Dick rate thread

Dick rate thread

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Actually really nice lol

Thanks user

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The? 3-10 no joke


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solid length, girth, and heavy orbs. would be down on that thing in a heartbeat~
I believe I saw this one yesterday on a thread~ absolutely wonderful

I need to take more pics, but aesthetically I can't get any I like. I'll try this week some more when people aren't here and post them in different threads.

awesome!~ I'm sure it's pretty easy to tell when I'm in a thread due to my style of ratings, so you'll definitely see me around uwu

Thanks, I’m proud of my massive balls

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you should be! i'd love nothing more than to polish those orbs until your pheromones rubbed off on me for the next week!

Making me feel like a monster

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Here’s a stiffy

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i'm one that really enjoys oral, so too big isn't really a bonus in my books, you're right where you're above average but not too big to be an inconvenience, honestly I even enjoy untrimmed bushes more than trim or cut for the enhanced experience, somewhat of an olfactophile. definitely an all-around good dick though

Thanks, I’m proud of my big cock and huge balls

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pretty average but that's never a bad thing! as mentioned too big is just as bad as too small. definitely wouldn't mind behind under that desk while ya browse the internet~

7.5, would love to frot with
maybe my favorite in thread so far, more? also, 8

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a bushy boy for a change, yesssssiiiiiiir~ the length and girth is nice, but the head is a bit dehydrated, i'd recommend some lotion considering I can't lend a hand with my mouth, even though I want to~

last-turkey-in-the-shop-on-christmas eve / 100

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hey b

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Thanks ;)

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wish you could

would enjoy sharing a fleshlight with you


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i'd love nothing more

I love my big monster cock and balls

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Your monster 6 incher

looks just right for hitting the prostate


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keep posting, , should grow out a bush and post in a future thread too, i'm always in these letting the people of Cred Forums with good dicks that i'd service 'em, plus I like seeing them getting harder and harder with the fantasies~


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I'd eat it.

I'd suck it.

I'd like my mouth on that.

hanging sack, and from that angle it looks like somewhat of an average length, perfect for throatfucking, we should give it a try :3

Nice shoop your dick looks dead

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Cock rate discord

good length, wet tip, would love to clean up that mess, i'd be under those covers for hours~ post moar

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Pls tell me what you think / want to know

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Another view

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yum yum~ thank you user

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Thanks, bub

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of course! I just call it as I see it, especially love that bush too~ i'd bury my face in that crotch until I smell like your crotch for a week uwu


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Op's got a really nice one

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Can I deepthroat you?

user, you're so cute

adore the bush, would love to see it hard, would get it there myself if I could~

First time sharing, what do you think?

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Another one

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Small dicks Kik shinycockboy

Tribute is needed

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kik = SynShadows5100

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good length and width, would serve in a heartbeat, since it looks like it needs a bit of moisture~

fat dick~ good length and I enjoy the subtle vein along to top of the shaft, love the peaking bush too uwu


show balls

Too late for a rate?

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Good length and girth, but it looks like it's lacking a bit of moisture, as mentioned before I'm more than happy to offer that with my mouth~ definitely wish that bush wasn't shaved though, the prickly hairs aren't the best uwu


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I feel you

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there ya go

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Thx, no more dry wanking for me now lol

love the hairy balls!!! would love to polish and huff 'em~ sure the pheromones down there are strong too, should grow out that bush to match uwu

I dont tribute.....but I will have a wank ;)

hehehe if I was there there would be no need for fapping in general~

Nice to know ;)

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This is just semi

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What y'all think?

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good length and girth, enjoy a slight curve too~ definitely recommend growing out that bush more so when it's all the way down my throat I can have some comfy padding to bury my face into~
post moar hard pls!!!!
good girth and length, nice balls as well, would polish those orbs clean of any sweat remaining from a hard day's work. appreciate the bush on top as well


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good length and width, but the hair looks a little awkward at that length, i'd recommend either ground it out or fully shaving it, I always prefer the prior option on my men, but overall a great dick, would definitely wrap my lips around it~

Would suck

Repost. Not your dick bro

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8/10 girth 5/10 length

Future sissy consult/10

Precum incoming

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that is one supple head! love the length and the girth, and would also love to replace that hand with my mouth or hole~


m or f?

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>m or f
user, 99% of the guys on here are like I said, guys. I just have to be a really effeminate one with an ass that gets complimented on by straight men daily uwu there's any difference with my plump lips wrapped around that shaft regardless~

i was just wondering

i’m bi and i’ve hooked up with a few guys before

Kik allent211

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kik sk8_inchers

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good to see ya don't discriminate!

Rate? Honest opinion. I’ve always been insecure about my size. More than half say I’m small, some say I’m good and a few say I’m big. Could post different angles

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Hey man, I'd say you're about average. There's a plethora of benefits from being this size, especially with a bush like that. I'd love nothing more for you to facefuck me so that the exercise wafts pheromones that would intoxicate me only to service it more~ You definitely don't have a bad situation going on, user.

Thanks. Can’t take any photos now but would love to feel your mouth down there

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Old pic of myself. Got a DD214 now so, UCMJ can suck my balls

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would clean up that mess in a heartbeat for you, only to cause another~
!!!! videos/gifs are always so much more hotter than just pics alone~ only makes me wanna service you even more!!!

Explain to me some benefits. Plus when I’m giving her most times it’s early, maybe a good 6-10min at time but go long when I’m drunk. Plus here’s some balls

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well here’s another

can u guess my size?

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as I mentioned, there's way more fun than just having vaginal sex. of course it's up to the partner, but for instance, i'd take a ROUGH facefucking before having my hole taken any day. of course I love both, but we all have preferences. a size like your's makes it so that it isn't an inconvenience for this to happen, you're big enough to satisfy and not too big to endanger or cause any inconveniences. when it comes to finishing somewhat quick, I recommend just doing more foreplay, not all sexual fun has to be penetration! especially with someone like me, frotting, body worshipping, etc. are all forms of some foreplay that is just as fun and intimate. also, that's a nice sack, I really love an unkempt bush in the crotch, makes the musk of a man much stronger. don't change that either. as mentioned, you have a nice dick, user

7.5in is right on the money lol

for being right i’ll post anything you want next

aye!! if i'm a professional in anything at this point it's probably looking at penis hehe!! if you could, I'd love a closer recording of it being stroked, balls and all in view so that the full glory can grace my screen~


How's mine look?

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My fingers and tongue could work magic, is what I’m always told. Plus switching positions often, my fav is doggy, makes me feel like I last longer. Plus when I get close to climax I’ll go down on her. 10min of kissin and feeling her up, gets her wet. 10min off fingering and eating her pussy, and finish her off and just go all out.
Thanks for complimenting my sack and My bush has never been cut.

These two are both amazing

May I be your toilet, sir?

like this?

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very thick and not *too small*, I think your balls being up like that definitely makes it looks smaller than it is, but I don't want to blatantly ignore the elephant in the photo, I don't really know what's up with your balls but if you do and they're still healthy n stuff, then ignoring that fact, they're some pretty hefty orbs, which is always good^^ as long as I knew they weren't something that is unhealthy, i'd have no problem cleaning those slick with my tongue~

good length and girth, nice color for a head especially with how plump it is. would love to see a time where that sack is a little more hung than up-tight, but I have that happen to me too from time to time so can't really say it's a negative thing. would love to have some fun with it

hey wb me user

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>not "too small"
The angle of the photo is terrible because its 7 inches long

One more for you

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Here we go

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haha, I had a feeling! that's why I wanted to make sure that I let you know that it was just the angle and due to your balls being pushed up. should definitely post some more, because as I said, it's a great cock~

thanks hon~ I hope to see some more possibly in this/other threads

This is an older one but you can see the size way better.
Also, thebthing with my balls is just that the hair follicles were irritated from shaving. They're always a little bumpy but not to that extent.

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i put lotion on it every day

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Might as well

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like this?

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I love cocks and being a cumdump, but I'm not sure if I like men. Is that gay?

ah! that's understandable, and WOW that bush is fuckin awesome, and the length really does show much more~ I definitely would recommend just not touching down there with a razor, the more the merrier

That is not the first time I've heard lollipop. I never knew it was a thing.
Much appreciated rate.

That is really up to your definition of gay! all men have a prostate regardless of sexuality that provides pleasure, so it's not uncommon to enjoy stimulation, which may also result in an indirect liking of cocks.

define yourself however you truly feel that you are!! as you can see through all of my ratings for other's, i'm pretty open about it, I just really love men, hair, and cocks, and a surprising amount of Cred Forums has a nice one that they'd like to share with me, it was honestly a bit flattering when people starting asking me directly to rate them, i'm glad i'm starting to become a regular for this kind of thing

You're the hero of these threads
Thanks for the confidence boost my dude.

8.5/10 would suck!!

Would definitely put in my mouth

here’s one so u can see what it would look like to suck on my cock

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Yes but I don't happen to shoot ropes. I shoot more concentrated "globs" thick and warm loads that'll stick to a wall if I shot it


i have a bunch more too if u are interested

hehehe I appreciate it, as mentioned, I just love looking at these all and fantasizing, i'm just simply sharing that fantasy with you who send the dicks in the first place. everything I say is 100% true, and if we weren't on Cred Forums and rather are in person, you can bet i'd do everything mentioned. I love you all

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I'd love to feel your tongue on my cock

woah. that this is freakin thick! not to mention the length too, I wonder if the balls match :3

Yeh ITT sum big dicks but what are your important things like? Ya face ya body? Y know the things that women get attracted to.

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Only if you make me deep throat it

Ive been curious about sucking cock for a while now, should I try it?

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go for it! it's my favorite thing~ :3 I even like it more when the top has momentum into me, plus it never hurts to explore things sexually once, if it isn't you're cup of tea then just be glad you tried and move on c:

we could make a competition out of who can take it the deepest~ hehehe

I have a very strong scent too. And specifically when I cum I throb pretty hard and my beautiful balls are too big to rise up to my shaft so they stay right below quivering in bliss.

Moar please

very average! which is a good thing! healthy tip it looks like, as well as a soft shaft, plump balls! perfect for all sorts of fun rather than being too big or small. would love to see some more hair down there too~

How would you recommend finding guys who arent nasty to fool around with?

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Ok haha. I could show you a hands free vid of my beauty. Here's my cute bottom too

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mm that could be very fun

Some reason if I continuously fap my penis isn't as hard or long but once I do no fap November it's over 13 inches hard as a rock ripping up my fiance leaving her bleeding for weeks I need to understand this black magic

hookup apps, typically you just want to get some pics before doing it. I haven't really used them personally, I just kinda attract dicks with my looks, but definitely a place to start especially if you want to remain discreet.

wow that thing is wet, is it just pure lube or are you one that leaks? regardless that's definitely a kings cock and you probably don't need me to even tell ya that. definitely would have some fun with it~
hehehe yay~ i'd love to see that vid


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this an is example of "too big"... you definitely don't need 13 inches to please someone properly! :3 i'm sure your penis after fapping on a regular is probably even more enjoyable than it would be at such a length. There's no fun to be had at the size if it causes damage uwu

another than is average, looks a little dry but some kisses and a mouth could fix that, definitely love the hair and encourage more~

Yeah I usually do have hair. I love a good drip down my cock from my opening to the base of my balls.

Did anybody save this one? I missed it.

that's good to hear, I don't think I've ever heard of "too much hair" in my books, so I always recommend just never shaving~ do you wanna share that video here or take it elsewhere? i'm quite the multitasker so i'd be more than happy to do that and continue these ratings for all these other lovely people

Oh I don't have it on Deck. I would have to take it later. Anything else you want from my precious piece tho?

well i'd love to see it stroked and throbbing heartily in the air~ a good view of the balls at the same time would be nice as well~ if you'd like to keep in touch i'd love to see it if you decide to grow out that bush again too, as well as the future video~ i'm single for now so that's why I do this for fun in my free time so definitely would offer some motivation to get'cha goin too, I just don't post to Cred Forums much myself uwu

OP here

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welcome back hon, lovely cock as mentioned before~ you already know how much i'd love to be owned by that thing uwu, as always for recommendations i'd grow out that bush some more, but not much more needs to be said~

sure thing! mine is deerinthemoon, just lmk who ya are, since not *everyone* that messages me gets a response. kinda gotta weed out the creeps when you're cute hehe, but definitely wanna make sure to get you through

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Thanks user, I’m very proud of my huge cock

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I believe I saw that these two were from the same person in another thread, otherwise my apologies but they are quite similar. lovely girth and length! VERY plump head, as per all my recommendations, all I've got to say is "moar hair" but regardless i'd let you have your way with me~

A bit thick

Attached: IMG_20200301_040551.jpg (1564x1564, 1.24M)

Attached: 20200301_051008.jpg (1281x2709, 1.73M)

a bit is a bit underestimating that package, it's quite girthy! the length is good too, fun for all sides. definitely love the bush that seems to come from a happy trail possibly, would always love to see it turn into a forest for me to bury my face into~

Attached: IMG_20191029_125552.jpg (1257x2353, 375K)

definitely not the biggest, but I wouldn't look at it in a bad way. the prostate is nowhere near as deep as people think it is, and this size is enough to still satisfy in full there, but allowing for a REALLY rough oral session with no choking hazard. definitely would be fun to be on my knees before it! ((and the obligatory grow more hair message too uwu))

bumping for some more lovely members of Cred Forums to partake~

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Attached: Screenshot_2020-03-01-03-54-21.png (2160x1080, 1.41M)


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post cum

Attached: pjoluzY.jpg (1996x2662, 443K)

lovely length and girth, as well as the supple head, would love to glide my tongue around it while it's stuffed in my throat~

Does it look like big? I measured it bone pressed and it's 6,3x4,7

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Attached: 50spnk.webm (540x960, 1.39M)

Attached: WP_20190411_21_37_37_Rich.jpg (2852x2452, 1.55M)

Thanks , I'm glad you like the bush because im super hairy, I definitely could use your face buried in it too right now

I'd suck your cute little cock 5 times a day.

Rate pls

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hehehe, i'd want nothing more than that, please post moar


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Here's another for you

Attached: 15830651584467652914936150405529.jpg (1836x1836, 1.57M)

Your cock is not big at all. and it looks shriveled up.

Eenie weenie teenie weenie shriveled little short dick man

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absolutely love the bush!! can't stress enough how hot it is, the thought of being able to serve a cock like that, especially when its hard, and to be reminded of it with each breath as the scent lingers is sooo good, that stuff turns me into a cock servant hehe

2 late 4 rate?
I've always been unsecure about my size,Some say its small Some say Its Big,A Girl said to me that I Had a Monster so...Idk

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Also this

Attached: 20200216_123916.jpg (1600x1200, 432K)

You seem like you're very kinky and a lot of fun

it's never too late where i'm here hon~

yessir!~ love it all sorts of ways, just have a special place in my heart for them hairy, musky boyes. the cock is the same regardless with or without, but it just adds that little extra that makes me feel even more dominated. I love being reminded that i'm the one servicing, and the smell as an olfactophile, is the best way to keep me reminded~

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Do you eat ass? Into feet?

It’s not as big as my uncle’s. We called him the swinging branch for a reason. But it’d be just big enough to remind me I don’t like cock in my ass.

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great length and girth, i'd absolutely die to feel that thing just throb in my hands while I pleasure it~, the tip looks so soft too, it could use a good suckle, especially with that drip of pre~

I haven't had much experience with assplay outside of my own, but i'd be open to doing so as long as it's clean! when it comes to feet I've been open with that stuff for others, but it isn't at my forefront for kinks~ have shown mine off personally a few times to pals that were into that, but pretty inexperienced otherwise. most kinks I've never tried i'm open to doing so, at least once

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I havent tried that much stuff either, I've never really done anything with another guy but the urge never goes away

good length and girth, love the fat orbs~ the tip looks dry, but i would help with the lending of my throat~

hehehe~ i'm a pretty femme guy, if that wasn't obvious. luckily built with an hourshape glass and a big booty, so i'd love to help your experience, just bury me in that crotch for a bit til you've got me intoxicated on your pheromones and you'll get me doing whatever you wish~

You sound like my fantasy, id let your bury your face all over

hehehe, well I posted my kik up earlier in this thread if you'd like to keep in touch. i'm practically always in these threads in my free-time rating and chatting, and definitely wouldn't mind seeing more of you~

Here's me. A cut grower-not-a-shower dick. Please evaluate and rank me. My last partner said it was a 'side-show circus thing'.

Attached: a dick.jpg (1791x643, 89K)

nothing wrong with being a grower! you've got a decent length and good girth, i'd say the only thing is that it looks a bit dry, I recommend lotion since I can't offer my mouth~ but I appreciate the bush too, should grow it out more :3

8.9/10 So nice!!!

Woa! 9/10!!!

9.6/10 This get better!

8.8/10 need some lube :P

Here's mine! :D If u want more, i got more at:


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Thanks for the 8.9

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bit blurry pic, but that's okie^^, good length and width, love the vein across the top, would definitely suckle on that head a bit before taking the whole length~ always recommend more of a bush~


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Plan rate

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Small, cut, and unsatisfying. So fucking thin! More of a toy than genitals. I feel kinda bad for you.

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Ur mom loves it

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weird alien dick. no thanks. way too skinny, only fit to use for urination. kinda gross and sad.

Haha 3 /10

Why your little balls look like they're bleeding?


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Samefag, so sad, very low energy

Real men only


Impregnate me pls

i love it user, can you post more


sure thing will do

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user I love you

user can i suck you off?

can I be breed too?

rate mine pls

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very handsome desu

user you sit in a dark room masturbating for 15 hours a day. who are u calling low energy

user, you're the best

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can i be your cumrag?

thank you

I aim to please

10/10 would bury face in ur man bush

How big?

I’ll pump babies into you if you’re femanons

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Dream on gay boy

i'm not a femanon, but you can do whatever you want with me.

>females on Cred Forums
as if, everyone knows girls don't have computers

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That's like 5 inches but you're a manlet and using camera angles to make it look bigger. Also small balls

11 hour dick rate thread Keks

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More please!

Shooped af lol

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If you say so. Why don’t you post yours?

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Fuuuuuck. Leave a load in my ass? Would love to see that massive thing cum.

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Is my dick satisfying her?

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I’m sure you have had girls cry after fucking them and when you ask why it’s because they tell you you have ruined sex for them for the rest of their lives.

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I want that load daddy!

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Fuck I'll do whatever you want. Just fill me

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Ever made a dude cum?

No. Just chicks. I’m sure I could do it though.

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Having had taken a similar dick before, I can assure you that the only reason girls were crying that you ruined sex for them is because you stretched them out to the point of no return. Dicks like that would NOT be a fun experience for 99% of girls, since it'd be comparable to fisting, which unless you've been watching porn and that's what you are basing all your opinions on, is reaaaaaally not a fun experience.

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I'm a dude and close to nutting just looking at your cock

So just post it then you silly goose!

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Post what?

Your similar dick pick silly!

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Come on. Who else wants to see mr. silly’s dick pic?

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I said I've taken a similar dick, not that I have one lmao I don't even have a dick to begin with

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I’m sure he can do this too!

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BRUH, I don't have a dick lmao, just saying I've had sex with someone whose dick looked like this

>Having had taken a similar dick before

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Do you know what "taking a dick" means?

I think he's a little slow tbh... not enough blood flow to his brain.

Just having some fun. Have a good Sunday! And remember, there are no girls on Cred Forums!

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Literal dickhead lmao

Too bad you’re both not a dummy like me!

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Timestamp.i bet this is op bumping so more ppl will see his Photoshopped clit

Hey I just don’t like being attacked is all.

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Anyways I’m a bit tired and need a Nap.

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