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How old are you, go to bed

Who’s that?


one of my favorites

fuck off faggot

Fuck off no one wants you on here


Post more

sleep child

Newfag cancer

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What’s the story behind her is she a 2004 Cred Forums user

Dumbass, she should show bellybutton first

show belly button and go to bed.

Holy fuck you're retarded. There's zero truth to any of that.

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>What’s the story behind her is she a 2004 Cred Forums user

OK, Boomer.

>OK, Boomer.
>Haha ofc it’s true.
Jesus Christ you newfags are straight up retarded. Yikes.

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OK boomer...


>OK boomer...
Ok Zoomer...

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Only retarded faggots with no ability to make their own comebacks use that word. Good job.

Hahaha! OK, you got me... B O O M E R

Holy shit, is everyone in this fucking site an old fart?! Go masturbate to lolis, you middle aged failure.

>Derrr I'm 12 and therefore super kewl

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Was there more then 1 video of her??

like 8 videos total i believe

>Was there more then 1 video of her??

Plz wickr me more. Anubiz232

What year are we talking about ?

I lived through 9/11, I am so awesome! You dislike younger people because they show you how much of a failure you are, but at the same time you sexualize teenagers because you are a twisted pervert. Kill yourself, please. Spare us.

i bet you never stop replying on Cred Forums posts

Being this angry

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so they were right. hahahaha

wow i lived through black october, go eat a dick

Not a newfag, but who the hell is she?

What year is she from ?

i bet you think about sucking dick

idk i think she was like 13 or 12 in the videos

>so they were right. hahahaha

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>stop sexualising teenagers
>implying they're not already sexually attractive because Nature made them that way; they're fertile and horny
> age of consent laws introduced by Christian socialists define what is normal and healthy; wrong side of the Christian socialist line automatically = perverted and creepy
L m a o

Calm down kid

nope. that user was right.

I see.

feel emotions, old user

It’s not anger. Your generations time is running out, I’m just worried for all the fixing we’ll have to do. The sexualizing of teens is worrisome thou. I don’t know how you justify it you yourself.

What are you referring too?

and? whats it like to be a homophobe? you afraid gay men will jump out of your closet and fuck you?

>that user
Doesn't even know how to quote other posts.

Whatever you say, pedophile.

old users who sexualize children and dont have any children. those are the lowest of humans. cant trust them even a little bit with even simple things

not sorry i wrote it. they were right

being this new. Sup cancer.

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Wtf is everyone talking about I’m lost

>they were right

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old people memes. its cute and i mean that in the literal since of the word cute that old users still try to act internet hip.

gr8 b8

can I get a tl;dr on what this is? reverse image search gives nothing

>thinking being sexually attracted to teenagers makes you a pedophile

It's 2020 user, stop being this retarded

>im trying to troll for yous

I’m sure he will remain unemployed the rest of is life without that key skill. Hahaha. How do you feel to be 21st century illiterate?

What’s up, soon to be corpse?

its true. whenever a new employment finds out i cant green text. instantly fired

or instead how about you have a daughter so i can fuck her.

I know, right. A few days ago I was asked to triforce...

Exactly, it’s 2020. Your time is running out.

>personality so undeveloped that you aggressively identify with people who just happen to be the same age
Someone nick your bird m8?

I wish you were my daughter :( We could cuddle and watch movies and bake cookies and you could tell me about boy trouble

Faggots arguing. Just post more of this cutie.

You're a faggot, you don't even know what a boomer is.

You are literally running out of eggs while you react to strangers on the internet.

Oh, look at me, I don’t understand what a generational zeitgeist is? I love you, and I forgive you.

Homophobic slur... must be a boomer!

Running out of eggs?! I’m not a chicken!

This boomer/zoomed argument is fucking retarded

you are whatever that addicted to Cred Forums adult says you are!!!!!!!!



>i wrote it
>they were right
Me, Myself and I?

In any case, this is an anonymous forum. Why do you have the need to defend pedophilia, you could just accept it is wrong and keep doing it. No one knows it is you.

i forgive you for not being too smart. thank you for trying.

Fact is most young girls sexualize themselves on live stream based on shit they see on the internet because their parents neglect them. More than half of todays cheese pizza content is created by the girls themselves. Just saying.

For fuck sake, who is she?

thats a big duh

God knows.


Parents are a big part of the problem. The patents, the media, but let’s not shift all the blame from adult pedophiles.

Im assuming this is some pedo shit, fuck you.

No lets just blame them for having an illness outside of their control?

Alright, alright... how does it feel to be schooled by a chicken?

it hurts a little, not gonna lie

So... pedophilia is a medical condition now? They are not perverts, they can help themselves.

Hahaha! You made me laugh, user. :)


My fav is when she cum & the asshole contractions


Then they should seek medical attention. There is an accountability component to health.

Who is she?

Well theres no doubt about that

Anyway. I need to go to sleep, tomorrow is a big day, and It’s getting late for me. Think of what we discussed today. If you feel you have a medical condition, seek help. If you believe you are a degenerate, look for Jesus. I hope you all have amazing lives!

Jesus probably slammed some young clam too.

>restates what I said except he has a fan club for it
>passive aggressively expresses how he's ignoring what was said
You may not be the clearest window, but goddamn you're trying.

Jesus Christ. if you are new and reading this please don’t post, you are giving me cancer

100+ replies but only 32 posters. Something funny is going on in this thread

no one but you gives a shit that the internet annoys you now. fuck off

a couple people butthurt, a couple people repeatedly asking what it is, and OP probably fanning flames

you are addicted

The fucked up part is only one picture of the girl was posted smh

Jesus, look at that crew


Disc is unrelated to this shit

To life?

to Cred Forums

still confused though what's going on

your mother

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WTF!!?? Is going on here??!!

You should dive head first into a meat grinder, so we can cook your remains and serve them to your parents.

>I’m so young I think boomer is a pejorative term

>I’m so young I think boomers are middle aged

>I’m under 20 and think I know more than people who have actually been adults for more than five minutes.

>I’m so young I don’t realize there’s a whole generation between mine and the boomers which is smaller than both and is the one which will actually get stuck fixing everything and hates both of you for being self important ass clowns.

>I’m so young I don’t realize I inherited the Internet from these older people who actually invented it, built it, nurtured it and defined what was hip on it before I was born

>I just leaned the word zeitgeist in junior college yesterday

On behalf of all the Gen X’ers who created this Cred Forums, made it what it is and then watched in horror as both the old and the young swooped in and ruined it do please all of you feel free to fuck off back to whatever daycare you escaped from.

I browse on the phone while I'm on the shitter or laying in bed. Seeing numbers isn't exactly difficult.

youre not a group, idiot. you are a old person user who thinks you are hip still.

so addicted

This thread makes no fucking sense.

Why did you make this thread?

I am super confused as to why this is all going on, over one single picture of a girl that no one knows...????

watching it right now.


Fuck off

>projecting social insecurity this hard
it's fine dude, the awkward years will pass it's like this for literally everyone, just remember to keep paying attention to the world around you honestly, regardless of your opinion of it, and you'll be able to get through things.

Can you post a link or the video?

You fuck off!

give one word the rest of us can find it with

Watching what? What the fuck is everyone talking about? This thread is the most confusing shit I’ve ever read!

thank you for showing that you are both addicted and dont understand Cred Forums

Post link or video....


Gen X is more irrelevant than the Sega Saturn.

This is CP faggot. I wonder what the FBI and EUROPOL would think about this pic.

Some randon made this thread as some bs social test to see how 4channelers wouod respond to some teen pic. Except the OP has the world experience of a middle schooler and has been samefagging the thread to oblivion after it went nowhere. Look at the simplistic replies that seem to be missing context/ have no followup
tl;dr: a bored teenager is being bored

Why does this thread feel like a bot trying to learn how to be a Cred Forumstard?

says the liberal,crying about homophobic slurs

lol you talk like a character from some shitty movie about butthole little kids


Omfg nobody cares what generation you’re from. This whole argument is the most retarded shit I’ve read on this website all day. I bet it’s just the same guy pretending to start an argument with himself because he has no friends.

Not every decent human being is a liberal. Grow up.

Nice try alphabet

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The most retarded thing you read the whole day? Holy fuck!

nearly 150 replies and not even 50 people? No shit. shows over folks, sage in all rice patties

all generations fuck it up for the next; yours will too. it's called progress: fixing the mistakes of the past. have fun, ain't nobody here gonna feel guilty about.

also, she fucks herself like a champ.

>It was then I realized that all of Cred Forums is just one person trolling himself

Nevermind, your reply just made the top of my list.

nothing much. how is your day? :)

Holy fuck! What do I win?

You have a better explanation for this dumbass thread?

Pure, unadulterated samefagging. Just out sage where it goes and all will be well.

Nothing, now go fuck yourself.

You’d love to see that, won’t you?

some tween sitting on a bed? probably nothing. not every child is a porn star

Not with that attitude

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No, I’d much rather see you on bestgore.

Have fun being monitored by the feds. Keep that CP bullshit out of here.

>not every child is a porn star
Yeah right... Next you'll tell me not every child actor has been molested by their managers.

Hahaha, why would you want to see me there, silly? Plus, I’d never hurt anyone.

Fucking pedophiles. How could anyone get off to the idea of removing a little girl's clothes and licking her tiny body all over, nibbling her neck and kissing her adorable little nipples? Only a heartless monster would think about her cute little mouth and tongue wrapped around a thick penis slick with her saliva, pumping in and out of her mouth until it erupts, the semen more than her little throat can swallow.
The idea of thick viscous semen overflowing, dribbling down her chin over her flat chest, her tiny hands scooping it all up and watching her suck it off her fingertips is just horrible. You're all a bunch of sick perverts, thinking of spreading her soft slender thighs, penis poised at the entrance to her pure, tight, virginal vagina, and thrusting in deep as a whimper escapes her lips which are slippery with semen, while her small body shudders from having her cherry taken in one quick stroke.
I am disgusted at how you'd get even more excited as you lean over her, listening to her quickening breath, her girlish moans and gasps while you hasten your strokes, her sweet pants warm and moist on your face and her flat chest, rising and falling rapidly to meet yours.
It is truly nasty how you'd stroke your hands all over her hairless body while you violate her, feeling her nipples hardening against your tongue as you lick her chest and her neck, savoring the scent of her skin and sweat while she trembles from the stimulation and as she reaches her climax, hearing her cry out softly as she has her first orgasm while that penis is buried impossibly deep inside her, pulsing violently as an intense amount of hot semen spurts forth and floods through her freshly-deflowered vagina for the first time, filling her womb only to spill out of her with a sickening squelch. And as you lie atop her flushed body, she sighs breathlessly and her hands dig into your back as she feels your penis hardening inside her again.
You're all sick.

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dayyum, son!

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Not my proudest....

Fucking kill yourself, you absolute shit stain of a human being. Finally make your parents proud and blow your stupid head off so they can dance around the room on your brains

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ain't nobody reading your manifesto

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Angry, old man? Calm down, you’ll have a heart attack.

wow, man. subtle

Attached: 110-056-250.jpg (480x431, 32K)

it's pretty tasty pasta bro, if you haven't read it yet, worth the minutes.

Attached: 2c4d02ef708e1581.png (720x1200, 239K)

>Plus, I’d never hurt anyone.
I don’t think you could, even if you tried. Plus, you completely misunderstood my bestgore reference, you retarded fuck.

Not really into that type it thing. I’m here for the cancer.

Then explain it, you piece of shit? Are you above explaining yourself?

this thread is giving me a hard attack.


Attached: D78FF874-C213-41A1-814A-810E095FC05D.jpg (283x263, 11K)

Explain it? Okay, I hope I see you getting brutally slaughtered for my satisfaction. What the fuck are you even trying to argue about at this point?

Not really following... but OK, I guess

That is a pretty mean thing to say. Don’t you think?

Please kill this fucking thread...

Nice writing user, if this isn't pasta you should definitely write more, really show us sick perverts what's what

Honestly I’m baffled it made it this long


well now it's just about trolling paedophiles and the paedophile-trolls that troll them.

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Stop replying to her! Does anyone have the link?

newfags invasion itt, she made tons of ''vlogs''

Newfags say newfag

i presume the v stands for vagina in this case?

she had a piece of toilet paper by her hole tbh

cut her some slack. she was still learning...

it seems like you guys are enjoying this

it's no secret, he fled the country lmao


>this threads still up

Attached: uw0t.jpg (584x409, 35K)

Some of us still hope a link will be provided...

Lmaoo there’s no link

not the ugly ones at least


I don’t have one. I just wanted to see teen ass...

and I'll be the first to link it to the FBI and Europol the second it appears. I will link your post as well.

Too bad then

you'll leave eventually, then we'll all share our c p and you can't have any

Why would you do that?

I’m really paranoid about getting back-traced and having consequences never be the same

Because your sick pedos and should be killed. We Americans don't put up with shit like that.


YOU’RE trying to hard. You need to make it believable...


I don’t have one, unfortunately

Except I'm as serious as a heart attack son.

you know we're in a different thread already

Which one?

we're using a picture system to identify our special threads, you either know or you'd have to have super autistic powers to find it

Why cant you just let em fap in peace, they're not hurting anyone or anything except your feelies

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Time to hit the catalog!

Snitch ass bitch


Thank you for this information son. I'll look for it too.

Fuck. Dude no, this is against the rules

Please delete this mods

*too hard

Enjoy your v&


holy shit moar

Too old

Who is she

What did I miss here

cat goddess

m-less, pthc, your welcome

.... also this

Attached: 5.jpg (800x600, 55K)

oldest meme, 0/10

>and I'll be the first to link it to the FBI and Europol the second it appears. I will link your post as well.

Attached: 1577628144892.webm (800x450, 1.45M)




rerolling, if singles janny gets a gf

Attached: jannygf.jpg (1080x1594, 493K)

The amount of samefagging going on in this thread is insane, but hey look at that posters number go up in correlation with my retarded bumping ass


living through that changes your perspective on the world... you lose a lot of naivety that you faggot kids run around with now, acting like the world is full of good people just because you're raised in a first-world country.

>Be me
>saw 9-11, decided not to be a pussy
>got a marketable degree
>started at 70k out of college
>get bored and read my childhood forum
>look at dipshit adolescent posts about boomers
>feel like the world is fucked after i die

who is this?


Fuck off grandpa, you didn't invent the internet. Setting up a basic server and running a message board is the most your bitch ass ever accomplished I'm sure. Boomers are the ones who actually came up with the fundamental protocols and technologies necessary to bring about the internet. Regardless boomer is a pejorative term, and the fact that you were raised by them makes you unqualified to speak on the matter.

Gen X'ers made Cred Forums what it was, not what it is. It's total shit now - nothing to do with GenX. We're trying to fix that bullshit.

>posts pic of 2 girls


I fucking hate being a newfag.

Being permanently left in the dark about absolutely everything is not a good time