Is it wrong to shoot whoever breaks into your house with the intent of killing them?

Is it wrong to shoot whoever breaks into your house with the intent of killing them?

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Yes. The only moral course of action is to nonlethally remove them from your home, with pepper spray, tasing, etc, and send them to a rehabilitation facility so they won't commit crimes like that in the future. It should also be the governments responsibility to ensure they get sufficient housing, food, utilities etc. so they have no economic reasons to commit crimes in the future.

Shoot to kill.
Stay frosty, gents


Wrong? No. Illegal? Rarely in the US.

Nope. Two solid shots to the thoracic cavity, one to the head if needed. Repeat as necessary.

more government will work.
then the voters will disable the government like california did with ice and reducing misdemeanors to nothing and felonies to misdemeanors. providing housing and giving out tons of handouts ruins the economy for normal people who pay taxes causing more poor people who will have to turn to crime.


They're an adult. I'm not taking care of them. You don't cottle adults dipshit.
"The government" is a public resource I'm not willing to waste on someone directly infringing on my livelihood. kys

No. If they brought a gun, they are willing to kill you. If they are uninvited, and pose a danger shoot, and shoot to kill. Dead home invaders don't sue. But.. make sure you shoot them center mass, and in front. You can't shoot them as they are running away.

i guess i am the only one who recognized the sarcasm in this comment....

I don't think crotch shooting qualifies as intent to kill

It is wrong to not shoot them. What if you scare the person away but next time an innocent person gets killed. The blood of the innocent would then be on your hands if you had the option to shoot the intruder but instead chose to release.

says you. i can shoot them many, many times.

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No, there is nothing wrong with defending your property, family, and self from an invader.

If they don't mind breaking the law breaking into your house, you can't be certain they won't mind breaking the law to kill you so they won't get caught. Blow them away.

Jesus, who let the fucking virgin on the board?

Didn't say you couldn't. Harder to explain if one is in their front and 9 more in their back.

You don’t sound like a libtard.

It's wrong not to.

Letting them live allows them to victimize more people.

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Like I spent as much as I did on this piece to NOT shoot somebody.

hard to do if you get rid of their knee caps.

Then you get sued and the intruder will probably win.

No. Blow their fucking head off.

Yes. Dont only shoot to kill but with the intent of obliterating every atom.

It's sad that it's legally safer to just straight up kill them than simply subduing them until the police arrive to arrest them.

It is your moral duty to flee. What's worth more, a precious human lifw or your shitty TV set? You people are fucking psychotic.

Theres nothing precious about a scumbag that would break into somebody's home for any reason

If you shoot with the intent to wound all that will happen is you get sued and lose. So if you’re going to shoot, you need to kill.

Self preservation is your moral duty. All species except humans get that fact, only certain humans are stupid enough to believe otherwise.