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Hi op


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Why the flower has face?

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not flower
its me kitty
happy sat urday
happy cat urday

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Incredibly suspicious
Cats dont talk

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If i ever met you i would cleave your fucking skull and fuck the deep gash until you're brain dead. You're a repulsive loner, so no one would notice you're gone until three months later.


yeah, fuck OP
come back in ten years!

Probably not

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i want to fuck man ass


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I saw another word at the end
Really sad

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No, I do not own or expect to own any bad dragon products

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Who knows?
Im not judging you for having one

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Hi Konata

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It is a mistery

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Hi megaman
Doing good?

I'm gonna take that as a yes

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How about you take that up your ass?

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I'm doing good, did a few errands. How have you been m8?

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Nice pic

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I'm not that type of the gae

Good, its saturday, just watching videos and stuff


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I see, a common misconception then. You have my most sincere apologies, madam

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That's nice. Watch anything interesting?

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Not so common but understandable?
I accept your apology and I apologise for looking like the gae

I been waiting to finish my hero academia but just been lazy

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Was looking though some old memes. Remember this?

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How about another?

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Baby don't hurt me
Don't hurt me
No more
Besides that, that song is horribly old
It just make me remind about the old youtube

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it didnt work all is wrong now

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Seen a bunch of parodies of the guys in the car, haven't seen the original until now.
Classics. I believe he passed didn't he?

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Don't worry bunbun
If it didn't work today, tomorrow it will

Didnt know until now
Sad to see

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it didnt work again!!!!
im goin on same speed back to beeeed!!!
stupid sleep scheudlmethiingsisjustsodumstupiihatesitdumzzzz...

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Lol I remember that. Also saw this classic again
Hello bunn
Hey Warspite fren

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Good knight bunny

The good ytps
Poor Ronald McDonald, he was forgotten

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May he rest in peace.
Hey Megaman.

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im online

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Good night bun
lol ronald
How are you m8?
Hi N

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Not bad, been relaxing as of late. I'm thankful for that.
How are you?

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Sounds comfy. I'm not doing anything really. Just looking through some old videos.

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sitting in my car outside starbicst listing to YouTube

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Nothing exciting going for me either, just playing some phone games.

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What is the "point" of "." threads?

this thread need more pink

this threads needs more buns

this thread need more umbrellas

this thread needs to die


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i am staring at a empty thread because none of my friends are in it

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hay now are things?

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Things are okay, I spent most of today packing things away in my room since I'm moving soon

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i have done that too many times.
are you sad, exceeded or stress out

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Sad and stressed out, but no need to worry
things will be okay soon

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are you moving with family or by yourslf?

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With my mom only

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at least you don't have the stress of mutable ppl telling you that you are moving all of your things wrong.

you moveing far away or just to a new place?

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I suppose that's good
I'm moving to the other side of the country
It's not that bad but I just can't stop feeling sad, nothing is working and I'm tired

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well we in the chat are going now where

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I like you people

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you people?
is there anything we can do to help you feel better?

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Not joking, thread frens help me a lot
No need to do anything, hug

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raimu poster is grater then raimu character

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Ty for being nice to me

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the earth is broken, that is how we can heal it.
by showing compassion to one another

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That's a nice way of looking at it

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that and i know what it is like to have nothing. and that one small act of kindess that others have sowed me has changed me from hopeliss to hopfal

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Being nice to others in return makes me feel happy so I try to do it as much as I can, I just feel bad when I can't

I'm not, sorry

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progress not protection,
you are not responsible for other ppl's actions. only your own

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I just feel strange lately is all, I should be fine soon

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once you get your nest built.
you will be fine and your stress will be lifted

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I think you're right. Things will work out
I feel like I just need to have a sleep or something
I like your fancy n's

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go do that and DM my and Chinatsu when you are better.

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I might just relax a little bit, nice talking to you :)
Thanks for being here

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