Made for BWC

made for BWC

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South Korea gf. Hit her cervix always. Annoying

link more please, so hot

Is it wrong that I prefer asian girls over white girls? I always have more in common with them (computers/games and other interests), they're really cute, they're usually quiet/introverted, most of them do not get overly fat, and they want a family.

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they actually love and appreciate white dick so why not? white girls is a fucking lost cause.

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>White men, you should fuck asians
said the jew
>Black men, you should fuck white women
said the jew
>Asian men, you should fuck black women
said the jew
>My daughter will marry a jewish man and my son will convert a gentile girl
said the jew
Tell me Cred Forums, why would you participate in this? Happas, mulatos, and whatever the heck you get when you cross a nog and a chink are all fucking ugly. Why do you want to turn the world into an ugly, 90 IQ brown blob with jews as your eternal masters?

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>anyone but you believes this

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theres nothing you can do when all the white women are brainwashed

insel city is hard at work

fucking is one thing
breeding is another

I'm not gay, but huge cock on an Asian's face is hot af for me.

i guess im celibate... when it comes to white women
I have an asian wife

have sex

I do. With asian women!

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Why do Asian women tend to have the hottest lips?

Anyone want her?

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No way

Lol gives great head

na i only do asians now

Loves big cock

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Nice Asian slut I bet she's take a black cock or to also.

OP posting some random Asian of google.. pretends its his gf.. its actually saddest fucking thing.

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Don't think OP made any such claims.

naw, she and her asian girlfriends all despise black guys.

Only if you say so

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Loves white cock who's interested in her info

thats a man


Already have it. So did you ask her about the facebook message I sent her?

Search that pic

What u send her ? Post the screen shot dont be shyy

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We already played this game. I showed you before.

Post it I wanna see the message

Alina Li is epic.

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The only races which should breed together are Whites and Asians. niggers need to breed with their own race and die off. They're a waste of oxygen, it's Whites and Asians that will provide the best minds for society so we may improve and achieve our rightful place as not only the masters of the planet but maybe the Galaxy.

You might read this halfway but I actually believe this. I'm not baiting, niggers are an evolutionary dead end.

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I want to watch this one as she strips, offers her body to the camera, and then fucks until he cums all over her face and tits. Show me that she's a hot little cum dumpster.

small head
big body

You must fuck absolutely nothing.

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missed the chance to shoot that load into her nostril.
she needs to be groomed.

are you willing to share her?
in person, or just online.
I would like to have the opportunity to enjoy your Asian bride. If you will....

She's The One. Is she available for rent?

hellacious curves.
holy smoke show.
wallpaper is quite dated though. doesn't it make you sad?
let's see her twins. and that cooch.

I always wanted to see a BWC creampie her but we both decided that swinging/cuckolding wasnt for us. I've shared her a ton with ppl on kik im sure someone here has her. Cute little thing with wide hips and small tits.

sounds perfect.
k: anonFourZero if you're in the mood to continue showing her. Hips and small tits is kinda my thing.
Ever consider putting on a live show for $$$ ?

lets see if someone will post her first and if not ill consider making another account. Probably shared her with like 250 anons on kik but i havent seen her reposted once lol

god why do white people only like the ugly asian girls?

just a hint would be helpful.

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Bwc discord

Because 6-7/10 Asian girls are the bomb.



It's a big step up from the all-you-can-eat cow shaped grazers in flyover country (you know, with the names of their crotchfruit tattooed on their shoulders: I'm looking at you, Destini ), or the MAGAt women in the red states who can't point at a map and name ANY country on Earth.

Intelligent and willing. If she's within a couple of points, she's worth a weekend on the ranch.

I suspect you're average (5 +/- 1) and not willing to be objective. Just spit on others.

Perhaps you should just say goodnight, crawl into bed, and suck your BF's cock until he cum in your mouth. Again.

Is this fucking english? Your grammar and sentence structure is worse than the asian fobs you jack off to.

tiny asian jess

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was that supposed to be a hint?
that Crazy Asian Bush really turns me on.

"grammar and sentence structure ARE worse"

bang bang. grammar nazi has been shot dead.

90 pounds of spinner. yes please.

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idk what else to tell you. the pic i always shared first was her in the leotard thing

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One with fashion sense, who knows that the skirt needs to be tailored to show her ass.

And the other, whose mother helped pick out her prom dress "No boy is going to see my baby's curves!"

Funny thing is, that black and blue dress was on a 40 year old at the karaoke bar the next weekend where all the single Asian moms go hunting for old white engineers. We call that "Take Out Chinese" at the Blue Pheasant.

I'd take Mom home, fuck her silly, then head to the daughter's room. She looks like a fine little piece of ass.

Nice try but I to play 6D chess

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you vanish?


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I'm still here.

love those thin thighs.
nothing but FB/IG tonight. eh?
naked this one would be perfect.

santa monica pier?

you got your hint so im wondering if you have her

id be cumming to it now if i had them

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one kid and that body will never be the same.

I have no idea.
My hint was "hairy" . Not really enough to go on.

Yes please


Would be willing to $$$ for access to her intimate pics...

wide hips, hairy pussy, leotard, cute, petite?

reddit com/r/AmateurGirlsHugeDicks/

i want to impregnate her

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Actual fiancé.

>Better than any woman I’ve been with; White, Latin, or Black.
>Taught herself English, by herself, because she respects the culture
>Literally does anything I want in bed. Lives to please me.
>Makes me amazing food, gives me massages, never instigates arguments
>Actually apologizes when she does something I don’t like
>Has shifted her entire life in another country to spend the rest of her life with me, but never blames me for it or has unreasonable expectations
>Embraces her new culture and her old Japanese culture

Not every Asian woman is like this one, I know. But the mere fact that we live in a society that breeds contempt for white, latin and black women who follow those traits makes me feel like the luckiest man in the world, legit.

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If you ever want to show off her intimate side, please let me know. You're a lucky man, and I'd appreciate the opportunity to show her some respect as well. rc4anon at gmail is a good place to reach me. thanks!!

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vas safe, so I'm shooting blanks. I'd like to fuck her on a regular basis while she believes that I'm trying to put a white man's baby into her belly. She's a hot little piece, and so very enticing.

how would you convince caitlyn to get impregnated? wwyd to her for her first time?

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pics of her feet? and congrats you lucky bastard

Asian Fiancée =\= asian wife

Good luck

Does her name start with an A?

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Would love to drug her up and smash that pussy senseless.

More asian

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mega of all her pics and vids?

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ITT: White dudes think Asian women don't crave BBC like white girls do when in reality they crave them just as much.

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i think i know her. Initials?


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You prefer Asian girls on account of your tiny dick

white roastie?

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Would love to see my gf with a bwc

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Great pic, have you asked her to try?

I’ve brought it up but she doesn’t wanna try it hooking up with someone else. i got her to start teasing me in bed about how she wants a bwc though. But I don’t think she’s too into it herself

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have more pics like this?

Give it time she might open up, just keep bringing it up when she's horney.

Well done, I wish both of you to be happy. I'm in the same situation, and hope it will go as well as you
Also she's very pretty!

>vid related

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lucky man. any feet pics/vids?

this is actually false

Got kik?

sorry dude, since I don't care much about feet, I never specificaly asked for it, so they are out of the frame most of the time and never took any pic myself.

But in the future I will take all kind of stuff, so if you stick around Cred Forums for the next year, you'll probably see plenty of stuff

I can only give you this atm :

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married to japanese woman, been with her for 8 years. I actually respect her as a human being, which is pretty damn uncommon for american women.

also after two kids her body is actually better than it was when we were in our early 20s.

Yup, most asian women depise black ppl. Some of them are really into black I agree, but they are a very tiny minority.

I mean *despise

wait a minute... thai moon?

oy oy, the world is way too small ! (Or maybe there are only a few of us in those Asian thread)

Asian girls who've only ever worn flipflops have delicious, wide monkey-feet and I love it.

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i remember the mega and asking for feet stuff way back when
hope everything is still well for you and maybe for some foot content in the future haha

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Asian wife

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Yeah, it's still doing great thanks mate ! I was planning to go to Thailand, but with this fkin corV I have to postpone it...

I had to clear the Mega because we started using it to share some stuff (art tuto and ref) together, so it would had been kinda awkward if there were still a linkable folder with her nudes on it..

But as soon as we're able to meet, I can garantee than the nudes will FLOW (and I'll take plenty of feet stuff for you guys ahha)

nice, can't wait
any other good screenshots to share?

I don't have any other feet stuff, but I have like 2h of cam content ahah

Maybe I'll setup something in the near futur and post it there on another Mega or idk. I'll add the tag "Thai Moon" on it, and will probably post it multiple time so you won't miss it

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willing to dump some stuff in a vola room?

what's that ?

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she wear anything shorter ever?

vola is like an anonymous chatroom where you can upload files and they expire after 48 hours
volafile org/r/16qy85yk0

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More tits?

I have this

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Nice man, also perfect body

Any blowjob vids?

I agree, but she lack a bit of ass. She's into sport and stuff so considering I workout a lot I'll surely manage to make her squat a bit to plump her behind

Not yet, but when it'll be done, I'll post them on Cred Forums

If you stick around in the futur you'll surely see them

Indeed, same here. Substitute "American" for "Ausfagian", and 8 years for 10 years.

Made for it?

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Got Kik? I can trade with my ex

sorry I don't use Kik :/

someone opened a vola tho, I posted one vid there : volafile org/r/16qy85yk0


damn hot can you share more??

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any more of her?

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Nope, her name is Jessica

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Jessica Madison

Neckbeard detected

Bro she’s fucking all your friends behind your back, love narcissistic douche nozzles like you, but this is Cred Forums, nice fiction autist.

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More pls.

Hong kong gf... same thing happens to me. She loves it though cums in seconds.


asians hate blacks more than whites. you're retarded.

Yeah for real, because they complain about racial shit and act like all the oppression in the world is heaped onto them, when multiple countries in asia have an even shittier time than black americans.

Spicnig junkie nympho white cock worshipping stripper
kik Wu_Chelsea

IQ of 84, got molested her whole childhood by her uncle. daddy issues, mental issues and on meds, oral fixation, total bitch and owned by some drug dealing nigger

Crazy rich parents

She really wants a white man to put a baby in her

Kik Spriteband for her nudes/info

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They act like they’re gold medal candidates for the oppression olympics when truth be told they wouldn’t even place in the asian games equivalent of oppression.

>Made for
Dis sum Christian shit

Message to all Asian male posters on Cred Forums
Get yourself a nice white girl, this isnt a thing about "yo we extinctin' yo ass" or some raceplay its just having a racial prefrence, no hate to Asianbros!