Okay so I’m not really sure how to structure this but I wanted to ask any ‘incels’ what the struggle is...

Okay so I’m not really sure how to structure this but I wanted to ask any ‘incels’ what the struggle is. I’ve seen so many green texts on Instagram about guys being awkward and thinking they’re weirdos but I don’t get it. That shits cute man.

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whats incel mean

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Feelings of inadequacy are a helluva drug

>guys being awkward and thinking they’re weirdos
>That shits cute man

they're misogynists... it's not cute awkwardness that turns girls away lmao

I got interested in it after a guy in my English dropped his pen next to me and couldn’t ask to pick it up and then later my friend sent me a greentext saying it’s totally him. I thought of Elliot Rodgers and how he’s a misogynistic ass but then I thought about a simple awkward loner who’s just a lil anxious. And that’s what led me here.

It’s adorable lmao like awww what’s wrong buddy I don’t bite

Im not a incel atleast i dont image myself as one but i just get nervous if i think about talking to the girl i like other girls i can talk to tho im not that retarded

That’s just being normal lmao

>friend sent me a greentext saying it’s totally him
>friend sent me a greentext saying
>sent me a greentext

trolling is a art. amirite?

Ig but i think its a little diffrent i always find a way to convince my self to not talk to her its annoying

im probably one, only thing i got going for me is im not to bad to look at lol.

for me its just fear. fear of being rejected, not good enough so on and so forth. it paralyzes you if you let it then its a real real hard thing to get away from.

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I think for me its my fear of being awkward that makes me scared to talk and then im awkward anyways

Wew the quality is going down the toilet. Even for Cred Forums‘s standards

Incels are kids down on their luck....and somehow they think they are entitled to sex and are terribly racist and sexist.

oh yeuh and then the depression
ooooweee thats a hell of a thing, anymore if i have a free day i just lay in bed still 5 oclock. cant remember the last time i woke up and felt excited to tackle the day.

There's a difference between "cute" and "sexually attractive." I know several chicks who think awkward guys are cute/adorable but they'd never fuck them. Especially not regularly. I'm not saying guys have to act like a douche to get laid but the majority of women I know are attracted to confident, charming, competent men. Ones that hold eye contact with good posture. They think the awkward ones are nice enough but the passion simply isn't there. I'm sure some women are exceptions to this but in my experience they are outliers.

For me it's just that I don't know where or how to meet new people. I'm no longer awkward. I'm probably a 7.5, and I'm finally losing weight. But every girl I've ever been interested in is in a relationship.

I wouldn't call myself an incel but being shy, awkward and generally introverted I still lose my jelly talking to girls I like. Also being cute is just embarrassing for a guy. :(

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hear a guy talking about this once he said something like "you dont know where to meet people? thats stupid. just go do something ya like and talk to people that are also doing that. eventually youll meet someone.

ya know i used to be concerned with that to but im not fucking dudes so why do i give a shit what they think. and if someone i know is concerned with something like that i probably dont need to know them.

I'm not an incel, but I'm just shy and don't really do the first move, pretty much every gf ive had has taken the first move and the relationship went pretty well overall

I'm not concerned about what men think for the same reason, they don't factor into the equation. Still, when a girl calls me cute I dunno. I don't exactly feel the most macho about it. :/

If it's so cute, why don't you women them?

If they know the guy is awkward and think it's cute, do they really expect the guy who is like that to approach them or even realize they are appealing to someone?