Kik Thread

Kik Thread

Everyone knows the drill

Reply with your username and what you're looking for, I'll start:

Looking for someone to show girls I know/wwyd/rp anything really.

Kik: Roseleaff

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Kik: Ladiousisbad
Zoo trade

No limit taboo kik alwaysdown6


anything really...bored..a little drunk
show me what you got!

bonus for creeps
bonus for cartoon
bonus for 604


will trib girls and send to them

enchante__ send anything

Looking for a quick chat to get off. Send something if you like, maybe we could chat about it.

Into a little of everything.



Surprise me

Share your gf or wife with me

Kik checki888


Anything and everything


Looking for someone who’s willing to share/expose/post nudes from the slut on my profile picture everywhere
(pic related)

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Cuck here looking for a bull to humiliate me and expose my wife my kik is umg2015

Little drunk send whatever. I'll share back too

Black bull, looking to hear from cucks who want their mothers, sisters, and/or daughters owned by a real man.

Not interested in girlfriends/wives/ex's.

Pics are expected, in exchange for my detailed responses. Will do WWYD's, and tributes in return (pic related).

Kik: _MasterHC_

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18 f USA

I'm really into uncut guys recently. I have a lot of questions and I want to see what they look like. Just message me a pic of your hard cock with the head covered an I'll reply if I love what I see

I like to degrade wives/gfs.


0% chance of being a woman.

22 m USA showing off 20 year old jew gf kik useherhips

21 guy bored as hell kik me guys or girls! My kik is ajordan1357

kik: nikupeek0

doms that know what they want

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M / 28 / Rhode Iskand, USA

Girls, gear, food. Any of these are fine to chat about.
Looking for people nearby. Or just show me ur chick :^)

M / 28 / Rhode Island, USA

Girls, gear, food. Any of these are fine to chat about.
Looking for people nearby. Or just show me ur chick :^)

Kik beckn354


Send milfs you know

Sissy cuck husband forced to put pictures up of his slut wife so she doesn't beat him
Kik: hornydoggie8527

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send me anything.

Latina nerd with huge tits
Pay slut
Post wins here

Looking for something to get off to.

Convincing my gf to get tag teamed by my friend and I kik me mnlit1


Let's see some bondage with milfs ideally

send me anything

Cuck for sister looking to be humilliated with degradation and exposure threats... Only looking for real aggressive scary bulls..
Kik XChangeSam

saintsfantu share ur girl with and i ll show u mine

Adrecampos on kik or wickr 22/f looking for other girls, couples or guys with gf/wife pics
Send a message on wikcr for fastest conversation


looking for blackmail vids or dudes who think they can finesse nudes from my friends.

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Kik pches12

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Faceless caged sissy if that's your thing.

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20 portugal male cuck
With a story to tell

kik Jenny101695

she is an little asian girl


Send milfs you know

Need some help getting wins of girls I know


Are there ever wins?


Hmu to trib girls I kno

Kik me at LLwife to discuss creeps and women we know!

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If you want to say how you would degrade/fuck her drop your kik

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23, m, Brazil
willing to rate/wwyd your girls/wifes maybe cum trib

24 m hung looking for sissies/traps/cd/and cucks!
Kik dnick1223

I wanna see some cocks stroking to her or some of my other friends


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Saggy tits gf johnnygothisgun1337

Anyone exposing PM me ls1z16

Just looking for a cock rate with another cut guy. I'm curious where I stand.



Kik is herhunghubby - looking to share my sexy wife

Metamorphosis69 is my kik.
Looking for frisky ladies that feel like showing off or guys that want to show of their girl.

I fucked her ass on acid once

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Smoking some wax looking to jerk it to some cucks girl

Into BBWs/milfs/ latinas/black chicks/ Indian chicks/older women/butter face girls/ anything good

Sharing my bbw exes

Kik is user_Underground

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First off. I don't care about your perception of what a dom is or should be. The only thing that matters in that regard is that you must first come to terms that whatever you thought about dom sub play is completely wrong. A dom doesn't play with you, a dom doesn't keep pets, a dom doesn't own your body. Because a real dom will possess everything you hold dear. There is no own will and mind once you're a complete sub. You must be broken before you can be rebuild and that means tearing down everything and starting from scratch. Every wire in your brain, every thought is to be controlled by someone else. If you have one percent of sentience left you are not a sub and will never experience the pleasure of a real dom. That's why first your perception of a dom must be shattered. It's the first step. Fuck what experience you have. Fuck what you think you want to experience. You are not capable to take these steps on your own. The only thing that matters is when you give away control all desires, known and unknown will be fulfilled in exchange for obedience. There's a reason people in old times chose to be slaves to a master. When you realise that you've been burdened by your possessions, responsibilities and unorganised mind. Message me. You'll notice right away I'm not like any other dom here. I won't tell you how to pose on pictures, call you a slut and then jerk off to making you do the same thing you've always done for other doms. I'm strict, somewhat sadistic and controlling. However not devoid of empathy.

F, M, Trap. All may apply. Will tell you in advance that I'm picky and will test you thoroughly which is an experience in itself.

Kik: EmilyPawz

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Rate GF body part by body part, kink by kink, and outfit by outfit.

Be prepared to make specific requests and ask specific questions about her.

Kik longlostlegend91

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nice ass

bripps15 send whatever and let's see where it goes


Got tons of bimbos to share.
If somebody want to wwyyd
or tribute then.
Kik: IrlyLikethaT

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Sharing my girls slutty college stories from Towson

Surprise me send me anything message me on Kik at winawins

Kik: Ramenlover023
Send Whatever

Little.cuck, I want to see her get fucked by a real man kik me for more

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Send whatever, no trades available YET.

Johndoe2381 hmu if u wanna watch me jerk off or if u wanna trade oc that's cool to

Looking to talk about my bwc


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goodtimesgr will trade



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Anyone have more of this latina?

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Looking for cucks, tribs of girls i know, possible meet ups, oc trade, degenerate shit
Willing to send tribs or messages to girls u know, loyalty test, expose girls

I would like to expose my whore with others, or in other pages
Kik wolf9127

Love chatting about thick women

Kik: pugsanddrugs93

Surprise me x


Nice tits but can be a cunt, got blocked before i could get wins, post w.e you get


Looking for someone to tribute/cum tribute girls I know or fantasise with me about doing terrible things to them. No nudes, any fantasy welcome

might do tribs if you have nudes

Chat about sexual fantasies. Voyeur, cheating, etc. uppercase416

Kik is jmatks091

Sharing cuckolding hotwife stories/pics

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Sharing this whore on kik.Degrade and insult the little pig. Also looking for tributes or captions and collages of her. add me: hubu55

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Sissy Slutbutt just shopping for clothes online cum help me/suggestions? ;)

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26 m bi. USA Iowa

Kik. Edgemeth

Horny edging. Send pics of girls you know wife. Ex. Gf. Whatever celeb fav porn star idc

I wanna suck a dick if you live in Iowa hit me up.

Anyone else hit me up too. Help me out

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She's a cunt

I never had cum on my face before. Will you tribute me? Kik: Megs384

djparks95 Chubby slut who sends nudes

vansdappered no limit trades

Send thicc/chubby/PAWG wives, gfs, etc. for wwyd. 18+

Kik: neverbeenhorny

gf told me she wants a bull, prefers user bbc

Attached: 2018-07-19_16-55-31.png (1088x1920, 1.03M)

Redhead slut gets exposed for sharing and humiliating

Bull who would love nothing more than a flood of your favorite wife / gf / exposed / creepshot stuff. Naugh7yboy95

God, post more please


send whatever you want..

no rules or restrictions or censorship


Prove it


Need tribs of her (no nudes) or anyone wanting to send jerk off vids.

Attached: 6F88C3A5-34D0-40E2-A291-5C50EA4E25B0.jpg (750x421, 50K)

Forgot to leave user, rageerrrr

Daniel7412 bull send anything though

Not a fuck I just like to know the wife is liked. But I also like to trade with those who do the same. If you can prove she's real hmu


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Jtmanns trading teens

Kik merpman1 nudes of girls you know

Post or get kicked


jerking to whatever you send me. happy to share. let's get weird.

Chubbies, pawgs, thicc bitches


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She's only 15th only chatting not sending anything

Still sharing

Cocking any pics

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Looking for someone to make captions of naughty photos of my wife (pic related). The dirtier the better! Kik is flyboymike86.

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new phone send anything


Trading teens

Looking for videos of anything


Send gf pics or other girls you know.

Kik: tinypickrick

trade cornell sluts

Send me anything

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Kik is ytstr

Show me your dick, you cumming, or send me girls I can blackmail


Weird milf.

Not found

Kik sweetgirl2507 to wwyd my female german friends or Tribute/ cumshop them


Personal trainer from England

Big tots and a phat ass

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Turned on by your daughters? Your sisters? Or mom? Tell me about it


Non gore but no limit, taboo, hot stuff to fap too.
Group so post to swap, lurking will result in booting out.

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Tributes for her. Kik expowife

Attached: 061102.jpg (1900x1425, 554K)

Kik Teenexposers

Exposing a 20yo slut

Lots of vids to share, add mrpuddin562

Here’s her hot mom, ask about her daddy issues

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Sending chubby teen oc
Leave kik if interested

kik: amkandii

send dick pics

Help me expose a redhead slut




Ultraviolent convo about either my GF or someone you want it to be about.

Kik longlostlegend91 and tell me who we're abusing



Mexican girls
Kik: whisao

Rate my cock. Kik allent211

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Another pic for consideration

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Looking for any REAL incest vids
Kik: sukomycocko


chrislopez181 add me

Jlucky714 kik if you're in socal. Talk about whatever. Open to anything.

anyone have/like Brazilian girls?

Let's talk about how you would fuck your daughter or younger sister. No limits.


Kik talldarkm1 show me what u want to do with her, what u want to fuck her with or whatever 1000000 points if u know her

Attached: 20160915_235438.jpg (758x511, 244K)

Sadiewww shes slutty and cheats on her boyfriend, make fun of how ugly he is, his kik is alexd972


Bulls kik reeferayylmao4 for more and to jerk to julia

Attached: 381C8B9C-180A-4FDF-A107-F7DA03479057.jpg (750x1240, 345K)


Nice to see she has her priorities set

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Kik: hereforthefemboy
Looking for females, femboys, traps and cucks to dominate with my big dick

Im a trap


Looking for collectors to save/share/repost pics of girls i know.

kik andilovelisasomuch

Showing my gfs nudes .... anonncuck

No limit taboo

Cuck here. Help me expose her. Kik anonrandon2020

Attached: 20191123_212340~2.jpg (1791x3415, 863K)

No Limit. Send anything and everything. PTOWWN

paigemunroxx fun and dumb

Trading Cheese Pizza, You already know what...


want to see someone show off

Gf aint home, lets jerk off together, ive got plenty to talk about and jerk to... @slavemaster0808

what did he mean by this?

sharing my gf's feet for others to jerk off to and talk dirty about them. And I love seeing others share those pics around further. I want to see them spread everywhere

The more you're into feet the better!


Attached: 20190802_175718.jpg (1726x1220, 1.06M)



>what did he mean by this?

hes a retarded low IQ pedo, and he think these shit codes work

Tribbing hot teens (only if I like) no limits.


Kik jaaze_07 tell me about how you would abuse my wife with your bwc

My ex Presley, kik me and tell me how you took her from me how she needs a real man, how youd fuck her

Attached: IMG_8460.jpg (1242x1370, 1.04M)

Don't fall for this! This is a fake roleplayer! The girl on this account is a K-Pop idol in the group called Saturday. Her name isn't even Megan. It's Anne. I will notify her agency about this.

Attached: DkOcRLsUcAAMljW-orig.jpg (613x817, 84K)

Send teens or whatever dakey7216

Size queen. Like it massive

Attached: 1583023008820.jpg (1080x613, 78K)

And her skinny younger sister. I bet a fat cock would break her in a half

Attached: 1583023169132.jpg (1080x617, 134K)

Looking for a hung bull that wants to see pics of my gf
kik esr.30


More names

Gakena3991 Come jerk with me to some girls I know 18+ only. Be as rough as you want


send girls you know, your gf, etc

Females who want me to tribute their time stamped pic



Here’s a full gallery of nudes/ her being a slut

You’re welcome

Attached: 244ADE10-3E1E-4BFA-8009-D82875C55888.jpg (328x453, 34K)

Set my girl as your wallpaper/share her with friends and tell me what they say about her/wwyd/etc. don’t just message me “let’s see her”

Kik veinman93

Attached: 1439D5AA-A4C3-4BF8-9F05-FCB07AFFC214.jpg (720x960, 77K)

Damn she's hot


any chubby girls who need tested?

she thinks shes superhot. degrade her!
kik saeschi94

Attached: 343_1000.jpg (750x1000, 97K)

Send me anything

I share her on Kik a lot, anyone have her?

Attached: 426936.jpg (1280x938, 260K)

Nope but if you feel like sharing her my Kik is tratone6


Want you to save / share / stroke to her.

Kik: iliketosharemygf

Attached: 599_1000.jpg (750x1000, 81K)

Just want to help some hung guys get off.

Uk, bisexual, girlfriend, loads of videos to share. Kik paaaulz

Attached: fb5671f8-9e96-4b3a-8d1a-6d18acd04dfb.png (900x1600, 699K)


Just trying to see some hot gals. Clothed or unclothed let me see some cuties.


new account looking for anything

Small cocked straight guy looking (ideally for females or guys with females there) to show off for some light sph. Also willing to stroke to girls you send. Kik is milkmanthrowaway67

Anyone wanna make another group more lax on lurkers

Depending on content I'm down

Kik breakage96. Just want to see your gf/wife. Will rate, wwyd.
Also am bull. See you:)


Maybe gf/ex/wife/sister(?) sharing and good 18+ amateur fap stuff like stripteases and portrait fucking idk

Who is this, never responds


Send whatever prefer gf and wives

I'm super horny and need to cum before I go to bed anyone want to send me some hot stuff of your choice? kik is makemecumbabymmm

Yeah, as long as it's 18+ I'm in.

Yea none of that shit i agree with you, i guess ill start it.

Add me - kpm_777

Make me use your girl's picture on my phones background and lockscreen

Join up

Attached: Screenshot_20200301-022834_Kik.jpg (720x1480, 217K)

total slut

Attached: 1480741987683.jpg (480x640, 89K)

Attached: 1478234325139.jpg (607x857, 132K)


Looking for someone to post a girl I have on here occasionally

Looking for someone to demean my ex, lots of pics and vids. drop your kiks

doesn't work

Cheatham_40 looking for dicks

Good contriboots get mod and can ban lurkers if u want



Looking for tribs and wwyd of my Asian wife.

Attached: IMG_20190413_205934_01.jpg (772x1028, 117K)

connor300699, want to sext with guys and girls, I'm a sub so tell me what you'd do to me.


This is what I’m sharing/hoping you’ll share on here

Attached: AB7F10F7-0BDE-45A0-922B-9B3F8A52BDE0.png (750x1334, 1.25M)

That’s a small dick


want to see someone stroke and show off his BBC

My dick is smaller than that

Looking for someone to make captions of naughty photos of my wife (pic related). The dirtier the better! Kik is flyboymike86.

Attached: de00d8d8-7709-4404-9178-6d6fb604b0e6.png (960x944, 657K)

What's ur Kik, I like em small.

she deserves bigger

Severely underrated, hottest girl here by a mile

Attached: F6FF038C-60DA-4658-9C3E-E2FF631306AE.jpg (816x960, 61K)

Any hung French guys who can tribute?

Looking for guys interested in Gabby Bruno

Kik: drippinghorsecook

Attached: D527D60F-44C0-4785-9B0C-D469918E7642.png (640x1136, 1.22M)

you m or f?


high and horny looking for chats and trades with fems/xdresser/sissy/traps ect

Attached: Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 6.34.09 pm.png (1292x690, 1.15M)

Add paigemunroxx

M, into anything.

Tinycocc on kik bi

Attached: _20200203_062944.jpg (3127x1944, 711K)



Total porn addict. Send me anything

Send me cock, cum, tits, pussy and ass. Or whatever gets you hard/wet


Looking for rp jarcle969

I want to see women piss

M23 kik asdfbe looking for f trans traps trades


Show me your chubby girls

25 m straight
Help me get off

Hey I ment rpe add a

Pepperoni Pizza kik tim95tam to trade

Exposed -

Attached: inCollage_20200301_115646960.jpg (1920x1920, 1.51M)

Looking for someone to get into a girls Instagram messages for me.
Kik rustyventure007


Send milfs you know for a chat


Naked girls
Kik eggboi1

would love to see her get tributed (no nudes)


Attached: k2.jpg (640x798, 61K)


Just trying to cum. Down for anything.


Really need to nut, help me out Cred Forums.

> no active groups
Im dissapointed in you fellow coomers

Want to fuck my daughter?
Kik liv_005

Want to hear what you would do to my fiancé
Kik: romero_austin


kik: rating_bot

i'll rate your girls

Let’s share if you speak Spanish even better
kik: whisao


Degeneracy is my kink, no limits.

Looking for like minded people to share pics of women we actually know, doesn't have to be nude. From family to friends, coworkers etc.. But it all has to be real, no limits chat about them.

Can trade family pics, live pics of dirty family panties, vids, megas, all no limits.

Kik : lovesick6669

Attached: 1573700001293.png (533x941, 314K)

Jlucky714 if you're in socal

Trade snapchat Omegle or Skype teens.

Kik: jerrrjerrr

Attached: 469497CB-310B-4339-8580-DB5642693C26.jpg (486x1001, 47K)

No limits wwyd, tribs and/or captions of girls I know.

Also free snaphacks on the off chance they're being offered.

Kik: dhare120301

wanting someone to trib a couple girls I know (nn & nude)

looking to share ex gf bikini pics, can also share gf nudes
kik: ventura1112


Send milfs you know

27 M Dom
Cucks send me your girl and I'll tell you what she deserves. Also do loyalty tests with decent success

Kik is anono325
Into just about anything. Favorites are incest, cheating/sharing, milfs, rule 34 and amateur.

will share some young teens Snapchat or listen to your taboo stories


Lets rate chicks we know

Attached: C12BDBED-2C89-4A23-90AD-A20A93BE0F98.jpg (720x960, 54K)

Weird pregnant kike


No-limit trades, cucks, femanons

Attached: 20180808_061216.jpg (1440x2560, 690K)


No limits

cuck sharing sister non nude, humiliate and expose me

kik: throwaway7425

Sharing pics of this exotic fuckface I know, I'm diolord24 on kik

Attached: IMG_20200301_131431.jpg (1080x1612, 364K)

BrownBearU young teens and under

Kik: ehwalnkp
Send me girls to jerk off to


Send my all your filthy porn- I've been edging for 2 hours!


Bi M 21, looking for some cute chat or anything similar

send me stuff we can jerk to


Expose your slut to me and let's talk about all the nasty shit she does

Kik dkkplay

show me anything to make me cum

Kik mr.niceguy5656 for trade


Send me anything that gets you off.


Lets rate chicks we know 18+

nope, but i need her. love that body, kik me: Fed_Up1992

xano049 no limits

supermouse777 up to anything hot


looking for chubby/bbw/mature women.

kik: jimmyrustler90

im a bigger guy myself.

I want to jerk and show off my cock
Can trib too if she's hot

Bored and looking to get off. Send me anything straight especially if it's blackmail, incest, forced, and cheating.


Come jack off to my wife. Kik is anontrib456

Attached: 92E78790-E500-4ED5-AB27-ED6F7A24C03D.jpg (540x960, 42K)

Expose your girl

Cocktribute this asian cutie
wickr - ayynon01

No kik cuz b&d :(

Attached: vivi021.jpg (1080x1080, 107K)

RBC1233 sharing little sis


No limits trade


Trade exs, girls we know


looking for traps, teens, amateur

travisw144 for more

Attached: A0FCA5C3-6DE9-4D3A-B878-3AE345D632A4.jpg (1242x2208, 208K)

Attached: 5C73465E-1114-4626-B070-C754251BFAC2.jpg (1280x962, 224K)