Post you're age, job, salary, car

>Post you're age, job, salary, car

43, Pepsi Sales Merchandiser, $75k, Corolla GT

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18, full time college student, local officer organizer, 14k, 2017 Honda Civic

39, sewer bypass, 70k+ depending on how much scale work I get, company take home F250

Holy shit, who do you work for, xylem?

Street Whore

46, Pepsi Sales Merchandiser, $78k, Ford Mustang. Get fuuuuucked



heavy equipment tech
$23/hr (no tool truck note, gov employee)

2010 nissan cube

Merchandisers barely make 30k. It's a shot job. Not fooling me anyways


29 subway manager, 26k Saturn Ion

fuck I'm so glad I didn't got to school or I would be in your boat

>Professor of Astronomy and planetary science
>£112k + 12 weeks paid holiday
>F - Type Jag (Car provided by college)

37, utilities manager, $110,000

>half my work day is cruisin b

26, Night Manager in a hotel, ~£36k, no car because London transport is decent.

Senior Systems Engineer (integration and testing of government infrastructure)
Audi Q3

Oh my car is company truck, half ton, 2020 RAM

Oh and 32 y/o

Own a storage company
Merc E class

It is. I have an office in Shoreditch... and well dodgy Croyden. It takes a bit to get around... but it is doable.

actually I had a psychotic episode in my early twenties and couldn't attend school earlier. I'm almost at the end of my program and I'm rebuilding my life.

So what like East Bay MUD or???

19, lumber stacker, 11/hr
thinking of going to college or learning a trade like welding or something seems fun. Have shit highschool gpa though like a 1.7 because i never studied once

24, Upholster, 37k

School can be the best investment someone can make.

45 Internet Security $110k, don't drive.

Forgot car. piece of shit Pontiac sunfire.

I was a yard hand in the mid 90's, made 5.50/hr. Looks like that job jumped ahead of COA.

Taking care or my grandparnets in their old age
300 a month (more like an allowance)
Chevy malibu

>can be
most of the time its not

only if your schooling teaches you something economically viable.

Sorry "gender studies" fags.

Transport (railway, air traffic, roads etc etc etc) infrastructure. Shit that will seriously bring a whole city to a standstill if I fuck up on my job.

Nah I work for an independent company. We do use xylem pumps pretty often in our systems though

retail store manager (California)
65kyr ($31.25/hr)
2017 Lexus 300 f sport (paid in full)

27, grocery/frozen/dairy team member, 14k, 97 Chevy S10 blazer

Be born
57 mil in bank plus own real estate and various business throughout the North East
Stable of luxury vehicles, however I enjoy being chauffeured

25, server, $60k, disney.

Well Godwin pumps but they're technically xylem now.

I mean it can build character as well as guide you down a meaningful path.

25, -8000$, student for water/ waste water technician.
I also had a bad couple years. I never gave up. I failed my first program so changed direction into an environmental focus

impressive, howd you get the money to start though at 24..?

yea its not bad money for it being my first job ever and minimum wage here is 7.25

Is it really the happiest place on earth?

43 Tech Consulting 200K+ no car

Celebrity businessman in charge of one of the world's most huge companies (my father entrusted it to me)
Anything I want
Also anything I want

Min wage here is 14$ cad

Disney is your car?

22, Warehouse OP, ~29k, Jeep Patriot

>College student/ part time librarian
>Minimum wage
>'06 Subaru AWD, '97 Chevy truck

Not rich, but working on it.

40k +bonuses
intermodal dispatcher
Fiesta ST.

That's $10.44 USD.

Tbh, government mandated wage is stupid. All it does is kill consumer confidence because prices always increase with the increase of wages. Folks with no understanding don't get that what they pay at the register has to pay for the wages of employees, the lights, the gas or electric for heating, the electric for A/C, the base product ingredients, sewer, water, support staff, and allow the business owner to pay him/herself enough to make owning a business more rewarding than just working for someone else.

24, No Job, No Money, No Car. I just drink and do drugs all day at my Grandmas house.

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24 and worthless
Also I fuck dogs

Associate, Investment Banking for BB (up for VP this year)
$200k + bonus ($50-100k)
W204 C63 for commuting and 991 GT3 for fun

Posting from work, lol

how long u been a whore...

what do u mean by "anything i want and anything i want"

Depends on the company. Soda and beer distributors pay decent $16-$17 hr and usually OT and mileage and they're mostly union

Minimum wage is necessary because Walmart wants to pay 1$ an hour

>retail store manager

What store?

48, patent examiner, $100,000, no car cuz Metro.

Storge and webshop manager 5k€ a month

>respiratory therapist
>GMC Sierra, Honda Fit

22, Senior operator (small factory/warehouse so various duties) £24k , BMW 330i

so i have this stabbing pain in my lung after a night of heavy smoking...

quit larping nigger

24, basically fry cook? It's a local joint. It's 10$ an hour and I only work part time, I have no idea how much I'm making. It's probably less than 10K a year. 2002 ford ranger. I haven't driven it in six months.

If that was the case, wouldn't walmart start their employees at a state's minimum wage instead of several dollars a hour above that?

Also, if that was true, wouldn't there be so many people unwilling to work for such a low wage that they'd be forced to pay more in order to obtain and retain employees?

Minimum wage is an anachronism, and a mandatory minimum is just a socialist's way to kill the working class by killing employers who pull in just enough to pay employees 10/hr, but not what any leftist considers a "living wage." Minimum wage jobs are high school student jobs. Anyone over 18 who is working a job that only pays minimum wage should not reproduce. They should not move from their parent's house. Honestly, they should not breath anymore.

Since your mom finished training me 2 years ago this April

i hope u remember her advice.. cash first.. no refunds.. and most of all.. never accept a drink from a stranger.. always pour ur own.. kek

Oh. I see the peasants have arrived. Don’t be upset that I was born in a better lot than you. My parents made sure to have success in life before bringing another into the world. Pity your parents didn’t have the same sense to do so either. Anyway, stay angry and poor. Those two things seemingly go together.

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not the user u replied to but what do u do for fun then if u have it all

34, software engineer, 460k, Nissan Leaf

He drives around in lightning mcqueen.

RNDC is kinda dope making 34k and all I do is fucking text most the day in a Total Wine

My Dad makes minimum wage at Chase bank doing paperwork. My mom is unemployed. I was in 24 different foster homes in 10 years. I went to 12 elementary schools. As an adult I once served in the military. Other than that I’ve never had a job making more than 18.5k a year. Should I stop breathing and not reproduce just because I make so little at such an old age? Even tho I can score in the top 70 percentile or higher on any exam, run 30 miles in 3.5 hours and am told I’m a pretty level headed friendly person? Some motherfuckers are just really lucky and get to be lazy. People who really know what living is make shit happen even when they have nothing to work with.

You are a quitter.

Hold my water bottle while I kick logic to the curb and go beyond plus ultra.

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Truth be told, it’s not that different than everyone else’s wants. I mean sure it’s nice to not have to worry about money or food or bills, but I have the same feelings as everyone else. The need to find friendships. The need to find love. The need to feel accepted. The people in my circles are unbelievably sheltered, and for that they happen to be emotionally-guarded. They always have to be “on” or cool and “rich”. It’s actually very superficial and kind of fake, honestly. Theres also an incredible rate of drug abuse and drinking. And that’s just the men. The women are ten times as plastic, and don’t think for themselves. All that glitters ain’t gold, that’s for sure.

Peasant 58 million is pocket money. My family owns 20% of the worlds oil company's threw stock and other deals. I'm on my private jet at 18 on the newest iPhone with my 100 thousand rolex shinning into my eyes.

Your eyes must be brown.

Well you’re blessed as well then. As far as it goes, I’m content.

do u find it hard to trust people then ... and is everyone trying to one up each other..

Blue eyes blond hair 6’6 and 165lb 28

Might want to double check that eye color.

You're full of shit.

Apprentice electrician (also casual pizza delivery driver
23/hr, 26/hr
2000 Camry

31, Systems Engineer, $105k, F150; been considering a model 3 as a second vehicle

25, IT PC Tech, $30K, 2011 Sonata

how hard was trade school if you went

>6'6, 165lbs
Jesus, start working out you lanky motherfucker.

Done the same job only 40k a year chill

Ya ain’t never had a friend like me.

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25, pediatric nurse, 75K, Hyundai Sonata.

CVS Store Manager, Massachusetts, $75k, Mazda 6

Very easy, and I'm not particularly smart. The only problem is dealing with asshole tradesmen.

Trust others? Sure. I give everyone a fair chance. Everyone deserves that in the least. A man is as good as his word. If you end up being disingenuous, I’ll just as soon cut ties. And as I’ve stated before, there is a fair amount of “one’s-uppmanship” but at the end of the day you can’t buy character. Those who try to be “better” more often than not end up being alone. To try and be the “king” is a fools errand to be sure.

I could probably outperform you in every event except sitting on my ass.

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Fucking loser

Faggot fucking car mate

Work -it for faggots,aim free man

non meme:
33, Surveyor, $85k, Ford Raptor

It's a Ford.

38, IT, $165k, live downtown no car.

Analyst at a prestigious government agency who is ridiculously underpaid. Also a grad student. 51k. No car cuz uber and public transportation.

Damn, well done, make sure you invest some of that you'll make less as time goes on.

Security clearance? If so 150k is way underpaid for a Senior Systems Engineer.

plasma donor
$250 a month
bus and foot

Cybersecurity student
No salary
No car
This gives me hope

Security clearance?

>you're age

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>Like 500 bucks i have saved
>No car

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was thinking of doing this. Do you have a degree in computer science?

Aerial/Architectural photographer, 90k, Gen 5.5 Camaro SS

Love my job but my boss literally made my beard fall out, I hope he dies in a crash with all my heart and soul

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Pipeline inspection
Take home 7000/two weeks

Nah, the degree I'm going for is in cybersecurity but there's a huge overlap at my school. All of the programming/networking/low level shit that a CS major does but instead of taking a certain number of advanced hours of our choice we have classes in malware analysis, hacking, setting up networks, etc.

do you need a chauffeur? i’m an excellent driver, and i’m very knowledgeable in weapons and self defense skills. I can be like your alfred

do u own any jetplanes to travel.. what about yachts

Unemployed Veteran
3k ( from selling shit from goodwill)
95 honda del sol si

2019 BMW X5

>~~22k maybe per job (I have 2 full time)
>Oldsmobile (I like old cars)

Juice ain't worth the squeeze kids. Stay in school. Get a real job

Emt not ent

$625k last year
BMW i8

Corporate vice president
$400k including stock etc
BMW z4

22, multi skilled operator (Coal Mining) 130k, Toyota Landcruiser 200 series

do u drive a bmw or do u troll the company by driving a mercedes.. kek



welfare only
bicycle (stolen)

Honda Civic

Is this a larping thread or something?

35, catastrophe risk analyst, $130k, chevy cruze

Between 25 and 40 an hour depending on the day.


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>Operations Manager for CES Branch
>40k w/ unmarked f150 and gas card

Hemi Chrysler 300 for personal vehicle

As mentioned earlier, Transport Infrastructure (operational control systems).

But just got promoted mid of last year, so I don't expect to be at par with the other seniors yet. I am the youngest by far of my rank in my department.

22 college student, 0, rav4

Nice, congrats on the promotion!

Wizzard Uni?

close but no, it's a random pic i found

That's probably true of some posters. I would image that anyone making a high salary would be include to brag here. And others would be inspired to larp.


500k per year


Yes, you are age, what's wrong with that?

You are age.
I am weight.
Xir are genderless.

im not larping when i say im 509 years old.. self employed.. at least 100k... no car.. they take years off of my life..

And OP is a faggot.

i forgot car
maserati granturismo

There's a lot of money in taking the dicks of wealthy old gay men. Well done user, keep up the good work!

Airline pilot
Honda corolla

it's from bitches little man
older women are horny as pussy is pussy to me

cuck: the job

>because prices always increase with the increase of wages.
Prove it

i told one recently she had a nice asshole it was just a comment and she

replied why don't you fuck it then

yes mam

College Student Part time
Warehouse 10h part time
CAD $17/h
50k saving account
Acura MDX 2013

Cheers for that mate!!

Physical Therapist
2017 F-150 Platinum

10usd at X-mass
F50GT (ingame)

23, Web Developer, $75k, Volvo S60

Customer Advisor(Credit)
no car

As in my dad will make sure I get what I want

Why? It gets me places, and that's all I want out of a car

name some of the things u wanted that ur daddy had to get for u that u couldnt get urself..


It's not that I can't get it myself, but because of my dad's power and influence due to his genius business decisions I've already got everything. I mean our summer house is one of the largest houses in the world that's hosted business executives and politicians and royalty

49, none, none, honda civiv

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32, security, $19.83/hr, 2019 Tacoma TRDPro

33, Aerospace Engineer, Chevrolet Suburban 4x4

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trips of truth.. do u have a yacht and private jet

looking to buy Honda Civic 2016 vti or vti-s trim. I think ur car is similar to that. how you liking your civic? Worth buying for 3 years for university purposes? gas mileage?

33, field engineer, $110k, 2017 Hyundai sonata hybrid company car, 2013 Ford escape 2.0T awd personal car, 2013 Fiat 500c 5MT wife's car

Probably getting a new company car this year, a RAV4 hybrid awd or escape hybrid awd

that’s not that good. lol mustangs aren’t sign of wealth.

Elektrical employee, repairing machines in 3 shift system.
18,50€/h for mostly waiting

Audi A3 '99 // Corsa D '07

Stay at home wife with 3 kids

UX Designer
1985 Toyota Supra

I don't have a jet of my own, but my dad has a decked out 757.

And he's got an 88 meter italian super yacht

you should think about upgrading to Tesla . Much better than leaf’s . sure have enough money to do it

>radiation protection supervisor
>2017 4runner trd pro and 2017 tundra trd pro

51, tech lawyer, 600k, Porsche 911 Cabriolet

do u know how much he spends to maintain those things.. do u get to use it whenever u like ... personal or does it have to be business only


The 757 is pretty new so hasn't had any major maintenance, but I doubt we've spent more than 10 million on either of those in a year, including staff

And yes, but our family is very close so normally we end up all using them together

75k - 80ish depending on my OT
69 C10 or my 03 Chevy diesel for work

no fuckin doubt. there’s a couple in here that sound legit but most fags say they’re earning 300+ a year. fuck off you wouldn’t be on Cred Forums if you were earning that much faggots

whens the last time u used the private jet and where did u go to

How’s the new Toyota’s? I have a 86 pickup that still runs cherry to this day

Software Engineer
no car

25, home depot assistant store manager, 75k, 2019 civic

I've been on here for over a decade (since 2009), and I earn $600k..... that's just how shit is sometimes

>Mustang gang

Mein neger.

Mustangs are for wives.

School custodian
2010 Ford Explorer

I like them quite a bit. I really want to get the new army green Tundra but I'm having a third kid soon so my wife will get the army green Sequoia instead for the 3rd row.

delivery truck driver,
21000 $/yr,
2002 toyota avensis.

About -3k usd/month

Some of us were here since we were college losers. Some of us just happen to have the right credentials and opportunities to move up.

Like how some men have a favorite bar they frequent. I come here to vent and generally be an insipid piece of shit that I am inside.

Plus smart phones had made sure I am always a flick away from shitposting during my breaks.

Credit risk menager in a bank
Audi a6


Professional parasite.
3K$ p/m
Hate cars

How would one get to your position/job?

does the company pay service fees on the F250 or do you have to pay outta your pocket for that kinda stuff?

I could leg press your giraffe looking ass. Also I'm a femanon

>2010 nissan cube
out of the hundreds of vehicles you could get why that thing...

22 yo
Assistant Crack Whore
$20/blowjob $50/fuck $75/anal and all the cum I can swallow

22 Yo
Wellhead Service Technician
25$ an hour but I average 90-120 hours a week
few mustangs and a 78 F150

Sorry I didn't get a normie camry or mustang

hey if you're getting pounded in the ass 4-times/hour you're doing bretty gud

Your fucking brain must be brown son,

My bro you tried tilting was speaking mad truth, now suck a dicm

28 yo
Recruitment Manager
Nissan 370z

38, programmer, gen 5 Camaro, $150k+

>building operator
>honda civic

21, Assistant to the pastry chef, $800.00 a week, I ride a push bike!

30, architectural designer/technologist, 61k, Kia Soul

I'm content.

(Insert Big Aerospace Company's Name) manager.
$105k year.

Computer janitor
Gen 2 Forester with the turbo and a bernie sticker

Logging camp
I only work 6 months a year

Are you my thick booty Latina supervisor??

Myself, my brother, and my father all work for pepsi, this is not fucking true at all. a sales merchandiser makes MAYBE $12 an hour why are you lying on the internet

28, fire security certification manager, $20k, Corolla
I only work part time right now. Trying to move back to full time. Had to leave my last job because they kept screwing over my schedule

12 bucks an hour for back breaking work?

Propulsion engineer
1997 Toyota Tarcel

computational biologist
50k aud
Don't fall for the science meme lads

oh also hyundai accent

>14hr/40hrs per week.
>No car.

30, cdl driver, 60k, chevy silverado 1500

§ 70k
Toyota corolla

38, 2 jobs, mid level software engineer for US telecom company (at&t, tmobile, sprint, etc...) and run my own small business software company (website hosting, apps, bullshit like that), $190 a year, Nissan Versa Note SE 2015 :)

if hes driving the truck from store to store and and loading and unloading the truck he making at least 20 an hour my cousin does that and he making like 25 an hour

But a fucking cube? Have some self respect you fag. Go back to plebbit

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21, student/library assistant, $12k, suburban

I got all y'all beat, proletariats

Enjoy selling Jew syrup

what are your work hours like?

>$55k chef
>2015 vw jetta

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25, Architect, $80K (AUD), Secondhnad 2013 BMW 3

51. $98K / year. Oil field. 2017 Chv suburban

>local office organizer
how's the janitor life?

Software Developer
75K MXN/year around 3850USD a year
No car, no will to live either and with a broken heart.

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this might be one of the best posts ever on this board

might be

What're ya doin' later?

22, uni student, 30k from parents, none

Entry Level Exploration Geologist. 80k, 98' accord I still haven't replaced from uni. Building a dope pc next week tho with my 7k tax return.

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45, Engineer, ~145k$/year after taxes, I drive a Porsche Cayenne V6 diesel (mostly because I want to tow and be comfortable)

Software Developer
2008 Porsche Cayman

Lol I wanted a cayman as well but I couldn’t tow with it... really cool car

at what age you graduated and started working ?
are those studies full maths ?

24, programmer, $110K, I don't drive

>Post you're age, job, salary, car, tax
We should also post how much tax we pay

>145k$ after tax, ~50k$ tax

40, manager, 180k/y, 2018 TTRS roadster and just ordered RS5

They pay you that much to drive soda to the supermarket? wtf.

>12 bucks an hour for back breaking work?
That kind of job is bitch work.
I'm not saying it isn't hard work, it's just work any ol' bitch off the street can be trained to do in a day or two (as long as they haven't already torn up their body by doing bitch work past their early 20s).

Analyst for DoD / military medical retirement / adjunct professor
122k total
Audi S5 2014

22.400€ net income
2011 BMW 135i e82

Are you an Audi fanboy or do you just like overpriced cars?

What do a military/intelligence analyst do ?

Purchase ?

29, teacher, 45k, no car

More of a data base administrator for a maintenance server, but the job description is categorized as an "analyst position".. its lame and I hate my job.

More of a data base administrator for a maintenance server, but the job description is categorized as an "analyst position".. its lame and I hate my job.

43, serial entrepreneur Silicon Valley, salary is total flexible considering the entire package of stock, salary, hourly rate and other perks. Last few years packages have been around $300K to $600K considering annual package.

why lame ?
also total goyim here, what do a data base admin and maintenance do ?

28, Rural carrier, 16 burger bucks an hour, 2004 ford ranger. I just interviewed for an amazon logistics group for a delivery driver and hope I get it. The usps is absolute garbage.

What are your companies about ? tell us more !

isnt purchase / purchaser the correct job title in english?

Anyway i buy what the company needs

The people and culture I work in make it lame. Facilitate maintenance (the software/application I work with) for a certain military aircraft.

>1 result

Attached: 1565045461940.jpg (259x194, 7K)

26, Engineer, 70k salary (converted to USD) after tax 40k, Ford Mondeo 2002

tfw socialist country

20, student, $500, 2013 Chevrolet Cruze LT

I get about 27% off the list price, so I can drive them a couple of years and not loose money. Plus they are excellent cars, especially the RS models

Costcobro here. Late as fuck again.

Where is my niggas at.

the culture at the DoD is this shitty ?

Not in general.. just the contractor I work for.

>What do a military/intelligence analyst do
not that guy, but from experience:
>take stats someone else got
>make pretty pivot tables
>use pivot tables to justify own job
>if numbers end up not working in real world application
>blame someone/thing besides yourself
>run new numbers
>to justify your job
It's 99% the same shit any corporate accountant does but with numbers that don't matter unless your direst boss(es) bitch because DoD oversight is essentially nonexistent.

>What are your companies about ? tell us more !
Most small outfits you never heard of. There is not fucking way I'm dropping names here. Most are niche verticals that cap at $10 to $50 and are then sold off to a company with a marketing and sales army. We take the risk, big company is happy to grow the market share and take their 10% margin once established.

30, IT lower management, $49k, 2012C-Class MBZ

>The people and culture I work in make it lame. Facilitate maintenance (the software/application I work with) for a certain military aircraft.
Government tech work is like working the Island of Mischief Toys. There are so many broken souls with no ambition and are just happy to take a paycheck, pay the mortgage and raise their kids. Some has to do it but that would drive me crazy.

got tips to create start ups ?

>the culture at the DoD is this shitty ?
Totally varies on project and people around you. Myself, I found that Intelligence community people are really fun. They are super anal but have to be imaginative to handle shit that happens.

Clothing store owner, 35k a week, F430

got stories ?
Is there a lot of ADHD nerds or responsibles dudes who grew up in military households with the cold war in mind ?
Tips to own stores and make them profit to become rich ?

location location location

>got tips to create start ups ?
IMO, the current start-up culture is broken. Just over ten years ago, going into a start-up was an act of rebellion.

Now -- especially after a few MBA business models published -- it has become trendy and acceptable. Start-up incubators drive me fucking nuts. These kids are going into it like a camping trip and "being cool" instead of really taking a risk. This really needs to be shaken down.

Steve Jobs had a great phrase called the "Bozo parade" where when a company become successful and profitable, the "bozos" show up with off-beat ideas, playing it too safe and having little imagination. I'm seeing this with the start-up incubator culture. If there is something established to get a start-up going, it really isn't anything new. Some of these incubators are just sales fronts for overseas manufacturing lines or worse, intellectual property vampires ripping off an idea only to de-fund the start-up and them build on the idea overseas with no reward to the founders. Dozens of novel EV designers have been fucked this way.

Start-up advise? If you are not willing to loose your friends, loose a girlfriend/wife and become ostracized from your family for "not being reliable", the real start-up culture is not for you. If you are looking to go into it for social status and peer approval, it is definitely not for you.

You need to be a bit anti-social and punish to really get a new company idea going. One investor group I know of does not take you seriously unless you have has one start-up failure and one ex-wife.

>Is there a lot of ADHD nerds
That just a label to ostracize productive people. As if someone can just publish a book and say what is "normal."

Got kik ?
The risk element is like taking a loan without being sure to repay it one day ?
The imagination is a natural given thing or you can work on it ? like you work in a field, understand all the element of it and pop up new ways to do it in your head ?
The classic startup culture is turbo autismo garage workers ? you dont eat, sleep or shower just to finish your project and achieve your dream/idea ?
i meant normal for this sector, the classic white short sleeve shirt, butch cut, black tie and black square glasses. The cliché of the DoD employee

Fuck off Brian, you miserable cunt

>i meant normal for this sector, the classic white short sleeve shirt, butch cut, black tie and black square glasses. The cliché of the DoD employee
Or career IBMer.

Enjoy your nigger tier trade(slave) job

30, mental hospital sergeant, $37K, '11 Jetta TDI

>Got kik ?
Never take anyone off this board further.
>The risk element is like taking a loan without being sure to repay it one day ?
Worse, it is like a gambler expecting most of his bets to fail and that one 100-to-1 jackpot handles the losses and there is still profit to continue.
>The imagination is a natural given thing or you can work on it ?
Honestly, it is cultural. One reason why American culture is so start-up successful is the embrace of rebellion and challenging leadership. This is why Indian and Chinese are ultimately going to fail as their establishing will cut them down to size to save their own feudal ass.
>like you work in a field, understand all the element of it and pop up new ways to do it in your head ?
That is a naive statement. IMO, all children are imaginative and if parented and educated right, that imagination stays into adulthood. Seen way too many children "grow up" to only wait for someone to tell them what to do. Sad.
>The classic startup culture is turbo autismo garage workers ? you dont eat, sleep or shower just to finish your project and achieve your dream/idea ?
Again a naive statement. The fact that you are asking for advise shows a lack of persistence on your part and lack of risk taking.

54, heavy equipment operator, 70-78K, 2009 GMC Sierra 4x4, 1996 Grand Cherokee, 1996 Chevy Silverado, 1964 Mustang, 1999 Harley-Davidson.

i don't want you to spoon feed me user, i just want to talk with inspiring and smart guys
>lack of persistence and risk taking
Is this such a high stake ?

91k plus benefits
2019 Chev Trail Boss

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Executive with only 91k they’re fucking you dude I know QA managers in plants making more

>i don't want you to spoon feed me user, i just want to talk with inspiring and smart guys
>>lack of persistence and risk taking
>Is this such a high stake ?
Again, you are talking instead of doing. I never talk shop with those that do not have skin in the game and definitely not "researchers." They are the worst.

>"researchers." They are the worst.
Why ?
But why is the game so hot ? what's the whole deal ?
How do you start doing ?

>Post you are age
33, codemonkey, $45K, no car

>>"researchers." They are the worst.
>Why ?
>But why is the game so hot ? what's the whole deal ?
>How do you start doing ?
Get off the fucking computer and sell something. I'm done here.

That's take home.
After all deductions
I'm doing all right but thanks for caring Cred Forumsro

If you could recommend only one book, what would it be?

It's catch22 here fam

Can you ask your parents how to be wealthy and put my kids and grand kids in the safe ?

75k lmao minus 10k for car maintenance and gas, you also work 65 hour work weeks but grats dude

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CS major focus on cyber security
Don't drive

>I want to talk with inspiring and smart guys
>posts on Cred Forums


22, system and network administrator engineer, 45k€, Volkswagen golf 4

degree ?
First job ?
What do a sysadmin do all day ?
can you get more responsibilities and more money or you're stuck in the IT dep ?

I am age, job, salary and car?

I'm stuck as I just got my job few months agi. And yes first job, i just graduated at Politecnico di Milano computer science engineering.
Atm my job consists in setting up a cluster of servers in order to run under Apache Flink.. then i'll have another project.
I apologize for my English

You need to be a genius at maths to get a CS degree ?