment of its use. He lived as an ox, content to graze for an hour.
In a land of stone and timber he never sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or built a house save of broken sticks and mud.
With league on league of ocean strand and miles of inland seas, for four thousand years he watched their surface ripple under the wind, heard the thunder of the surf on his beach, the howl of the storm over his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him to worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed a sail.” - Charles Darwin

hahaha you fucking retard

They tend to have a hard time doing the right thing. It's in "they" "bloooood."

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Lmao kid never seen a typo before. You win Naledi boy. Still got an orange-sized brain though so you lose. I was referring to this. Naledis had an orange sized brain so it didn't need to be original.

Keep samefagging naledi boy. I lost count of your almost a hundred typos at this point and you gonna harp on my one. If that's all you got you might as well jump into traffick because you've been getting mopped all over the floor the entire thread.

Your orange-sized glitched. There is no coming back. The only option is not to post.

Yeah, but untrue.

One of the richest men in history was an African emperor. They have sailed, multiple times. Both northern and southern Africa-- how Africans came to be in places like Madagascar...and least we forget, Eygpt is in Africa.

Biden once worked with a shit monkey.

>when your orange-sized glitches

Na. Slavery is as old as time and the Hebrews were certainly not the first.
From China to Eypgt, slavery was there.

Use your fucking brain ,user

Typos? Is that like an orange sized glitch?

Who're the towel heads voting for?

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You seem like you're desperate for me to stop posting, I wonder why that is if you've apparently destroyed me so inexorably. Kid lost the entire thread all hes got is a typo.

mfw my orange sized develops a glitch

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Remember when you did this nigger? You did the same thing. Difference is, you got obliterated otherwise.

>leaving them UNHARMED against trigger-happy cops

lolcows gonna lolcow
im crying laughing at this thread


I'm a citizen of Germany and the US and have worked in both. All countries are socialistic to one degree or another, but Europe is more so than the US.

In the US, I got treated like shit and had really flimsy contracts. The quit amd firing rate was normal for the US, but when I saw other countries, I noticed it was a lot higher.

In Germany, a more socialist nation, I got high pay and 30 days vacation which by law I can either use or get paid out for-- by my own choice. If I want a vacation, my boss really cant say no.

I am not forced to work overtime and my boss cant do anything to me if I say no.

I also have high pay. To address what some wackos who have never worked in Germany-- the tax rate isnt actually all that high. I get my health insurances covered (which covers all medical expenses) , my retirement, social net and disability and workers comp covered.i file my taxes every year and get, on average 4 ,000 back!

I love it here. The work culture is trast and the rights are strong. In the US? No. I have none of that and it is crushing,because I love the US and I love my fellow Americans...and I hate seeing them struggle and then defend it as if it where some how superior.

It is very sad.

>Why aren't niggers voting for Bernie?
felons can't vote

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Nice image. Copying me now are we m80? Here you go, this one's for you.

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I have citizenship in Croatia about to finish college in US, should I just move to Europe and live there after I graduate or stay in the US?

There is no one more desperate for human interaction than the imageboard racist. Sad.

>One of the richest men was african
Negative. Timbuktu was a Muslim caliphate, so that's only half true, and a whole lie.
>They have sailed
Where's the evidence of that claim? We have direct evidence of even homo erectus and neanderthals sailing but none of niggers unless they were tagging along. Madagascar is populated by Indians not niggers.
>Egypt is in africa
It's actually considered part of the Levant and ethnically middle-eastern so fucking niggers weren't kangz.

Bernie will hopefully fix that. If the system that imprisoned you, potentially unfairly, has then stripped you of your ability to vote. Then you cant vote for someone who is advocating to change the unfair laws that put you in jail.

Voting is a fundemental right, a human right.

You mad nigger? I know the realization that you're actually an archaic hominid ape is tough to come to terms with... actually I don't because Im not a fucking Naledi.

Know what's sad? When one word completely dominates your psyche. The notion that an entire race can be paralyzed by a single fucking word is HILARIOUS.

>thinks niggers are human

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That's what happens when you have a Naledi brain, user. I almost feel bad.

killm e

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No matter how much free shit niggers get, no matter how easy society has made their lives, at the end of the day they're still just a nigger. There's people on the internet who notice things they'd prefer to cover up. Better start murdering all the archeologists like we know you want to before they expose what other apes you people are mixed with. Everyone in this thread learned about Naledi black history month. It's been a good celebration of niggers, ahh...

I don't think interacting with a nigger actually qualifies as "human interaction", user.

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He's not trying to turn us into a socialist country. I'll never understand why retards always assume things to the extreme. Social programs =/= socialist country. If they did, we would already be considered a socialist country because our infrastructures are all tax funded. Your social security is tax funded. Your education through grade school was tax funded.

Niggers have been mind controlled by Democrats like the Clintons. The Establishment has such a strong chokehold on them that they can sell them drugs and lock them up, they won't even notice. So basically if the Establishment doesn't like you, Niggers don't like you because they are CONTROLLED.

With that being said MAGA 2020.

>niggers don't like the democrat because they're being controlled by democrats

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